Otaku Rage at NMB48 “Ripping Off K-ON!”



K-ON! fans are fuming at AKB48 sister group NMB48’s apparent cribbing of their beloved anime’s very logo, alleging plagiarism of the most egregious sort.

NMB48 (the Osaka franchise of identikit idol group AKB48) have announced a “geinin” (“performer,” also styled “Ge-NIN!”) event:



There appears to be no acknowledgement of K-ON! or evidence of any deliberate parody, subtle or unsubtle, on their site.

The similarities between this and K-ON!’s logo have left moeblob fans less than amused:

“Are they parodying it or trolling us?”


“This ought to be reported!”

“This is OUT! I reported it.”

“Why are they doing this, do they think they can get away with it?”

“What, they ripped off the logo completely! Did they even get Kakifly’s permission for this?”

“This is harsh!”

“Stop messing with K-ON!”

“When I first heard about this I thought people were just overreacting to 4 characters + ‘!’, but seeing the logo they have totally ripped it off…”

“How are they going to try getting out of this?”

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