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Not Again: 1000 Watch as Chinese Cops Rescue Sex Doll


Chinese police have been humiliated after 18 of their finest spent close to an hour recovering what turned out to be a discarded sex toy.

Shangdong police were alerted to the discovery of a body floating in one of the province’s many beautiful rivers, and soon 18 officers were on scene to recover it.


As they struggled to catch the “corpse” and bring it to shore, spectators soon gathered and before long major congestion ensued, preventing fire fighters from reaching the scene to assist.

In front of a thousand or so onlookers, after 40 minutes police finally succeeded in recovering the cadaver, only to confirm it was actually an inflatable sex toy.


In order to deflect further ridicule, suspicion or controversy, the police showed the “body” to the public and then “evacuated” the area.

Chinese fed up with the ridicule this and the recent discovery of a “mysterious mushroom” is attracting can at least take solace in the fact Japanese police also once launched a major operation along similar lines

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