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“Do They Never Learn?” New Live Action Street Fighter Due


The glorious history of live action Street Fighter adaptations appears set to become even more celebrated, with news that yet another live action adaptation is in the works – Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist.

The announcement:

Astonishingly, Japanese Street Fighter fans seem unenthused:

“I guess we are expected to pretend the one with Van Damme never happened.”


“What do you mean, it’s not a TV anime?”

“At least cast some Asians, please…”

“Seriously? Well, the live action version was pretty good…”

“The last one with Chun-Li was pretty shoddy though, it’ll probably just be like that.”

“Make sure you cast a hottie as Chun-Li guys.”

“So who will play Chun-Li!?”

“I don’t think she will even be in it…”

“If they did it properly it could be good, but this just sounds like a rip-off of Star Wars or something.”

“Looking at the quality of their fan-made stuff just makes all commercially produced Japanese movies look like total rubbish…”

“This is going to bomb horribly.”

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