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Japan’s Nightmare Schools: Bullies Break Boy’s Back


The latest bullying scandal to disgrace Japan’s school system has seen a boy narrowly escape lifelong paralysis after bullies took to forcing him to jump off buildings for their entertainment.

According to reports, a Saitama middle school was the scene of an incident where a 2nd year student was forced by several of his classmates to jump off a 2nd storey roof at the school or else give them all his money.

He ended up falling 3m onto a concrete surface and fracturing his spine in several places.

He was subsequently hospitalised for 2 weeks, and is no longer attending school as he is undergoing rehabilitation for his injuries.

Teachers circulated 3 questionnaires amongst his class and later the entire school to determine what was going on, only to discover a large number of students had been entertaining themselves by forcing  the boy to jump off school buildings on a number of occasions for some time.

Teachers took the unusual step of admitting “everyday” bullying was actually going on at their otherwise utopian educational establishment, a response which may or may not be the result of a certain ongoing national schoolboy suicide scandal.

To make amends, they phoned the parents and said they were sorry. Prefectural police are apparently questioning some of the boy’s tormentors.

The local school board issued a reassuring public statement:

“It was quite inexcusable that there was bullying. We think we might well have been able to do something sooner.”

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