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Chinese Samaritan “Left To Drown” After Rescuing Boy


Chinese have been outraged by the case of a man who was left to drown by the family he saved, with the rescued boy’s mother saying his fate was nothing to do with them.

According to local media reports, a 27-year-old man out walking his dogs in China’s Hunan province came upon a family swimming in a local river who were in some difficulty as their 5-year-old son had been swept away.

Unable to rescue him themselves, they called for help, and the man responded by bravely leaping into the fast flowing river to rescue the boy and his family, aided by two other bystanders.

However, after rescuing the boy he himself was swept away and drowned to death.

A sense of tragedy soon turned to incensed outrage after it was reported that the boy’s family promptly left the scene as soon as their child was safe, leaving their rescuer to drown, and when questioned by locals they merely replied it was “none of their business.”

Chinese online, perhaps reminded of certain other recent events, wasted no time in venting their rage and condemning the “heartless” family.

Supposedly the family did suffer a change of heart and weepingly made a rather belated display of sorrow and gratitude at his funeral.

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