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Square Enix: “Please Wait for Final Fantasy X HD”


Square Enix’s curious reticence about remaking and remastering the much in demand Final Fantasy series continues, this time with the news that FFX fans will have to wait “a while longer.”

Square Enix’s lineariser-in-chief Toriyama touched upon the remake in a recent interview at the Taipei GDC (most of his other comments concerned Taiwan or his opinion of various events):

Let me take the opportunity to just ask you a few other things – first, how is the progress on the HD version of FFX?

Regarding the HD version, a variety of verification is required, so please wait a while longer.

Those hoping to experience the wonders of cloud saves in FFX will apparently have to wait a while longer.

The actual level of improvement the title will enjoy is still unclear – Toriyama previously said graphics would be “much better,” but it appears strictly to be intended as an HD remaster for the Vita and PS3 rather than anything more ambitious.

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  • Anonymous says:

    The combat mechanics and world exploration (if very little) was interesting in FFX but the story and the characters were just messed up or bland.

    Worst was the voice acting. I still have nightmares of that “HAAHAAHAAA” scene.

  • Anonymous says:

    they can be bothered to improve ffx but not the more demanded 7? has square ever tended to the fans at all? it’s not as if we want much more than a graphical boost and perhaps a little voice acting. The glitches can stay, most of the original glitches are fun to mess around with

    • Anonymous says:

      They aren’t going to ‘remake’ anything, they are just porting it to the current generation consoles in HD resolution, which doesn’t mean they are updating any models or textures.
      Same with what they just did for FF7 on PC (I think).

    • Anonymous says:

      Final Fantasy VII is from the early days of 3D console games, so they would have to rebuild nearly the entire game from scratch to bring it up to today’s standards. They can’t just increase the resolution and tweak a few things here and there, because the original art assets are very low detail. Properly remaking Final Fantasy VII would likely cost nearly as much as making a new Final Fantasy game from scratch.

      Final Fantasy X, on the other hand, is from a more modern generation of 3D games. It was already one of the best looking PS2 games, so it shouldn’t be hard to make it look good on the PS3. They undoubtedly have higher-res versions of its textures from the original art assets, and the game already makes use of detailed player models. The cut scenes look great as well, and could be re-rendered at HD resolutions with minimal effort. A remaster like this costs far less than the full remake that a game like Final Fantasy VII would require to bring it up to comparable standards.

    • Anonymous says:

      Depends on what kind of HD “remastering” the fans want from FF7. SE isn’t going to do a full 3D remaster since FF7 used pre-rendered backrounds for everything except the battle backrounds, world map, and mini-games. Goes without saying it’ll cost a lot of money and they think it isn’t worth the investment.

      Unless no one cares about the backrounds being Pre-rendered in HD and don’t mind playing the game with it’s static camera angles.

      Then again, that depends if they still have the original source materials so they can properly remaster it, in which case, they’d be stupid if they didn’t archive it.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think they’re staying away from “FFVII-R”, because they know that no matter HOW they make the game, people will bitch about it. Hell, I’ve even spoken with “fans” (as in, rabid fanatics) who declare that if the FF7-Remake doesn’t have A.C. graphics for the gameplay portion, the world must be at least three times as large and fully traversable like…say…Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess, be completely open-world as per the original with the same attention to the minor details as straight-line-a-thon FFX was (this was before FF13), have fully orchestrated music by a major philharmonic, have new playable characters from both the original game as well as from the various spin-offs, make Aeris (for some reason they refuse to even think that the name might be Aerith instead) either savable or revivable…thereby creating multiple endings (of which they demanded 5), fully incorporate locations from the spin-offs (remember Dirge of Cerberus, and who you could explore Kalm? Yeah, they demand that too…for EVERY city), and a whole host of other idiocy, or they’ll torch SE’s offices.

        And they demanded all that with a god-damned straight face. If SE wants to remake FF7…THAT is going to be their loudest market, no matter how small (or, oh God…large) the group may be.

        • Anonymous says:

          Fuck VII. Too many unsatisfiable fans. Just give VI the 3D treatment they gave IV (scaled up for better hardware) and its fans will be more than happy. We Kefkaheads don’t have the overblown feeling of entitlement the mama’s boy Sephirothers have.

          Also, orchestrate it like Skyward Sword. VI always had the best soundtrack.

      • Anonymous says:

        Eh…not exactly. The backgrounds? Compressed. The “new” FF7 PC release is using uncompressed files from when FF7 was first made. Character graphics? Overworld? Enemies? Ask the modding community, they’ve done excellent at this for YEARS. Music? Square has “re-orchestrated” in some way every single piece of music from FFVII. Sound Effects? Just use effects from newer games.

        It’s not nearly as easy to make an HD FFVII with PS2-quality graphics as it is to make an HD FFX using already-PS2 graphics, but it’s not hard to do, either.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you have any idea how much work it would actually be to make an “HD” FF7 when the current game is extremely low-detail models and pre-rendered backgrounds, compared to just taking the graphics that already exist for FF10 and getting them to display in HD with maybe a higher texture resolution?

    • Shouldn’t have bought into all of those spinoffs. Maybe then they wouldn’t think of the FF7 crowd as a bunch of braindead sheep who will buy anything they throw at them, making them want to experiment with other fans.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s not shit. Epic story, combat is really good, the grid system to lvl is fucking epic, pretty much all characters are good. Only bad part is the awkward laughing scene.

      But I guess love stories are too much for children.

      • The awkward laughing scene is only bad to people with low self esteem who can’t handle seeing characters in embarrassing moments. I’m sick of the amount of people who treat that scene as if it was pointless or bad. You being embarrassed for the characters was the whole point, it was a great moment to show Tidus’ ability to just say ‘screw pride, I’ll be an idiot to make her feel better and get her mind off of things’… god forbid anyone felt any other emotion than “This is cool” at any point during character development.

        • @ Anonymous 6:58

          Or that perhaps too many detractors have forgotten how to actually have fun in a scenario. Most FF fans I know of also enjoy good books. Most people I know who hate it can’t read worth a damn. The other group are the people who read so many books or played so many games that they don’t do anything but judge them now compared to others rather than enjoy them on their own merit, or just enjoy themselves period. They’ve forgotten how to.

          All I can say for the many people who bought and enjoyed it is that they got their money’s worth. What did you get? Another reason to bitch? I’ll take the former any day. And anyone who considers FF to be ‘shit tastes’ has proven their lack of taste by default. …actually anyone who uses ‘shit’ in a concise game description proves they’ve got nothing worthwhile to add to a conversation anyway.

        • I’ll agree, Shadow Hearts overall was a better game by a little bit, but also very different. Comparing them is very difficult to do, honestly, because they are both exceptionally good games on a very different spectrum. FFX being boring for you is merely your opinion of it. For most of the other people that made it the highest selling FF in history, it was actually a very good and fun story.

        • Anonymous says:

          i really don’t understand with people who think by playing ps2 games in PC with higher resolution will make the graphic lot better, no it didn’t it doesn’t work that way

          PS2 games are made for low res (your standard tv resolution) the textures aren’t made for higher res. the graphics are still “bad” as it used to be.

          if you don’t believe me you can compare the MGS 3 HD with your standard ps2 MGS3 (go on play it on your pcsx2 on whatever resolution and msaa you have)

          you need a remastered version with high res textures, so the graphic will look better.

          tl;dr by saying that you have better ps2 graphic by playing it in higher resolution is very idiotic. msaa may help but only in a little margin

        • Anonymous says:

          here comes the tard who likes to hide in the background and include race into his insults because he’s one of the majority of the population thats fucking dumb enough to still think race has anything to do with intelligence.

        • Anonymous says:

          That strobe light thing is a big deal. I didn’t notice it so much on FFX but I could barely play Kingdom Hearts because the frame rate on the official PS2 release was so awful. I don’t understand why they would release anything with such a glaring flaw, its painful to play it. It’s like they made a great game, had a last minute budget cut, then just dragged and dropped the whole project into some 3rd party program and back out again.

        • Anonymous says:

          Lol. I own both a PS2 and the game, and I’ll never ever play it on a console again. Run it at 3840×2160 with 8xMSAA. That’s 72x the current consoles’ 720p, and something like 400x the original game resolution (1920x1080x4x8 vs 480i=640×480/2).

          I’d rather play a good game that also looks good than the same game that look like a fucking strobe light as soon as the camera starts moving due to the geometry and texture aliasing. Jesus, the texture shimmering is still visible at that resolution when things are viewed at extreme angles.

      • I understand where the Charlie’s Angels generalization came from in the beginning for that game… but within 3 hours, after that first tutorial dungeon, it’s nothing like that ever again. It’s like the people who came up with that generalization played it three hours and that was it. It was interesting to see them so playful at the beginning though. Definitely mixed up peoples’ perceptions.

        • Anonymous says:

          I played FFX-2 for over 400 hours. Anyone who is a fan of X and doesn’t like that is not really a fan of X.

          It gets hated on for stupid and illogical reasons.

          For every detractor it has, there are 10+ Positives.

        • Anonymous says:

          played the entirety of FFX-2 right until the end and then unlocking the plettora of secrets (huge FF fan back in the day) and I still think it’s asian RPG version of charlie’s angels

        • Anonymous says:

          yes, you’re absolutely correct (about how Charlie’s Angels FFX-2 really is)

          at the same time, it has pretty much become a clear trend of… confused development.

          X-2 pretty much turns into standard FF after the first few hours so… why even bother with that particular presentation in the first few hours?

          FFXII presents Vaan as the “protagonist” (main guy players wll see the world through), then reduces him to a sidekick tagging along for the Ashe Show.

          FFXIII actually gets quite large later in the game. for those caught up in the linearity gags, most of them would gag on their own misconceptions if you show them the game after 25 hours…
          …so why did Toriyama wait 25 hours to get there?

          FFXIII-2 is about Serah searching for her sister. so instead of getting to it, the game meanders for 3 and a half chapters (out of 6).

          so while you’re not wrong, there is still something to criticize there.

          it might be worth noting 3 of those 4 games have Toriyama in the driver’s seat.
          i sometimes think Toriyama is the Peter Principle in action. he had one success with FFX, then got promoted way over his head to be the head guy for the series, and he’s never been able to replicate his FFX success since.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, there’s still the z-buffer artifacts issue inherent to PS2 emulation on the PC, until they find a fix for that (not entirely inconceivable), a HD port for the PS3 might have something going for it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nah, dont you know, if someone comes up with something original for an established franchise the original fanbase bashes it to hell, especially if its one that was in need of a revamp or something

  • VII = Very first Final Fantasy I ever played when I was 14.
    This game got me into J-RPGs. Cool materia system, lots
    of side-quests, definitely one of the best FFs
    VIII= Great graphics for it’s time. Good story (except for
    the Ultemicia arc and about a mercenary school), tons
    of unlockable things
    XI = Felt childish for me. Limited sidequests, Card game got
    downgraded, it did’nt feel like FF to me
    x = Great story (except for the cliffhanger ending), lots of
    sidequests and unlockables
    x-2 = Things got corny while seeing Yuna turn from a
    “Nadeshiko” girl into a costume-changing slut
    XII = Good FF for me, except for the final boss which went
    from lame to stupid. At least those hidden bosses
    looked cooler (or scarier)

  • Anonymous says:

    Why even bother…
    Oh yay! I get to spend another $60 to play a game which just looks better than before.
    If Square wants to milk more money, they should just remake FF7, its not like X was the most popular of the series.

    And X isn’t the worst FF.
    To be fair, everything after X has just got progressively worse 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    “We overhauled the graphics in prestine 720p resolution, as 1080p doesn’t do Final Fantasy X justice, we then took out all of the drab exploration so that players could run a single path to completely over-rated and hour long cutscenes to show how the main character is a crybaby, we think you will enjoy.”

    • In terms of sales made:

      If 10 is the shittiest, then I guess that means 9, 12 and 6 are all not even worth mentioning.

      Fancy that, considering that apparently FF6 has about as much rabid fans as FF7.

    • Lonesnipa says:

      Are you fucking high? X wasn’t the worst by any stretch of the imagination. FF8 was definetly worse, and X-2 was so much more worse then that. Thats not even getting into the blandfest of FF12, the shit that I’m not even sure still exists of FF14, and the absolute worst, FF13 which I played the first 5 hours by mashing the X button barely looking at the screen in combat then finally was unable to continue after playing for 20 hours.

        • Anonymous says:

          You criticize FF13 for its “linear map style”, but praise FFX while that was the game that started that shit in the first place?

          I always see people go apeshit over FFX as if they completely forgot it was the very first FF to get rid of the world map and feature revolutionary “press forward to win the game” gameplay. It was the first game where we didn’t get to fly an airship, it was the first game that had “towns” that were just a screen with people standing around and no buildings. It was the first game where it became apparent that an increase in graphics would lead to neutered fucking game worlds because they couldn’t afford to make anything else but a straight path.

          FFX is the worst pile of shit in the franchise (yes even worse than 13, because it -started- this linearity bullshit), and anyone who likes it is part of the cancer that’s destroying the game industry.

        • My reviews:
          FF7: Great.They squeezed a lot into it
          FF8: Sorta meh, but had it’s moments.
          FFX: Very good overall
          FFX-2: Very good. A different direction for the story was interesting, and the game-play was a bit more fun than X
          FF12: I like the battle system, it just needed more refinement and a more interesting storyline.
          FF7 Dirge of Cerberus: Good. Gameplay needed more refining, but had good moments.
          FF7 Crisis core: Very Good. The combat got a bit repetitive, but the story was executed extremely well.
          FF13: Okay. It’s pretty, and has good characters, but the linear map style and “Stagger” combat mechanic annoyed me.

        • Lonesnipa says:

          I did not go out of my way to get the celestial weapons, max the characters, do the fiend hunting shit. I did get the Magus sisters, and I don’t recall Penance. Has been like, 6 years since I last played 10 through though.

        • Lonesnipa says:

          I genuinely liked 10. I didn’t mind the blitzball shit, and while Tidus was an annoying whiny cunt, he kept the story moving and let us find out why shit was happening because he would ask why. It helps of course, that I try and pretend that 10-2 doesn’t exist, and that Tidus died at the end of 10 because he sacrificed himself to properly save the godamn world.

          As to my prefered order of games, FF6>5>4>Tactics>9>7>10>12>8>that one that doesn’t exist>13

          I regularly replay the first 4. Sometimes play the 3 that are listed after. Fuck the rest of them in the ass with a rusty broom.

        • Anonymous says:

          You didn’t play it properly then. I can almost guarantee that the majority of people here praising X were the people who went out of their way to unlock the Celestial Weapons, max every character out through the sphere grid, collect 10 of every fiend in Spira, unlocked the Magus sisters, defeated Penance etc.

          The real game doesn’t even begin until you get the airship.

      • Lonesnipa says:

        Yea that’s kinda his point there. Why remake 10 one of the more middle of the pack FF games, as opposed to FF7, which while not the top in my opinion (not even top 5 for me), is regarded as one of the best FF games by most people.

        • Because they’ve already milked out enough extra millions from FF7 with all the spinoffs.

          And for quite many of the newer FF fans, 10 was the first FF they played. After all, it’s the first PS2 FF. I mean come on, FF7 came out in 1997, anyone who was old enough to buy that game is closer to 30 than 20. And you really cannot trust it to make decent sales simply as a nostalgia item. Especially since the original has been in the PS Store for quite a while now.

        • Anonymous says:

          They’re no remaking FFX, they’re remastering it if you read. And they’ve already completed a FFVII remaster if you look around on the internet a little.

          Christ, it’s like you people don’t even bother to read the articles.

  • Anonymous says:

    You are kidding me right? You drop a lackluster VII on our laps, skip right over VIII (you bastards!) and ignore IX (the swine!) and then decide to port for a REMASTERED X? (okay, i still like that game, but still!) You are really smooching the poop on this one, Square!

    • Anonymous says:

      7 was ok, prefered teh 2d versions over it
      8 was a train wreak of a game
      9 was ok, but largely forgetable
      10… fuck that whole game
      12… good game but for fucking getable.
      13… piss poor game design.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t know why it’s so cool to hate on VIII, at least that game still had a world map and a lot of towns to visit.

        X was like a kick in the balls after expecting so much out of it, and then getting some on-rails piece of shit.

      • Lonesnipa says:

        9 was forgettable? I remember most of that. 12, now that’s forgettable. I liked 10 but I’m apparently wierd like that (although I do like it less then 7 and 9 not to mention tactics, and the 2D ones from the snes era) yea, Tidus was a whiny cunt, but he did what he was supposed to, keep the story moving, and ask the stupid questions about why shit happens so WE know why shit happens. Certainly fucking better then 12 where I have no godamn recollection of what was going on in that game, except that when I stopped playing it, I was going to fight Shiva.

        • @Lonesnipa

          You know, FF8 was first FF game featuring realistically proportional characters, and a love story much more touching then any other FF (Squall carrying Rinoa over half the world into space to save her, is so sweet). That alone is enough for me.

        • Lonesnipa says:

          Yea. People like different things, and I can respect that, but my god it confuses me some days.

          As to Selphie being rock stupid, yea, obviously, so why the fuck was she in charge of the group >.> ANYONE else would have been a better choice.

        • Anonymous says:

          How does the leveling system in FF8 punish you? Leveling in FF8 was so easy, instead of punishing you, it was quite the opposite.

          Also Slephie only was given those two options because that is her character. She is a the stereotypical spunky, ditzy, hyperactive person. I wouldn’t imagine that character to try and figure out how to navigate an piece of military software.

          The only thing i agree with you on Lonesnipa, is the magic system. I only drew magic to Junction it to be stronger in all my physical attacks.

          In the end though, I still liked the game. I enjoyed it for what it was, just like I enjoy all games for what they are. I’ll only say this once: GAMES ARE MEANT TO HAVE FUN WITH TO ESCAPE FROM LIFE.

        • Lonesnipa says:

          How can you call FF8 the best thing in the world? It had one of the dumbest plots in existence, a stupid system for weapon upgrades, a magic collection system that will have you basically not use magic you have, and a leveling system that PUNISHES you for leveling. The only part of that game I liked was Ultimacia’s Castle. Everything else was a stupid vapid pile of shit, and if people don’t believe me, here is one thing that happens in the game. Selphie, is in charge of a team, who is infiltrating a base that is going to launch missles at one of the Gardens. Her options, when getting to the launch panel, is to press RANDOM BUTTONS, or bang on it hard. What, the, fuck. Thats not even the dumbest thing I could bring up either.

  • Do not want, i want a FF7 HD remake, X wasn’t even that good it was stupidly easy because the license board was completely unbalanced and made you stupid OP, i remember fighting the optional bosses and just walking straight over them >.>

    For the love of god stop make and remaking poor games square you have lost touch with the series completely and haven’t made a good final fantasy game in many years.

    • Well the Sphere Grid is better than what FF7 or FF8 had. In FF7, you could literally combo your materials to dish out an automatic, nigh invulnerable beatdown with ultimas or 4x cuts before your enemy even had time to get a turn in. In FF8, you get access to infinite gil and infinity Limit Breaks after Esthar. In FF9, you got at least 3 attacks that will deal 9999 damage regardless of the enemy’s defenses and none of them are MP heavy.