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Bar Serves Bleach as Sake: “My Throat Hurts!”


A Japanese bar has been ordered shut after they mistakenly served bleach to their customers instead of sake, hospitalising two customers who apparently did not notice they were downing a cleaning agent.

The Niigata prefecture izakaya served two men in their sixties sake one evening, but soon both were complaining of sore throats.

They were later admitted to hospital, and it was discovered they had been chugging an alkaline cleaning solution rather than the booze they expected. Neither man was severely injured by the tipple.

Local authorities investigated the bar and discovered their staff had for some reason poured the detergent into a labelled 1.8 litre sake bottle, and then mistaken it for actual sake and served it to the customers.

They punished the bar by ordering them to stay shut for a grand total of 3 days.

The bar has issued a boilerplate statement of contrition:

“We caused great inconvenience to our patrons. We will ensure this never happens again by properly managing our cleaning agents and instructing our staff.”

Both the bar and authorities are silent as to what all this implies about the expected quality of their beverages (or the discerning palette of their patrons).

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