Top 10 Slice of Life Anime


The slice of life anime, that great favourite of Type B fans, has been subjected to ranking by its many fans – with KyoAni’s showing as strong as ever in a genre it dominates rather strongly…

The term “slice-of-life” actually has no direct equivalent in Japanese – the (very) close equivalent being “kuuki-kei” (空気系 – loosely, “atmosphere type”), describing works which centre developing a distinct “atmosphere” rather than a follow a storyline.

The almost synonymous “nichijou-kei” – “everyday life type” – shares practically the same definition.

These terms describe a loose genre centred on the interactions of moe characters, (frequently unrealistic) everyday settings, and a lack of overarching story, most often being derived from 4 panel manga.

Having only taken shape in the last decade, defining examples are likely to be familiar – Azumanga Daioh!, Lucky Star, K-ON! and Nichijou being some of the most representative.

The ranking:

1. Nichijou

2. K-ON!

3. Danshikousei no Nichijou

4. Acchi Kocchi

5. Lucky Star

6. Working!!

7. Yuruyuri

8. Minami-ke

9. Hidamari Sketch

10. Ore no Imouto

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