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Sailor Moon Returns in 2013 with New Anime


A new Sailor Moon anime is due to arrive in the summer of 2013, much to the delight of magical girl fanciers the world over.

The new Sailor Moon was announced at a Nico-broadcast event commemorating the 20th anniversary of the franchise.

In the best tradition of zombie franchise milking, the new anime is apparently pitched as a new version of the original shoujo manga (whether it deserves to be called a “reboot” is not clear), though seiyuu Mitsuishi Kotono will still be playing Usagi.

What format and length the show will be is not clear, but it will apparently be targeting a more mature audience than the original, and be made available to international fans in at the same time as well (as evidenced by the announcement in part being made at the Japan Expo 2012 in France, a Sailor Moon heartland).

The announcement song and dance, in Japanese and an obscure European language:

Online there is growing anticipation of the coming 2013 showdown between Sailor Moon and Precure, both of which now share not dissimilar audiences of little girls and creepy otaku…

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