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    • Anonymous says:

      Third one seen actually.

      First two were shown during the first episode, being rather mortified at looking like their real selves in a crowd filled with “gentlemen” who just had some disturbing psychological news handed to them.

      Although in case of Asuna, well, he just notices that his “partner” is a girl, attractive, and around the same age as him, and she knows how to wield a blade as well.

      Good enough reason to cue the sparkles.
      It’s like Taiga Fujimura being excited about someone being able to cook well, and that they’re willing to make extra’s so she can join for dinner.

  • Anonymous says:

    haven’t seen this anime yet. But the main concept reminds me of “hack” for some reason.

    Is it like a rip-off thing? or just a similar plot as mere coincidence of two people having the same idea? I’m not assuming anything I’d just love to know if they are sharks in the water before jumping into the sea.

    Please answer? Thank you.

    • Anonymous says:

      He started writing the first novel back in 2001, and finished it in 2002. At the time, he was pretty much just a fanfic writer. 2002 was also the time when MMOs were starting to gain in popularity, so it’s no surprise that both .hack and SAO were created at that time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Coincidence seems most likely.

      The first version of Sword Art Online was published in I think it was November 2002 as a web novel, even though he’d written it for the ASCII Media Works’ Dengeki Game Novel Prize contest(not quite sure when the contest is held, say it was in June that would make the timeline even less tenable for it to be a ripoff), but because it exceeded the maximum page number limit, he didn’t send it in.

      But you have to take into consideration that it takes a while to write a novel. It’s not as if you can just do it in a week or so.

      First .hack product dates, to I think it was April 2002. So while it’s technically possible that he was influenced by it, it’s just as likely that it’s just a case of serendipity.

      • Anonymous says:

        So true. There are only a handful of “original” ideas, and most likely somebody might be unknowingly “influenced” by a popular game, movie, manga, story, etc…when they create their own.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not at all, I’ve read the novels and it’s one of the best stories I have ever read. I’d highly recommend it, the anime sticks pretty closely to the novels which pleases me. Should they continue it will probably go down time as a ‘godly’ anime.

  • Anonymous says:

    After watching the first episode, while enjoyable it was seriously wtf, how the hell are those people trapped going to sustain their real life body, and with a mass of 10k people trapped even if all over the world, you would have expect an Interpol action IRL on the very next day.

    which makes me prefer the .//hack series even more.

    • Anonymous says:

      the anon at 11:38 covered it pretty well. They are treated the same way coma patients are, they’re fed with an IV drip.

      And interpol wouldn’t be able to do much, as the helmets can’t be taken off. Any attempts to disrupt/dismantle/damage/remove them result in the death of the patient.
      If the players are disconected from the server for more then 2 hours, they die. If the nerve gear is unplugged for more then 10 minutes, they die (it kills them while it has enough battery power to do so. Interpol can’t interfere with the server enough to try to shut it down without killing everyone, despite having physical access to it.

      As for Kayaba, the mastermind behind it all, he’s safely tucked away in a place where nobody can find him. Before anyone comments about how it’s impossible to hide away for that long, look at both the fact that it took 11 years to track osama down. Kayaba is also a genius, and it the later novels it’s shown that even two years after SAO ends, people are still playing perfectly into his predictions. Not going to reveal how, just know that they do in the later novels.

      • Anonymous says:

        1. Pirate server?
        2. virus, which mimic user input – so helmet thinks that user is in helmet and then you remove user.
        3. EMP – which kills helmet
        4. you cant fry brains in less than 1 second. Show me any microwave which cooks food in less than 1 second? no! And microwave have 3000W. This helmet it has max 100W – even less probably about 5 to 10W. Think about battery – it can hold up for 2 hours. Only way this helmet can destroy brains is with explosion, mechanical force (spikes) or some chemicals …
        5. hack, rootkit, malware, none software is 100% secure.
        6. Flashing the BIOS of device.
        7. trow him in poll – water absorbs microwaves – water absorbing microwaves is generating heat in normal microwave. So water will destroy the device, absorb microwave and cool down user.
        8. steel dust – will absorb and disturb microwaves – just trow some in helmet.
        9. helmet is probably burns out the spinal cord of the brains so insert aluminum foil between device and neck.

        10. (to my self) don’t try to rationalize fiction.

        • Anonymous says:

          Again, try the light novel, it apparently deals more with the technical side of this whole situation.

          It’s just not something that’s going to appeal to the generic anime fan. No different from how most folks who watch action movies wouldn’t know the difference between a Beretta and a Sig.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Big Bad went to the press and essentially gave the governments 2 hours to transport everyone to facilities that could sustain them.

      And because some folks had their gear removed by outside forces. Well, it became pretty clear that he wasn’t bluffing about the situation.

      And finding him would be pretty useless, considering that he’s hooked into the system himself as well, and can pull the plug on the entire world at his whim. So dragging him out by force could set off the equivalent of a dead man’s switch and kill off everyone logged in.

      And no government would survive the blowback from knowingly and purposefully killing off 7 to 8k in civilians. Least not civvies in what are considered the civilized world anyway.

      Blowing up some third world nation.. Fine..
      But killing off civvies in say Berlin? Or London? NYC? Not going to happen.

      Only way to pull that off would be if it were a pandemic situation, and you’re trying to save the rest of the populace. But that’s just not the case here.

        • Anonymous says:

          And for some reason my other comment hasn’t shown up or was deleted. *sigh*

          Anyway, don’t mistake a sketch of the geopolitical situation and the general responses from the populations of the First and Second World nations as indicative of the thoughts and opinions of the writer of a comment.

          Example, most people loathe Brussels Sprouts. I rather like them myself. But when I’m writing about how most folks find them one of the most loathsome vegetables around, then my own opinion is immaterial.

        • Anonymous says:

          Just describing the general attitude one finds with the populace of the First and Second World Nations.

          Said attitude may or may not match my own personal opinions.

          In this case, my own personal opinion is fairly irrelevant, as I’m simply sketching out the ramifications of certain actions based upon an existing geopolitical framework.

          Or to use an analogy. Let’s suppose I’m allergic to chocolate icecream. I eat it, I run the risk of dying. This in no way effects whether or not other folks can eat it, or how popular it’ll therefore be on a global scale.

          Now if I’m writing about icecream sales, then I can’t just omit chocolate flavoured icecream, just because it’s bad for me. Heck, my own situation is completely irrelevant to the topic at hand, how well does it sell. And chocolate icecream does sell very well.

          So in this particular case: the general attitude found with the populace of First and Second World Nations would be.. “Oh bombing some Third World nation and killing some civvies? Baaah, big deal.. What’s for dinner, honey.”

          Does it mean I share this view, just because I’m writing about it? Or is my view immaterial, as I’m merely reporting what the attitude is.

          Something to consider, before you try jumping down someone’s throat again.

  • “though Chinese gold farmers are still strangely absent…”
    Why would they bother with a game with only 10k people playing it? For example, they would’ve only appeared after the game started selling more copies after the initial 10k ones. That is, of course, if the current antagonist hadn’t went through with his plan…

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, the account belonged to her brother, but he had to go away on a business trip. She was bored, figured what the hell, I’ll log in and play a few hours..

      Then things went south as she became one of the many people trapped in the game.

      As for how her brother could get his hands on the game? Well, when your old man is the CEO of one of the major electronic companies in the country(as its his company that eventually ends up removing the harmful side effects from the NERVE gear)…

      Sometimes money and connections is all you need in order to get what a regular Joe Schmoe would need several days worth of camping outside of a store for.

  • Anonymous says:

    I know it’s just an anime, but come on! One guy inventing ground braking VR hardware, and not even one engineer working on production model didn’t see that something is wrong with it?! And of course, the same guy is working on MMO, and no one saw that somethings wrong with the code?! Average RPG got dozens of programmers working on it, and MMO of this scale would need even over one or two hundreds, and something like imprisonment protocol is not one or two lines of code, for someone to missed it. And come on, one month, and no one came up with patch to fix this, or are the just don’t give a crap? And even if so, why not use EMP to fry electronics in helmet? This technology exists today, true, it’s experimental, but it works, and in those 10 years would be fully available.

    • Anonymous says:

      One thing I dont understand. They said the food in the game only makes the player feel like he/ she has ate something. In the world, it is not possible for someone not to drink water and have food for a month. I’ve just watched the 2nd ep and it said it has been a month since ep 1 and 2000 people were dead. Is it because most of them didnt receive a dorp of water for 3 days and live alone? Those 7xxx people left must be all in hospital with the device attached to their head. How is it even possible? If the government wants to save them, they can easily ask the ISP to track where the game server is. How about there can be engineers trying to hack into the game and allows everyone to logout? The setting is great but there are too many things that dont make any sense to me. Im not complaining and I will keep watching but I just feel silly for it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Also, the Nerve gear was released about 6 months before SAO came out. SAO was just the first MMO for the system. what you’re suggesting would be like suspecting Nintendo for making a new game for a system they had released half a year earlier.

      • Anonymous says:

        like the other anons said, kayaba alerted everyone about the situation once it had started. since it’s an MMO, he’d have their addresses from either account registration, or billing addresses from the monthly fee. For the few he didn’t have, he’d merely have to send the government the names of the people, and they have databases telling them where they live. SIN numbers and such.

        As for how nobody had noticed about the helmets, it was a new technology, and those are always rather bulky. They’d have a large battery capacity just in case the power went out or something, not to mention the fact that they not only have to emit microwaves to interact with the brain, they can also wirelessly connect to your router. they’d need a lot of power to do that if you wanted to dive from your living room or something. About the microwaves, like I said earlier, it used them to send the signals to your brain.

      • Anonymous says:

        Pretty much, all the remaining players are currently staying at nursing homes/medical facilities that would normally treat people in coma’s.

        The Big Bad gave the Officials a two hour grace period to move everyone to such facilities.

        And considering he also gave warning to what would happen to folks trying to take off the gear etc, and how many folks died, and how this was subsequently reported about in the media.

        Well.. Too high profile. Too risky. One slip up leading to even more deaths would cost you the next elections, as a government. So they have no choice but to go along with him.

    • Anonymous says:

      you notice that even now we almost never catch all the mistakes before a game is released and that making larger projects in programming and adding more people only increases the chance of things going wrong.

      Also keep in mind there is no “imprisonment protocol” It’s VR, this is the way it was INTENDED to work. You could get this result by erasing one character in the program.

      The helmets fry the brain if they are tampered with. This includes disconnecting or trying to break them. I understand not knowing what was said in the novel but I think they said this in the first episode if vaguely. This also means patching is impossible as the nervgear or server needs to be shut down for changes.

      he wasn’t alone.

      • Anonymous says:

        With bugs, and patching might be true, but triggering microwaves is not a matter of “erasing one character”. BTW, isn’t short microwave exposition practically harmless? It’s true, that MW can be weaponise, but power it requires to be harmful is immense, and even then it isn’t insta-kill; that’s why this idea has been abandoned; so taking off helmet shouldn’t be deadly. On top of that, EMP should work. It can disarm bombs without detonating them, so microwave shouldn’t be a problem.

        • Anonymous says:

          to be fair, the novel was written before(2002) the focused emp solution would have been wide-spread, if even developped yet. As for the microwaves killing you, I admit it’s a bit goofy, but to be fair, a lot of anime requires the suspension of disbilief, but I believe it was supposed to rapidly agitate the water mollecules in your brain stem, flash-frying it. Not saying it makes sense, but that’s what the explanation was.

        • Anonymous says:

          If I’m not mistaken the light novel deals more with that side, as it’s not something that’s going to interest the average anime watcher, as to whether or not Government A could’ve used option X Y or Z.

        • Anonymous says:

          I think the Light Novel deals a tad more with the technical side of all of this.

          As it wouldn’t be of interest to the average anime fan, as to why Government A didn’t use option X Y or Z.

        • Anonymous says:

          1 its fiction, so it is dependent on what the artist thinks is best. but i reckon their looks are frozen unless there is a time skip.
          2 in context, the antagonist used technology to perfectly recreate the body in the virtual world, i would like to think their avatar ages as their real bodies do.

        • Anonymous says:

          Their bodies in-game don’t age. how they guess someone’s age as time passes is pretty much how they look + time that’s passed in game. For example, Silica is supposed to look about 12 (her age when SAO started), but near the end of SAO, she’s actually 14, despite having her original appearance.

          I feel bad for the fat guys though. No matter how much they diet/work out/try to slim down, it’s impossible inside of SAO. Of course they’ll be skin and bones like everyone else when they escape from SAO.

  • yuriphoria says:

    So the whole deal was about ensuring us that this attractive nubile girl REALLY is an attractive nubile girl because the bad guy already did away with avatars that don’t look like their users?


      • yuriphoria says:

        To clarify. I come to sankaku for the moe moe girlies. I live offf of fantasy. All these 2D girls, all my waifu, Nerine, Tamanee, Lynette, etc… are all drawings designed by some guy, animated by a bunch of people and voiced by a woman who is nowhere as cute as the girl she interprets. Specially since my favorite seiyuu are well past their fresh date.

        Even then, they speak with a feign voice, repeating lines written by almost assuredly another guy.

        The level of indirection and artificialness hardly could get any further.

        Do you think I give a flying fuck if Asuna -a fictitious virtual avatar- could potentially be -fictionally- played by some fictitious male player?

  • Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t just have girls, it has sex too. The only problem is that the anime is not a hentai, and all you losers won’t get to see the over-elaborate scenes of intimacy between the two main characters.

    • Anonymous says:

      Likely a few got in, but those are also likely to be part of the 2000+ who died between the two episodes…

      Since it’s unlikely the gold farming companies will look after their real world bodies, which most likely starved to death…

      • Anonymous says:

        Plus there’s the possibility that they tried to remove the gear so that the next “shift” could work on the account, leading to the first farmer ending up with a fried brain, and with the account locked.

        • Anonymous says:

          But in history is not just a 3D glasses are using brain waves, and server computers must be much quicker to anticipate the scenario. In the case we are not limited to movements of the body but stuck to the limits imposed by the program, so is possible for the program, over or under clock. You never been playing for several hours, and when looked on the clock and you do not believe it was so long? Why the reverse is not possible? I not read manga or other reviews to avoid spoilers, so as I said guess

        • Anonymous says:

          From the point of view of who’s in the game is.
          Perhaps the real situation will be shown at the end, since it was not shown to us the vision of the reality of dead players. And time in virtual reality does not follow the real time?! Just a guess .

    • Anonymous says:

      Underage, he’s 16 at the time the story starts. And keep in mind that EVERYONE below 20 is underage in accordance with Japanese Law. meaning that even Light Yagami from Death Note was underage during part of that story.

      Skinny? Well when your main interest is computers, such that you can hack into a national DB at age 10, then it’s not very likely that you’re going to be rippling with muscles. If he’d kept training in Kendo with his grandfather, that would’ve been a different story.

      Lastly, his sexual orientation? Very much heterosexual. But you’ll see more demonstrations of that, with the next bunch of episodes.

      • Anonymous says:

        And these spam filters really need some fine tuning.

        Not wanting links is one thing, but I just had to rewrite the above message 5 times, before it was finally accepted. No links what so ever.

        If it’s a size limitation thing, then at least mention that it’s there, so we can try to make our arguments shorter.

    • hahaha I made it to the very last comment downvoting lol. wow how many people did I butthurt haha. I wonder how many were non cute girls who play games and how many were lonely guys still holding out hopes for cute girls who play games they will one day meet and get to fall in love with them lol! Sorry cute girls don’t play video games get over it. The one or two that do will have a terrible personality or be so stuck up and full of themselves with a “im a cute tomboy girl that likes gaming so obviously all guys like me” mentality they wouldn’t date any of you luzertypes anyway or lie and say they have boyfriends when they dont so why are you defending them lol. and if you don’t know how to stop reading a spoiler then thats your own fault, don’t blame for for people who get their feelings hurt so bad they go on a spoiling for everyone rampage lol.

      Five Stages Of Grief
      1. Denial and Isolation.
      2. Anger.
      3. Bargaining.
      4. Depression.
      5. Acceptance

      No cute girls play video games. Get to acceptance already people.
      Also no cute girls will love alll the anime that you’re into, may as well break that to you too. I can go on lol.

    • Anonymous says:

      Asuna is a girl with boobs. She plays SAO, she has sex with Kirito, she dates Kirito in the real world few volumes later on.
      Cute girls play games in rl. I know several, mainly from Europe.
      You’re a loser, bwahahahahaha.

        • ok anon if you can link me to even just two cute female gamers you know and talk to regularly who enjoy your company I’ll retract my statement. Just two. I won’t even say anything to them. I was kind of not really serious about the crossdressing thing I’m sure in anime there are cute female gamers, but in anime everything is amazing, all the girls are cute and have amazing personalities. Keep in mind how different this is to real life. So if there are cute amazing girl gamers in anime that proves by itself it doesn’t exist in reality.

        • Anonymous says:

          Not really Taylor, you were the same one who assumed that Asuna would be useless in a fight and just hold Kirito back, during the last blog post about this series.

          (Same anon here, who subsequently pointed out to you that she was nearly as good as he was, and that the two of them would end up being a close to unbeatable team.)

          Other females in the series who played this game and were/or would become gamers:

          Sachi, you’ll learn more about her in the next episode, so I’m not going to write a lot about her.

          Lisbeth, one of Asuna’s friends and who ended up becoming Kirito’s personal blacksmith.

          Silica, first seen in episode one in the crowd scene. SAO was her first MMO, but not her last, she’s also one of the youngest players in the game.

          And in the subsequent games Alfheim Online and Gun Gale Online that Kirito plays he encounters a few other skilled and cute female players.

          Yuuki Konno, who actually beat him in a duel in ALO, and Kirito himself admitted that her reaction speed was far quicker than his and that her feel for the VR world was better than his own.

          And then there’s Shino Asada, one of the deadliest snipers in GGO. And when she transferred over to ALO, she ended up becoming an archer capable of hitting her target from double the normal range. Meaning that if a bow would normally only allow a player to hit a foe from 100 feet away, she can hit it from 200 feet.

          Heck, his own cousin/adopted sister Suguha Kirigaya ends up becoming a player of ALO, and is considered the strongest warrior of her chosen race, the Sylphs. (Doesn’t hurt that she’s a national level Kendo practitioner.)

          The “harem” he builds around himself, is big enough that they don’t need any outsiders to form a party, and they’re all veterans and skilled players.

          And even in RL, I’ve known a number of female gamers. And yes, I’ve seen pictures of them (holiday ones). Not always my type, but they do qualify for the cute category.

          Then again, I don’t game to look for ladies, I game to have fun. And if I discover that a player is actually female, I don’t treat them any different from how I’ve been treating them before. Might be one of the reasons why they tend to feel more at ease around me. *shrugs*