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Woman Arrested for Taking Nude Pictures of Herself


A woman has been arrested for the outrageous crime of taking photographs of herself naked for the edification of male admirers, prompting much outrage online.

National cybercrimes investigators in Kyoto were conducting a “cyber-patrol” when they encountered a woman offering SD cards containing 70 photos and 20 movies of herself in various erotic situations for the sum of ¥6,000.

Such a serious crime prompted a rapid investigation, and soon they had arrested a 21-year-old Hiroshima prefecture nursing assistant, finding she had made some ¥600,000 in sales to a hundred customers.

She was charged with distributing obscene materials (although it appears she did censor them), which she admitted saying “I did it by myself to earn a little extra cash.”

There is general confusion as just why she was arrested – the letter of the law actually makes no mention of having to mosaic genitals (this rule was invented by a government agency as a way of giving retiring cops lucrative makework), and in fact attaches a 2 year prison sentence to “electronically distributing obscene materials for profit.”

Mysteriously this does not apply to pornography which pays to have its mosaics checked by the aforementioned agency, magically rendering them non-obscene.

Online there is the usual despair at the policing priorities of Japanese police, who are apparently so intent on pursuing random exhibitionists that they have no time to deal with all the brothels under their noses or all the children being bullied to death in schools:

“Why did they even arrest her?”

“Pics please.”

“That is surprisingly cheap.”

“If only she had put a mosaic in there…”

“How is this any different from AVs?”

“Those Kyoto cops again…”

“She’s only a nursing assistant so I doubt she gets paid much.”

“Poor little angel!”

“Honestly, they ignore all the porn stars who do this stuff all the time to pick on her? They are only picking on her because she’s freelancing I bet.”

“Basically they want you to keep supporting their friends in the yakuza who run the porn business and pay them off.”

“Why on earth would you waste public money arresting someone for this in this day and age, with the Internet overflowing with these pictures?”

“As expected of those Kyoto cops!”

2ch has actually discovered who she was (not a difficult proposition as the police and mass media helpfully reported her full name):



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