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Chinese General Demands “Return” of Okinawa


A serving Chinese general has been saying he thinks Japan ought to be made to “withdraw” from Okinawa, in favour of the peace-loving Chinese.

According to media reports, a Chinese general attached to a national defence research institute gave a radio interview in which he demanded the “return” of Okinawa to China:

We must demonstrate our resolve over the Diaoyu Islands to Japan with actions, but there is a wider issue – we should formally raise the issue of the return of Okinawa [to China].

Okinawa used to be a kingdom called Ryukyu, but in 1879 Japan forcibly occupied it. They had to abandon the Chinese calendar and Chinese characters.

Japan may have occupied it,  but we need to look closely at the issue.


Of course, Japan should withdraw from Ryukyu.

Prior to being formally annexed by Japan, Ryukyu had enjoyed various tributary relationships with both Japan and China, usually finding itself under the de facto control of the nearby Shimazu clan in Kyushu.

Recent years have seen increasing amounts of revanchist rhetoric from Chinese sources demanding the “return” or “independence” of the islands, but so far no official demand has been made for them, and none seems immediately likely given they are still bristling with American firepower – although China is already trying to pry parts of their “sacred territory” from the chain.

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  • Hey I am not Japan or China but.
    Both Japan and China should know that there are opportunist enemy waiting for them to fall.
    There has to be fair way to trade or bargain.
    Because if not well I don’t like the way economy will become.

  • What happen to China I watch a lot of their movie. Tai Chi and Kung Fu
    I thought they got brain look like they are not.I would say hey China watch Russia. You are still communist.There are ton of million people in you country who hate you.There are ton of illegal migrate case in USA that your kind are clothing western community.And you know what the worst is when they are at USA they lie their nationality as Japan. Think about that for second. FUCK YOU China.

  • Anonymous says:

    China just wants to dominate the world. Trying to take over the market by selling their cheap crappy products.
    They already claimed Taiwan and Tibet (which should be set free from China), now they want Okinawa.
    Fuck them!
    And all they do is break copyright laws. I am not just talking about fake handbags and shit, but fake stores, fake fastfood restaurants (e.g Obama Fried Chicken) They don’t care at all.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ryukyu namely Okinawa was a vassal state like Korea before Japan occupied it in 1879.and China doesnt regard it as its own territory.

    “withdraw”and”return” are totally different things and distortion will make yourself incredible.

    Japan hold The WUC to support Uyghur against China,Why China cant talk about Okinawa?

    I think Most of the opinions here are just based on prejudice and arrogance.

  • Anonymous says:

    Congratulations China, you’re now the top country with the most territorial disputes.

    Only beaten by Israel and Palestine since they both generate more drama.

    You may proceed claiming that the whole Asian continent is yours as well!

  • Anonymous says:

    What China mean is “Me want the world!” Peace-loving Chinese?! Screw their colonial-mentality system,they committed atrocious acts of human-rights and media freedom.Do tell to the victims of Tiananmen Square and Tibet.And they already bought North Korea years ago.

  • Anonymous says:

    oh really china? first the Tibet, now japan?

    chinas economy is based on manufacture.
    all over the world people send X y and Z to china to be mass produced,

    japan is responsible for over 1/3rd of china’s manufacturing

    wouldn’t that be counter productive ?

    just saying.

    la neta putos chinos de mierda ojala se undan todos en la mas negra y aguada mierda, para que se infecten y se mueran.

  • Anonymous says:

    China bullies Korea, Philippines and Japan. And yet the ASEAN/UN/America are way too much of a pussy to retaliate against China.

    China makes statements of ownership based on past records. If that’s so then they should return all of their possession to Africa. Because that’s where human beings started. They owe these to their REAL motherland.

  • Heh. Anyone play fall out 3? That’s the result of a war with china. A total nuclear war. The result would be a devastated earth. Though I think the rest of the world agrees that no one would really miss China all that much in it’s current state. The only reason why people are buddy buddy with China is their mineral resources and cheap labor. Frankly I think Russia and many other countries it neighbors, went extinct. The land there is indeed valuable. If it weren’t for China owning everybody, I don’t think they really have much value to other world powers. Most of their products are defective. Russia for one is only buddy, buddy system because of similar problems with the US…money. except its not so much debt wise as in more like China is a gold mind of suckers to cheat and give left overs.

    With people who properly know how to take care of the environment I think it would only take like 100 years to clean up the mess that China has made of it’s own land.

  • Chinese Bull shit once again. So what they’re saying because of History they have claims over said island and ignores the laws of the present. So if I have a meeting with the Chinese Dicktator, if I kill him in said meeting, it wouldn’t have any hold on me because way back then in history there were no Laws over killing someone. The only solution I see is to slay every single one of those dogs so we won’t be bothered by such bullshit.

  • Sure, Japan should withdraw and Ryukyu be made an independent sovereign nation again, not under Japanese OR Chinese rule.

    And India and Pakistan should withdraw from Persia and restore that nation.

    And while we’re at it, the United States, Canada and Mexico should withdraw from North America and return it to the native peoples.

    Ow!!! Soda just shot from my nose from laughing so hard. That stings! Damn Canadians!

  • Anonymous says:

    sigh even my country is being harrased by china……………..coughspratleyscoughscarboroughshoalcough……………….

    daer Haruhi pls Force Japan to already BUILD THEIR FUKKEN GUNDAMs!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hong Kong was a lease construction, lease contract ended, so the Brits returned it. It’s as simple as that.

      Now if you want to make the comparison with Tibet, which was a unified empire in the 7th century, ended up falling apart, various pieces were governed by Mongol and Chinese overlords at various points.

      Chinese imperial rule fell in 1912 (although its influence has become pretty minimal in the 19th century anyway), so the soldiers were kicked out and Tibet became independent again in 1913, and then the Chinese invaded them in 1950.

    • Anonymous says:

      What’s funny is some chinese are trying to say Djengis Khan was actually chinese, which is fucking retarded since he wanted to exterminate all han chinese, but only kept them when one of his advisors pleaded with him to keep them alive for taxes, saying “dead man pay nothng, men alive can be slaves paying taxes”. What kind of cowardly mind tries to lie to themselves like this?

  • Anonymous says:

    This is just pointless since the US military does have some occupation there too, not as much mind you ever since that incident but my point being China isn’t just making demands to one nation about Okinawa here.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’am russian and I would like to protect Okinawa for Japan at any cost. I think Northern territories are Russian trophy in WWII, but this is past. I think history is in history. Such speech of chinese military is not sane. Okinawa is Japan land till the end of times. Enought of war.

  • Anonymous says:

    Considering the truly, truly horrific things the nips did to the chinks during WWII, i’d absolutely enjoy seeing those pan faced gooks retake Okinawa from the yellow peril. Please, simply smash their men into oblivion, rape and kill thier women and kill all thier children so that no future generations of Japanese can even dare to enact some kind of revenge. And this is coming from a Chinaman, of all people ! And i have been reading a lot of these arrogant comments from westerners here, scoffing at our nation’s military might. You are only fooling yourselves. China would sweep you all aside with one foul swoop if we chose to. But unlike you mental westerners, we are not intent on destroying our planet with huge nuclear strikes against you as it would be a pointless world to live in after that. And this is coming from a Japanaman Americanaman !

  • Anonymous says:

    WOW,now you guys are just as stupid as japs,there are website which Translate the comments from all over the world,i always find the comments come from japanese 2ch site are unbelievable dumb and ignorant,its like they want to blind themselves,you know they still think they videos of chinese space program are fake?because they think they saw bubble in the video,just unbelievable,there are dumb comments from other country but not nearly as dumb as this,so im curious,are you guys japs or you just want to make yourselves to be as dumb as possible to become a japs?

  • Anonymous says:

    they’re really looking for a fight aren’t they? I’d like to see the day that the asean turn their backs on china and have gundams shoot down their military bases. Its stupid that they have all this illogical claims against neighboring countries. makes you wonder if they really are smart or just to dumb to make sense

  • Anonymous says:

    Have you guys worked for a Chinese boss? Worst experience ever. They hide behind their Asian looks, making other non Asians believe they are smart, when they are, in fact, indecisive, childish and incompetent, much like having other non Asian bosses. Really, they only care about money and taking all the credit. They do not care about progression. Giving back Okinawa to these type of garbage is wrong and inhumane. And yes, whatever the Chinese touch, they turn it into garbage… then they bootleg it.

  • Anonymous says:

    A flight of J-20s infiltrating the Japanese air-defense and dropping some guided bombs on the Yasukuni-shrine and on Ishihara’s mansion will show these japs who’s the sick man of asia now.

    Get out of asia, Japan. Get out of the world!

  • Anonymous says:

    China could just move troops to liberate Okinawa like Japan did to other countries in WWII, then rape and kill women, men. And pretend that nothing ever happen. That should settle or even out the hate between the two countries. What’s left is how to end the hate between Japan and Korea.

  • All the boarders were historically formed with countless struggles, wars, diplomacy e.t.c. If China think they have a right to that island, why doesn’t every country will declare their rights on their neigbor’s lands then?

  • Anonymous says:

    The reason why china is grabbing all the land from other countries because they are running out of space for garbage and they know that anytime soon parts of their country will explode one province at a time.

  • As much as the Japanese hate our Military bases, I’m betting the guys living by them are kind of grateful. Why? Because when the first shot is fired, our Military will immediately jump in to ensure the safety of anyone living near by.

    Then proceed to absolutely wreck China’s shitty scrap iron tanks. Assuming they haven’t exploded on themselves already.

  • Anonymous says:

    i think it’s better for japan to keep it, because china is already fuck up and just want to bring everyone down with them. china has jump the rabbit hole of madness and want you to join in the madness.

  • Sorry, Okinawa should be independent, since it doesn’t belong to the Chinese and Japanese at all. the Chinese general already said Okinawa used to be the Ryukyu-kingdom which was independent, though many has Chinese ancestry.

    Anyway, I guess, as always and as everywhere, the wrong people are on influential positions in the military, government and so on, like in this case that Chinese General. Something that can be written in Chinese does not have to be Chinese.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hmm source is Sankei, the most conservative, anti-China news corp from Japan. And they are quoting “a Chinese general” whose words don’t carry any significant political weight (although he should be reprimanded for it) and make an issue out of it.

    And now it is re-reported by Sankakucomplex, a site enjoying more views whenever there is a China-bash topic.

    This report is fair and balanced 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    A friend was traveling in China many years ago.
    He saw a nice map of most of Asia.
    The map had the simple heading of China.

    He asked a guide about it, the guide said that any land that was EVER part of china, or owned by China, was still China. End of discussion.

    Similar to the idea that you NEVER give up your Chinese citizenship. The Chinese government does not allow you to do so. (that is, you are Chinese if you go to China, not what ever country you changed to.)

    One day they will think they can do enough damage to win a war. then the war will be a lot hotter.

  • Anonymous says:

    Having spent several years primarily studying recent military developments in the middle east and near, statements of such kind mean nothing from a political perspective.
    Sankaku simply needs to dig up shit to pour on China and the Chinese government to serve the agenda of the western axis of doom.

  • Anonymous says:

    ctually, quite a bit will identify as being Okinawans (Ryukyu) before Japanese. Totally different culture from both Japan and China but it shares some traits with both. But China does have a point, it was closer to China before Japan forcibly took control and outlawed pretty much everything Okinawan. They weren’t even allowed to speak their native Hougan when Japan took over. Any child in school caught speaking it was labeled a “pig” or lower then their mighty naicha counter parts.

    • Anonymous says:

      They are starting to lose their identity though. The younger (more lazy ) generation isn’t as in touch with their roots as the older generation. They’re more likely to identify themselves as Japanese first and Okinawan second. Which is a crying shame seeing that Japan pretty much treats them as second class citizens much like the Ainu. I lived there for three years and I remember Japan wanting to rewrite the text books in Okinawa, downplaying the war crimes committed by Japan on the Okinawan people during WWII in Okinawa.

  • Anonymous says:

    China’s way of saying revenge on Japan for invading them in world war II. Don’t forget Japan was the one started it, just because Okinawa wasnt China’s, what makes Japan any better than China. Chinese were the largest victims in WWII. Even till this day they hate each other.

  • Hmm…

    Wasn’t Japan colonized by China?

    If I remember the legend right, China’s first emperor “Qin Shi Huang” in his quest for immortality sent a whole fleet to search the islands of Japan for a holy hermit who knew the secret of eternal life. But they couldn’t find this character who even if he did exist likely used his powers to hide himself, not wishing to give such a brutal tyrant more than a lifetime.

    If they’d had just told him how stupid it was, or came back empty handed they’d face torture and death so they just used his generosity and stocked up like mad on supplies, brought women, cattle, seed… And settled the islands and never came back. They prepared for a revenge invasion but as the emperor’s “immortality” quest had led to an early death drinking mercury fueled “Alchemical Elixirs” it never came, not for centuries. Unfortunately while White man gets the blame he hasn’t the monopoly on “Colonialist” forces going like rabid beasts on native populations, and the cost of the persons who became the Japanese race was near extermination, then millenia of oppression.

    In abstract China does have some kind of claim on Japan, the genetics flow from China. But it’s one that’d be as respected as any claim Britan has on the USA.

  • lol… they want to conquer part of Japan that we could pretty safely assume wants to be Japanese and was never China, because this crank feels entitled to it, yet Taiwan and Tibet insist that they are not China and China oppresses them both and insists that Taiwan isn’t even a real country.

    That is so crazy I’m not even going to attribute it to China until I see how they handle this “general.”

    • Anonymous says:

      Does not matter what the people wants. It’s about how much power do they got.

      Since China is just growing in power and China has soon the ability to demand unreasonable things with it cheer power.

      • Anonymous says:

        I dunno how it is called in english or Brazillian portuguese but in japanese or chinese have an expression about it: kakushinteki rieki. (核心的利益)

        That means(very roughtfully): We are now that powerfull so this territory is rightfully mine.

        That means the terrytory of China is never fixed: it changes with the power they have.

        • Anonymous says:

          The problem with this is that they’re not all that powerfull and will face several crisis in the future ending up in an even worse state afterwards.
          Couple that with being at odds with India over the border and Indias rapid grow in power and populace and China’s position is nowhere near as safe as they want the world to think.
          Actually in their position it makes perfect sense to bark as loud as possible to keep others from looking to closely.

      • Yes, China’s cheer power is overwhelming. Especially that of their leaders. The Great Cheer Leader of PRC Hu Jintao is known to overtake billions of Chinese with cheer just by himself. Just imagine what he could do with such a cheer power with the weak Japanese…

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually Taiwan insists they are the real China, and the mainland government stole their country and drove them out.
      Guess why it’s called “Taiwan, Republic Of China”.

      They’ve become a lot less nationalistic since WW2 though. Considering they’re also a lot less corrupt than their big brother (pun intended), turning the PRC into a part of the ROC could be beneficial for everyone…

      • Anonymous says:

        Taiwan claims the same territories as China with the same historical reasons. And they just cant get them because they are weak and confined on a small island and being protected/dependent to the US.
        The day when the ROC returns to the mainland and gains the democratic support of all chinese people, she must still take back all the lands China has lost to the western and japanese colonialists in the past. And this time, the western world cannot stop them with politics any longer, since it is a democratic china now that is driving the claims.

  • As a show of faith china.
    Why don’t you give independence to Tibet first?
    Since Tibet is already under chinese occupation. That should happen first before they start demanding others to do the same.

  • Anonymous says:

    then I demand the independence of the falkland islands from the UK, the independence of canary islands and return morocco a pair of cities from spain, and the independence of the state of Alabama!

  • why don’t just ask people on Okinawa “would you prefer being Japanese or Chinese?”. answer will be absolutely Japanese. and ask them to confirm again “Where is your home?”. It’s Okinawa.

    if Chinese Gov’s logic is able to claim the land. I do sure that the Greece can claim more than half of the world due to Alexander the Great works.

    • Anonymous says:

      There are bunchs of okinawans what hates to be japanese and loves money. I think they will love to be chinese since if they are not japanese they will not need to live with a cross at the back.

      The source is an Japanese tv show’s “Takajin no soko made itte iinkai” and I don’t have the video nor the link now but there are an tons of people going to china to selling your lot to chinese.

    • @ RYOUGI

      You mean like the Chinese gave the Tibetans and Mongolians a choice.

      China’s behaving like a schoolyard bully and will continue to so until somebody breaks their nose.
      Ever notice how bullies mellow out after somebody knocks the crap out of them?

      That day may not be far off.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dude, Argentina’s been trying to pull of the same nonsense for more than a century despite the British moving in before Argentina existed and disclaiming all rights to it more than once in treaty.

    • Anonymous says:

      just nuke the chinese!!! the land grabbing bastards are already claiming territory from not only japan, but also korea and philippines. they’ve already bullied tibet to join them the only way they would stop is by a show of force…so i say just nuke the fucking bastards!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        I think explosion of pent up anger against injustices of chinese imperialism by Ugyhrs and Tibetans, with both their people rampaging across the soft belly of chinese interior and bloatedly corrupted lands ending with triumphant rape of peking would be a great scenario to follow. Teach those uppity chinks a lesson about respect.

    • Anonymous says:

      As much as you hate us, Chinese…our economy, military might is growing ever stronger….and therefore we can make all kinds of demands, logical or not because we are powerful to do so.

      We will be the new world super power. And, America and my fellow westerners continue your useless spending to oblivion while we take over the world.

      Be very afraid. Your days are numbered.
      Return whatever islands and lands that once belonged to use or we will economically crushed you like flies.

      • Anonymous says:

        I love you too. As long as you stay peaceful.

        Once you stop being peaceful, you’ll probably see what the silly Europeans & Americans & Australians can do nowadays.

        Even so, no one will really win. So stay peaceful.

      • Anonymous says:

        You’re either an idiot or an troll I’m not sure what since both is possible.

        The Chinese military runs somewhere along the line of Chinese construction and quality. Stuff falls apart and explodes.

        Recent conflicts have shown more then once that numbers alone don’t win a war anymore. A better trained better equipped more modern army will easily trash several times it’s numbers.

        That being said the Chinese economy is a joke. It completly relies on the European Union and US to buy it’s junk. Back when the whole world economy was in a “small” crisis not so long ago China was hit the hardest with whole factories going out of business within a few days and millions losing their jobs. Economic super power my ass.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dude, read What you wrote, it seems that someone got brainwashed!
        If you’re really who claims to be, really think the whole world will stand still waiting to be pirated?
        Do you really think that only military power is enough?
        China’s economy relies on exports, what would happen in a full economic embargo? And the people of occupied countries are not going to rebel? The china in the past, rome, germany try the same e fail!!

        The phrase (learn from the past) should not be in their school books

      • Anonymous says:


        Your threat is as empty as your brain. Retarded nation like you should learn how to manufacture things properly first and learn how to be creative. Your economy? Yeah, right. Your economy is so powerful. So powerful that your coins exploded. Military might? For God’s sake. Your rifles and tanks will explode even before firing a bullet or a missile.

      • Anonymous says:

        Filed under terrorism and desperation.

        Economically, China cannot sustain itself without the rest of the world buying their shit. This argument goes both ways dumb-ass.

        IF Bush didn’t sell you a portion of Americas freedom, you wouldn’t even be in a position to say anything.

        Go ahead and keep bragging. Don’t forget that the west consists of just the whole fcking world. Other east Asian nations wont join you either.
        And once a consensus is globally made, nukes will fall from the sky.

    • Anonymous says:

      you don’t know okinawan people very much do you?

      damn this mainlanders 1st they’re harassing the philippines to give up spartly’s and the scarborough shoal when it’s just 20km away from the main island of the philippines and then they’re bugging south korea to give them leodo islands which is just a walking distance to jeju island and now they want okinawa? what’s next china you want to take mindanao as well?

      • Anonymous says:

        Japan hasn’t much of a choice with no army. And it is way too late to build one.

        Even let alone that, China is not lacking an industry anymore, they are overwhelmingly superior out of sheer size.

        There is, of course, nuclear dissuasion, but Japan against China? They’ll be flattened before China runs out of warheads, and no important officer will even be killed.

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually the Chinese population is rapidly aging aswell because of the one child policy. So China is catching up quickly to where Japan is currently headed.
          Another problem of China is that there aren’t enough girls that means that the next generation will have even less children.

    • Anonymous says:

      Pretty stupid a question. It’s like asking an orphaned child if they prefer their biological mother or the mother who raised them since birth.

      Oh wait. Pro-Japanese site. I forgot I can’t use logic here. Please continue.

      • Anonymous says:

        Claiming china is their biological mother is quiet laughable, like arabs claiming chinese are their daughters because proto-asians migrated from middle east/afria/europe direction.

      • Anonymous says:

        More like which mother to live with. Which doesn’t lack sense, just is cruel for the biological mother, and putting too much consequence into a child’s decision for his own good.
        Here the inhabitants of Okinawa are mature enough. It would be stupid to expect them to change their nationality.

        Alos: when opposing Japan to China, I claim that being pro-Japan is a perfectly logic standpoint I have. Japan might be fucked up, but there is fucked up and then there is China fucked up.

  • Anonymous says:

    First Japan (standstill, but favoring Japan), then Vietnam (stolen already), and now the Philippines (standstill).

    Their actions have now caused 60% of the US naval forces to be stationed “again” in south east Asia.

    I hope that one day, these hats will understand that everybody hates them and they wont have any friends that will back them up once their economic bubble bursts.

    Cambodia? The nation that blocked ASEAN attempts to voice out on their opinion of these expansion motives will always be China’s slave from now on.

    • As much as I like Japan, I cannot stress enough how much of an occupied pussy its government is. Instead of making up with its biggest 2 neighbours (China and Japan), it chooses to side with the U.S. opinion on all major issues concerning the region. However much you may hate China, you should first try and figure out who’s deliberately causing discord between the neighbouring nations, and for what purpose.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well this isn’t really rocket science.

        It’s obvious who’s throwing the shit into the fan. Politicians and co. US has been doing this shit for years too; look where it got Iraq, Afghan, Okinawa, Tibet etc…(lol like shit stirring countries is their talent)

        Only the ignorant, racist and nationalists are that blind to not notice. Shining examples are already here *Looks at comments in this article* This is why us Westerners in general are stereotyped as hypocrites of godly level. Thank you the loud and ignorant.

        Every government or those affiliated with them want rock. Whether it’s for resources, military or for the sake of owning more. Any government that says they don’t are outright liars *cough*USA & UK*cough*.

    • Anonymous says:

      What else can you expect from these children? east asians in general tend to have a pretty infantile and naive view of the world, especially the chinks that like to run their mouths. No wonder they got raped by the japanese – it’s like they are asking to be fucked.

        • Anonymous says:

          …We the Sankaku Army can only sit behind our computers, shit talk, troll and bitch about anything to stroke our own egos…Not exactly a worthwhile army are we?. Like 2ch…ZING!

      • Anonymous says:

        First, I respect China more than I look like I do. I am just wholeheartedly convinced our way to handle freedom is orders of magnitude better than theirs. Also, they are too hostile for my tastes. But I wouldn’t kill them for that.

        Second, Invading China would cost a fucking lot. It’s really not worth it. If anyone does it, it must be the USA or the UN, and frankly I think they can’t accomplish it, let alone afford it.

      • Anonymous says:

        You can’t invade China. Not even the US can. Sure, a China isn’t powerful enough to win an offesive war against the west, as they have no power projection capabilities, but if the fighting were to be had around their area, they have a shitton of stuff.

        • Anonymous says:

          >>China will release its dollar holding and force default of US debt all at once and trigger a positive feedback loop – Dollar worth as much as toilet paper overnight, US credit rating down to junk status.

          If China do it against US certanly will destroy all economy of the world at once, my Real will value less than a junk, and will make “World against china”. China is the 1/3 of the world on population but dunno if can deal with other 2/3 of population on the Earth.

        • Anonymous says:

          US would just do what it did in WWII and have GM, Ford and Chrysler manufacture military equipment instead of cars. Beside US military technology is still light years ahead of China.I’m sure there are platforms orbiting the earth that would fry China’s ass if push came to shove.
          China manufactures shit.They even had to buy a used Soviet aircraft carrier from Ukraine. The best power supplies and capacitors come from Japan and Taiwan not the mainland. US computer chips can’t be matched.

        • Anonymous says:

          00:20 someone doesn’t understand basics of national debt contracts. First of all, they cannot release anything with US agreeing to it since those debt is written in contracts about who gets to do what – national debt is not a personal debt. There are specific situations that allows china to do so, none of them which can be brought about if US first makes the mistake of not abiding by the same terms of repayments, which US can easily remedy by devaluing its dollars, and letting china take the hit for inflation.

          Having a debt is under a mutually agreed contract, which does not allow unilateral scrubbing of them by one party. Besides, as the saying goes, “If you borrow a million from the bank, banks owns you, but if you borrow a trillion, you own the bank”. With the power to print dollar at will and letting other nations take the hit from it as a revenge for their own currency manipulations, and with strict contract that does not allow unilateral action without the whole bonds bought by china being ruled null and void by international banking systems, china cannot demand anything. They foolishly thought they got the weak point of US, when infact they walked into the trap of internationally binding contracts that allows US to use cheated money of chinese for their own advantage while draining their crookedly-earned dollars.

        • Anonymous says:

          China will release its dollar holding and force default of US debt all at once and trigger a positive feedback loop – Dollar worth as much as toilet paper overnight, US credit rating down to junk status. You won’t be able to feed your army, much less sending them to war.

          You can’t go to war with them, they own you now.

        • Anonymous says:

          China would repeat what they did in the Korean war. Just throw numbers at the enemy to make them run out of bullets and then overwhelm them. China historically hasn’t put much value on human life.

          The problem at this point is that now only China has the industrial capacity to manufacture weapons to take on the Chinese. The US has a severe problem: after a couple of months there’s no more missiles, rockets or ammunition left. Most swords and knives are even manufactured outside the US. I guess there are rocks in the western US.

        • Anonymous says:

          You’d have to be retarded to invade China over mere threats to invade Japan.

          China doesn’t have good cards in this game. If they actually DID invade Japan, guess how the chips would fall…? Yep, NATO + Russians + “everyone” vs. China.

          See, if anyone really has to be worried about China, it’s Russia & India (& other countries in the immediate sphere of influence), in the first place.
          No move would be more stupid for them than siding with China, rather than against it.

          And unlike the US, the EU has rather good relations & allies all over the world…

        • Anonymous says:

          in which less than 4400 of ours died for fucking up the whole country, while sandniggers killed themselves and alqueda now extremely marginalized? Not to mention we get to wield a significant measure of geopolitical power in an area with most valuable modern day resource? yea, a big fail.

          This was nothing compared to vietnam or ww2, or even civil war. We control the dollar, the violence, and influence. What’s not to celebrate about?

          Not to mention osama is dead now….in his own home. Sandniggers got bitch slapped good when they got uppity.

        • Anonymous says:

          The “imports” actually are natural minerals, which are needed for electronic and automotive manufacturing and does not have anything to do with retarded China. Did China plant those minerals? No. Were those minerals fossils of their ancestors? No. China got lucky they sit their fat arses on a land rich with rare minerals. That’s all.

          Besides, I find it funny that the best capacitor is the Japan-made one, not the China-made one, despite the rare minerals used for the capacitor manufacturing were imported from China. Just another proof that China doesn’t know how to properly and optimally use its own resources. Might as well give all those minerals to the countries who knows how to handle them.

        • Anonymous says:


          They would move their imports and exports to other 3rd world countries that don’t bitch as much, and chinese economy collapses under job loss and complete international trade isolation?

          Good idea. Let the chinese bitch some more and we can remove the free trade agreement to another nations. It would cause a recession for a few years, but no nation believe chinese are indispensible when there are so many other poor people just wishing for foreign investments. Rest of the world takes one or two year recession than moves on, while chinese slide into abrupt depression because export they are so dependent on is cut off completely. Nice try.

    • They don’t have much of a blue water navy lets put it this way India has a more capable blue water navy then China so they can’t really invade anyone.
      The first time they try any troop ships and subs would quickly become new reefs.

        • Anonymous says:

          @17:07 Anon

          You’re forgetting about the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the United States and Japan, which was renewed as late as I think it was 2010 and will be in effect until 2020.

          Granted both sides have the option of revoking it, but there’s a 1y notice requirement for that.

          As it’s a signed and ratified treaty, it’s considered the Law of the Land, and ignoring it would leave a President open to impeachment, which considering the current political climate in the US is a very real worry. And no President is going to commit political suicide over something like this.

          In addition, considering their tech level, it’s estimated that Japan could be a fully capable nuclear power within a 2y timeframe.

          So even with the revoking of the treaty, they’d still need to hold out for 1y, if they hadn’t already started a switchover prior to the revocation and done their work in secret.

          And that’s probably a scenario that the US would encourage and assist in, if they did have to pull out.

          So the whole idea of the US just going: “Screw it, we’re going home” and ignoring their treaty obligations. Just isn’t feasible.

          It might be what the Chinese want to see happen, but the political situation in the US has to be taken into consideration as well. And that pretty much precludes such an event from occurring.

        • Anonymous says:


          If you think russia cares that much about china, you are brutally mistaken. Unless US actions directly threaten the integrity and power of russia in central asia or eastern europe, russia would actually welcome the opportunity to get rid of its bitchy neighbor they share a very porous and long land border with.

          You can always count on the russian national interest to behave in a way that benefits russia. If US and china go to war with US solely focusing on china and courting russia with sharing influence in the region far more than chinese ever could, russia would mull and then jump at it. Geopolitics in stacked in favor of whomever attacks china because they managed to piss off every one of their neighbors so thoroughly.

        • Only a gullible person would start comparing Japan’s military power to the Chinese. Japan mainly relies on USA’s presence in the region. So a war between China and Japan is actually a war between China and the U.S., and the U.S. won’t risk any World War 3 scenarios until they draw Russia out of the game.
          And drawing Russia out of the game would be quite hard, considering Russian nuclear subs keep popping up randomly near the New York coast.

        • Anonymous says:

          I would love to see how china with its severely lacking naval and land record would fair against battle-experienced marines and navy that crushed the people who raped their women, rampaged across their lands, and burned their homes. Not to mention those inexperienced naval forces should make great targets for navy pilots and destroyer jockeys who are eager to get another flat top kills on their records.

          Really, substituting your own body counts for tactics is a clear mark that they already lost.

        • Anonymous says:

          America would not want a war with china because they have put massive amounts of resourses into building battle ships not just a couple a mean lods, so america would ditch the japs

        • Japan actually has a sizable Airforce and Navy any invasion fleet would suffer serious losses esp one without any air cover.
          Since Japan is ordering some F-35s and has the ATD-X in development.
          The Hyuga class ships could be easily converted into an aircraft carrier for S/VTOL planes like the F-35.
          Plus the US would take Japan’s side.

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually Italy has 2 aircraft carrier (garibaldi and cavour) and it is storically a sea power, altough usually limited to the mediterran sea. Dont underestimate G8 nations, they all have quite some military power: japan itself has one of the most advanced fleet in the pacific.

    • Anonymous says:

      So basically, Japan is forced to choose between Chinese and American occupation? Having in mind that China is a much closer neighbour to Japan than the US, having China occupy Japan would lead to lesser tensions in the Asian region, than vice-versa.

      • Anonymous says:

        Being occupied by China is one of the worst thing that could possibly happen. Soon there will be no more “Tibet” simply because the Chinese are slowly but surely commiting genocide by resettling Tibet with han Chinese instead of natives.
        Do you think the Japanese would fare any better then the other minorities in China?

      • Anonymous says:

        uh….you got that backwards. Having a backer who occasionally is overbearing half and world away is much more preferable to having a neighbor sharing your backyard who’s got a massive case of mental disorder and like to threaten you if you don’t let him sleep with your wife.

    • Anonymous says:

      Have you ever been to Okinawa? I was there and can definitely vouch for the level of noise from the base. I thought it wasn’t much living on the Honshu Island, but after going there I was amazed of the noise levels from the aircraft and such. Okinawians have every right to be pissed, however there is a point about China invading Okinawa w/o the USA Military presence there.

      • Anonymous says:

        I lived there for nearly a decade. It’s loud, but it’s something you can easily get used to if you don’t already have a bug up your ass about U.S presence. If so, then everything the U.S does will irritate you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t forget the expansionary intentions of Russia buddy. These commies are all the same.

      Rightfully ours! Historically ours!
      What a load of bull. They have a name for every place in their dialect = historically ours to them reds.

      • I have failed to see the Chinese side of the argument beyond “it has been historically ours” in all their territorial disputes.

        Regarding the Senkaku Islands:
        1) Documentation stating their are Japan’s territory was accepted internationally at the beginning of the 20th century and China had no objections at that time.

        2) Japanese people lived on the islands in the middle of the 20th century and buildings were constructed to help with fish processing(Once again with no complaints from the Chinese government).

        3) The lands are owned privately by Japanese national currently.

        It would be nice to hear a more detailed argument from the Chinese side beyond the historical rhetoric.

        • Anonymous says:

          What’s important is that Okinawa at this point belongs to Japan. They clearly have more “history” with Japan than with the other country. Would they fare better with new masters after their land has been razed by artillery and ballistic missiles?

          Yes, they’re all the same, but when a country makes statements, however vague they may be that you’re land belongs to them, then of course you’ll side with the locals.

          Remember the Falklands? The British still hold them because the people living there are primarily English. History can be very painful at times, but we look forward, not backwards.

  • Anonymous says:

    I feel Nostradamus’ Prediction is coming true… its about the Rise of the Dragon (Dragon – China) that will bring calamity to the earth

    Chinese are taking the islands from the Philippines and now Japan?