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PS Vista: “China’s Fakes Can Be Better Than The Original…”


The release of the PS Vista, incorporating the latest in made in China technology and China’s unique approach to honouring intellectual property, has actually been greeted with a surprising amount of enthusiasm.

According to reports, the device was first spotted in Thailand selling for some 1800 baht ($55). Somebody bought one:


Although outwardly identical to Sony’s PlayStation Vita, the device instead boasts “3,000” games, as well as music and movie playback, a browser, emulators, radio, a camera and TV output, and a multilingual OS bearing a more than passing resemblance to Windows Vista and Apple’s iOS.

Needless to say, the touch panel and various buttons do nothing and the quality of the device’s functionality is said to be nowhere near that of the actual PSV, and in proper China style its 3000 games are said actually to consist of only 200 pirated NES and GBA titles duplicated many times over.

Even so, amongst the Japanese this looks to be inspiring a surprising amount of interest, although whether this is down to the “quality” of the product or sheer dislike of the Vita is not always clear:

“I might actually want this.”

“I’d buy it for a laugh at that price.”

“PS Vista – a name which rips off two for the price of one.”

“If it can manage the SNES I’d like one for Tactic Ogre.”

“Good for the price.”

“Reminds me of the PolyStation…”


“If you can run new ROMs on it then there’s bound to be plenty of demand.”

“You can, apparently.”

“The report says you might regret buying it, but you could say that about the real thing too…”

“They could replace the real one with this and it would be an improvement!”

“China sometimes makes fakes which are more useful than the real thing, doesn’t it?”

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