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AKB48’s Rino Sashihara Apologises for Having Sex with Fan


“Super-carnivore” AKB48 idol Rino Sashihara has partially admitted allegations that she pursued one of her own creepy otaku fans for sex, and has been dumped from the group and banished to the wastes of Kyushu.

The 19-year-old idol tearfully apologised for the scandal she still insists mostly did not happen and revealed that she had been transferred to (i.e. sacked and given a face-saving exit) obscure alphabet soup sister group HKT48:

It’s true that that person was a friend of mine. I’m really sorry about this.


When I first heard about the article, I didn’t know what to think.

But when I read it, I was shocked. A lot of it wasn’t true, but it is true that that person was my friend.

After that I couldn’t keep my food down, and I hyperventilated during the tour. I couldn’t even speak to my mother, and reading the comments of my fans on my blog made my heart ache. I’m so sorry.

Her “transfer” to HKT48, a group with an average age of 13.8 and a reputation for possessing only the “raw” part of “raw talent,” is widely viewed as a demotion, exile, punishment, or prelude to outright sacking:


“She’s totally admitting it all…”

“Congratulations on your promotion there!”

“Isn’t this a demotion?”

“HKT is based in Fukuoka, way over in Kyushu, so this is the last we’ll be seeing of her in Tokyo!”

“This slut admitted it and she still wasn’t fired?”

“So why wasn’t Akimoto fired…”

“She was just banging people as part of her job so she was blameless.”

“So the rest of HKT are OK with having lascivious whores in their ranks?”

“They can’t be too pleased at being used as a dumping ground for scandals.”

“If none of it was true why can’t she say which parts aren’t true?”

“Probably just the part about him being handsome wasn’t true.”

“She got off real light!”

“Especially since she has essentially admitted it was all true.”

“So now she’s reduced to doing local pachinko ads in Fukuoka…”

“From heaven to hell in one fell swoop.”

“What the hell is HKT48 anyway?”

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