AKB48 Otaku “Will Sue” Rino Sashihara for Fan Sex Betrayal


One creepy AKB48 fan is so outraged at the news that idol Rino Sashihara was actually a “super-carnivore” busily having sex with one of her fans whilst telling the rest of them she was a pure little virgin schoolgirl that he is attempting to sue her for the monetary damages he suffered buying scores of her CDs.

The 28-year-old AKB48 fan has vowed to seek restitution from the idol for her more or less admitted tryst with a fan:

“We were tricked, she insisted she had never dated a man! I believed that, and spent several million yen voting for her, and supporting her! This is plain fraud, I will sue.”

He had been attending her handshaking events loyally for the past 4 years, in the belief he was shaking hands with a pure and unsullied virgin schoolgirl:

“I accepted that she would probably start dating another celebrity once she became famous. But even when we were desperately supporting her 4 years ago, she was already dating a man – an act of total betrayal!

Everything she told us was a lie, and to top it all the guy she was dating was a fan. This is unforgivable!”

Sashihara did publicly proclaim she had “never” had a romance, and that the only men’s numbers she had on her phone were those of male relatives.

Her litigious fan insists this is sheer fraud:

“I supported her because I believed she was a virgin, and even held off dating myself. She toyed with my emotions just to get my money and votes.

I wish to recover all the money I lost as a result of this through legal action.”

Such a lawsuit would be unprecedented, but for good reason – a lawyer is doubtful courts would rule in his favour:

“To win damages in a fraud suit, the deception needs to be intentional and connected to the damages inflicted.

It can be thought that using purity as a selling point is a customary practice in the idol business, and as he received the use of the CDs and goods he claims the cost of as restitution, he has already received the expected services.

I think it would extremely difficult to win.”

Still, he says “lawyers having trouble finding work might take up the case all the same.”

The aggrieved otaku is unperturbed by his chances of success being as negligible as the chastity of his former idol:

“This isn’t about winning or losing. I want to let everyone know how much Sashihara has hurt her fans. Like dumping Akimoto into HKT48, this is just mocking fans.”

He is also looking for more angry fans in the hopes of launching a class action suit against her.

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