Atelier Meruru = 50% “Sexualized Outfits On Very Young Girls”


Gamespot’s recent review of the English release of top moeblob RPG Atelier Meruru has proven controversial for spending an inordinate amount of time bashing the title for its “sexualised outfits on very young female protagonists,” whilst insinuating that anyone who plays it probably has an unhealthy interest in little girls.

Extracts from their scathing review:

While the addictive alchemy formulas that sit at the heart of the gameplay have been held over for a repeat performance, everything else has been hit hard by an obnoxious spoiled brat of a title character, a repetitive plot loaded with never-ending tedious dialogue, and so many creepy moments with the short-skirted kiddie characters that you feel like you’re committing a crime just looking at the TV screen.


The setting is overloaded with anime-style cutesiness. There are more pastel colors and glowing stars here than in the average 8-year-old girl’s dream bedroom. The entire game sparkles like a Twilight vampire.


This kid-friendly atmosphere sits uncomfortably alongside sexualized fetish outfits on too-young female characters.

Costumes are taken to extremes with super-short skirts and corsets that it makes playing the game somewhat cringe-worthy.


But it is impossible to enjoy the game as a complete experience because you see everything through the eyes of one of the most vapid gaming protagonists ever created, and do all of your adventuring in a world so sickeningly sweet that you should get screened for adult-onset diabetes the moment you put down the gamepad.


Whilst Gamespot’s reviews are already rather famous for having all the fairness of an AKB48 popularity contest, amongst anime-loving gamers they and various other US reviewers have rapidly garnering a reputation for treating any game boasting moe visuals as an tantamount to virtual child pornography – the most famous example being their views on Neptunia.

The game did rather better on Metacritic, the gamer’s moral guardians at Gamespot being in a distinct minority:


The English version of the game is in any case available now.

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  • These ratings should be dismissed by their ridiculous “moral convictions”.

    Someone who cannot separate their stupid “morality” when their suppose to be reviewing a product needs to go back to church, and stay at church.

    We’re only interested in what the game offers us, not a side-stepping of moral douche-bragger from naggers.

    Screw your preaching!

  • Anonymous says:

    i’m not very surprised actually, especially coming from gamespot, or g-spot for short. LOL.
    what do you expect from an american game reviewer? they only like games with guns and killing other nationalities that has a biff with the US (koreans, arabs, russians).

  • Anonymous says:

    So cute outfits are considered “sexualized” now? Bah, hum bug. I’m guessing that some males and females have different definitions of that word. As a girl, all I wanna do is squee over the cute characters and pretty artwork. I’ve never played any of the games in this series and I’m seriously considering getting it

  • Anonymous says:

    Fuck these faggot ass haters. First they go after the lolis now they go after the “tamed” lolis too?

    These bastards won’t rest until anime and manga is completely banned from the U.S. as a whole.

    The only thing that’ll remain is pokemon because that’s what everyone wants everyone else to watch and play.

  • 1) Don’t force your cultural beliefs regarding proper fashion on a game made in Japan. What is considered “provocative” in America is often considered “cute” in Japan.

    2) It’s a fantasy game. Women are cute and sexy. Men are handsome (once again, however, it is according to Japanese aesthetics).

    3) Characters will have flaws. Without them, they have no room for development and the audience has no way to empathize them.

  • Anonymous says:

    On one hand, I feel what you’re trying to say.

    On the other hand, my dick says shut the fuck up.

    Btw, Gamespot is shit. You’re gonna get bias against any games that aren’t “westernized and appropriate”.

  • Anonymous says:

    so i seem to wake up in the future where frilly dresses are too sexy and mini-skirts/skanky clothes are for the high class rich ladies… glad sancom is still there after all these years that went past while i slept 😀

  • Anonymous says:

    So true

    Constant exposure in the Ugly American “circlejerk” of Marvel collecting male buddies solely of the buff men in tights ie. Superman, Batman etc. = self hating closet case BI’s

    everytime they have a finger pointing at you, three other fingers are pointing back at them…

  • Here’s the comment I plan on posting on their review once I make my account (Yeah, im that bored today XD)

    Here’s the thing, reasons why this game was given a bad review on GS:

    1. Unlike SE, Gust doesn’t buy their votes.

    2. They were probably expecting said check in the mail from either Gust, Nisa, etc. from one of the companies responsible for making/bringing the game stateside. Seeing no check in the mail, they gave a bad review as a way to ‘get back’ at them for lack of payment.

    Gamespot… you so funny, hire a reviewer who actually understand the JRPG genre and quit overpaying an obvious under-qualified reviewer, that is all. XD

  • Anonymous says:

    The English “localization” of this game is a joke. NIS America does everything they can to “scrub” the game of all references to sexy children, and if you go to their forums and even imply that you think one of their underaged characters is sexy, you’ll get instantly banned.

    Do Not buy the English version of this game.

    • Anonymous says:

      lol, “nis america”. aren’t these the same idiots that raised all the ages of all the underaged girls in atelier rorona by four years? and then when that became a problem in the sequel, they removed all references to their ages in the english dialogue, even though when you’re playing with japanese voices, you can clearly hear the characters talking about their age?

  • Anonymous says:

    Biased review is Biased. Marking a game down because its choice of color scheme is wrong. Marking a game down for sexualized clothing is also wrong. Even though there really isn’t sexy clothing in this game… Its cute and happy. Meruru wears bloomers not panties. Characters don’t have much skin even showing aside from legs. I have yet to look at a character in the game and go “Yea, Thats sexy” I think “OMG CUTE!” And its not overboard with any of that, there are quiet a few dungeon area’s that are quiet dark featuring colors like, Black, Grey, Drab earth tones like Green, Brown. Etc etc. So I doubt the reviewer got passed the opening.

    When did people stop reviewing games based on their story, flow, content, game mechanics, etc etc etc?

  • I love the Atelier series Meruru is great and so cute.

    I hate those foreign review sites. They are bashing a cute girl’s clothes. Is she not allowed to wear what she wants. Gamespot are bunch of fags just ignore them.

  • And this is the main reason why we should ban religious people who have deep and huge trouble in seeing bare legs of a female from owning videogame consoles and using the Internet as a videogame reviewer.

    Ah well, what do you even expect from that same community where I met that hypocritical loliphobic Tales series fujoshi.

    • Anonymous says:

      “And this is the main reason why we should ban religious people who have deep and huge trouble in seeing bare legs of a female from owning videogame consoles and using the Internet as a videogame reviewer.”

      Thereby implying all religious people are prudes.

  • Anonymous says:

    I forget the specific names now, but Gamespot is run by a bunch of dominatrix feminists who also like to publically share risque photos of themselves caked in make-up and wearing skimpy outfits while playing games on the toilet. To say they are merely delusional is a gross understatement. “DameDespot” is a vastly more accurate and suitable title for their site.

    I remember when they reviewed Oneechanbara Revolution (AKA “Bikini Zombie Slayers”, the shitty Western name). Did they give it a chance? Hell, no. The entire review was a whine-fest focusing on the main character “wearing nothing but a bikini”, which is obviously not the case to anyone with a pair of eyes and a brain.

    Their pathetic, biased and irrelevant review apparently wasn’t retarded enough for them, because they also actively campaigned against the game, even going on television to unreasonably bash it there over its “sexist” use of a single bikini as part of a character’s outfit.

    Never mind that many people actually enjoyed the game because it’s a pretty damn good hack and slash/beat ’em up. All that mattered to DameDespot was the bikini. As you can imagine, I stopped going anywhere near their “gaming” site a long time ago.

    Sankaku should write an article about that manipulative male-hating deranged feminist who raked in over a hundred thousand dollars in donations over a short period, just because she wants to make a video whining about female stereotypes in games.

    You know, I wish I had a body that I could rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars just by doing little more than complaining about how it compares to others, too.

  • starsplash says:

    Atelier is no where near as offensive as Neptune. Neptune V is on Pre order here in Taiwan. I can’t wait to read the bullshit reviews for Neptune V when it comes out in the states!

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve played through it twice. I give it major credit for NOT diving into sexualizing stereotypes JRPGs are known for. It’s day and night versus Neptunia mk2.

    Seriously, I haven no idea how one could complain here. Characters have normal body proportions (gasp!) and characters have actually aged through the 12-15 years the series has taken place across.

    Yes, there’s an 8-year-old. She acts like one and talks like one. She wears a long frilly dress and an oversized hat. Her combat abilities are limited to throwing bombs at things. Even in the obligatory hot springs scene she’s off in a corner wearing a full-body towel.

    Literally, besides a few drunken women hitting on the MC in 2-3 scenes, it’s an un-sexual as you’re going to get.

  • Anonymous says:

    Gamespot guys are in love with sweaty macho men in tight outfits. Throw anything pastel and young at them, these manly-overgrown guys will scream at you in every worse manner possible. Best to leave them be- sticking their ol’shiny gun up in their hairy marine’s ass.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank god this made it here.
    I was beginning to wonder if anyone would speak up to the double moral standards put on Japanese games.

    If Lolipop Chainsaw gets more than a 5 on Gamespot, the reviewer must be a total insecure 3DPD pig.

  • Anonymous says:

    I hate the idea of game reviewers indemnify themselves as ethics police. It’s like they’re shoving their own agenda down our throats:
    “I’m morally outraged!”
    “…but…how was the game?”
    “…I don’t know, I’m morally outraged!!!!”

  • Gamespot is the worst gaming site in the internet for JRPG fans seriously, especially Anime-Inspired JRPGs those guys hate anything anime-like & they r extremely biased toward those things, STAY AWAY!

    Also I want to say that this Bret who made the review is obviously a big f@g licking huge black cocks all day long, ty & bye.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Also I want to say that this Bret who made the review is obviously a big f@g licking huge black cocks all day long”
      Yes, because there’s totally something wrong with having a different sexual orientation than you.

      Learn some tolerance, pal.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have a lesbian friend who is a passionate feminist, hates loli, and is always critical of impractical outfits on girls – but she absolutely adores the Atelier series. After Totori, I thought she could never like Meruru as much, but she likes it even more. She even thinks Meruru is a great main character, a smart and strong princess who’s seeking to be the best at what she does.

    So much for sexism. I haven’t played it myself, but if it can get her approval, I know that review is 100% bullshit.

  • After getting my LE sert and sinking 5 hours into it thus far, I can say the experience from the first and second games has vastly improved.

    The gameplay is incredibbly streamlined with the added option of hitting one button to put you into the “zone” area of the location you want to go to. Old School RPG players can always walk from screen to screen so the new school and old school crowd are both pleased.

    Alchemy synthesis is vast and detailed, allowing a creation of just about any type of item you can imagine whether it be attack/defense items, gear/weapons, etc. Sounds simple on paper but one look at the system and you’ll immediately see how the game eases you into it’s vast web of possibilities and what you create and accomplish from it’s brief, but helpful tutorials is perfect.

    The battles have also been improved vastly from Rorona but not so much from Totori, which is a good thing actually; they took what was good from Totori and sped up the battles considerably. ALso if first impressions are anything to go by, the “friendship” system you have with your party members has been eased up a bit on the player to allow multiple endings to trigger at the end of the game with less stress and worry about whether or not you can really “level up” all your characters, both in battle levels and friendship levels, not to mention your own popularity level, battle level, and alchemy level to make better items.

    This is what an RPG should be people and one in which multiple “endings” are justified. 13-2 tried it with a faux-time-travel system and failed horribly. When 13 part 1 is 29 bucks new and 13 part 2 is 19… YES NINETEEN DOLLARS NEW at your local video game store… you know Square’s lost the magic touch. Hell for me personally, they died when they merged with Enix. Competition kept their games at a high quality. so here’s hoping someone else steps up to the plate to take these fools out and show them that they don’t own the RPG market anymore.

    JRPG’s are dying? well when the average american gamer that only plays FPS all day sees the “japanese RPG marlet as ‘those guys that make the final fantasy’ games” then of course it’s dying… with the low level of quality games they been pushing out lately and now that they’ve gone into the business of killing self-made and well respected franchises; (TombCharted?, please no…)

    It’s no wonder I among others don’t take them seriously anymore, their KH series should’ve ended with 2 instead of the multitude of spin-offs, and fo rmany of us, Versus-13 will be the very last chance of them ever redeeming themselves. They got lucky with Type-0 because I for one and dying to get that on my Vita ready to ad-hoc with people over the net with. But anything else has just been utter disappointments.

  • Well for one that outfit isn’t sexual in the least. And the character herself doesn’t look young at all.

    ‘Sexualizing children’, what a joke. The only one who’s doing that is the twisted reviewer who seems to be looking as hard as they can to find child porn in everything they see.

    An IRL little girl wearing high heels and a string bikini would be sexualizing children; This is just your typical cute anime girl.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is enough of this. Because they censored TERA you have web-sites viewing ANYTHING frilly or japanese as Porn.

    This is ridicolous and i’m getting sick of it.

    Is there a place where I can complain and turn these websites in?

  • Anonymous says:

    Its a great game 🙂 Playing it myself atm, and played the previous 2. I don’t think the GS review will really affect anyone. Anyone that’s an avid JRPG fan buys games knowing that western reviwers dock off 3-5 points right off the bat for being a JRPG. And anyone thats not a JRPG fan probably would take 1 look at the cutesy graphics and say no without reading the review anyways.

  • funny to see you guys trying to defend this and the Neptunia review when is obvious that you guys are obsessed with ecchi animes and lolis. I mean, just take a few minutes to look around the site and everything will be clear.

    What these reviewers say is the undeniable truth. The over-sexualization of little girls on games like Neptunia and Atelier is pretty obvious. For people like you guys this is no problem at all, in fact, is the opposite but for people with integrity and that aren’t anime fans this is a real issue.

    Now come on and down-vote my comment and keep living in denial.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hahahaha, it’s so funny! All you guys going like “nooo they are not sexualized” and when you look at the article Sankaku made on this game the tittle is:

      “Atelier Meruru Sexiest Atelier Ever”


    • Anonymous says:

      Over-sexualization? Clearly you have not played this game or series before. There is ZERO sexual inuendo in this game; i’d be comfortable loaning this game to any kid with no worries. This is about as offensive as any magical girl shoujo anime would be to kids, like pretty cure or something along those lines.

      Neptunia is a whole different animal though. This series and neptunia have NOTHING in common.

      • Anonymous says:

        You know moral fags.

        They take a teeny, tiny thing and blow it up like it’s a giangtic scandal.

        That’s why I can’t wait until their kicked out of gaming so much that all their whinning and flapping will be considered mere chicken dancing of morons.

        Not the nuisance that it is right now. Moral-Fags believe in regulating everything the player buys incase it’s offensive. Sad thing there is no “offense” to be made. Atelier is as luke-warm as they come.

    • starsplash says:

      I find it that the same morons that says this series is sexualized clearly doesn’t know anything about the series or played the game.

      There is no sexualization in this series. Just girls wearing cute outfits. You clearly just read the fucked up review and looked at the box.

      And man… you need to change you’re avatar if you wanna say something stupid like you just did. Thats irony for you, and makes you a hypocrite.

    • Anonymous says:

      Integrity is a relative concept. Perceived morals in a highly suggestive society where everything that the mass majority does not believe is true must be wrong.

      All I see is a blind hypocritical person looking only from one side of the box.

        • Anonymous says:

          There is nothing wrong with her outfit. She’s supposed to be a princess in a fictional kingdom during a time period similar to I would think the Middle Ages.

          Something wrong with royalty wearing a frilly dress?

        • Anonymous says:

          It’s not normal to wear impractical clothing in public. It gets in the way of doing useful things.

          So no, it’s not normal. But it should be acceptable and anyone ridiculing people doing it is a mooron.

        • Anonymous says:

          I don’t know about that guy, but I don’t see anything “sexual” or wrong about her outfit.

          In fact, I’ve seen really young girls in the states dressed like trashy whores. So what exactly are you whining about?

    • Anonymous says:

      I totally agree with you. Little girls parading around in BDSM gear and swimwear, is supposed to be shunned in the first world.

      And inflating their figure doesn’t make a minor an adult. Anybody who defends these games is entitles to all the negative criticism they receive.

    • Anonymous says:

      @WEL Idiots such as yourself are the problem with society. If you’ve ever played the Atelier series you would’ve known there’s NOTHING sexualized about this charming series.

      This series is actually comparable to a Ghibli flick, so Is Ghibli suffering from over-sexualization too, HUH?!

      You’re no better than that fucked up reviewer… blowing shit out of proportion.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anyone with your avatar who posts comments here should look in the mirror first. Besides, it’s ridiculous to point fingers at this game when there’s so much of this fetishizing in the real world. This is just like getting a militant atheist to review Passion of the Christ.

  • I don’t see anything wrong with the costumes in Atelier Meruru. They may be a little short, but nothing is sexualized as that Gamespot reviewer Brett Todd said in the review. But it’s A-okay with Alien Sex in Mass Effect which actually sexualized a videogame. Sure, Mass Effect are more for adults, but Atelier Merumeru isn’t exactly meant for 6 years kids either.

    Just another attempt of some western gaming website to talk badly about J-RPGs in favor of the more bloody, gory western games with bald marines.

  • Hrrrggg….

    Need to have ’em play “Skyrim” watch da trailer, that’ll help make a MAN out of you!

    What we are dealing with is that most of mankind comes from Huga of Buga. Way before Atlantis there was this tribe of men that realized if they grabbed “Big” women, esp with big hips and boobs they had an advantage to reproduce. A skinny waif died 10% of the time each brat and often took the kid with her. Big ladies could drop one in the morning then get up and finish making dinner, the kid holding on and sucking. They also kept you warm, were tough, could work and since they liked to eat they liked to cook. Took more food, obviously, but no more bitchy/whiny than other women.

    Thus the tribe became known for chanting the leader’s name when obtaining women, by wooing, war, buying, capturing… “Huga Buga! Hooogaaa Boooogaaa!”

    And this was way before the races differentiated or whatever, so lots of Huga Buga’s line in all races and cultures, one thing the Black man has that white man can appreciate…

    However, it seems Japan (1) had an unusual collection of descendants from the “Clan of the Cave Pedo Bear”… “Rori! Rooorrriiiieeee!”

    Brits are just sub-celts that sadly the Romans didn’t kill what they RAPED so we have them constantly wanting “Daddy”…

    1 – the “Japanese” actually came from China, legendary had an order from the first Emperor they could never fill so didn’t dare go back. Mmaybe that’s how he got rid of the pedos…?

  • Anonymous says:

    I read a Gamespot review of an eroge game a few years ago. The reviewer openly admitted that he hated this genre of games, was only reviewing it because ‘they’ made him, and had every intention of writing the most scathing review possible (he nearly succeeded). If you can’t be objective, you shouldn’t be writing reviews.

  • “…so many creepy moments with the short-skirted kiddie characters that you feel like you’re committing a crime just looking at the TV screen.”

    Haha, that made my day. Well said.

  • Anonymous says:

    Meh, it’s gamespot. They fired the only decent reviewer they had a few years ago who actually reviewed for reasons that did not include being paid by the developers/publishers, which is also the reason they fired him since he rated badly a game they were paid to praise.

    Back then, a small percentage of the reviews on GS were decent reviews, but since then, 100% of their reviews are pure bullshit.

  • Anonymous says:

    Obviously, this fat ass of a reviewer hasn’t gotten off his couch (which his skin has probably meld with) and visited a mall within the last 10 years. Otherwise, he would know that the overly sexualized world he speaks of is not just virtual but an actual literal reality…

  • Anonymous says:

    TERA got shit on by gamers for the Elin race. The game has been out now for about a month, and people STILL cry pedo if you play one. It’s just bizarre how people went crazy over basically nothing.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s because in the West we are made NOT to see “cute mystical, unaging badass girls wielding stupidly large weapons killing giant beasts and dragons”

      Instead we are made to see “very underage girls wearing skimpy outfits that in reality wouldn’t be fighting monsters with stupidly large weapons and instead should be sheltered from the dangers of the world”

      Note that in the West, we love our “realism” (look at the games that sell well in the West). So much so to a fault….can’t believe I’m going to say this but, we’re more likely to blend/blur reality into fantasy and imagination than our Far Eastern friends.

    • They censored the Elin in the US and the EU by putting shorts on them, didn’t they? I didn’t see anything wrong with the initial rendition to begin with and I’m female.

      I blame the media for stirring people up over here till they’re foaming at the mouth. It seems every story on the news is either about some kid getting approached or grabbed by a perv or a teacher having an affair with a student.

      Of course murder and mayhem get a free pass.

        • Anonymous says:

          This is very true. Most girls I know who see things like the Elin from Tera, Atelier characters, or even Neptunia and Touhou have all said they look cute and cool. Some even said the outfits look great with a good fantasy feel to them and would try one for fun.

          I told a few of them about the Elin censorship and they all think it’s stupid, but their biggest complaint was that the outfits looked silly and didn’t suit the Elin at all for the EU and US release.

  • Everytime one of Atelier games or something like it is exported to the the US Gamespot hands it over to Kat Bailey, a woman with an axe to grind to drag it over the coals and give it a crappy review.

    I’m a young woman and I’ve always loved the series for both the incredibly cute graphics of the characters as well the gameplay.

    Personally I find the costumes cute and remember my mom dressing me in short skirts and dresses as a little girl and not having any problems with molesters or whatever. Parents just have to make their kids aware that there are freaks out there and to act accordingly. Looking is one thing, a 40 year guy asking a 7 year old girl for directions is another. Especially now with GPS. Think about it.

    • starsplash says:

      Atelier is no where near as offensive as Neptune. Neptune V is on Pre order here in Taiwan. I can’t wait to read the bullshit reviews for Neptune V when it comes out in the states.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s just this female sexism going on in developed countries. You don’t have to be a woman to have it; there have been men who are always eager to show how much of gentlemen they are by hounding up on anything remotely ‘exploitative’.

    • Anonymous says:

      I thought about it and I fail to see a problem with it. But of course, our alarmist society has made a mountain out a molehill, because apparently there are big bad bogeyman everywhere who will snatch your child the moment your back is turned. Which explains why the human race has propagated as far as it has without all 7 year old girls being raped by dirty old men. But it’s more rational to pretend it’s a HORRIFIC PROBLEM, and anyone who thinks otherwise must themselves by a HORRIBLE PROBLEM, and not an individual who’s tired of being told they should run around screaming in fear.

      • Anonymous says:

        Even so, in today’s paranoid society asking a kid whose alone for anything is setting yourself up for a fall. Best to move on down the road and find an adult. Just common sense.

        • Anonymous says:

          > Children are not known for their ability to convey useful information.

          Maybe not known as it, but that’s because people don’t know anything. Adults suck at conveying any information too simple to their tastes. Kids will do it so easily that adults are often useless.

          Hell, I know even I cannot understand when I’m asked a simple question and therefore cannot give a simple answer unless I get clarifications.

    • Anonymous says:

      This particular dumb review was by Brett Todd actually, I think Kat Bailey reviews/blogs for Joystiq (?) … but yeah. She has a very…bizarre opinion of what’s good and bad.

      It kinda comes off that she bashes good games and worships mediocre ones, just to elicit a response or seem “hip and cool” by pulling for the underdog.

    • Anonymous says:

      Depends on what they’re asking for directions to. I was asked for directions to a waterfront restaurant when I was a kid by some old people. The restaurant had a really horrible location not near any main roads (you had to go a few miles down a residential road, then turn down another and continue down a few more miles past 2 large places that fixed boats). Unless you lived in the area or had been there before, you probably wouldn’t ever find it unless you stopped someone to ask. I was the lucky one since there wasn’t anybody out that day. True, these days there are GPS, but many people still don’t use them. =/

      I get what you’re saying, but sometimes circumstances cause desperation, and a kid may need to be asked for directions. =P

    • > a 40 year guy asking a 7 year old girl for
      > directions is another. Especially now with GPS.
      > Think about it.

      There is nothing to think about. Just a cunt trying to force her notions on others. If I want to ask a fucking kid where xyz is then thats my business and doesn’t mean I’m up to anything else. Assuming that I do is sexist and shows your true colors…feminazicunt…


  • Anonymous says:

    western sites only give good reviews to games made by publishers who give them lots of ad money. with the exception of nintendo titles, and games ported to english rarely do.

    shit review was expected. only an idiot couldn’t see that coming.

  • Anonymous says:

    Who listens to game reviews from other people anyways? There’s always a demo and you can save more time tinkering with it rather than read a biased article.

    I never consult with game reviews from sites like these and I’ve never regretted all the games I’ve bought since I had my ps2.

    • There is a growing amount of evidence that most video game reviewers from established video game news giants(such as Gamespot/IGN)are paid pushers meant on advertising in the form of “reviews.”
      Because we all know that
      “Mass-marketing”+”The best Reviews”=$$$$$$$$

      Activision hosts invitational review summit:

      Gameplanet, a review website themselves, had declined an offer from Activision regarding a “review event” prior to the release of “Call of Duty Black Ops.” In their own words,

      “It is Gameplanet’s belief that such gratuity compromises the integrity of any review and as a result, this publication has never and will never accept such an invitation.”

      Gamespot’s Sad State of Affairs regarding their editorial integrity:

      Sam Kennedy from 1Up questions the editorial integrity of Gamespot. He goes on by mentioning the incident in 2007 when Gamespot Reviewers Frank Provo and Alex Navarro resigned in protest of Gamespots’ policy of softening to advertisers:

      from the article:
      GameSpot reviewer Frank Provo and GameSpot Reviews Editor Alex Navarro both quit from the site. Provo, who had written nearly 800 reviews for GameSpot, told its audience that he could no longer work for a publication that softened its scores to appease advertisers. “I won’t lie to people and tell them a game is good when it isn’t,” he wrote in his goodbye note to the site. Navarro also admitted he left in the wake of the Gerstmann incident, saying to joystiq, “It’s a crying shame that things went down the way they did…sometimes you just realize a place isn’t for you anymore.” Navarro had no other job lined up when he quit.

        • Anonymous says:

          reading the review’s kind of meaningless. we KNOW editorial corruption is what happened.
          as in KNOW.
          as in, it has since been 100% confirmed by all parties involved.

          CNET(parent company of Gamespot) and Giant Bomb were both bought by CBSi, and CBSi did a house cleaning of the upper echelon of Gamespot.
          after that Gamespot ran an interview (on their own site) with Gerstmann where everyone pretty much admitted that everything hat had been said about gerstmann-gate (folding to Eidos pressure, and firing Gerstmann, over a bad K&L review) was 100% true.

      • And the term ‘prosti-tots’ apparently.

        I mentioned the term as a joke when Toddlers and Tiaras came up in conversation how I saw on The Soup a mother had said something like “Well some people may think she looks like a prostitot, but I think the judges will like it.” And they all looked at me aghast like I had coined the phrase or something.

        I gave up a long time ago. If certain parents want to dress their children up and prepare them for, as Stewie puts it, a “Semen-covered death in the basement” then what can you say? Thanks for giving that portion of the population their outlet! I’m sure they thank you profusely!

        The kids are fine, doesn’t matter what they do, they just have fun. It’s the parents who are living vicariously through their children who need a good swift cunt punt. …or maybe some parenting skills… yeah, that’d help more. The former would just be more satisfying. And actually probably make a funny noise too that could be recorded for foley and used in games and movies. We need a good female Wilhelm scream. …what was I talking about again…?

  • So what? All girls should be clad in a Powered Suit like Samus, depriving them of all their femininity?

    Well, I don’t want to stereotype nor generalize, but the West does have a tendency to be a-ok with violence and hell no towards sexual issues. No problems with splashing someone’s guts across the screen but when ew when girls show a little skin.

    Also, I’m sure that they have absolutely no comments on Princess Peach/Toadstool and the tons of other ‘damsels in distress’ cliches that happen in games.

    • demonhaseo says:

      Trust me Actar…. as an American I can tell you this much. We’re the country that thinks if a kid sees a woman in “Provocative” clothing that it’ll tarnish their purity, the people that think that children can’t see or hear death in their shows cuz it’ll de-sensitize them and turn them into killers… and yet we also use the TV and video games as a babysitter for them… we’re fucking hypocrites for crying out loud and I want them to fucking get their heads out of their asses and learn this already… god I hate my country.

  • Anonymous says:

    “with the short-skirted kiddie characters that you feel like you’re committing a crime just looking at the TV screen.”

    Is it a crime to look at a little girl with short skirt in the US?
    Or is it illegal to have a little girl wear short skirt?
    Well, I guess soon they will force the girls to wear buruka in the US…

    And I also guess this is why the entertainmant in the US has degraded in these years.

    • Men need to shut-up and stop telling us females what we can, and cannot wear.

      If a female decides what she wants to wear on HER body guess what? That’s her business!

      And a video-game character? Oh please some of these guys need to be kicked in their stupid balls really.

      We’ll play the games we want, and the characters we want. So kiss our assets.

    • I work at a hospital in EVS (aka janitor of sorts) and all last month and this month, I remember seeing three little White girls wearing SHORT ASS shorts. It was kinda making me say “no… No… NO!!!” to my devil on my shoulder. Still say fucked up. And then you have older teenagers who got tramp stamps and showing cleavage and shit. You can’t tell how old anybody is, and yet, some still (today) believe the “Don’t ask women their ages”. Okay, older women I go. Got me feeling guilty all the damn time. I control my libido more when people are in full nude, but when “sticking things out”, it’s difficult.

    • Anonymous says:

      Believe it or not, the majority of the population doesn’t care, especially when it comes to fake shit. Unfortunately the ones that do have a problem with things are the same ones that like to yell/plaster their moronic opinions in places where people will see them.

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually, the majority of the population doesn’t care even when it is a real kid being sexed. I’ve talked with a LOT of people and most of them had sex with adults as children and admit (when they aren’t in earshot of the P.O.) that they wouldn’t be flussed if their children had sex with adults as well.

        It’s only a VERY small group of radical feminists and radical religious people who are bashing on pedosexuals on a daily basis, along with some people who are too lacking in cajones to tell those people where to stick it even though they don’t agree with those radical feminists/radical religious.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t know about when YOU look a little girl, but when this reviewer does it they are obviously committing a crime in their head. Maybe even uncontrollably.

      It must really suck to be this reviewer, unable to enjoy a good game because their imagination is too ridiculous…

  • It’s just a guess but…i notice that only female that do reviews in gamespot say this kind of thing. Kat Bailey and Brett Todd to be more to the point. Cause i don’t remember Greg Mueller writing anything like this, and even in moefied titles (like summon night). Not that gamespot matters for me…

        • Anonymous says:

          It’s too subjective. Defamation only applies to outright lies, not highly subjective opinions. If he said that people who play the game are pedos, that would be defamation. If he said that the company designing the game intended to carter to pedo fetishes, that would be defamation. As it is, it’s just another moral crusader being outraged. Jailing them all is just impractical. We don’t have enough prisons.

  • Anonymous says:

    Who cares about what the fuck Gamespot says nowdays? Ever since the Skyward Sword incident, I have the feeling that all they ever throw about is some messed-up, right-wing, extremely fundamentalist christianism-based (chistians, take no offense from that) crap. Someone oughta humble those guys a little.

  • Gamespot seems to believe their reasoning and ideals apply to the game as a whole. I swear, sure, you can bash a game for being an endless stream of “moe” or “sexualization of young protagonists” or whatever you want to call it, but I thought it was a video game website, not a website run by old nuns with rulers waiting for a good wrist to smack.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ll just note Tera’s Elin race for the Western release.

      Seriously, the only ones with “unhealthy” interests are the ones sexualizing whatever to begin with. I mean if you’re seeing them in that way…You really aren’t in any position to preach to others. People that strongly oppose something for moralistic values are usually the ones that are more inclined to have an interest in and actually act out. We call that denial. By gods if cute, puffy, frilly outfits that are designed well are called to be sexualized to these people….how on earth do they react at a fucking beach?

      When a “game reviewer” is focusing more on the characters design….no a characters outfit make that, instead of the gameplay, mechanics, fluidity and so forth. You ain’t no “game reviewer”.

      • Anonymous says:

        Honestly I wish that game never came out in NA because all the idiots here.

        Funny thing the game is only a month old here and now those same people who complained about elin are now saying their “bored out their mind”.

        That’s what en-masse gets for appealing for prudes and trying to turn an asian game western wow bullshit.

        Could care less about Brian Knox and Chris Lee.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think it’s less about the outfits and more about the character. Kat must be one of those women who can only accept women being ‘strong’, ‘independant’ and all that new age, feminist bullshit like many other empowerment crazy Western women.

      Even in real life, there are all kinds of women. Yet this game gets flak?

      And why must so many women who are in videogames industry be so insecure of themselves? Same shit with Jessica Hepler not being able to take criticism for her thinking that games should allow people to skip gameplay for story and instantly branding the critics as ‘sexist’. What part of ‘videogame’ doesn’t she understand? Her being an idiot meant that she is literally walking the stereotype they wanna call bullshit. You want story, you read books or watch movies.

      • Anonymous says:

        Feminist are stupid in general. Let me just say first off i’m a chick and I view nothing wrong about the female body.

        The problem with feminist is that their literally comparing the image of women themselves to pixels and pictures. Their actually insecure of their own selfs (either their fat, ugly, or just plain baggage rl) so they take their frustrations out on the gaming world.

        To them, putting masculine-looking clothes on pixel chicks or putting everyone in muslim-wear attire is “conquering” the big, bad game industry world and creating “equality”.

        Doesn’t do shit but force their view down on how games should be and THIS is how everyone should play because they say so.

        Fuck the feminazi bitches.

      • Anonymous says:

        This is actually what makes me so surprised at the outright hate some people are giving to the new Tomb Raider reset. As soon as they suggested the Lara wasn’t born as the indestructible back-flipping tiger killing monster that she’s portrayed as in the previous games, and that she might just be weak enough for a violent much larger guy (I’m assuming soldier from a drug cartel or something since he doesn’t seem to be an island savage) to potentially rape her, the internet suddenly went “What the fuck are you doing!” and did a 180 on opinion of the game.

        The reality is though, that 99.9% of females graduating college probably would be in the exact same situation they’re putting her in, if they even managed to overcome being stabbed in the abdomen by a metal spike. While yes, it’s twisted and fucked up that rape is a possibility, I find it more realistic, and more “empowering” that she manages to escape, overcome her current helplessness, and END UP strong than than to be born as a tank and never encounter the issues that an actual women might encounter in the face of such an unfair and vicious scenario.

        It’s an unfortunate and unfair standard that everyone in games needs to be super soldiers these days or suddenly it’s a political gender issue. Some people are weak with the potential to be strong, and some people just break under pressure. If you’re aiming for a game more grounded in reality those archetypes should be present occasionally.

        • Anonymous says:

          That thing about Tomb Raider…

          To be honest, I never liked Lara Croft before. Her depiction as a badass packing boobs the same size as her head never really clicked to me.

          The new Tomb Raider though really made me wanna play the game, simply because she seemed very human to me, as shown in the trailer. Sure she’d still be forced to pull a few flips every now and then, but her new personality is just… believable.

          About claims of sexism and all that shit, those fuckers are more than a decade late to the party. Where were they during the first 3 TR games when Lara’s body figure was still clearly made to sexually please with dat ghetto ass and balloon boobs?

    • They’re too busy drooling at the local high school girl crowd to make comments about the way they dress. Thus when they review games, their activities summon up a wealth of guilt that they take out on anime games. This way no one suspects that they’re probably eyeing every girls of teen years that they see .

    • Anonymous says:

      It doesn’t seem like he played the game.

      About half of the areas are not happy pastel color and shiny happiness. They’re ruins and dungeons crawling with ghosts and dragons.

      Also Meruru wears shorts under that skirt. Last time I checked short shorts didn’t make anyone cringe.

      • Was this reviewer a woman? The wording made it sound like a guy, since ironically it seems to always be ‘men’ who whine about sexualization of anything female. Meanwhile usually the girls tend to just say ‘oh, that’s a cute/ugly (insert aesthetic context here)’ and be done with it, while guys end up being ridiculous and protesting vocally.

        Reclaim your damn manhood and go ahead and get a damn erection if you feel like it for fuck’s sake. Don’t wrap a protest sign around you to cover it, just give in, fap a bit, clear your mind, and as Joe Rogan puts it, “Now you can invent things!”

        • Anonymous says:

          I don’t know it kinda of double standards. That’s how come I tend to ignore online reviews for this purpose.

          Lets take an example Mortal Kombat 2011 version they have like about 10 women in there wearing skimpy outfits, oh no that’s right they are all adults it’s fair but no it’s alright cause the game is American.

          I take the review on merit if the game is banned but henceforth it’s not so bashing the game on little girls is beating a dead horse with a stick. Not alright the game is Japanese.

          Well ME3 is a pretty good game cause it’s made in America same as Skyrim but those people who actually played these games will take their reviews with a grain of salt. It’s like IGN rating MW3 10/10 yea pro site.

          See another example is Lollipop chainsaw 1/5 on Quarter to 3? Really so you compared the game to Baynoetta!! Well Panademic is shit cause I compare it to Atom Zombie Smash!!!

          Also Brett Todd is an American so that’s how come the game is reviewed so shit.

        • Anonymous says:

          “These idiots fail so hard at being reviewers”

          let’s not get into stupid sexist crap. the reality is Gamespot is just a horrible horrible site for critical thought of any sort, and has been for a long time.

          Kasavin was the last guy to actually run a good ship around there and that was over 5 years ago already.
          once he left, the ship started to sink. it sucks how Gerstmann was treated but frankly the site was already going downhill with under his tenure.
          and then after Gerstmann-gate, pretty much every remaining writer worth a damn left the sinking ship.

          the current staff of writers is so second rate its actually sort of painful…

        • Anonymous says:

          I’ve recently begun suspecting that there are several women pretending to be men on the internet, for various purposes of influencing popular belief (eg. making men look like assholes). They can then go back to their own identity and whine about being victims to get special benfits or donations.

          This may sound “paranoid” but I think it’s definitely a possibility. People love playing the victim to get benefits. Not saying all women are like that, of course… but when things like money are at stake, it’s logical to expect the worst in people.

        • Okay I’ve only ever been to their site 4 or 6 times and that was to look for cheats in GTA SA (cause bubble car is epic)

          These idiots fail so hard at being reviewers, what the hell is wrong with a reviewer when instead of rating a game about it’s actual pros and cons as a game they just insert their own biased views but personally I’d rather be looking at little girls and hanging posters of them in my wall then brandishing my walls with body builders

          Never once have I ever needed a “reviewers” opinion on what I play! Heck I just go to you tube and add “gameplay” to whatever title and see for myself

  • Fuck gamespot, they’re just anime haters. Haters gonna hate. This has nothing to do with child pornography. And ya know what gamestop, we don’t care about your fuggly macho games with ultra muscular men with big guns that look like ex-gay porn stars trying to be in a military FPS game.

  • Anonymous says:

    Useful as a reminder.

    You doesn’t necessarily need absolute stealth with your power level, but please be a little more selective than the obnoxious narutard, keep your movements slow and steady so you don’t frighten normals.