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Outrage at Shiga Schoolboy Suicide Scandal


The case of a schoolboy driven to jump off a building after relentless bullying at the hands of his classmates – apparently with the active participation of his teachers – has outraged Japan,  as much as have the insistent attempts of his teachers and even local police to deny the bullying had anything to do with his death.

The incident occurred in the Shiga prefecture city of Otsu, where a 2nd year middle school boy jumped from his family’s apartment to his death after suffering intolerable bullying at the hands of his classmates and even apparently his teachers.

Both the nature of the abuse he suffered and the unwillingness of teachers to help have scandalised Japan – though not, it seems, any of the officials at the school or local authorities, all of whom have resolutely stonewalled any effort to connect his bullying to his death.

The school distributed a questionnaire about the bullying (the results of which it attempted to keep secret), and 14 students reported that teachers either overlooked it or actually participated – “the teacher warned us once but after that we laughed at him together.”

He was reportedly repeatedly beaten by multiple assailants in the school toilets, forced to eat dead wasps, and one occasion had a dead sparrow shoved in his mouth.

Other reports from the students suggested he was “repeatedly made to practice committing suicide,” was made to strip and then photographed, had his money and bank account details stolen, was made to shoplift, was repeatedly bound with tape and beaten, and of course was mercilessly mocked at every turn.

Even after his death, his classmates continued to deface and scrawl graffiti on a photograph of him displayed in their classroom.

Some students insisted the abuse was “just playing” and that he was just responding badly to them “messing around.”

He approached teachers about the abuse, but they apparently did nothing, and nothing came of approaches made by his parents to the school either.

One teacher who witnessed the bullying did feel it necessary to laughingly tell them “not to overdo it.”

His father also approached police and attempted to file a victim report and press charges of assault against the bullies, but police refused to accept that any crime had taken place and have further refused to comment as to why.

Since police refused to pursue charges, the boy’s family have been reduced to launching a ¥77,000,000 lawsuit against the school.

Students later reported being told by teachers “just ignore anyone who asks you questions about this,” “just don’t talk about any of this to anyone – keep your mouths shut” and “don’t say anything funny.”

The local school board actually admitted telling students not to talk about the incident, saying “there is no problem with telling pupils not to say anything unreliable.”

They also made a public statement saying “the bullies have human rights too, we have to think of their education.”

16 students reported knowing about the suicide practice in the questionnaire, but the school says it “cannot confirm it is true.”

The parents of some of the alleged bullies have also denied anything was amiss – one mother told the media “the reports were all from kids who had nothing to do with it, they are just saying what they heard.”

The lawyer of the boy’s parents has stated “it is unthinkable that 15 students would all write about exactly the same thing if it had no truth to it.”

His bereaved father said “they are throwing away the voices of the kids who so earnestly reported what they witnessed.”

In response to the lawsuit, the school submitted a defence to the court demanding the parents “tell us exactly who witnessed this bullying and where” and “explain just what the steps were which could have avoided his suicide?”

They deny there was any connection with the bullying and his suicide.


The town’s mayor has given a tearful press conference appearance in which she expressed her regrets, but it took the intervention of the prefectural governor for the school to begin a series of emergency countermeasures to prevent any more of its pupils being bullied into suicide.

Aside from the official theatrics, 2ch’s legion of Internet vigilantes have taken it upon themselves to uncover the perpetrators, having apparently already uncovered the identity of one of the bully’s parents and started a campaign of stalking and harassment against them.

The unbelievably egregious nature of virtually every aspect of the case has generated scores of media reports and prompted tens of thousands of outraged posts online:

“These people are rotten to their filthy cores.”


“Now they are just rubbing salt in the wound.”

“Arrest the lot of them!”


“They sound like schoolkids, asking who saw what and where like that…”

“Making individuals investigate a murder like this themselves – disgusting.”

“Amazing they even found a lawyer willing to defend them in a case like this.”

“Japan has no right to make fun of China.”

“So the parents have to do everything the school and police should have been doing?”

“All the adults involved in this are complete scum, aren’t they? Not one involved did anything to help save his life.”

“Why is their mayor crying at press conferences if she lets them get away with all this?”

“She’s crying  over the damage to her resume…”

“These civil servants are out of control.”

“What is wrong with the authorities of this city? I just want to cry, why are they doing this?”

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  • Capitalism, rat race,agression will ALWAYS BRING DEATH. The only was to avoid evil is to destroy patriarchaism, feminism and capitalism, which bring propaganda of success, uncontrolled pollution (Mercury too) and culture of public hate. Japan is ruled by mafia – whole world have seen it after Fukushima Nuclear Plant radioactive leak. Japan is not less corrupted as was communist Rusia.

  • Wow. And I though I wanted to live in Japan. Now? Not so much. In addition, if I had ever been bullied to level, I guarantee I would have gone apeshit on those assholes. In fact, if I had seen or heard of someone else being bullied like that, I would have stood up to them, while wearing a wire, and just asked them to stop. Once they refused, I would have gone with a “civilian’s arrest”: beat the shit out of them, cuff them, then throw them at the police’s doorstep, along with a copy of the audio recording, and just claim ‘self defense’. God I hate my species sometimes.

  • Anonymous says:

    These kids and the adults covering them/involved should take their responsibilities and pay for their crimes, that’s what any “normal” human being should do in ANY country or culture.
    In a country where you get labelled as a pedo or a molester for nothing, its shocking to see how useless japanese justice is…

  • Anonymous says:

    Despicable acts! News from 2ch is that one of the three suspects is planning to flee to New Zealand to “Study Aborad”. What a chickenshit! I hope he is denied entry and sent back to face the hell he created.

  • Anonymous says:

    A female mayor in Japan? WTF, I thought Japan was *SEXIST*. Oh, now back to the main topic, yeah, if this happened in America, it would have ended up with a massive school shooting lol

  • Anonymous says:

    they really did all that to him? he tell his parents? I guess thats the difference between countries, if that had happened to me, my family would never rest until everyone responsible was dead.

  • Homicide > Suicide

    If the cops won’t take action then [b]YOU[/b] have to and the answer is: kill the bullies
    Problem Solved!
    OR lift some fucking weights you spineless moron.

    I’m not a killer, but I’m not going let you walk on me like a bitch.

    Come and get me moralists…I’m waiting for you.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a problem with ignorance. Im with you on the first part, if no one will help you, then take matters into your own hands, but bullying causes depression, and depression can affect you mental and physical health, calling that kid a spineless moron is just as bad as the Japanese picking on the NEETS, even worse because his depression forced him to suicide. Calling people out on the internet with “come and get me” “im waiting for you” shows that you are full of yourself, and are an internet bully, so when you get man enough to take it to the real world, I got you, so “come and get me” ” im waiting”. Pussy.

  • Anonymous says:

    Fuck bullies. Bullies are cowards that prey on the weak and the only way they’ll get it is if they are bullied themselves. They don’t deserve as much understanding and sympathy as they’ve given their victims. No one has a right to make someone feel worthless or less of themselves. Send them all to juvey.

  • Anonymous says:

    Seeing as how people here are all talking like they know this type of thing first-hand, let me ask: How many people in here are actually japanese, or live in japan? Comment if you are and let us know where you hail from (prefecture, been overseas living not vacationing).

  • Anonymous says:

    man what a bunch of cunts, I wish they sue them 1 billion or a trillion thats such a bullshit cover up. I would love for the internet vigilantes to steal all the bullies and teachers accounts and money and put them under a huge campaign of terror and then still think it was cool

    Teacher’s man are shit, they just ignore stuff or leave it up to darwin type selection process where its not their problem if a kid kills himself he just wasnt strong enough. Man this is making me rage wish I had mad skills with computers ruin everyone of the teachers lives.

  • Anonymous says:

    The problem that is not being reported is the school and the city both turned against the victim’s family trying to escape any blame.
    The city asking the victims to show proof when and where and by who was the dead boy bullied.
    The school is telling the students not to say anything to the media.

    2ch found out the parents of the 3 main bullies, 1 was the leader of the school PTA, 1 was a member of the PTA, 1 was a leader of a women’s rights group, and 1 of their grandpa is an retired police chief now working in a hospital getting high pay because of the “retire benefits”.

    Right after the suicide the bullies were present, the dead body of the boy was carried to a farther hospital than the closest one.

    Speculation is that these bully’s parent’s are all powerful figures and have influences within the city thus the cover up. And it might actually be murder but because all 3 bullies are only 13 year old minors things are covered up to protect these murders.

    The boys twitted right after the “suicide” taunting and making fun of the dead boy. The dead boy’s photos in class was even vandalized AFTER dead, showing that these boys have no remorse.

    News will not show how the Ootsu City Police not only will not investigate, but now bullying the victim’s family by asking what proof they have that the bullying (if any at all) have anything to do with the suicide.

    Net citizens of Japan is outraged but the mainstream is feeding to the cover up and bullying the victim’s family even after a 13 year old boy is bullied to death.

    We do not know how to seek justice beside to spread the word for outside help to show how messed up this cover up is. Please help by letting people know about this.

  • Anonymous says:

    If your child obeys the rules and does not fight back the bullying gets worse. Personally I believe if the child can’t defend himself the parent should hire a tough kid or gang to take care of the bullies. The only thing that stops bullying is to make the bullies more miserable than the child being bullied. Have the little bastards beat senseless so they know what it is like.

  • Anonymous says:

    Has anyone thought to hire thugs to intimidate/beat the crap outta the bullies, or do we just not hear about those cases? I’m not gonna go crazy defending my son and personally kick some kid’s ass, I’ll just have to dip into my savings and talk to Yakuza. Is that how the Yakuza even work? If not, Japan is more fucked than I though.

    • You can pay the Yakuza to do a hit, but it better be a lot of money, otherwise your intended target can pay to not be found or to return the favor.
      The Yakuza, like most crime syndicates, are loyal to themselves & their pocketbooks. Actual customer loyalty is optional.

  • Anonymous says:

    If the 2ch vigilantes were able to get hold of the bullies’ info, they should just harass the kids and families until they confess or commit suicide themselves. Apparently that’s the only way you can get justice in a town of do nothings. The vigilantes shouldn’t get in trouble because bullying and harassment doesn’t take place according to the authorities.

  • Anonymous says:

    Okay. I take back every good thing I have EVER said about Japan.
    This is fucking inexcusable down to the worst most raw level.

    I welcome the declining Japanese birth rate.
    The day the last Japanese dies, a truly evil part of our species’ genetic coding will be erased forever.

    • As a general rule, police are only concerned when the offense/offenders threatens to disrupt things for the rulers or the general citizenry as a whole.
      It was just one kid being bullied by a bunch of kids so there was no general breakdown of law and order as far as they were concerned. Now if there were a whole bunch of kids being bullied with obvious signs that more victims were planned, then they’d be forced to act even if they’d rather not.

  • This has been happening in japan for years. The anime shigofumi and the game yume miru kusuri cover this topic throughly. It open my eyes a bit to the japanese mindset and their willingness to say “it cant be helped” and just go about their business.

  • Anonymous says:

    The scary part of that society is: their acts are condoned by the adults in charge of their education. So what kind of adults will they grow into? The same people who will smile at your face while doing all sort of things to you and your family, ripping your life apart for the sole sake of it; all the while breeding new copies of themselves. And they do it to their own kinsmen.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, if that was my son, I’d go and kick every single one of their scrawny asses, and kill the bullies. Then I’d ask where the evidence is. Since bullying had nothing to do with my sons death, what reason do I have to attack the school?

  • Anonymous says:

    In America only one or 2 are bullies. In Japan the whole class is the bullies. So much for more evolved race and the call us barbarians. If i was in that class I would be beating the shit out of them everyday I saw them picking on this kid. Hey that not bulling that is just playing. “oops i broke your nose I am sorry I was just playing around”

  • Anonymous says:

    They are called Gangstalkers here in the USA, groups of people who target someone or 1 family and cause them enough pain and suffering to make them commit sucicde. The border cities with mexico its the police stations and courts on the usa side which are run like mexican police stations officers family members who do this. Mobsters familys also torment people in the usa that they know saw what they did some where so they cant report it to the police (which also happens to be their family members as well). SAMETHING.

  • Anonymous says:

    “reportedly repeatedly beaten by multiple assailants in the school toilets, forced to eat dead wasps, and one occasion had a dead sparrow shoved in his mouth.

    Other reports from the students suggested he was “repeatedly made to practice committing suicide,” was made to strip and then photographed, had his money and bank account details stolen, was made to shoplift, was repeatedly bound with tape and beaten, and of course was mercilessly mocked at every turn.”

    What good is a school that denies the shit out of every possible involvement!?

    If this is the case I cab think of doing one thing to this kind of school: enroll every child who had ever committed murder into it and watch the fireworks.

    THIS, is the sort of material you will see used as material for the mysterious murder of his classmates a decade later, when they are fully grown adults.

    • Anonymous says:

      What do you suggest doing then? Not everyone has the money, availability and the skills required to go there and do justice for this kid. And as if bad-mouthing us makes you any better than we are.

        • Anonymous says:

          What makes you think he does? Anyone can just type any shit anonymously about anything here. It’s just a press of a few keys, not a fight to the death.

          The way I see it, you telling him to stop putting worthless comments in here actually shows that YOU are the only one caring about this. lol

          Or maybe you’re reminded of that nerd who you curbstomped in high school but ended up a highflying IT exec, and yourself reduced to an unemployed overweight goodfornothing alcoholic who beats his wife and makes her pay the bills while you watch football all day? lol

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t get it.. why kill your self when someone bullies you. Why not put a knife on their sweet spot when the bully least expect it; then plant a weapon and plea for self defense.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, it happens exactly like this (maybe even worse) in Korea too, and to a slightly lesser extend in every other developed Asian country. The west has a similar problem with bullying, but at least there the educational and legal systems don’t fail quite as hard.

  • Anonymous says:

    Here’s some food for thought. School life is actually the tame version of what Japanese can expect for their future working life. I can totally see why so many (yes MANY) Japanese chose to end their life prematurely. You think that’s morbid? What can they hope for in life? There’s not much life left after 15 hours of work per day with no free time, no vacation to speak of, no privacy at all. That place is hell on earth.

    • Anonymous says:

      Except you don’t get remuneration for being forced to stay in school, which limits your capability of being proactive. And your success in school directly determines your ability to acquire such resources later. So if you do get through that chryssalis phase intact, it’s nowhere near as bad later on.

  • Anonymous says:

    Is it wrong that I want to burn those kids and the teachers in a room then let them stay half alive, and have stray dogs and wolves eat them while they are still alive?
    Maybe that’s not even enough.

      • Near thing as it happened in japan already: Remember the Akihabara mass murderer: he went nuts because the bullying what suffered at the work.(“Work”. That’s why I said near thing.)

        But in Japan, when someone cames to columbine level of thing, normally, he just suicide.

        When you take an japanese education, sometimes, one of pupil become unable to kill anyone in subconsious level even in columbine levels because it is “unconvenient to others”. It’s sucks but it is how this works.

        Think like how ashamed the father or mother will be if the son is an killer and how “columbine and akiba mass murder”-like shit is hated in Japan. If this guy go columbine, he and his family would be hated.

        So he don’t find any other way than killing hinself.

        But maybe his death went more impactant than columbine because he dirtied the image of whole school and a whole city.

        • the editing thing is not working.
          “Think like how ashamed the father or mother will be if the son is an killer and how “columbine and akiba mass murder”-like shit is hated in Japan. If this guy go columbine, he and his family would be hated.”

          Read as

          “Think like how ashamed the father or mother will be if the son is an killer and how “columbine and akiba mass murder”-like shit is hated in Japan. He probably came to conclusion that if he has gonne columbine, his entire family would become public enemy.
          (I think that conclusion, if he made this conclusion, is probably wrong since what he suffered is too strong.)”

      • Gun control laws mostly only prevent honest citizens from obtaining fire arms but do little to stop criminals.
        But then he’d have to be familiar with the local criminal underground to obtain a firearm.
        A quiet kid is not going to have connections
        with the gangs and Yakuza.
        If he did have such connections then ironically this could have had a better ending.
        He could have had his criminal friends rough up the bullies a little maybe hand out a few black eyes and broken limbs that officially happened from them falling down the stairs or something.

        • Anonymous says:

          This would obviously mean an impending spiral of retaliation, as more people would be bullied in turn – and could follow his example. It could go supercritical and soon nobody would be doing much else.

          He actually did the brilliant thing by nipping it in the bud. He stowed the toy away. Because, from another viewpoint, it’s not quite his duty to teach maturity to fellow citizens. And they are quite free to decide whether they want to become criminals or not.

      • Anonymous says:

        Who needs guns?! All you need is a sharp blade, or abikers west with knuckles, spiked elbow and kneeprotectors, a helm for defense a mask that protects the eyes and face, and ofcourse steel toed boots.

        • Anonymous says:

          Firebomb their houses or throw a pair of molotovs at the bastards when they’re close together. Worked for resistance fighters in Europe when ambushing groups of Germans. Should work against a bunch of punk-ass bullies.

        • Anonymous says:

          Bombs or vehicular slaughter are not sufficiently-precise to target just the bullies; many innocents will be hurt if a bullied person retaliates with these.

          On the other hand, bladed weapons and martial arts don’t work well against groups, if the group members have any brains (“let’s dog-pile him!”, or, “let’s all run away!”).

          There seems to be something about Japanese culture which encourages people (in this case, bullies) to fall into “groupthink mode”, and so these incidents continue to happen.

          FTR, I was bullied at that age, but it was only by a few individuals, not an entire group, so I was able to cope. If it had been by an entire group, I’m not sure what would have happened.

        • Anonymous says:

          with the correct amount of planning, you could easily get into school at night and rig some explosives, you would mostly want fire bombs though, as straight explosives, at least if they are home made, wouldn’t do to much damage.

          with the abuse he suffered, i would be all for him getting some much deserved revenge, on everyone, the ones who did it, and the ones who passively didn’t give a fuck

      • Anonymous says:

        The solution you suggest is the motivation for all of those high school shootings.

        In Japan, most victims of bullying either stop going to school or squeak by some how enduring the every day hell of school.

        In America, the kid gets a gun and takes out 10 of his classmates, some of whom may have been the instigators, other who just stood by and did nothing.

    • Anonymous says:

      Human beings share many genes in common with chimps (which are selfish and vicious) and bonobos (which share resources and are into free love). The natural order includes the possibility of us getting along with each other.

      If this kind of thing happens at schools regularly I see why parents want to home-school their children.

    • Anonymous says:

      we’re also evolved enough to care for our fellow man and not act like beasts towards one another. “life is vicious” is just an indication that you yourself wouldn’t give a crap and deserve to take his place.

      • Anonymous says:

        We’ve evolved to cooperate just because we are smart enough to realize that together we function better than as individuals. Do not for a second doubt, that your fellow man will turn against you if the incentive is sufficient.

      • Anonymous says:

        This is specially sad because “Beast” actually happen to care for their next of kin. They hardly bully, they might hurt or kill each other but that usually is done is a pretty straightforward approach “i don’t like you: get lost/submit or die here” and then build a social sturcture on top of it. Only social animals with higher level cognitive functions (dolphins, humans) tend to have that kind gratuituous violence sort of behaviour (comes from nothing and lead to nothing good).

        So we are not even beasts. We are just very fucked up.

      • Even evolved, natural selection is still in place. Ever wondered what makes people bully others? Or how exactly it escalates?

        There are people, if pushed, the go forward. Possibly with a kitchen knife and just stab one of the bullies. And than there are people, if pushed, they kill themselves. That’s called natural selection.

        • “the safest way to survive isn’t to fight, but to flee.”

          I fail to see how suicide (fleeing from life) helps you to survive. Also, you don’t exactly need a knife to punch back. But if you’re weak tools are the way to go.

          Enduring is fine and all but you need to draw the line somewhere. Realizing that there is no one else who will help you is one of the valuable lessons school actually teaches.

        • Anonymous says:

          [quote]Even evolved, natural selection is still in place. Ever wondered what makes people bully others? Or how exactly it escalates? [/quote]
          When people are confined in an environment where there is no much social ladder to climb, their instincts drive them to do idiotic things.

        • Anonymous says:

          This is not a ‘stressful situation’, this is plain old crime. For the bullied person, facing it accomplishes nothing, nothing at all. It’s not the bullied’s social role to patchwork failing institutions. After all, that’s where education got him, I suppose. And he’s had his own lot, just as everyone else.

          But, you know, on the other hand, evil is never truly loyal. If it gets serious, it is easily being made to turn upon itself.

        • “There are people, if pushed, the go forward. Possibly with a kitchen knife and just stab one of the bullies. And than there are people, if pushed, they kill themselves. That’s called natural selection.”

          I’m used to hearing that referred to as the “Fight or Flight” instinct. When faced with a stressful situation of any kind, you will either face it or run from it.

        • Anonymous says:

          >Stab bully.
          >Get convincted.
          >Can’t ever get normal studies or a job because of the time wasted in correctional facilities and your criminal antecedents.
          >Become a NEET or a homeless person.
          >Die poor and alone.

          Natural selection isn’t about killing people who threaten you, but surviving. And the safest way to survive isn’t to fight, but to flee. Cowards survives, seemingly badass people with criminal behavior don’t.

          The only way this boy could have been saved would have changing school, but even there he could still be bullied.

          It’s normal to resorts to suicide in that kind of situation. He was heavily humiliated by his comrades, and even when he tried to fight it, there was nobody to help him and his family.
          We have no right to judge him as being weak.

        • Anonymous says:

          “Even evolved, natural selection is still in place. Ever wondered what makes people bully others? Or how exactly it escalates?”

          The fact that they’re fucking retarded and scum to their core. Thus, they don’t deserve to live. And I’m talking about the bullies, not the bullied.

  • Anonymous says:

    *Child being brutally bullied to the point of suicide*
    Police officers: Nothing to see here folks.

    *Man walks in the general area of a group of school girls*

    • Anonymous says:

      Typical behavior of a culture whose homeostasis is ass backwards. Introduce a little change and the police confuse their priorities. Introduce an unacceptably huge amount of change and every gets collective amnesia because denial is the easiest mental defense mechanism in the brain.

      Perhaps democracy was the worst thing that could ever happen to such a society.

    • Anonymous says:

      Japan has been brutally raped by the modern era. They just weren’t ready for industrialization, getting an atomic bomb dropped on them, and the death of the old virtues. They are very desperate to be concerned with pedophiles because it helps them to believe that they themselves are not attracted to young women (and every last damn jap is), so they outwardly attack it at all turns to convince themselves of it, and then something like bullying will never be solved because of groupthink and a lack of verbal honesty and EXTREME politeness and unwillingness to confront anyone or say anything ever…the way to solve this being only to change the core values that have come to develop the entire nation, something of which cannot happen voluntarily, thus requiring an increased amount of catastrophic events…or perhaps escapism becomes so prevalent as to nearly destroy the birth rate completely….the world needs to burn, sorry i am a disturbed person.

    • Anonymous says:

      *Undress a child, beat him and take pictures of him.*
      Police officers : Nothing to see here folks.

      *Takes pictures of your daughter on a playground.*
      Polices officers : CATCH THAT PEDOPHILE SCUM BAG !

  • Anonymous says:

    Happened in an unheard of prefecture and in a public school, why am I not surprised. They’re doing these to save their reputation otherwise they won’t receive their pensions in the near future!

  • Anonymous says:

    Funny how human nature is the same in every culture.

    Teachers are essentially cowards and do not want to deal with the bs coming from the bullies, especially if the little bastards turn their focus on the teacher.

    So they let someone be the victim and as long as it doesnt go beyond that they consider that okay.

    Rather than growing a pair and making life hell for the aggressor, and willing to fight them.

    • As a teacher you ain’t even allowed to speak harsh to your students and that’s whats wrong with school. Look at Korea, there Teachers are allowed/expected to beat the living hell out of their student. Ever heard of bullying from Korea?

      • Anonymous says:

        “Ever heard of bullying from korea?”


        oh wait you’re serious.


        You just proved that you have never been to korea, or even understand anything about them. If you actually went there, lived as a part of it, and are still saying this, you need professional help for whatever case of mental illness you are experiencing. You know shit about that country, as anyone who knows korea can attest to your sheer ignorance.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh so the bullying can be outsourced to deranged teachers? Think about all the teachers you had in your life. You saying you would trust all or even most of them with the power to beat the shit out any kid they wanted on a whim?

        • Anonymous says:

          @Pyrus This has absolutely nothing to do with the absence of the option of physical punishment, and everything with society at large. Disregard the fact that there’s a strong ethical and scientific case against corporal punishment. You really think teachers have enough integrity to wield such power? Well guess what, they’re human too. And scores of cases every year the world over in countries that still have physical punishment in school (not least in Korea) painfully illustrate this. (By the way, bullying is as epidemic in Korea as it is everywhere:

          You won’t make society better by taking the easy way out and rolling back one improvement for tackling a yet unresolved issue, let alone if that won’t solve the problem at all anyway.

          So you’re bitter because you were victimized yourself? Why did your teachers (and your parents) not consider the option of involving the proper authorities if there was something seriously bad going on? Also, you’re incredibly naive if you think genuine troublemakers could be deterred by the teachers being violent. If at all, it reinforces their view that the strong subjugate the weak. I also find it hilarious that you’re going all “natural selection bla bla survival of the fittest bla bla” in other comments, but now come whining that your teachers didn’t safe your ass from the evil troublemakers.

        • I think Chen-04’s saying that teachers can’t keep order because they’re not given any real authority or tools to do so.

          Society as a whole expects teachers to impart knowledge and to a lesser extent, socially acceptable behavior to their offspring.

          But if the kids don’t really want to pay attention to the teachers, all the teachers can do is give a bad grade and talk to the parents.

          And some parents may not care what the teachers say, have little control of their kids themselves, or claim to be to busy to do anything.

          That leaves the teacher with one or more students that are uncontrollable & untrainable.

          And when others are hurt or inconvenienced by such kids, the teacher gets the blame. If the teacher tries to administer any social or physical punishment to the problem child/children, the teacher gets disciplined.

        • It’s called disciplining. You do something like bullying the weak, you get punched. Or kicked out of school. And yes, I believe my school life could have been easier if the teachers were allowed to beat the shit out of the troublemakers.

      • Anonymous says:

        Whoa, it happens, like, a lot. Not least at the hands of those out-of-control teachers. It’s the same like in any other Asian country, teacher’s favorite is free to do everything with the same impunity as the teachers themselves. Also, Korea has the highest rate of school-related suicides. Perhaps you should simply read a Korean online news-service from time to time.

  • Okay this is horrible. No one and no one can say that any other first world countries in the west lets a school administration get away with this kind of monstrosity. This is sickening. It makes me so sick to think that when I watch anime it preaches about Japanese people being all about love and peace. FUCK that, its just a bunch of hypocritical propaganda. I mean soon incidences will have happened in EVERY corner of japan. I almost want to quit with anime all together. Japan, fix your society. The more corruption in the school that happen in each of Japan’s districts just makes you Japanese race as a whole as some sick, corrupt fuckers. FUCK man why do i even support japan sometimes. Oh right, I forgot they make good stuff. But somehow I don’t want to buy stuff from japan when the society is corrupt to the core.

    • Anonymous says:

      Every society is fucked up in its own little way because they’re all governed by humans. Mainly the ones that are selfish enough to want all the power and use it for their personal gain. >.>

    • Anonymous says:

      What cases have there been in other societies where bulling was dealt with justly?

      You’re a fucking idiot if you think you know anything about Japanese culture from watching Japanese animation.

      Go fix your own society.

      • Anonymous says:

        If it was only anime he based his knowledge of Japanese culture on he wouldn’t have come to the conclusion that Japanese society is one of the most fucked up there is in the world. (3rd world countries don’t count, since they’re 3rd world countries, but one of the top three most developed nations on the planet is rightfully expected to do better. Not that American society scores lower in terms of fucked-up-ness.)

      • Anonymous says:

        “What cases have there been in other societies where bulling was dealt with justly?”

        You must be a fucking cunt to say this seriously. Typical jap frog-in-the-well mentality. Other societies settle it one way or another. Bullied either try to get back and get beaten for it, or the bullies might be exposed and be harassed by angry public with ostracism. One way or another, they get a response. This is vastly different from japanese who sweep it all under the rug and pretend nothing happened, or be silent and take it like a complete servile fool.

        • Anonymous says:

          About this particular case you have already heard, even though you’re probably not involved. It then is not a good illustration for the notion, true or otherwise, that the Japanese tend to sweep it under the rug.

  • “Some students insisted the abuse was ‘just playing’ and that he was just responding badly to them ‘messing around’.” — The excuse of choice for bullies world-wide when caught doing something inexcusable. Just tell the stupid & naive adults that you’re just being kids playing a game and all will be right with the world.

    The teachers, the principal, and the police were & still are doing that scapegoat/sacrifice tactic where they allow one person to catch hell so that everyone else stays reasonably well behaved and happy for having vented on the victim. It’s like being the live target of some orwellian hate week or 2 minute hate session. Or like that scene in Stranger in a Strange land where the little monkey got beaten up by a bigger monkey and all the other monkeys turned their backs and pretended nothing was wrong.

    • Forgot about those [bullies’] parents: They don’t care what their kids do to some other parents’ kids as long as no one else touches their little precious babies: “It wasn’t my kid”,”My kid was just playing”, and “My kid didn’t really hurt anyone”.

      • Anonymous says:

        @Pyrus 20:21 – Yes. Even if the bullies, individually, didn’t do much to their victim (and it’s clear from the article that the bullies did a *lot* to the victim), when it’s a group of them, the victim gets the “death of ten thousand paper cuts”.

        That’s when the victim either kills themself, or builds a flame-thrower and takes it to school.

      • Anonymous says:

        Remember these are Asian parents, they side with absolute stuff, order and institutions. Somehow they learned about his ordeal, which may mean they were not quite effective at countering while it was happening. I wonder why.

        • Because it wasn’t their kids getting bullied. Their kids were the ones doing the bullying. Even though they may not have approved of what their kids were doing, they aren’t going to let their kids be punished by society for taking part in something everybody else’s kid was doing also. And supposedly, Asian parents aren’t as much into beating their kids but instead preferring familial & community based peer pressure and shaming to get kids to behave.

      • Anonymous says:

        With an eye for an eye rule in place, everyone’s bound to become blind sooner or later, because even petty crimes lead to distress and officially sanctioned retaliation.

        Putting the bullies through the same treatment teaches them nothing, and hurts them all the same. They are already aware of what they are doing. If he had any doubts, he could have easily made sure himself, and I believe he did. So his pitiful fortunes are quite disconnected from what the society should expect of the perpetrators. Not that it generally does not, but it’s a given that similar behavior is tolerated in many circumstances (some armies, corporations, schools and what have you) because some people are convinced it has the power to inoculate against something, or that it takes people’s minds off things. It fails at both, but nobody cares till somebody famous dies. So now’s the time.

        Fair play to the parents. Wonder if they could have reacted earlier, though (somebody knows what’s been going on even with the boy dead). Transfering might have been a good idea. At first glance.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s called denial. And if you ask me, it should carry the same penalty as the crime itself. Their precious little snowflake got that way because mommy and daddy are overprotective idiots.

        We should start mandating licenses for breeding. Seriously.

        • Anonymous says:

          If other people’s stupid choices harm everyone around them, then yes, they don’t deserve to be able to make those choices.
          Self-entitled pricks like you who think they should be allowed every damn privilege on the planet are the root of the problem.

      • Anonymous says:


        This. Even when it “only” an aggressive child who likes to fights and get in problems, too many parents will still thinks of him as their precious child and do everythink to protect him from the punishements he deserve to have.

        Then, they are surprised when someone is killed or they child get in trouble with the police.

  • Anonymous says:

    No wonder Japan has one of the highest suicide rates. But I wonder, even though they have different forms of martial arts, why didn’t they enroll their son on one? I bet he’ll gain confidence and learn to defend himself after learning Karate.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not exactly 2ch, but at a time, someone did find a GREE account of one of the fuckers.

      The account is now deleted, but just before that, he had shown absolutely no sign of remorse in his chatlog when confronted on it. He even reveled in the fact.

      This piece of development is all over Japanese blogosphere right now if you wanna see. You wanna tell me that it’s just the kids ‘playing’ now?

      In any case, anyone close who caught that account would already know his name. If karma works, he’ll get it in the ass soon enough.

        • Anonymous says:

          That kid looks like a fucking mini douchebag. He even looks like he needs an ass kicking. In american schools have you noticed the bulling incidents have decreased since all the incidents of school shootings. Seriously you don’t fuck with someone like that anymore. Japan needs something like that. The trash in the school would be gone in a few years.

        • @Anonymous
          The outrage is from people with “empathy”. As in the thing these bullies (and apparently yourself from your comment) lack.

          I’ve never been bullied in my life, but when I’m told someone was forced to eat dead insects, “practice” suicide, was beaten, and basically tortured, all while the “responsible” adults that were around refused to help, and even participated – I am outraged.
          Because I’m not a social psychotic who can’t put himself in someone else’s shoes, and imagine what they went through.

        • Anonymous says:

          Little wonder that the school didn’t want anything to do with the case, considering it involved their local PTA.

          Which if what I’m reading is correct, has far more clout than its US counterpart. And considered on par with a high level governmental official on a social level.

          Doesn’t explain the lack of interest by the cops, then again if the family is involved with politics/government, than that would cover that angle as well.

          Or in short, if you’ll forgive the paraphrase, “Something is rotten in the state of Japan”.

        • Anonymous says:

          LOL looks like any other typical japanese kid with no discipline and spoiled rotten to the core.

          On another note…so are many here who are expressing ‘outrage’. What, is this site full of asian teen-somethings that gets bullied all the time in school? I can positively hear the tears and personal experience-induced rage coming out of these kids on here through the comments section.

          lol beta shits.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nah, 2ch isn’t as self-righteous as 4chan.

      Though… I say this with great reluctance, but I took pleasure in knowing that some of Anon’s past targets deserved the harrassment.

    • They always had bulling it never changes.This is the reason why I hate school systems that do this kind of thing just to cover there own asses.

      Teaching Morality and Integrity doesn’t matter in the educational system I realize its all a bunch of Bullshit.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh look at all these people happy and absolutely delighted they have a chance to bash Japan.

      You guys weren’t born and raised in that country, so I don’t know why you guys speak like you have everything about Japan figured out and understood?

      What if someone from another country that has never been to your country, where ever that may be, talked like he/she knows everything about your culture and thinks he/she has it all figured out and ready to
      judge the people.

      I’m sure they would be standing where I’m standing thinking the same thing.

      btw this isn’t some weeaboo defending Japan, I thought I’d speak comment with a little more respect than some of you.

      • Anonymous says:

        You have no idea what ‘irony’ means?

        “What if someone from another country that has never been to your country, where ever that may be, talked like he/she knows everything about your culture and thinks he/she has it all figured out and ready to judge the people.”

        LOL HAHAHAHAHAHA people bash US all the time while the best they have to ‘experience’ and make them think they know anything about the place is living as an outsider in a land they do not belong to nor have the ability to know. Little bitch immigrant shits mouth off all the time while remaining perpetual outsiders and never getting anywhere, while daydreaming and deluding themselves thinking they ‘know’ the place. That’s what you call pathetic.

        Do not tell others not to judge you when japs talk shit about the world and try to define others to their standards, which is like using a 30cm ruler to measure the dimensions of pacific ocean. Your double standard and idiocy that makes you mouth off to others about things that you can’t even look after yourself is pretty bitchy.

      • Pyrolight says:

        You might have had any sort of a point if the comments from 2ch and such were not what we are saying here.

        We are just reiterating what has already been said by the Japanese.

    • Anonymous says:

      This reminds me of a conversation I had with someone about the Japanese mentality regarding Nature. The Western mentality is to look at Nature as an adversary that needs to be defeated, while the Japanese mentality is that Nature should be looked at as something to coexist with, not challenged. Perhaps Japanese look at the bullying the same way? Turn a blind-eye to it? Screw that…

      • Anonymous says:

        This is a myth. Japan puts terrific efforts to fight its natural environment — cementing rivers, destroying mountains, replacing beaches with concrete tetrapods, replacing endemic flora with what they consider “more profitable” (like this terrible cedar trees that are everywhere)… you really should read something other than manga before commenting.

      • Anonymous says:

        [quote]Japanese mentality is that Nature should be looked at as something to coexist with[/quote]
        You do realize that Japan is probably the most industrialized country in the world and that it has the most densely populated cities, right?

  • Anonymous says:

    “the bullies have human rights too, we have to think of their education.”

    And letting them do whatever they want unpunished while everyone around them hide their crime isn’t the way to “think of their education” .

    I just can’t imagine for what stupid reason this boy had to go through this ..
    There’s so many discrimination in japan … you can be sure that for any thing you like , any thing you wear,any thing you do or say , you’ll get a bad name associated with it .
    (and get it spit a your face everyday )

    Worst thing in this story … it may have absolutely nothing to do with this , the bully were probably just having “fun” .

    • Anonymous says:

      With an eye for an eye rule in place, everyone’s bound to become blind sooner or later, because even petty or imaginary crimes lead to distress and officially sanctioned retaliation.

      Putting the bullies through the same treatment teaches them nothing, and hurts them all the same. They are already aware of what they are doing. If he had any doubts, he could have easily made sure himself, and I believe he did. So his pitiful fortunes are quite disconnected from what the society should expect of the perpetrators. Not that it generally does not, but it’s a given that similar behavior is tolerated in many circumstances (some armies, corporations, schools and what have you) because some people are convinced it has the power to inoculate against something, or that it takes people’s minds off things. It fails at both, but nobody cares till somebody famous dies. So now’s the time.

      At first glance, fair play to the parents. Wonder if they could have reacted earlier, though (somebody knows what’s been going on even with the boy dead). Transfering might have been a good idea.

    • Anonymous says:

      The problem is not in the bullies at all, and not in their rights. The discussion misses the problem completely. The school administration is in charge of the children and their lives on the territory of the school. It should be discussed how the administration should be punished, not the bullies. Western culture puts little responsibility on the children, Japanese culture puts too much. The bullies are children, and children don’t grow on their own, they’re raised by adults, and the way they’re raised determines great part of their personality, the problem is adults took a considerable part in the show, even organized a cover for the crime. This way they sort of encouraged the bullying.

      • +1
        “bullies will be bullies”
        this is pretty much standard wherever you go, but I could almost purge with how the school, police, and teachers dealt with the problem. They are grownup, and they need to take care of the children and take responsibility of steering them in the right direction. The kid got betrayed by the grownups there was suppose to be there for him, and since his parent hasn’t learned him to stand up for himself, he took the escape of dealing with it.
        The bullies will have to live with being the cause of a persons suicide, and ruining their change of happiness. The school are corrupt, and doing everything to cover their ass. The police won’t bother, since this stuff happen all the time, and no one seem to care.

        Tl;dr This case couldn’t have been dealt with worse, even if they tried.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, they have human rights. Stripping the rights of undesirable groups is a very slippery slope. Anyone who would walk it is a fool who has slept through one too many history classes.

      • Anonymous says:

        No, they don’t lose human rights, but they incur certain new obligations. One could call it a punishment warrant, as long as they remember the punishment shouldn’t exactly be in kind, as it would be cruel and extraordinary.

        • They have human rights — but they’re also within the law. If the law worked, they would be punished, and over time (slowly, mind you) this would go away. And their law is broke as fuck it seems.

          Unfortunately south China doesn’t seem to be too much better (but why the hell would you live in far south China?), but with 1.7 billion people, comparatively, you can crunch the ratios.

    • Normally I tend to empathize with the educators when their ability and lack of control of students comes into question.

      But this is blatently horrible and a terrible case of abuse that could have been prevented.

      Oh, and just for everyone’s information, many schools in Japan require the principal to get PERMISSION from the parents to suspend a disruptive student.

        • Pyrolight says:

          It’s a nice belief but in reality it is very unlikely the bullies with ever change.

          If the abuse had been very short term one could argue they could change but systematic and long term abuse is a symptom of something you cannot fix.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well to add some substance to your statement, Australia is a product of prisoners deported from Britain. Maybe Ishihara/Tokyo needs to turn some of the islands it has been purchasing from China into an island for criminals and let them to fend for themselves… oh wait, this is starting to sound more like Battle Royale.

        • The only thing that may straiten up those bullies would be to give them some of their own medicine.
          They think they’re tough and such I say lock them up for a little while with some hard core gangsters or have some US marine drill sargents teach them a few things about discipline.
          That includes the teachers who also were bullying but they’ll loose their teaching license as such a person is unfit to be in education.

        • Anonymous says:

          > the bullies still can into better person

          They could. But why risk it? In my book disposing of them generates better results. In a Japanese book however, bully mindsets are not really bad persons, and therefore they would see no point disposing of children who’ll become normal adults if they don’t change at all.

          I actually do not want to kill every criminals. Far from it. But that’s because criminals were usually made criminals for their very lives, or they just became insane for a second.
          Not bullies. They don’t need to be bullies, they’re not more insane than the average person. One of them was not made a bully by anything nor anyone. The others were pushed into bullying, but they knew they were supposed to revolt, they could do revolt, and they knew it wouldn’t be all that hard.
          These persons are lost. Likely they won’t contribute anything, but they have a lot of potential for nuisance. And they made it so by choice, with no obligation.

        • Anonymous says:

          of course they can change. However what they did was horrible and they deserve a punsihment.
          “they have to think of their education”? they should have done that before everything happened. This seems like a bad movie and it actually happened….
          OK at my school we bullied one kid too (for a few years however we never damaged his possesions or made him eat something and after those years everything came clean like it should be)

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh yeah, they ‘still can change into better person’. FUCK YOU.

          My only gripe is that the kid chose to die by himself. He could have chosen to put cyanide in those fuckers’ food and kill them first before committing suicide.

  • Hmm… in middle school when much of this stuff happened to me, they didn’t have to go through the trouble of making me practice suicide…

    Although I guess in hindsight I needed more practice. I failed miserably at it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Only the ball-less betas are bullied-and rightly so. If you can’t man up to the challenge, that’s just highlighting his shortcomings. This kid needed to grow some balls and deal with it, not pussy out and kill himself.

    Remember – suicide is the ultimate form of masturbation. In the end you only fuck yourself over.

    Sad, how generations today are too soft and weak.

    • Anonymous says:

      What would he need those balls for? What do they come with? All he did was refuse to be brought down to degenerate level. He didn’t impinge upon other people’s dignity while preserving his own.

      People die sooner or later. He just saved himself and everyone much trouble. Great lad.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’d rather escape than risk permanent injury or worse because I’m too stupid to realize just how stacked the odds are. If the bullies outnumber and outgun you, the smart thing is to run and/or grovel as the situation calls for. Even a professional MMA fighter can lose against superior numbers, let alone an untrained middle schooler who’s never been in a fight before.

      • Anonymous says:

        LOL This bitch saying ‘Don’t know shit about life’.

        I have…well frankly it was more insulting and annoying rather than feeling ‘bullied’ because honestly it takes a certain mindset to be bullied in the first place. I threatened the family of the kid directly by going to their home, going down at the kid about his attitude after there was a fight at school. Didn’t have much bother with that afterwards, and honestly I felt a bit insulted, amused that this spoiled kid with head full of hot air tried anything with me in the first place.

        Ah but that was so long ago…and don’t mouth off saying ‘don’t know shit’ when you don’t know when to tuck yourself in.

        Serious LAWL here ppl.

        • Anonymous says:

          Your protip is irrelevant. Just because human mentality and behavior are not reasonable, it’s not a justification for evil actions. Your argument is invalid. And stop using emoticons, you make yourself look like a newfag.

        • Anonymous says:

          From reading much of the comments here one could infer that a potential bullying instigator only stands before the task of convincing a mob that the victim deserves what they are going to be put through. Even if it’s only that they ‘deserve it’ because it seems fun. Straightening their ideas out shouldn’t be the victim’s job, especially when he’s certainly busy with his school. Actually, that’s the most overlooked aspect of the situation – the disturbance of the process
          of getting a pied-a-terre in this world: the development of capabilities to be traded back to society. Confronting the problem is a heavy tax the victim would place upon themselves right in this department, so it’s always a question of balance and not of principle. If he just needed to ‘man it up’ in life, he wouldn’t need the damn school at all.

          So these ‘certain mindsets’ you speak of may just directly translate from the social standing of the people concerned – the ability of throwing resources disposable to themselves at a problem. Nothing new under the Sun.

        • Anonymous says:


          “such a stupid and illogical rationale.”

          Protip: Human mentality and behavior are neither smart nor logical in a fundemental sense.

          Who was saying ‘don’t know shit about life’? LOL. I think anyone can see who the real naive one is here.

          It’s always nice when those without experience showcase their shortcomings by themselves by biting themselves in the ass XD And try not to dismiss anything you don’t have the capacity to understand as ‘crazy’; it shows your impotence too clearly to others.

        • Anonymous says:

          @01:27, well yeah, people who are retarded can’t grasp concepts easily or at all, thus even less would they be able to cope with them. Oh wait! That fits you! Because only a fucking retardrd piece of shit like you would have such a stupid and illogical rationale. And this is in no way offending people who
          suffer from diagnosed mental issues, just in case someone reminds him/herself of pointing that out.

        • Anonymous says:

          “Fact is , you didn’t ended up like him , not because you got balls or anything , but maybe because you went through less than him …? never thought of that …?”


          See, here’s the difference: You have already given up even before anything started assuming that you won’t be able to deal with it. Always something worse you can’t overcome, nothing can be done about it. That’s a defeatists’ way of thinking. With that mentality, as soon as something outside of your experience shows up, you fold.

          The difference between those that are bullied, versus those that aren’t at the end is how they define ‘having balls’. Losers like you define having balls as ‘being scared but toughing it out’, but winners don’t have that problem in the first place, not because they are too cocky, but they are sure to the point where it’s not even a problem to begin with. Basically, they already have the situation in the bag and no effort is needed to back up their statement simply because of who they are, and they can go farther then anyone in situations without putting up any effort or being mired in the situation.

          Those without such qualities define anything resembling confidence or toughness as ‘putting up a front’, ‘trying too hard’, or ‘being an asshole’. Truth is, most bullies are neither insecure nor fragile on the inside – they are simply better about projecting their supremacy then others, in often in malicious manners. The fact that you can’t deal with them proves your inability and lack of talent, which is not something that should be pitied.

          Ah but this is sankaku, with beta weaboos and pathetic asians all over the place self-comforting themselves. The impotent rage-induced reaction to this article is a proof in itself.

        • Anonymous says:

          “i was too but i maned up and told them not to fuck with me!”

          So easy to say isn’t it ?
          Fact is , you didn’t ended up like him , not because you got balls or anything , but maybe because you went through less than him …? never thought of that …?

          What do i know ? well … i see some jackass that probably was a bully himself in the end or was probably bullied for a good reason , seeing you character …
          ( IF you were bullied at all , people that say crap like “man up” are most of the time guy that didn’t encounter a situation where it’s not enough )

          So yeah , i guess you don’t know crap about life .
          internet tough guy in all it’s glory there .

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, shut the fuck up! Like you know a damn about this kid’s life. Or any other person’s life that has had or is still having similar circumstances. Why don’t you dare go experiment a life like that and come back to tell us how it went (i.e., if you’re still alive).

      • Anonymous says:


        “ball-less betas” ? I bet you can’t help but cry when a group of guys beat the shit out of you.

        Now imagine being 14, being undressed, beaten, photographed, and then the pictures are displayed in your classroom and everybody mocks you.

        And this is only a few days of bullying.

        The guys tried to deal with it by reporting it to school, then his parents reported it to the police : nothing.

        What he should have done ? Kill them ? It would only makes things worse. Beat them ? The bullying would only get worse.