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Cops Raid Suicide School, Bullies “Played Funeral” with Boy


Police have raided the school and city hall at the heart of the recent Shiga schoolboy suicide scandal, even as ever more disturbing details of the abuse he suffered and the lengths the school went to cover it all up continue to emerge.

The suicide of a 13-year-old boy after a vicious campaign of bullying which his teachers apparently tolerated if not encouraged is fast becoming a national scandal, having been raised in the Diet and reported in international media.

Attention has centred on the efforts of the school to cover up the scope of the abuse the boy suffered and just how much it knew – now the local educational board has revealed the school took not one but two surveys of pupils asking for details about the abuse he suffered.

The second questionnaire received 188 responses, many with similar content to the first – although even more disturbing details emerged, such as the boy “being made to strangle himself in a practice suicide” and having to participate in his own “mock funeral.”

The school says it only managed to investigate and confirm one of the reports, which it found to be “bullying of a pupil from another school.”

At the time it did not tell the parents of the dead boy about the new information, saying it had “found no new information,” and did not even tell them that it had conducted a second survey.

The school has now apologised for not telling the parents, saying it “didn’t notice” the new reports and that its investigation was “inadequate.”

The school further attempted to cover up its findings by forcing the boy’s father to sign a legal contract promising not to reveal the results of the first questionnaire to outsiders, which he says further delayed the truth becoming known.

Meanwhile the city’s mayor has aligned herself with the prevailing winds and admitted the bullying and the boys suicide were connected, and offered to pursue a settlement with the family, even as the school continues to issue statements refusing to accept any connection exists, a situation which has further infuriated the bereaved family.

She now claims part of the reason for her break with the school is that they refused to share the complete results of the second questionnaire even with her.

Those unfortunates still attending the school have also seemingly been subject to the wrath of Internet vigilantes – the school was closed for a day following an anonymous bomb threat, apparently spurious.

The culmination of all this seems to be belated action by the police, almost a year after the boy’s death and after refusing his father’s attempts to file charges no less than 3 times.

Police have just announced a team of 20 investigators have issued search warrants and started searching the school and the local city hall for incriminating evidence, and begun questioning the principal and members of the school board.

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  • Anonymous says:

    This vote system is so abused by multi account makers…Both this and Panda article recieved many downvotes and upvotes out of nowhere. Either we have a weeaboo in full swing or a disgruntled Japanese.

    • Anonymous says:

      The only retard here is you since your little, constrained mind is unable to understand that this suicide was actually a murder attempt and, even if it weren’t, it’s still a crime.

  • Anonymous says:

    To all the fucking retarded scum pieces of shit of an excuse for a human being claiming to be “alphas” and calling others “betas”, let me tell you this:


    Get the fuck out of here, fucking /b/tards.

  • They went in search of “evidence”? Of what? High School bullying?
    ‘As you can see here our team of investigators have uncovered strange markings on the inside rim of the toilet. It seems to indicate that a “swirly” was performed here recently…’

    Oh come one, I’ll tell you what that school needs: AKUMETSU!

  • Anonymous says:

    LOL kid’s stuff. These little pussies need to get a taste of REAL oppression before they suicide from this elementary level of life’s difficulties. No wonder japan suffers from high rate of suicide, it’s full of these pussies with no balls, and ‘oppressors’ with no idea what real bullies are like. Come to any inner city america and you won’t last a month with a weak ass attitude like this, unless they pussy out and hide in immigrant communities while talking shit like a bitch ^^. Then you might last a year.

  • What is the limit people will go to make others suffer? This is nothing new, it’s happened since man existed, likely even before. What is with this sick fascination people have with torturing others, even to their death? We’ve seen it happen here in the States, even with these sociopathic kids laughing at the one they forced to suicide while standing in front of the casket.

    Even Wikipedia defines psychopathy as “a personality disorder that has been variously described as characterized by shallow emotions (in particular reduced fear), lacking empathy, coldheartedness, lacking guilt, egocentricity, superficial charm, manipulativeness, irresponsibility, nonplanfulness, and impulsivity.” That neigh-perfectly describes the children involved in these kind of senseless, incessant attacks on innocents, some of which are even adults. Where does this come from, and how can you treat or correct these sociopathic children other than treating them as if they were mentally ill, and forcing them into therapy?

    I’m beginning to think that’s the sort of treatment these individuals truly need.

  • Anonymous says:

    Normally I would never wish this upon anybody, but honestly, I wished a school shooting happened at that school by the bullied kid.

    They’d get what those fucktard students and teachers deserved.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love how so many bullied pussies here practically broadcast their experience in the comments as if they bear the ‘unspeakable’ burden of life that no one else had to endure…..i’m sorry I couldn’t even type that without laughing out loud. XD

    It really does take a certain character to be bullied in the first place. Someone who walks in flashing cash in a roll in downtown Detroit at midnight doesn’t have that much excuse for being robbed. FFS, quit being a bitch and get a pair. Alphas get in the same position, the difference is clear when you look at the results, not because they are ‘harder’, but simply because of who they are. As in, not beta.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re implying that to avoid being bullied you’re supposed to conform to some rules the bullies implicitly want. And this is indeed effective.

      But I do not want to. No matter what bullies think I am superior to them in many domains, including anything that involves a brain. When I was a child I was better suited than they will ever be, to decide whether I should bitch or not. Better suited than them to do it, means that I should do it. To me that is a way to say that I had already grown a pair in the first place. I, for one, knew what I wanted, and didn’t care what the others wanted.

      Then again, I wasn’t bullied all that much and it never lasted.

  • DarkWisdom says:

    I don’t think there is any worse kind of murder than driving someone to suicide, these bullies should be executed and their parents shamed for bringing such filth into the world

  • Anonymous says:

    I bet you the guys doing it are from South Amercia, they setup camps all over the USA via a form and list to follow plus money from hugo chavez to destory cities in america using gang stalking and over flowing the legal system to take over block after block after block in less than a year of carnage. Massive braindamaging car stereos and parties that start after 11pm and end at 8am 7 days a week where the vibrations bangs and pows from the music speakers can be heard from 1 1/4 miles away as well the way the sound bounces between brick walls across street after street.

  • Anonymous says:

    As i said earlier This kid was doomed before he was even Bullied, he was mentally Broken if you cannot handle some bullying and you Killyourself HE would have cracked come Entrance exams and done it anyways, Christ the fact his dad didn;t come forward shows it might be a genetic defect in the family. i agree Bullying is bad but Its a part of all our lifes, Its not just highschool u get bullied all thru life. you learn to stand up for yourself or you learn to like the shit samwich

    • Anonymous says:

      yeah his dad should have beat the crap out of that pta’s bastard’s son, even if it meant to lose the job and prospect of any job other than part time in whole Japan – at least his son would possibly be alive.

  • Anonymous says:

    You Can sure tell we have a Bunch of Bullied weaklings on here all Screaming for bullys heads and to kill the bullys and shit, Grow a set if you have No respect for yourself and no backbone You get bullied This is life, It happens at all ages in all places Just in different ways. So a kid killed himself because he was bullied Not the first time won;t be the last Clearly he was Mentally Not all there Cause hundreds of thousands of kids get bullied everyday and very few kill themselves or there bullys..

  • Anonymous says:

    the only way to deal with bullying is to put up a front, a “thug” front gives people, especially bullies. but it can’t just be a front, have to be a thug, someone fucks around with you, you fuck them right up, no mercy. you can’t be a puss, you get beaten up in a fight, you have to stand up after and go after them, no retreat. you have to have no-fuck-with mentality, and live be it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Just like China, Japan also has the habit to forge online comments to make people believe as if Japan did really have caring people. But they don’t and never did have (e.g. How long have you been killing dolphins for fun and selling their mercury poisoned meat as whale meat to your own people?)
    In paranormal point of view, really, every force majeure is punishment to Japan and China for spreading evil lust energy on purpose.
    What Japan now really needs, is another nuclear rain. Let’s drop few hundred 15 megaton nuclear bombs on Japan. Now that should clear their heads again.
    But in the meanwhile, don’t worry, thanks to all that negative energy, you will rot in your own puss stew, dieing slowly and very painfully. Forget about ever being happy for real.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’d say ban chink IPs and find the jap ones. I remember someone posting comments asking all the japanese to man up, and never got a response on those sections. As if we couldn’t just track them if their didn’t pipe up.

  • Anonymous says:

    If my kids would go to that school I would have removed them as soon as I heard of this, and give the teachers a piece of my mind… An earful piece! And I would tell other parents to do the same.
    I would never let my children get taught by people like these and go to a school where such shit-eater kids go day-by-day.

  • Imagine what K-On would be like with bullying?

    Yui being called retard baby.

    Ritsu being called a dyke boy.

    Mio having her breasts groped and forced to strip.

    Tsumugi being made fun of for being rich and braking her $5000 keyboard.

    Azusa being made to shit in a kitty litter box.

    Sawako sensei being told she’s an old woman and no man will ever love her.

  • Anonymous says:

    The problem with society and why things like these are ignored is because there are a lot of liars, those who “cry wolf”. Then when something serious like this does happens it’s ignored. It’s really sad. I feel for the family of the dead boy. The town and the police just make me sick that the school got away with this.

  • Anonymous says:

    Man what a fucking mess, and I hope all the people involved teachers and pupils lives are ruined by it. Scum bags the lot of them and rotten cowards. I hope everyone of them get fucking done over in some form. Or at least some sort of fucking justice , far to late but maybe it be something.

  • They should all be treated as murderers, because that’s what they are, they’re clearly hiding evidence of continued harassment, and this in itself is harassment of the parents even after the suicide.
    It isn’t murder if you just assist him in killing himself? Fuck that.

  • “The school has now apologized for not telling the parents, saying it “didn’t notice” the new reports and that its investigation was “inadequate.””

    Get the FUCK out of here! They knew damn well what the fuck was going on in their school, yet they want to turn a blind eye and pretend nothing happened or they weren’t responsible for the boy’s death. I mean WTF!? Schools like that should be either shut down permanently for this type of shit OR they should get rid of the school board who tried to covered the whole story like nothing happened.

  • Anonymous says:

    JAPANESE PEOPLE ALWAYS TURNS A BLIND EYE TO CRIME. Japanese people like to keep face pretending nothing ever happened. All you dumb shit headed retard small minded Otaku’s on this dumbass site DO NOT KNOW THE REAL JAPAN. REAL JAPAN is not fun and games. Rape is covered up in Japan, Yakuza’s run and own many police and everybody likes to keep face.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dick-catchers are born to catch dicks. Most Japanese are smart enough to recognize this, so don’t give it a second thought. I’m sure if the yakuza owns the woman that got ‘raeped’ they will get the payment owned out of the offender lol.

    • Anonymous says:

      Then they get bitchfucked by koreans, chinese, americans, russians, etc etc……

      Reality comes knocking at the door of poor hikikommori of japan and they get raped at every turn.

  • Anonymous says:

    Freaking Japan, seriously, Civil servants may be vital… but the moment they do things like this – they have lost their right to be called anything with the word “civil” in it.

    All members of staff that taught the vicitim, fire them.
    All members who knew and did nothing, fire them.
    All students in every class he took, including friends of, question them and force them to do community service and pay off the family they helped destroy.

    Rabble, rabble rabble!

  • Anonymous says:

    I was a bullier in highschool, not the violent one, i was the “clown” type, allways with jokes about defects and that, i was a complete idiot and i regret every time i behaved like an ass and hurted others feelings.

    • Anonymous says:

      This case has Baltimore PD from The Wire written all over it.

      Just look at them cops carrying out their responsibility not because they have to, but because of politics. They don’t care about victims or criminals. They sift and skim through the files and finish the high profile, high exposure ones first. Then it’ll be all over the news and they go HEY! LOOK AT US DOING OUR JOBS. PEACE IS MAINTAINED. Commisioner gets the Internal Affairs portfolio, his slave took over the vacant seat and everyone else has to prepare to kneel down and form the stairs for the next guy’s political ladder.

      Then you look at the street and you see all the robberies and murders and you ask yourself if those clowns are cops at all.

  • Anonymous says:

    Better late than never huh? Or trying to maintain their reputation?
    Incompetent japanese police, that rotten system needs a deep reform…
    Very shameful for such a modern, rich and civilised country.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s the same for police around the world. It’s not exclusive to the Japanese.

      Well, with Japan’s own Anons now part of the equation though, the game has changed. Stuff people normally wouldn’t share face to face even with their close friends are stuff they can put online. Tsukamaru Kimura’s identity and those of his accomplices wouldn’t have been known otherwise because of his parents’ influence. I mean, his dad is a PTA chief and his mom is a women’s rights’ group head. You don’t fuck around with those kind of people head on in Japan.

      Even if it’s too late to do anything now, it shows why we need anonymous Internet. While this storm was unravelling on site boards and blogs, mainstream media did jackshit until the clock reached eleven.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nope. They are raging before this going to international news. Their rage make them show this problem to the media in japan and in the world.(To tell the truth, he alone made more damage in a city than a columbine guy would made in a city. Now Shiga is known as “The prefecture where bulliers reigns.”)

      The media ride the names but 2ch already know the names, photos and family of the fuckers who killed with bullying the poor boy, and one of then is the fucking son of PTA!!

      here the wiki with all information(in japanese of course.)

      Also the one more reason of why japanese internet rages about this case is the air of police, school, the PTA and the prefecture don’t want to associate the bullying as the reason of sucide.
      There are more dirty things inside this bullying.

      • There was a case in Texas a long while back where a kid was in a school disciplinary program called Behavior management a young boy died of while being restrained the ground.

        Newspapers in the local town didn’t bother to run it or bother to care it would of made the town look bad of course it was another example of a issue swept under the table.

  • Anonymous says:

    WHAT. THE. FUCK?! The cops sure are fucking useless to take a year to do something (I’m surprised that they decided to even do something at all). And can those fucking scum retards get any worse? Punish them accordingly and justly, for fuck’s sake!

    • Anonymous says:

      What you miss is that ‘bullying’ = leadership potential in the real world. You cannot be a leader without having a forceful presence and unfortunately, sometimes you get a bunch of parents who don’t teach their children how to use their forceful presence properly.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s not unusual even in the US. I’ve had rape victim friends who’ve had police tell them to get out or they would be arrested for “flying a false police report”. That’s why if you have a problem like this, go to the cops first, and if they refuse, you can find *someone* in some form of media who will post/print/air it. It’s only then that people are made to be human. We live is inhuman times my friend. It’s a whole new game, and we all must learn the new rules, and how to play them to our advantage.

      • We do not live in “inhuman times”, but what you said is close to reality. Humans are not social creatures we are pack animals and our social constructs work only within the confines of the group. The group is everything for us monkeys which means if your group is a close one it will consider anyone outside the group as fair game. This is not just for us but also for most primates.

        It’s that this delusion of unity is taught to people. We are hammered with the fantasy that humans are social which we are not. We tolerate each other because it benefits the survival of the smaller groups but no one should lie to themselves that under the facade is a nasty primate waiting to come out and do some really nasty stuff. Plenty of this stuff is seen in primates the only different is that primates will leave the area and humans like this kid was forced to go back to school. Parents are partially to blame they did not or were not capable of preparing their kid for the reality of the world we live in.

        • Anonymous says:


          Wisely said. I was (mostly) mentally bullied from 8th to 11th grade, and during that time I sometimes wished to be just a “normal” teenager who does “normal” things, who fits in with the crowd, gets along with people and doesn’t get bullied.

          I’m thankful today that I wasn’t, and that I didn’t suck up to them in any way and held my own ground (Although it was very hard to do so and left me with an anxiety disorder). It made me into a person who views western society and it’s development critically,who doesn’t mindlessly consume in the name of capitalism, who actually cares for the weak and discriminated and who wants to find his own way. Indeed, our experiences make us into what we are, and we should accept them and build upon them.

        • Anonymous says:


          You sound like a prison bitch trying to compensate for selling your ass out to henry 3 cells blocks down to keep your hole from being drilled like a japanese schoolgirl every night.

          I think your knowledge of a ‘bitch’ comes from personal experience.

        • Anonymous says:

          The key distinction to make is that 99% of sluts with the looks would suck any 90 year old man’s dick for shopping/drug money/ and or career advancement. THIS IS AN INDISPUTABLE FACT. Sex doesn’t even hurt the women under any circumstances, when they are built to let out the offspring and easily capable of fucking a horse, taking a double fist, or baseball bat.
          I don’t think the kid would normally be practicing suicide or attending mock funerals under any circumstances.

          Most of these so-called victims lead the guys on and end up getting what they deserve anyway. Surprise sex needs to be distinguished from actual savage, violent attacks which usually doesn’t happen these days.

        • Aside from the kind of ignorant and foolish reasoning in some of these posts, it is true that rape will never be worse than murder. The connection in many peoples’ minds is that a large number of rapes do in fact end in murder. Just because one can lead to the other does not mean they are interconnected in severity at all. The collapsing of the two is a major issue I believe, because it does in fact lead to an increase in the victim’s FEELING of victimhood.

          I believe that while anon 4:51 is correct, they’re being unnecessarily dickish about it. Police should never ignore a report, regardless of evidential issues. To be alive after a rape is to have the ability to continue living, which is invaluable. To say otherwise is to have lost perspective completely. Yes it may mix up your life as you see it, but every experience we have in life makes us who we are, and how we overcome those experiences is also a key to our growth. We are the sum of our good and bad experiences. As I’m older, I wouldn’t go back in time and end the horrendous bullying I had in school, because it made me smarter, more discerning, because I continued to live after it. It affected me, and I’m still learning from it, and yes there are some traumas it’s taking longer to explore, but it’s what made me what I am.

          Bullying is very similar to rape, because it occurs in the mind even after the physical acts occur (or even if there are none). Physical wounds heal quickly, but it is part of our existence to deal with the difficulties in reality, and to deny them or blame others does nothing but trap us in our minds. Rape is in the mind, the sex acts that can cause it end in time, while time can drag on in your mind as long as you let it. Even pregnancy is technically impermanent, because that too (in and of itself) will pass with time in the physical world as a physical ramification to rape. If a victim is constantly a victim, they trap themselves in their own raped mind, and it ends up being like they are raped daily as long as they prevent themselves from finding pathways to explore what happened, and how they feel about it, and themselves as people. We are meant to learn from our experiences, no matter what they are. If we stagnate, and exist in denial of experiences, then we go nowhere, and that is when a human begins thinking that death is better than stagnation in life.

        • Anonymous says:

          rape leaves damage.
          from emotional damage if you are lucky
          to disfugeing and painful heal time

          but rape is never worse than death.

          and i separate rape and torture, two completely different things.

        • Anonymous says:

          you are a twat…!
          do you think that they get raped gently??? thats the whole definition of the word, rape, forced, violent, unwanted, brutal just a few words that go with it. Of course there is physical damage to the victim, unlubed sex causes damage to the woman, and thats if only his manhood was used, there are cases of knives and even gun barrels used. Rape is a sentence worse than death…..

        • Anonymous says:

          How is rape of a bitch screwing anything up? Bitches whore themselves by instinct anyway. 99% of bitches will fuck for profit. If anything, unless the bitch can prove herself to be deeply pious and chaste, the rape should be regarded as petty theft with a fine equal to whatever the value of the length of the rape, ($50 for a 15 minute fuck for common bitches).

          And back to the subject matter, this kid was a little bitch. He should have went postal at the fucking school, but instead he was a coward. No even the teachers laughed at the spineless worm.

        • Anonymous says:

          Again this “rape is worse than death” nonsense. This stupid position just amplifies the damage: it’s like telling the victims “you life is completely ruined now, you can’t recover, actually, you’d better be dead now”.

        • Anonymous says:

          If her life gets screwed up by a mere rape, then your friend needs professional help.

          Rape is bad and all, but it doesn’t leave any permanent damage beyond what’s in the victim’s head.

      • Anonymous says:

        One case in sweden, there was a young buy who raped a girl, she then went to the police with the matter.
        The guy confessed, despite this the whole school (possibly the small city too) despised the victim for her “apparent” lying.
        She later had to leave the city because the bullying and threats became too much.
        At their graduation he raped another girl, and the same thing happened.

        He confessed to the raping and served some 6 months in some youth prison. Where his classmates and most of the rest of the school tried to make protest about how horrible it was for him to be convicted because some girls were lying (even though he confessed).

    • Looking to your comment’s rating I can see just how many pussies are sitting here. Ladies, grow the fuck up. Does having a few broken ribs, a broken nose and tons of bruises is really so serious? Would you prefer to fucking DIE insted of tolerating some pain and spending some time in a hospital?

      I can’t believe such pussies exists

      • Anonymous says:

        You’re a bully, aren’t you? Or is that your game face for this kind of bullshit?

        Even a beast has its dignity, and you deserve less for what you said.

        Go back and hide under your 4chan bridge.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m all for killing off any nuisance in society. You do the crime, you must die.

          Gotta nip the bud while it is growing.

          Bullying brings the worst in humans, therefore, those who bully must be killed.

          There is no dignity from people who knowingly makes another’s life a living hell.

      • Anonymous says:

        From my experience standing up to the bully doesn’t get you very far. Lets see it was just mental abuse for a long while and when I couldn’t take it I beat the shit out of him. I was kinda shocked but then again so was he. Well that didn’t really stop anything because his buddies decided to jump me and beat the shit out of me in return. So instead of one bully I now had a gang trying to beat me up every day. The more I tired to fight back the worse things got. Then one day I came to two choices (to me two choices) kill them or run away. The day I brought a weapon was as funny as it was most of the gang had gone to jail. The rest where expelled. But until you’ve had to endure all of this and brought to the point of making such choices you really shouldn’t talk

        • DarkWisdom says:

          This is very true. Bullies could not give two shits about honour, neither will they respect you for standing up to them against impossible odds. They will simply seek to make your life more difficult and more miserable the more you try to fight them.

          The problem is schools are too lenient, if bullying really meant being perminantly expelled there would be a lot less of this behaviour.

        • Anonymous says:

          For me standing up to bullies did pay up, twice. Well, once completely, the other… Mostly.
          But in both cases the ‘gang’ wasn’t much. They were four each time. In the first occasion they simply didn’t expect me to respond to force with force, and they gave up. In the second occasion I had to throw a desk at one of them… Headmaster wasn’t quite happy, but as I said, headmaster wasn’t there to provide me with another option, and I would not give in to bullies, end of discussion.

        • For me standing up to a bully worked.
          I had this one group of kids give me hell in 9th grade and one day the ring leader did something that made me snap and I kicked his ass.
          I got suspended for three days but after that no one never really bothered me again.

        • Anonymous says:

          “kill them.” wouldnt work, because society has “rules” and “children don’t know any better” what should be done first is bullying itself be made a crime, it’s a bigger problem than what people want to make it as, because at some point or another most of them have been a bully. Then put all criminals to death, so since bullies are now criminals, then they die by law. This should also apply for married adulterers, and pretty much anyone that is beyond stupid, so that thier stupid genes dont get accidentally mixed in with bloodlines with common sense.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well, obviously reprisal killing is just insane, and that is what you will be labelled as if that is your response. But bullying does need a rather fierce & serious response to make such a scene that adults really can’t ignore or hide their heads in the sand. I was bullied relentlessly when I was a kid, and one time the only thing that got it to stop was a violent response by me where I ambushed my bully with a big stick & beat him down until he was bloody. I got kicked out of school for a few days for that, whereas the bully got a lot of sympathy. But that kid never fucked with me again.

        • Lonesnipa says:

          Actually standing up to bullies CAN work. Its just you need to really stand up to them, and it only works if its like, 2-3 of the fuck pipes. I was bullied right up through to grade 7, where I finally snapped and starting fighting with the twats, kicking several of them in the nuts, and punching a few of them in the face. Finally people stopped fucking with me, after a week of this. It really, really hurt though because I ended up having the crap kicked out of me. Fuck I hate bullies.

        • Anonymous says:

          Here’s tip: If you are utterly beta, it wouldn’t matter what you do to get back at them. Look at it this way – if you think a rapist is deterred when preying upon hot women just because she fights back? Key is to not be a bitch in the first place, or have the character to be oppressive and superior in the first place.

          Real alphas don’t need to prove anything, and have that game down. Your fault was not being a kind of man to shake them down in everyway. If someone’s really a great, they don’t stand a chance to begin with. Nor do you need to even try.

          Sucks to be you man. When they say grow some balls, it’s not fighting or killing that they are talking about.

      • Meh. The first penetration, which is said to hurt as shit, and forced one too, then being taken away the virginity, also known as “My first”, which seems to be really really precious to them.
        And probably a few bruises from resisting.

        I don’t think being raped is the funniest activity to partake in.

        • Anonymous says:

          Considering how 99% of women are bitches and whores, rape doesn’t compare to the outrage suffered by this poor kid, and it’s frankly a disrespectful comparison to make. Whether house wives, girlfriends, students, or executives (you know they sucked a lot of cock to work their way up the corporate ladder), they’re all hos.

          Sluts fuck for money and exploit their bodies from middle school or earlier these days. It ain’t middle ages where the girl can’t get married if she’s raped, and the so-called ‘psychological harm’ from rape is bullshit. Case in point, sluts that go to frat parties, get drunk fucked up and naked, then wake up and realize they participated in a drunken orgy and cry OMG RAEP. Keep in mind 99% of these sluts would think nothing of fucking an old man they just met for shopping money or drugs, in the first place. In modern society rape laws that apply to women are simply a feminist safeguard to uphold the value of pussy so bitches can continue to get free shit and preferential treatment exclusively for having a cunt.

        • Anonymous says:

          Unfortunatley if nobody is going to help you, you do have to take matters into your own hand and fight back. And a bully will not stop just because you fight back. They will stop though if they fear you after you fought back dirty, and hurt them pretty badly. You will have to take the consequenses for that kind of repsonse, becuase then adults will thinjk you are the bully if it gets their attention. Bottom line is it is a chellenging, and nearly impossible situation to get out of without authority figures intervening to help you.

        • Anonymous says:


          Being caught up in that particular game in the first place is a proof that you are incapable of belonging to the better level of man that can easily deal with such issues. You have no idea what you are talking about, thinking like a victim. You are already playing on their palm. Real bullies and people who don’t have trouble oppressing or bullying them at will don’t think like you do. When people here say ‘man up’, they don’t just mean throw your fists around or act like ‘standing up’ to others.

          If this lifestyle eludes you, it’s a proof you are pretty beta. No amount of mouthing off or fighting will compensate for your lack of balls in a fundamental sense. You will always be a prey.

        • Anonymous says:

          no they dont, bullies bully wtether you fight back or not, but this has nothing to do with this topic. The kid obviously didnt fight back, and apparantly went along with a fake suicide and fake funeral, so that means there was a mental issue here. Bullies dont just attack you physically, they target the weakest, mentally more than physically, in order to get the satisfaction of breaking someone. When it comes to bullies everyone goes “oh, they didnt fight back, so they deserved it” but some people aren’t capable of fighting back, and more so with Japan’s anti-social behavior. I myself was bullied by my father, I will defend myself against the biggest, badest mf out there, but when it comes to my dad, who is weaker than me now, I freeze completely, its all about braking someone, pretending to be thier friend, then telling them to do stuff while saying “if you dont, I wont like you anymore”

  • What is wrong with these fucking kids? Practice choking himself? Mock funeral? What the hell man! Fucking fight back damn it, take a swing, spit in someones face. DO SOMETHING. TELL SOMEBODY.

    God this makes me sick that nobody did anything until now. For fucks sake.

    That poor kid.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s easy to think we all should’ve been able to fight back if it was us.

      Most of you are forgetting that he ain’t just getting it physically. The bullying isn’t just skin deep; they messed up with his mind and made him think there’s absolutely no other way out. Hence the suicide and funeral rehearsals. Let’s not forget that those little motherfuckers have influential parents who’d just slid everything under the lid.

    • Anonymous says:

      that could have definatly done it right there, making him fake suicide and then pretend funeral, they probably pushed it into hes brain that if he commits suicide, his “friends” would attend his funeral.

    • Anonymous says:

      He did tell someone according to the last article.

      “He approached teachers about the abuse, but they apparently did nothing, and nothing came of approaches made by his parents to the school either.

      One teacher who witnessed the bullying did feel it necessary to laughingly tell them “not to overdo it.””

      As for fighting, looks to be multiple assailants vs just him. He’s not going to win that one, plus, considering that one of the ringleaders was the son of the local PTA organization.

      Would’ve meant that the bullied kid would’ve ended up expelled and nothing would be done to the bullies from that angle either.

      So he was pretty much f*cked from every angle.

  • Anonymous says:

    For fuck’s sake. If you have to involve the cops you already lost. Don’t go crying to someone else; grow a fucking spine and deal with this shit by yourselves.

    Don’t sweep away your problems kids – you will have to eventually face it one day. That kid would at least had a chance to be still alive if he grew a pair.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, I must say that cops everywhere need some kind of executive intervention to give more shit about a case than they usually care. This is why a murder of, say, some hobo on the street will not be as swift as a high ranking government official(the downtown niggas). Those poor sods will just be shoved under sudden death or suicide cases.

      However, speaking to some native Japanese with one of them having experience with the Japanese NPA, this is more obvious due to Japan’s own cultural weakness.

      I think this act of raiding the school is a farce though. I mean, ONE FUCKING YEAR after its all said and done? We’re not living in CSI’s world where evidence lasts for eternity and investigators can convict a suspect after 3 days.

        • Anonymous says:

          It could if you volunteered to the dare. Nothing is a game otherwise.
          I know it’s similar to the ‘sex is rape if it wasn’t agreed upon’ and I’m okay with it. I implemented my interpretation of bullying as such and never cared about the protests of stupid.

      • Anonymous says:

        At that age, constant bullying would break anyone. Shut your mouth, you don’t know what the hell you’re saying. It’s not about weakness. It’s about being young and not knowing any better.

        • If you have a job you’re probably working not in a poisoned workplace, you pampered tissue wad. Go work in a poisoned workplace environment and not having the option to sue or quit. Then come back and report after a year.

        • Anonymous says:

          You fucking know shit. I also went through a lot but luckily had just enough strength to survive and not give in although every day was like a fucking hell and nightmare that I will never forget.

          I am now a grown up, an adult that has a successful life in every possible way. The nightmare has ended. I managed not to kill myself or anyone else.

          If you have not went through all that then you know shit. That poor boy went through a lot more than I did. In that kind of situation you either kill yourself or others. He just chose one of the options left.

          Either way you lose.

          No third way for most of them.
          Poor boy.

          The problem is in mentality. In this kind of situation you start treating everyone as an enemy(which is correct). The only problem is that you stop responding to bullying, you stop defending yourself. Until the very end when you suddenly explode.

          Instead you should try defending yourself every fucking day. show those bastards that you are no sissy – most of them are and you are stronger cause you went through all of this.

          Start talking back, punching back, laughing at them, show that you don’t care or at least make an angry face, don’t forgive. For fucks sake do anything, start jumping or singing like stupid. it cannot get worse anyway.

          Don’t be scared, if you start responding to them one by one, they start changing a bit.

          If that doesn’t help do the opposite: start crying or punching randomly. Show some REACTION – reaction is most important thing to show them that you are human being, that you have your honor, pride, your fucking rights, show them that you respect yourself, they will start changing, perhaps – but you will never know if you don’t try.

          Do all this but for the fucks sake don’t kill yourself and don’t fucking kill them – if you feel that you still have some strength left. You are a hero of this story – try to survive through it, grow up and get a normal life, wife, job, friends – it is all waiting for you there at the end of the road.

          This boy did not have this strength and he is really a poor boy..

        • Anonymous says:

          you fucking know shit. I also went through a lot but luckily had just enough strength to survive and not give in although every day was like a fucking hell and nightmare that i will never forget.

          i am now a grown up, an adult that has a successful life in every possible way. the nightmare has ended. i managed not to kill myself or anyone else.

          if you have not went through all that then you know shit. that poor boy went through fucking a lot lot more than i did. in that kind of situation you either kill yourself or others. he just chose one of the options left.

          either way you lose.

          no third way for most of them.
          poor boy.

          the problem is in mentality. in this kind of situation you start treating everyone as an enemy(which is correct). the only problem is that you stop responding to bullying, you stop defending yourself. until the very end when you suddenly explode.

          instead you should try defending yourself every fucking day. show those bastards that you are no sissy – most of them are and you are stronger cause you went through all of this.

          start talking back, punching back, laughing at them, show that you don’t care or at least make an angry face, don’t forgive. for god’s sake do anything, start jumping or singing like stupid. it cannot get worse anyway.

          don’t be scared, if you start responding to them one by one, they start changing a bit.

          if that doesn’t help do the opposite: start crying or punching randomly. show some REACTION – reaction is most important thing to show them that you are human being, that you have your honor, pride, your fucking rights, show them that you respect yourself, they will start changing, perhaps – but you will never know if you don’t try.

          do all this but for the fucking god’s sake don’t kill yourself and don’t fucking kill them – if you feel that you still have some strength left. you are a hero of this story – try to survive through it, grow up and get a normal life, wife, job, friends – it is all waiting for you there at the end of the road.

          this boy did not have this strength and he is really a poor boy..

        • Anonymous says:

          @11:50 Don’t try to think anyone who faced a same situation folded like this kid did. I myself went through far worse (or at least they tried to make it so, but didn’t work), and I look back and laugh at the way it turned out. You typical way of saying ‘no one who went through the same thing I did could have possibly done better!’ stinks of self-pitying and self-absorbed and naive mentality that can’t think outside of your own convenient world.

        • Anonymous says:

          Someone who has never been tormented, constantly, endlessly by their peers should not be one to judge.

          This kid was in the worst kind of situation. He told people about the harassment and was either ignored, or the authority figures themselves began taking part. The kid was trapped and probably felt like he had nowhere else to turn. He was surrounded on all sides. Have you ever faced a situation like that. No? THEN SHUT YOUR IGNORANT WORTHLESS TRAP!!!

          You’re a weak and terrible excuse for a human being. Go crawl under a rock you fucking troll.

        • Anonymous says:

          @10:31: That logic only applies to people brought up in a proper environment. Obviously you are the alpha omega male and can do any fucking thing, even as a kid. (your a kid til you can get a proper part-time job, which you can at about 15-16)

          if basically everyone is out to get you, like the bullies after that kid in this article were, then you can just Man up and tough it out. i don’t care WHO YOU ARE, if noone is there for you when THAT kinda shit is happening, you. will. break.

          And if you are over 30 years old and wrote that. Shut the fuck up. bullying tactics change every few years and they get worse.

        • Anonymous says:

          11:50 you keep telling yourself ‘no one has experienced what I have’ while others make a bitch out of you. If you are weak, then I suppose you need to delude yourself somehow right?

          What you or he ‘felt’ is meaningless. Since when does your personal feelings define reality or its hardships? Typical spoiled and weak generation of today – they think what they perceive and feel is the world, and it should revolve around their ‘feelings’. It’s what he did that counts. Many other people gets ‘trapped’ and can deal with it just fine, much better than what this kid did. It all comes down to being alpha or not and your fortitude and arrogance/pride as an individual. You can make all the excuses in the world, but nothing will change the fact that you can’t deal with a situation that others can.

        • Anonymous says:

          If you are done playing the poor little victim and woe-is-me faggot, grow some pride and a fucking spine.

          Back at that age, I knew some kids who was experienced and good enough to break adults on a regular basis. Being young (13 is not young, you are already a man and should act like one) is no excuse. Being bullied in the first place, complete with your mentality that you are being bullied is a proof in itself you don’t know shit beyond acting like a poor-little-me-world- owes-me-a-favor-and-is- fucked-up victim. Amazing how people just dig their own graves.

    • Anonymous says:

      America: So, look who’s the barbarian now?

      Japan: [looks away, pretending to hear nothing]

      America: At least our justice system serves and protect people of all ages. Can you do the same?

      Japan: [walks away]

      • Anonymous says:

        I direct your attention to numerous attempts are voting down your post as a proof your comment hit the mark. Not to mention all the delusional and butthurt gooks trying to refute it.

        • Anonymous says:

          I knew it, in the states or other “barbarian” countries, teachers and bullies are prosecuted unlike those in japan. The gooks as you say are just ignorant, thus true to their nature: denial.

      • Anonymous says:

        And Japan is still more civilised than we Americans. In Japan the person who was bullied only killed himself. In the US, he certainly would have brought a gun to school and killed other people.

        • Anonymous says:

          Totally disagree with “civilized” argument. There is nothing civilized about being tormented/bullied to the extent that kid was. Nor the action of the school, students, teachers, & police. That kid was reduced to a punching bag by everyone and all that the teachers could do was mock him and play along. If you call that civilized, you really should reevaluate your idealized view of Japan.

        • Anonymous says:

          On the other hand Japanese bullies know how to mindbreak and torture their targets enough to NOT bring a gun to school and kill everyone and instead reducing them into a cowardly wreck to silently snuff out their own existence. American bullies are probably doing it wrong if the target still has the courage to go on a murderous rampage.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yeah, Columbine was about justice alright. Only people who deserve it die when you shoot up and bomb buildings. Those kids were badass freedom fighters and heroes who stuck up for their cause rather than taking it lying down. If they were brown, though, they’d be evil terrorists murdering innocents for their mislead fanaticism.

          Man, I hate all those fanatics and weak-willed cogs in the system. They couldn’t choose the only correct choice and be born white so their actions could be justified. And now all these deluded racists are defending them out of their bias against the master race.

        • Anonymous says:

          I think 11:15 Anon has a point: The collateral damage usually turns out to also be guilty, if only indirectly, so it’s not all bad. One should at least try to fix the problem before self-aborting.

        • Anonymous says:

          If you think being an inactive and servile bitch is being ‘civilized’, than you need to check yourself. I love it when yellow monkeys talk as if they moral high ground when they just delude themselves by telling them this shit ^^

      • Anonymous says:

        [quote]America: At least our justice system serves and protect people of all ages. Can you do the same?[/quote]
        Is this some ultra stealth sarcasm I’m failing to detect, or are you simply deluded?

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh, oh, I wanna try!
          Rest of the world:”So, are you done being a complete retard, America?”

          America:[repeatedly runs head first into a concrete wall while being fat]

          Rest of the world:”Ha ha ha, we are so much smarter than this strawman parody of you! At least we have basic human intelligence.”

          America:[leaps ass first onto a fire hydrant and swallows it]

          See how witty that was? No? Well you only disagree because you’re a deluded racist who molests small animals and can’t handle the TRUTH.

        • Anonymous says:

          03:17 awww does guantanamo scare the little pussy? that is a military installation, and laws of war are different then laws of peace. They were stupid enough to fuck with people, and now people are fucking them. I laugh whenever some ignorant cunt who can’t deal with island ownerships or less than 5% immigration talks about how they can criticize anyone else.

          Sometimes laws much adept to their situations and especially in application. No protection is given to those that deny them, and those who spend their lives bitching have no right to tell others to follow any rules. Fairness is a two-way street. Walk your talk before talking shit.

        • Anonymous says:

          @11:51 It is in a relative sense, compared to all other justice systems that either don’t have that much of a burden and claim to be better while having an easier lot, or outright corrupt and ignorant ones like in japan.

          Get your facts in order. No other nation that is in situation of america (27% immigrants/minorities, vast land only truly outclassed by russia, 310 million people only exceeded by china and india both abbreations and have far far worse ‘justice systems’) can claim to do better. Just look at how japs are squealing and yelping when they have just under 2% immigrants. Can you imagine how shitty it would be if there was even 12 % immigration in japan?

        • Anonymous says:

          considering how often rape and other crimes are over looked, how often a false alagation of touching kills a person, and how apathetic police are in japan in general… id say that the “bigger fuckup” award goes to japan.

        • Anonymous says:

          “Is this some ultra stealth sarcasm I’m failing to detect, or are you simply deluded?”

          Considering that rest of the world is way worse, but try to accentuate all the negatives of US and never accept the positives like a bitch you are, I’d say deluded one is you. Accepting any positives must be too painful for you to bear, no?

        • Anonymous says:

          Serious lol at this idiot talking shit about ‘misdirecting’ when his bitching to the OP was clearly a misdirect-intended, as anyone who is remotely aware of the context knows that he was talking about US, as it is referred to ‘America’ in many informal and formal context, while the entire continent is not referred to as America but as Americas/Western Hemisphere.

          Learn some shit before trying to be a little bitch.

        • Anonymous says:

          Vulcan300 making a mockery out of japanese with bitchy broken english and naive ‘pride’. Do they call being a mouthy bitch as having balls in japan? Really, inquiring minds would like to know.

        • Anonymous says:

          “There are many places to be a troll, but not here and not now.”

          Seems this little jap’s got an attitude problem. There are many places to be an uppity jap, but doing that might end with you shipped home in the bag. You need to learn to check yourself before spouting shit in broken english. Now scram back to 2ch. You got shit to say, take to it in real life. My invitation is open at the middle of Macarthur Park – so unless you want to mouth off, quit bitching.

        • North America is a continent divided into multiple countries, all of which are self governed and responsible for enforcing their own legal systems.

          The United States of America (USA), specifically, is divided into 50 states all of which have the responsibility of enforcing laws determined by the states themselves (co-operation between states for the purpose of law enforcement can also occur).

          Each state is an independent body comprised of multiple levels of management united by the Government of the United States of America which is subdivided into 3 branches all of which have multiple levels of management and positions dedicated to the management of the next lower level. There also exist multiple other organizations dedicated to checking, balancing, and ensuring rules and standards of conduct are enforced.

          It’s a complicated system designed to ensure that no power has so much power that it may abuse all other parts of the government.

          I got a little off topic there but the point is you need to get a little edumacation, mister 2channer, before you go around saying things in poor english where people like me will be there to correct you.

        • Your point ? I don’t see it, neither is my fuck given to you, as America is a continent, I don’t care what crap you’re sputting or just to misdirect the point of the post.
          And not everyone has english as their main language, english is my third language.
          And my point is, you who is in edumacation, should not go around correcting ppl by collecting random fact that you aren’t even sure what you’re talking about just to be a troll. There are many places to be a troll, but not here and not now.

        • Anonymous says:

          No Asians come to Sankaku, we’re all either American’s who simply like Japanese culture, American’s who are ate up with anime so they goto the conventions dressed like a fat version of Naruto, Europeans who goto conventions dressed up like a gay smelly version of Naruto, Russians that simply want to troll people, or whatever else country here because of the free pics of hot Japanese chiks. I’m a mix of the 1st and last options. Oh yeah, I forgot the white or black guy coming on here pretending to be Japanese, while using romaji, that also probly goes in the fat version of Naruto catagory.

        • Anonymous says:

          Pipe up, chinks. Or are all your balls shrunk because of all the fucking your ancestors received at the hand of everyone else?

          I love how chinks make bitch moves then try to convince themselves it makes them ‘spiritually victorious’. LAWL. Go read Story of Ah Q and think about how you haven’t taken a single step forward in the last 100 years.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s only a thirteen year old boy. As if the world needs more of those, especially mopey ones that can’t take a bit of harmless bullying.

      Call me when its a thirteen year old girl. Then I’ll be outraged.

      • If I remember correctly, the previous article about this stated that the parents did report to the police but the police ignored them or something along this line. I’m going to re-read the previous news to be sure of this.

      • Anonymous says:

        According to the last article, they did.
        Police didn’t want to help either.

        “His father also approached police and attempted to file a victim report and press charges of assault against the bullies, but police refused to accept that any crime had taken place and have further refused to comment as to why.”

        And with the School not helping either, the only option left would be to go Vigilante and act yourself, but that’s not really part of the Japanese Psyche from my observation.

        The whole: “shikata ga nai” or it can’t be helped attitude doesn’t help with this either.

        • Anonymous says:

          i got bullied systematically for 5 years by a gang of 3 kids, snapped the one day, all i remember is being dragged of this kid while i was slamming his head into the concrete, got a juve sentence for fighting back, fucked up shit

        • Anonymous says:

          You know my little brother was bullied, his bag was found half-filled with water. His books and notebooks were all soaked and good thing no electronics in there.He told my family the day after the incident. Shit just got real the next day. You should have seen the parents of the bullies kneeling for forgiveness.


        • Anonymous says:

          If you guys had read the previous article, you would know they the boy reported his bullying to the school and his parents, and his parents reported it to the police…wich did nothing.

        • i got messed with, but it never lasted for more than a few incidents. i knew how to defend my self, and i was lucky enough to have an older brother who was a loose cannon. so if anyone messed with me and they were significantly older than me, they had to deal with my big brother, the hellraiser of whatever school we were currently in. after i was about 12 or so, i never came across an enemy i could either make my friend or beat down. i prefer peace and diplomacy, so i’ve only had to get the beat down on a few people, in a serious fight.

          all the boys in the neighborhood would gather at my driveway and we would have a free-for-all. i would usually take 3 guys myself and my brother would handle the other two, since they were older. after a while my bro got a job and it was just me. AJ, and bobby were the older ones, aj moved away and bobby liked to hurt people, so i wouldn’t let him fight the guys my age. then one day we were in the forest behind his house and jo was afraid to fight him so i said, we’ll show you how to fight better, and without thinking when he tackled me, i grabbed his leg with both of mine and broke it by twisting, i think i just tore his ligaments or something. bastard got to skip school for a while and played his ps1 all day. i didn’t have to pay the medical bill so all was well.

          my dad told me if anyone gives me shit, then punch them in the face. my folks always had my back too, so i never got in trouble at school. but i guess it’s different times we live in now, and for some folks an entirely different country.

          …man i sure do ramble sometimes. anywho, hope you guys enjoyed the story.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you on behalf of all NJ who have lived in Japan or are living in Japan. You are doing brilliant work. I agree with almost everything you say and do and I am in awe of your energy, perseverance and spirit.

    However, the more I read your site and columns and learn about your story, the more I find myself wondering why you keep trying. I lived in Japan for years and I did what you did, but on a lesser scale: I fought discrimination, xenophobia and racism as hard as I could. I like to think I gave as good as I got, if not better. I caused a fair bit of hell at my local kuyakusho, at immigration, with the police and with various random racist folks. That’s not to say I went around with a chip on my shoulder: I had a lot of Japanese friends, spoke the language well and really tried to fit in. But, finally, I decided to leave Japan and I don’t regret it. Not for a second. Every day I’m out of there, I give thanks that I had the balls and foresight to leave.

    My question to you is why do you keep trying? I don’t want to be negative, but I think even you have to admit that Japan and the Japanese are not really going to change. Not in any meaningful way. They are xenophobic to the core, perhaps even genetically so. The society is feudal, with only the flimsiest veneer of legality. There is no real law – power and connections are all that matter. Japan reached a highpoint of openness and internationalization in the early 90s, and it’s been rapidly closing and going backwards since then. As the country stagnates and gets poorer, it’s going to become less and less welcoming to foreigners. I mean, the mayors of the three main cities in Japan are all nationalists and, most likely, racists.

    Frankly, I don’t even think it’s worth trying to change Japan. They’re not worth it. Let them go their own miserable way to stagnation and backwardness. Let the world pass them by. Japan is like a stubborn old geezer in your neighborhood who does something offensive (letting his dog bark all night, for instance). You know that arguing with him is a waste of time. The only sensible thing to do is move away. Fuck him, to be direct about it.

    You’ve fought the good fight, Debito, and a lot of gaijin owe you a huge debt of gratitude. But, for your own peace of mind, why not let someone else take up the burden? Or, better yet, wouldn’t it be best for all NJ to simply pack up and leave and let the Japanese do whatever it is they want to do? Let them sing the kimigayo morning, noon and night. Let them teach English so poorly that no one can speak it. Let them lobotomize their kids in the name of educating them. Let them claim that their actions in WWII were one vast charitable mission to spread peace and love throughout the world. Let them sink slowly into the swamp of their own bloody minded ignorance.

    It’s not our job to “fix” their society. It’s not our job to educate them about how the world really works. It’s not our job to try to bring them into the modern world.

    Sorry, this is a bit of a downer of a post, but anyone who knows Japan as well as you know it must surely realize that the defining characteristic of modern Japan is the inability to change. They’re so stubborn that if you ask them to change, they’ll consciously avoid changing just to spite you. I mean, why do you think they keep whaling and dolphin killing when it requires vast government support to keep doing it? They do it precisely because the world tells them to stop.

  • Anonymous says:

    how did they force the father to sign legal documents? I’ll have to agree with past posts on other threads, that Japanese men need to grow some balls. Seriously, crap like that makes me believe all those stories where a boss rapes a guys wife, and threatens to fire the guy if he does anything.