Sega Quality: Valkyria Chronicles Reduced to Browser Game



Fans of Valkyria Chronicles have been disgusted to learn that the latest iteration of the franchise is a browser-based card game for PCs and smartphones.

“Senjou no Valkyria DUEL,” which has just started beta testing, boasts the much loved cast of the original games and not much else:


The exciting preview:

Having been cut down from a fully-fledged SRPG to a PSP title and now a mere browser game, fans of the series are understandably aghast at what seems to have been an almost conscious effort by Sega to run the franchise into the ground – and not least western fans:

“Sega better localize this…”


“What the FUCK”

“The Fanbase isnt big enough, they games never sold well in western lands.

Sega is almost bankrupt, they wouldnt dare to think to localize a almost 100% japanese game. Dont blame SEGA, blame the majority of gamers in the western lands who only buy western games.”

“I thought it was common knowledge that VC1 sold more in the West than it did in the East. The move to PSP was because it was cheaper to make and was an attempt by Sega to increase Japanese sales.

VC was mismanaged by Sega and now the series is dead in the West. ‘Tis a shame.”

“Just so you know, Sega /aren’t/ bankrupt, in fact the Sega Sammy group make crazy profits every single year… When Sega reported the losses this year it was a one off loss because of restructuring. Also they aren’t limiting their IPs that was also a misunderstanding. The games they mentioned were just an example of their profitable IPs they werent limiting themselves too those.”

“Another VC game we aren’t getting.”

“They are simply too lazy to translate and release it. Sega have already stated that VC2’s sales were not disappointing and did not influence their refusal to release VC3. Ergo, the only possible explanation is that they are too lazy.

Valkyria Chronicles is dead in the West. This browser game is another insult for VC fans.”

“Why are people voting this down? This game looks awesome. No; it isn’t a HD home console game which I know we all want but quite frankly it looks like another good VC game, not a cheap cop-out with cheap static images but real 3D graphics which shows Sega still values the VC series.

The kind of game that will tied me over until another HD game comes out and the kind of thing that needs to be supported by the VC fans so Sega has faith in another HD title. I for one welcome this game.”

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  • Anonymous says:

    in my honest opinion, if they didn’t screw up the VC anime, it would have caught more attention. They should have released a VC3 anime, since I like that story better than VC

  • Anonymous says:

    VC from SEGA was my 1st game for the PS3 and yet i loved it, sadly to those who didn’t and still don’t have a psp for VC2 they should of really done it for PS3 and since VC3 is also out in JPN I’m really hoping that SEGA would re-release it on the PS3 HD and if somehow they did i would get it the moment the date has been set

  • Anonymous says:

    And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse. It’s like those Sega blockheads are really trying to disappoint their former fans.

    Hey, they had it all cut out for them. A massively praised game that really begged for successor. What did we want from them? Merely a game along the same lines in the same universe. What do we get? Obscure junkware spread across the platforms.

    Fuck You Sega! You really REALLY deserved your semi-death.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sega has a built-up of a ridiculous debt seeing another valkyria game is amazing. More than likely because of the card-game phase japan is having their trying to get a piece of the pie. Valkyria was a obscure game for the PS3. Although it was good it cost the programing cost too much the sales weren’t as good so they decided to downplay it to the ps3. In america most people who have a psp probably already hacked it. VC2 didn’t sell well in america. Most people didn’t even buy it they just torrented. RPGShooters are rare in america and many americans don’t enjoy it. Thats the reason why three will never see the light of day in america. Having a limited fanbase doesn’t cut it with japan. No more no game.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh dear god. Just what the world needs: Another online card game.

    VC was unique in the gameplay, and then they completely missed the point and butchered it to the point of no return.

    No surprise why Sega is just another shadow of it;s former self.

    • Anonymous says:

      Alot of this is down to Sega being more focused on publishing these days. Their internal development is now almost non-existent. Sega used to be famous for their in-house dev studios.

      Sega used to be innovators, now they just follow. Look at alot of their games in recent years; painfully generic stuff which could have been made by any publisher.

      Yu Suzuki pretty much built the Sega brand, his departure last year made the death of the Sega we knew and loved official.

  • sega are on crack. other than capcom, they probably are one of the worst offenders of producing a great game then running the franchise and it’s original fanbase into the ground.

    do they not want to be successful?

    • Anonymous says:

      No Sega are the undisputed kings of ruining a franchise. As bad as Capcom are and Bioware are becoming, Sega’s dismal treatment of Sonic, Shenmue, VC and more ensures they win that award with ease

      • Anonymous says:

        Capcom actually keep their IPs visible. They may not have made a new Darkstalkers game, but they still use the characters in crossover titles, same with Okami and others. Sega don’t even do that.

        Sega tend to just leave their IPs to die. A new Streets of Rage (which has the potential to have a Street Fighter IV-like revival) game should be a no-brainer but not to Sega.

        Sega’s internal devs have been shafted since Sammy took over. Remember how prolific AM2, Overworks, Smilebit, UGA used to be?

        Sega increasingly hires Western devs and just publishes. Most of their talent (Suzuki, Naka, Mizaguchi, Arai, Oba, etc) have left with only Nagoshi, Kodama, and Kumagi remaining. Kodama’s 7th Dragon never got a US release.
        VC, Virtua Tennis and VF5 are pretty much the only true Sega games in recent years.

        Sega could have ported Shenmue multi-platform and clawed back some money and kept the franchise alive (and thus potentially profitable) but instead just buried it and forgot about it.
        We are seeing the same with VC, Sega are not making any effort.

        I feel sorry for Sega’s internal devs, they are, like Suzuki-san before them, having their talent squandered by Sega’s (or rather, Sammy’s)dumb management.

  • Anonymous says:

    “The franchise is dead in the west”.
    Don’t know about the USA, but since I myself and my friends with PS3 or PSP are all big VC fans I think that’s simply worng. I live in the capital of my country and when I bought my PS3 VC1 was the second game I bought. And it simply could not be the first because it was hard as hell to find a “non preowned” copy of the game, I could only find in a small country city shop and it was their last copy. Six months later I tried to find another one for a gift since it was a close friend’s birthday and it was impossible. I had to import it from the UK and even so, had to look for quite a bit of time to buy it online. Bor another’s friend birthday was even worse, not even in Europe, I had to import the US version of the game.
    With VC2 was almost the same, bought 4 and only my copy was released in my home market, had to buy 1 UK and two US.
    And since I don’t know a word of japanese, after buy 7 copies of their games with a lot of troble since they did not want us to buy and play their game (sellling out all your stock in less than 1 year and not making more copies? that’s a crazy idea on how to manage your sales…), I simply did not buy a game I could not understand. But if they would offer it to me, i would buy it. Heck, I may even buy aditional copies for my friends birthdays if the have not already bought them at the time…
    That’s not what I call a dead franchise. That’s what I call a franchise strangled by poor management.
    And havings said that and taken a weight off my chest I’ll say.
    GIVE US YOUR GAME MORONS! English is not my mother languaje and even so I’ll buy it, so give my PSP VC3 and my smartphone VC Duel! OR do you not want my money?

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t fucking care.
    I loved the first one…
    The second one is fun, but way too fucking tedious…
    The third one has seemed to fix parts, but still, why the fuck did they keep it on PSP? Where did my beautiful cell-shading and cell-shaded cut-scenes go?!
    I’m all for anime, but if something ain’t broke, don’t fix it, so why did they take away and ruin something that was already amazingly great (and somewhat near perfection)?

    • Anonymous says:

      @23:17 What the hell are you talking about? Those comments ARE from western gamers. I also never heard the Japanese developers blame anyone. Valkyria Chronicles 2 & 3 outsold the first game because they were on the PSP in japan. And the first Valkyria game sold close to half of a million copies in Japan.

    • Anonymous says:

      As great as the series is, releasing VC2 on PSP instead of PS3 and then not releasing VC3 at all in America killed the series in the west.

      As anonymous 19:05 20/06/2012 said, the browser platform will result in a larger potential audience. It could be easy and profitable to tie it into facebook/android store/iPhone/etc. and un-kill the franchise in the west if they just take some time to translate it (which is precisely why I expect Sega to make absolutely no effort whatsoever to do so)

  • Anonymous says:

    Valkyria Chronicles was an excellent game, and I sorely wanted to see more of it.

    Valkyria Chronicles II had interesting class progression buried beneath tiny, restrictive PSP maps and a completely horrible and asinine school setting of immortal children “playing” war.

    Valkyria Chronicles III was a mixing of a VC1 setting with VC2 features without most of the crippling flaws of VCII (better story, better characters, and maps weren’t the size of postage stamps), but SEGA neither wants to port the game to the west nor allow Atlus or another company to port it themselves because they hate you (Atlus and Aksys have posted that they did inquire about this).

    Meanwhile how many shitastic Sonic games have we seen? I mean I realized Sega was completely clueless when they came out and said they designed Shadow the Hedgehog specifically to appeal to western audiences, but why can’t they learn? >_>

  • Anonymous says:

    I am disappointed in the lack of PS3 support.
    On this browser game’s reveal trailer on Youtube, even Japanese fans were crying for a PS3 Valkyria sequel.

    Valkyria Chronicles went to the PS3 market when there were less than half of the total PS3 console sales today. Even then it still reached 1 million units sold.

  • Anonymous says:

    “so Sega has faith in another HD title. I for one welcome this game”

    Fuck this shit, they don’t want my money? Fine. I was hoping for VC to come out for the ps3 again but they’ve been dodging me. VC1 was my first ps3 game man 🙁

  • Anonymous says:

    I hope everyone remembers that the phantasy star browser game lasted only 5 months and the shenmue browser game only a little longer. Phantasy is much bigger than valkyria in Japan yet it’s browser game couldn’t make any money. Also what’s the point of valkyria without Blitz.

  • Really, the problem was that they released the sequels on another platform, and a downgraded one at that, in the first place. Dead Space, Demons Souls, and The Witcher are good examples of franchises whose first games didn’t sell that well, but sequels that build on the original on the same platforms sold much better. If Sega hadn’t copped out with the PSP sequel, they might have had a great new franchise instead of one that was basically dead after one game. The shitty anime didn’t help, either.

  • Anonymous says:

    The critics may not realise how popular browser games are. Sure, we can scoff and humph, but it’s potential target audience is much bigger than for the previous games.
    The original VC was awesome – if you’re part of that niche gaming demographic. The average person couldn’t care less for it.

  • “Sega is almost bankrupt, they wouldnt dare to think to localize a almost 100% japanese game. Dont blame SEGA, blame the majority of gamers in the western lands who only buy western games”

    Totally agree with this. I’m playing many imported games, not the classic US shit with macho men and guns.

  • As I said on Kotaku when they posted this:

    Why don’t they just make another Valkyria Chronicles game on PS3 and Vita?
    Then you get to play the game on Both Consoles AND Portable Systems at Any Time.

    Make the Game like Many Other Vita Games, and You can Play the Game on Either system, start on 1, then pick up on the other.

    I recently finished watching the Valkyria Chronicles Anime, so when I can get a PS3, i will get Valkyria Chronicles (PS3) as soon as I can.

    And Yes, I already know The Ending for the Anime was Majorly Changed Compared to the Game, I saw the ending Online.

    But despite the Changed Anime Ending, I still Thought the Series was Good.

  • Anonymous says:

    SEGA finally had a game where people loved it and regained Fans. But then SEGA likes to ruin themselves now and ran the franchise into the ground with each passing release. As if they didnt go through this with Sonic already (and Yakuza soon).

  • Anonymous says:

    Do the Japanese think we are bitter over Sega giving up Sega Dreamcast in US?

    Not really…Sega had made the choice to go third party developer and look where that got them they had some popular IP’s on there own systems.

    The only hope they have is Phantasy Star Online 2,The Cave,Aliens: Colonial Marines,Yakuza 5.

  • “Dont blame SEGA, blame the majority of gamers in the western lands who only buy western games.”

    That’s because almost all of the Japanese games for the past decade just plain sucked. There are many, many damned good reasons why Japan’s VG marketshare has shrunk from almost 50% at the turn of the millenium, to struggling to reach even 10% now.

    Not to mention, since when does any non-JP game gets any attention within Japan?

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m dying for another sRPG console Vakyria. I’m disappointed in the team spending their time on this game, but it does look somewhat fun to me, if it’s $15 or less I might get it.

  • Ciscotaku says:

    well, that sucks, valkyria chronicles is one of my favorite games in the ps3… got vc2 in my psp and I was hoping for at least a psvita version if they wont release the 3rd one in the psp…

  • Anonymous says:

    So let’s take this bitchin’ game with its pretty great free-roam/TBS hybrid combat system, and reduce it to just the TB part. Also the battle scenes are akin to trench warfare.

    On a side note, I like how Julianna is considered more important than Cosette, and I’m not even joking.

    • Anonymous says:

      The game never had good sales. People often say that the first game sold a lot, but 90% of the sales happened when the game was $10. SEGA never really did money with the game, so they send the game for the PSP (more cheap). The second game probably sold well in Japan, but not the third (i think), so they probably are doing this cheap game to catch money with figures and stuff like that.

      Does not matter how good the game is, if people are not interested, is the end. And when i say interested, i say lots of people, not 10 or 20 people from an anime forum.

      • Hm, no.

        Half the western sales for VC happened at full price (and the game roughly reached 200k after it was cut to 29.99$). The second VC sold as much as the original in Japan and a little bit more in the first month in the west but quite less in the LTD, about 90k. VC2 was a half-‘hearted’, half-baked effort made in few months to capitalize on the anime season but they were wrong to think that the critical acclaim of the PS3 version would have led people to shift platform because of it. It’s more or less the same mistake Namco did with the Tales series.

      • Anonymous says:

        This, plus the fact that portable games market was pretty much dead due to piracy, risking to release something that hadn’t sold well even in japan… well, it did good, but it stops there since apparently they weren’t aiming too high with VC3 anyways.

        I just have to object that the first game did okay in sales, a lot like many western released JRPGs.

        • Anonymous says:

          Far be it from myself to truly trust wikipedia fully, but if you looked up VC3 and completely read the page. You’ll note that the third one did better then the first two!
          Because of all that detail on that page highlighting the Story, I’m going to think the writer could actually Read Japanese and also Played the game.
          All you trollers be jumping to be early and wasting text that I’d always gotta scroll down past~