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Wii U Specs “Completely Inadequate” for 2P


Serious doubts are being raised as to whether Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console has the power to support more than one of its wonder-controllers in play, something Nintendo seems to have been keeping quiet by only showing it running with one controller…

The problems were raised by Dean Takahashi, a prominent games journalist (for what this is worth), when he was interviewed about Nintendo’s E3 showing:

With Nintendo, where do you think they came up short in the way they showed the Wii U?

They have a major issue with the capability of the Wii U console where it has a single processor but it has to drive multiple displays.

A single graphics chip inside the console has to drive the big screen, the main game screen, but it also has to provide the imagery for the tablet controller, the game pad.

And yet the system itself isn’t that powerful. Nintendo only showed games with one game pad controller and the TV.

Most games out there, if you’re in a social setting, you want two controllers. Nintendo didn’t show any games that do that.

They admitted in a Q&A that the games are going to run slower if you have two game pads and playing on a main display. That’s a fairly big issue for them.

They made a good case that you can play with one controller and multiple Wii controllers, what they call asymmetric gaming where one person is looking at the small tablet screen and trying to deploy zombies while the people playing with the controllers were all on the main screen. You come up with very creative, different kinds of games where it’s one against four, or one person going online.

They tried to justify and turn into an advantage this major weakness of the Wii U, but I think a lot of people saw this as a weakness.


Nintendo came up as a pretty big disappointment at E3.

The fact that the Wii U’s graphical capabilities can apparently barely hold their own against the existing generation of consoles has already provoked much debate, one that looks set to intensify should it be true that it can barely drive its own controller – not that this necessarily matters if Nintendo can sell as many of the consoles to children and old people as they apparently hope.

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  • This Nintendo hate is ridiculous. People ignore all good news and put all there wait behind any negative rumors that arises. The Wii U can support up to 4 controllers. This is known of the hardware.

    The games that have been announced so far aren’t going to support more than one as there is no need for it. The prices for buying more than one controller make is infeasible to invest money into making a game that uses more than one presently.

    Whoever releases these rumors has no understanding of hardware and neither do the ignoramuses that put all of their weight behind promoting this news either.

    Doesn’t matter though, because the fact is that all of this negative news they are trying to promote is just free advertisement for the console and when all the people who know about it find out that its false, it will increase their desire for the system.

  • So is ‘Dean Takashi’ a prominent shill for Sony or Microsoft then too? Because this sounds like the wailing of fanboys who panned the Wii too, and it DESTROYED Sony and Microsoft for the first 2-3 years of its release.

    PROTIP: If the console is designed for ONE LCD controller, you’re not going to get games that even USE two!

    Why would anyone even buy two if that’s not what the games or machine are designed for?? This is like saying why doesn’t the Xbox 360 support four separate Kinect controllers. It’s a TV-BASED CONSOLE, NOT A FOUR-PLAYER GAMEBOY.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey kid, before you post shit you might want to go over some of the videos and press releases Nintendo has put out where they show everyone having fun interacting together on the WiiU controllers.

  • Anonymous says:

    You enjoy your $200 million dollar games that take 10 years to make from all the time, money, and man power it takes to make them.

    Enjoy the most mundane, tedious, boring, unoriginal, realistic dudebro linear corridor first person shooters in your new PlayStation and Xbox systems that take more power than a hair dryer, and can melt anything behind the system. It’s the same old shit gameplay with better graphics.

    Nintendo is the lesser of the evils. They can’t make an original IP to save their ass, but at least their games are always trying new things.

    • Anonymous says:

      “You enjoy your $200 million dollar games that take 10 years to make from all the time, money, and man power it takes to make them.”

      lol what? it often takes Nintendo nearly that long to release the next Metroid, Zelda, Mario, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, etc title. While everyone else enjoys multiple Uncharted, Forza, Halo, etc titles over that same period of time.

    • And because they are always trying out new things the games usually ends up as just beta games.

      And what NEW have they come up with lately? Everything the Wii can the Wii U will do better. Until Sony and MS decides to do the same and make it work even better than Nintendo managed…

      The problem here is that Wii U is SUPPOSED to be a NG console, and can barely keep up with the PS3 and 360….

      When PS4 and the new Xbox comes out Wii U will be left in the dust instantly.

      • Anonymous says:

        That didn’t stop the Wii from outselling the 360 and PS3 combined. The Wii U will outsell everything else too. Nintendo are leaders, because their only business is games, unlike Sony and Microsoft who lose billions.

        Nintendo makes money and have $10 million in the bank. Sony and Microsoft can only copy. Nintendo has always made a profit on their systems. They had to use the money to make their systems unique instead of just better graphics, or they would be dead.

        Apparently everyone wants that. They’ve been “doomed” since 1986. They’ll never die. You keep worrying about graphics instead of fun. You act like a 12 year old.

        • Anonymous says:

          @12:48 but Sony didn’t lose money from their gaming division. that made money.

          as opposed to, as 12:12 put it, Nintendo’s only business, which lost more than a quarter of Sony entire corporate losses purely from their one business.

          @12:12 several reality checks =

          1) 10 million in the bank wouldn’t even cover a promotional campaign, nevermind be adequate funding for a console.
          2) Nintendo isn’t making a profit per console anymore. they lose money on the 3DS since they had to drop its price long before their production costs fell to match it.
          and you’re dreaming if you think they are going to make a profit per console on the Wii U at the specs they are claiming it will have. MS and Sony have only just within the last few years started pulling a profit per console at their current price points with 6 year old systems.
          if Nintendo plans to hit any price point $300 or under, THEY WILL LOSE MONEY PER CONSOLE.

        • Have you read the news lately??

          Nintendo went into red last year, even worse than Sony. To make up for his failure the director of Nintendo have even cut his own wage with 7 million dollars as an excuse for driving Nintendo into the red….

      • Anonymous says:

        You just admitted Sony and Microsoft will rip off Nintendo later. Of course you will be able to do something better once you see how the first guy did it and have more time and money to copy it.

  • I bought a Wii at launch for a few reasons. One, they had originally promised a plethora of oldschool titles and near complete backwards compatability (which was unfortunately an empty promise). Two, the new motion control offered deeper immersion into FPS games, something they were going to continue to do since they had already established the Metroid Prime series. Three, Nintendo had proven through their previous generations that they could release good GAMES regardless of graphical capability, though that seems to have fallen by the wayside of modern “gaming”. Seriously guys, go watch a fucking movie and quit your bitching. Want a good story with awesome graphics? Try Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and don’t think of it as a Final Fantasy title.

    As for the Wii U, yes the handling specs are a bit of a letdown. What I was imagining if they had the processing power was a larger scale multiplayer version of the DS, (which they also managed to give a few great games but a whole lot of garbage) where you have a bunch of people working together on the main screen and everyone has character management utilities on the touch screen, kinda useful for a Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles setting. The way things are setup now actually still leaves the possibility for something I didn’t expect to see in video games for a while – tabletop RPGs. Seriously, whoever has the tablet controller can act as GM while the other players are PCs in a game environment plotted out within the constraints defined by the game itself.

  • The PS3 can even support 3 LCD panels at the same time for surround gaming for games like Gran Turismo 5. You need 3 Playstations 3 and 3 copies of the GT5 to do that! That’s more ridiculous than having 30 frames/sec on 2 Wii U touchscreen game pads.

  • “They made a good case that you can play with one controller and multiple Wii controllers, what they call asymmetric gaming where one person is looking at the small tablet screen and trying to deploy zombies while the people playing with the controllers were all on the main screen. You come up with very creative, different kinds of games where it’s one against four, or one person going online.”

    So you can use this system to dungeon master role-playing game sessions?

  • Anonymous says:

    I knew this would happen. The controller is only good for single player games. It’s basically just a menu screen. In multiplayer, you just chuck shit into the actual game while 4 other people actually play.

  • Anonymous says:

    They really need to stop doing all these silly things and go back to making good games.

    Nintendo difficulty is rarely seen anymore. Casual gamers are nice to have for the market but Nintendo needs to realize that there’s also the original core that followed them.

  • Anonymous says:

    i’m sure if they wanted it to be a graphical and processing powerhouse the console would end up costing $500+ or something and then they would end up like sony did when they released the ps3.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah and I don’t think Nintendo can afford to lose as much money as Sony does with the PS3. Sony has the bigger electronics brand they can fall back on. Nintendo is a pure gaming company and would be finished like Sega if they were to have a console the crashes.

  • Anonymous says:

    I honestly think Nintendo needs to get out of the console market, the wii did piss poorly compared to ps3 and x360 and I blamne the controller and the way the games are control for this. Many 3rd party devs, which honestly its the 3rd parties devs that make the system, just couldn’t be bothered with the Wii due to how retardted the control scheme was. Whats wrong with a normal controller? No one has ever complained about using one.

    IMO The Wii-u will just be another nintendo system that will sell poorly due to bad decisions in terms of controls and such.

    • Anonymous says:

      Retirement homes only need one version of Wii Bowling. They could give two shits about Nintendo Land’s mini games. It was the loose movements being able to control classic games the elderly recognize but were physically unable to play anymore that sold the Wii among the retirement crowd, not any love of Nintendo or complicated games.

    • Well, Nintendo could make the controller as a stand-alone which would not need the Wii U console as a base console, but it will costs a lot more, something like the 3rd gen iPad. I am not sure if everyone want to pay for such expensive game console in these days with bad economy and financial crisis.

  • Anonymous says:

    I never expect so much from a new console that said to be sold for $300 in spec wise..
    Of course it is not a day one buy for me, but if Wii U offer some exclusive game that not available to other platform, I will consider buying it..

  • nintedo sucks. Their black wii doesn’t even support gamecube controller ports. It’s no longer backwards compatible. Screw nintendo that was the one thing they had good going for them, keeping the backwards compatibility. Now it’s just crap. The most crappiest of all the systems now.

  • Anonymous says:

    What tells you the WiiU has to render the controller graphics?
    It’s probably just calculating the raw data and sends it to the controller, which then does the graphic calculations and rendering itself.
    So of course the game will run slower, but I don’t think it’ll be that noticeable.

  • Anonymous says:

    duh! that’s what happens when you design a console comparable to a 6/7 year old console.

    Nintendo is banking on Zynga-type Facebook apps to sell this piece of shit. As that’s about the only thing which will run on 3 screens, with it’s mediocre capabilities.

    And the sad part is as the weakest system, it’s guaranteed to outsell anything MS/Sony offer. The most inadequate system, with the lowest retail price always takes the crown. PS1, PS2, Wii – they all had the least graphic potential and came out the winner.

    The only system that might give them a fight will be xbox cause they’ll be offering idiots $99 consoles, with massive return gains and idiots LOVE paying 3-4x what an object costs, provided they can pay in monthly installments.


  • Please, be realist. Actual consoles can do 720p. Powerful (and not cheapy) cpu’s can handle one game, in three monitors, and that’s a hard task. And that’s running a single image in three monitors, with only one imput method. Now, the Wiiu has to process two completely different images, three while using another control,the input from the buttons, the input from the wiimotes, and the input on the screen. All of that while giving the console an affordable price, wich is what many people forget usually.

        • no, the tablet doesnt have a brain. It just stream information from and to the console. It doesnt have a CPU or GPU of any kind (well, at least not one used to, you know, process something).

          And yes, maybe you can use the 3DS as a controller the same way we used the GBA with the Gamecube long ago, but again, the keyword is “affordable”.

          I mean, you can use it if you want to pay US$183 for a controller.

        • I did some reading up on the latest leaked specs the tablet controller uses NFC and blue tooth which means it has to be a smart device as these protocols are far too slow to stream uncompressed video it also seems if you have a 3DS you can use it as a tablet.
          I suspect the brains of the tablet is pretty much a cut down 3DS.

  • Anonymous says:

    i just don’t see how a single graphics chip can even drive 1 game padd as its not physically connected to the wii u im sure he doesn’t have all the facts on the controller theres got to be some sort of graphics chip in it. but even so when i get my wii u i will only get 1 controller because all i need is 1.

    • Anonymous says:

      LCD displays are cheap and they’ll be buying them in bulk, so I doubt they’ll be much more than 60 a piece. The only reason current controllers cost 40-60 is because the manufacturers know you’ll pay it.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think they already said the controller will cost a lot. It comes with one I doubt most people will find the need for more than two, or any gaming company would have a game that even needed more than two.

      The only thing I can see using multiple WiiU motes are games like Madden.

      This story is just typical bashing for no reason.

  • Nintendo’s strenght lies in Mario, Zelda and Samus. They don’t care about specs. So I predict the Wii U being popular among old die-hard Nintendo fans, but no so much among hardcores (they seem to wait for PS4/720) and even casuals (playing Angry Birds o Farmville now).

  • I figure each controller probably would have it’s own Tegra or PICA video chip in it and would be driven in a ,manner similar to an X terminal on a big Unix or Linux system thus eliminating the need for the main GPU do do any rendering on the touch pad.

    It would be the simplest and likely cheapest way to implement it as streaming raw video would eat up too much bandwidth in the wireless link.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is the worst console to date from Nintendo. Why can’t just get a console with great games instead of all these gimmicks. The Wii motion controllers proved worthless since both the PS3 and 360 were to do it. The same thing could happen with this console of the touchpad gimmick ends up working out. Gamecube, Wii, and Wii U have been terrible ideas. So sad. Unless you a hardcore Nintendotard then this console will seem like godsend to you. For us casual nintendo fans this seem like another wasted opportunity to compete with the others.

    • Who said that there will be no great games on the Wii U? Like always Nintendo’s game consoles and handheld have awesome games that break records in terms of sales and reception.

    • The system isn’t even out yet, it’s not one little port that will tell it’s capabilities.

      And this crap about the console unable to drive two screens as well as one…Well DUH of course it can’t!
      Whatever the power you put in the machine, if you use 2 screens of the same resolution it takes at least twice the graphical processing power -.-

      2P game developers are just gonna have to take that into account, nothing strange here.
      What’s more I doubt they will be obligated to use those screens in 2P mode.
      You could play your street fighter on the big screen for 2P, or solo on the pad screen.

      As much as I disliked the Wii and N’s marketing over it, I don’t understand how that much BS can be said over them around here.
      I guess that’s sancom for you.

      • I’m afraid imma have to break into this argument right here…
        Having two displays of the same resolution do NOT require twice the processing power. they actually only need about 1.3x the power at the very most.
        Two displays is treated by most graphics hardware as one, larger one. Kinda like my dual display setup on my computer. The reason a dual, triple or even quadruple display may lag is more likely because of the processor having to process more commands, with multiple separate entities interacting with the game. not the graphics themselves. Learn how hardware works before trolling about who is the most wrong. Maybe y’all learnt sumthin today. Good Day XD

    • DarkWisdom says:

      Gamecube was perfectly fine, it was powerful, graphically up to date and had a decent ammount of games. The Wii U is like a bad joke, when will Nintendo go back to being one of the leading consoles when it comes to specs? They are sellouts, why spend thousands making a powerful console when you can make a cheap one aimed at the casual market….

      • Anonymous says:

        The GC looked like a Fisherprice toy and couldn’t even play DVDs (That was an issue back then, after all, the PS2 was the first DVD Player for a lot of people back in the day.)
        Sorry, you can’t design something so awfull and think an adult would put it in their living room.

        • DarkWisdom says:

          I think a cube shape was very unique for the time and I liked how small and compact it was. Who cares what it looked like anyway? The fact is it had some awesome games, Eternal Darkness, the Resident Evil remakes, F Zero GX, Metroid Prime, Super Smash Bros, Metal Gear, Killer 7, Zelda TP.

          The Wii has had few actual ports from this generation’s consoles.

    • Seems like Sony can already copy all the Wii U’s capabilities by using the Vita as the Game-pad. It’s a more expensive option, but power comes at a price. The biggest upside being that the Vita wouldn’t be a paperweight if you take it with you.

    • Anonymous says:

      GameCube was and still is an amazing console, not my personal favorite, that would be the SNES, but I agree with you that Nintendo is more actually experimenting with their consoles than satisfying the high expectations which we remember of them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ahh… releasing consoles with exactly the same features as 2 other concurrents doesnt sound as such good idea, does it? One need to have something unique to differ from them and that what Nintendo does. Gamecube didnt fail because of being week, it failed because of not Nintendo being on bad terms with third party developers at the time. Nintendo changed their attitude, so they dont have this problem anymore.

    • Anonymous says:

      I loved the super nes and gamecube

      the Wii, not so much, I actually regret buying it

      I believe the Wii U is very unlikely to reproduce the Wii’s commercial success among hardcore gamers, but it will still attract old and very young people

      • Anonymous says:

        well no doubt nintendo will capture the attention of casual players, but I think they (nintendo) will have a hard time competing with smartphones because of their availability and prices.
        which is why i think they made the right decision to try and get third party devs on board. unfortunately it will be with the use of gimmicks, which I think is a poor excuse.

    • Anonymous says:

      man someone doesn’t do their research much seeing how wii came first movie and kinetic followed suit, sony and M$ Copied nintendo’s idea and tweaked it for their own personal uses and your calling nintendo a failure?

      • Anonymous says:

        Eye Toy came out before Kinect and before the Nintendo Wii. It’s widely regarded as the first major motion based control system to be made available for a home console. The Nintendo Wii isn’t the first motion controller either, as it was beaten to the post by peripherals for the Atari 2600 and the Commodore 64.

        • Anonymous says:

          “Tell that to SEGA. They didn’t like having the Dreamcast and games taken off the shelves to make room for the X-box before it was even launched.”

          lol no. Sega made a lot of retail enemies after they pushed failed hardware accessories like the Nomad, Sega CD & 32x. But the breaking point came when they unexpectedly rammed Saturn down retailers throats with only a dozen games. After which brands like KB Toys stopped carrying ALL Sega products. The Dreamcast never had a chance. And the only one to blame for that was Sega. But blame MS all you want, it just shows how stupid you are.

        • Anonymous says:

          Eye Toy wasn’t innovative at all. It was just a copy of something that had been available on computers for years. My computer came with a webcam and similar minigames pre-installed back in 2000, over three years before Eye Toy came out. Commercial webcam games may have never really took off on the PC, but they weren’t particularly widespread for the Eye Toy either. Most importantly, Eye Toy wasn’t something that was packaged with the PS2, unlike the Wii’s motion controller, which came standard with every console.

          The motion controller for the Atari and Commodore is hardly worth mentioning, because it was a third-party device with no games designed specifically for it. It behaved like a standard joystick controller for existing games, and was little more than an overpriced novelty that did nothing special.

        • Anonymous says:

          >Microsoft isn’t a bad company they will help you compared to many others,

          Tell that to SEGA. They didn’t like having the Dreamcast and games taken off the shelves to make room for the X-box before it was even launched.

        • Anonymous says:

          Microsoft or M$ as you call it (Microsoft isn’t a bad company they will help you compared to many others, just because they were first with a major OS) is quite different from the wii motion controllers. You’ll be able to use voice commands in the game. Once they perfect it, Sony and Nintendo will copy it just you watch.

  • Anonymous says:

    The Wii U is doomed. How could
    Nintendo go so wrong, with a series of
    poor decisions that guarantee the Wii U
    will be as much of an also-ran as the
    GameCube was. For the Wii U to be a hit,
    Nintendo will have to succeed in areas
    they have consistently failed in, and the
    public will have to flock to a device that
    is not going to be all that mind blowing.
    They might as well give up now.

  • They already said that it will support 2 tablet controllers, with half the framerate in each. If it runs at 60 FPS in one controller, it will run at 30 FPS when a second one is added. They won’t look so good but they still will be playable.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, that’s embarrassing… It wasn’t even a month ago that Nintendo’s CEO boasted that no one would be able to tell the difference between the Wii U and the unreleased PS4 and Xbox 720… And patronized Sony/Microsoft for taking 3 years to jump into motion controls as well.

    …In the end, Nintendo is STILL a few steps behind in the competition.

    • I am sure the PSVita will do a lot better if Square Enix do a Final Fantasy 7 remake for Sony’s new handheld. But I guess Square Enix has been too lazy in all these years, especially when you look at the Final Fantasy XIII whey the company cuts all the towns and villages, and they really messed up FF XIV.

      • The genius that found out that Final Fantasy 13 didn’t need any tows or things like that have now said that they won´t make any big games themself anymore.

        They will still own the names and stuff, but they will hire in other companies to actually make the games.

        So maybe we can have hope for the next FF, if they dare to make one after the flop called FF13 of course….

  • there’s no reason to run 3D applications on the pad, there’s basically just a bunch of image layers, any CPU will be able to calculate that bit on the fly.
    oh and more importantly: why would you use more than one display-pad-thingy at the same time? there’s no reason. for any multiplayer game it’s designed that way that you’ll have to pass on the display-pad

      • Anonymous says:

        And those two pad controls are in addition to the four people using a standard Wiimote or other controller.

        This guy’s complaining that the pad display slows down when there’s SIX people playing – and slows down to 30 FPS at that, the same framerate many games run at today.

        • Well, people tend to think that’s a rule, that 30 frames/sec thing with two of these Wii U controllers, but I am sure the programmers can fix that with clever programming. Come on, some games aren’t even possible e.g. on the PS1 or PS2, especially those arcade-to-Playstation ports, but in reality they were possible and they were released on the respective consoles.

  • “They tried to justify and turn into an advantage this major weakness of the Wii U, but I think a lot of people saw this as a weakness.”

    Yes, I know I did and was immediately disappointed. Nintendo for the sake of the future please don’t pull a Square Enix!

  • Nintendo will release another Wii U handheld later on in the year shortly after the initial release. It’ll have better specs, wider screen, and be slimmer.

    Rinse and repeat till new console is out.

  • I’m still a little irritated with Nintendo.
    First it was the Wii, which had a very bad set of games and hardware, but now also the Wii U seems underwhelming.
    Less Nintendoland and more general Nintendo first party franchises please.

  • Let me tell you all the haters this – Nintendo have a huge audience, and this audience will buy tons of this shit and they don’t give a FUCK about graphics. Why hate when you can just not buy it? In fact you can forget this shit even exists.

    Try asking Miyamono what anisotropic filtering, antialising or dynamic occlusion means. I bet he’d tell you to go fuck yourself

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m amazed at how spoiled we are as gamers. We have this awesome new system coming out with a touch screen controller giving us brand new ways to play games and all anyone can say is that it is crap. We should all be so excited for this thing that we need to change our shorts.

  • Anonymous says:

    New console means developers didn’t learn all the quirks and tricks to make the games look as beautiful as possible. The mere fact that they were able to get that good of a result for a launch title, shows a lot.
    Hell, just look on older consoles like the NES and SNES, they used to layer multiple sprites one on top of another to get more colors out then was normally possible, until they figured to do that, games looked terrible. The same applies on newer consoles.

    • Anonymous says:

      Apparently, the only devs that really figured out how to create a not-terrible-looking NES games belonged to either Konami or Nintendo, nearly every game that’s considered a timeless NES classic was made by either one of these companies.

      Same deal with the Wii – most of the best games on the Wii were developed by Nintendo themselves with only several titles here and there coming from a 3rd party.

      It’s not about figuring out the quirks and tricks of the system, it’s about the support from 3rd parties. If Nintendo doesn’t manage to win the trust of all the video game giants, their toy-console is as good as gone – look at the Dreamcast – tons of great games, no support from EA and some other major-league players – console died in about 2 years.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well would ya look at that another negative story about Nintendo! Nintendo already said that more than one controller would bring down the frame rates on the controllers

    Artefact are you being paid by Sony? Or just got it out for Nintendo. Was Nintendo responsible for your family’s death?

    [quote]Nintendo came up as a pretty big disappointment at E3[/quote]

    As did all of the big 3. Ubisoft was the only one to blow everyone away