“Super-Carnivore” AKB48 Girl, 15, in Otaku Sex Scandal


AKB48 member Rino Sashihara has been outed as a “super-carnivore” who pursued one of her creepy otaku fans for sex when she was only 15.

The scandal centres on AKB48 “Team A” member Rino Sashihara, now 19, who formerly placed 4th in one of the group’s infamous popularity contests.


According to media reports, her “handsome” ex-boyfriend claims that as a student he had been an “AKB otaku” and sought to gain her attention through fan letters, eventually managed to forge a personal connection with her on Mixi.

He describes her, 15 at the time of their tryst, as a “super-carnivore” with a precocious interest in sex.

His account was suitably salacious – the first time she invited him back to her house, he claims she practically dragged him onto her:

“She was really precocious, despite being a year younger than me… When I went in her room, she told me ‘Are you just going to stand there looking at me?’ and ‘Come over here,’ and then put my hand on her thigh. Something snapped in me then and I pushed her down and we kissed for the first time.”

The couple reputedly broke up acrimoniously in 2009.

They also exchanged saucy pictures, he says, and several of these snaps found accompanied his account in the press, including a shot of her cleavage:


Sashihara for her part denies all the allegations and the authenticity of the pictures.

Another picture which has been widely circulated online for some months, supposedly of her performing fellatio on a man, has been clearly identified as a fake, although this is unrelated to the current set of pictures and appears simply to have been dredged from a random adult video.

AKB48 supposedly enforces celibacy on its members, but given the loose morals prevalent in the idol industry (most notoriously, the founder of a male idol stable supposedly treats the boys under his patronage as a personal harem) and the fact that certain ex-AKB48 girls have gone on to become porn stars, there is a certain amount of doubt about this.

These revelations have unsurprisingly proven controversial online:

“I still believe she’s a virgin!”

“15-year-old Sashihara would never do something like this!”

“I hope the yakuza erase this little tattler! I don’t want to know about this stuff, it’s not Sasshi’s fault, he’s to blame!”

“It’s lies, there’s no way one of these super idols would go with some fan.”

“And after we made her 4th…”

“The photos are obviously of a different person!”

“If it’s a lie then she can just sue the paper… so why doesn’t she? She might as well admit it.”

“What do you expect from a bunch of hostesses!”

“How old was he at the time? Isn’t this a crime?”

“If it’s true she’s a criminal too, for producing child pornography of herself as a minor.”

“Sounds more like some scheme to make people think they have a chance of getting with these girls, and so get them shelling out more cash.”

“Right, this is actually exciting – to think she’d go with a lowly fan!”

“They ought to at least have sex with the fans who buy 1000 CDs… otherwise they are really just mocking those fools.”

“It seems pretty normal for kids that age to be doing this. I certainly was.”

“Who was she again?”

“What a scumbag this guy is. How much did he get for selling this story, I wonder?”

“Just tell me when the AV comes out.”

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