“What They Say About Bleach Fans & Narutards is True…”


Statistical analysis demonstrating that Bleach and Naruto carry the least amount of text and have the biggest pictures of any Shonen Jump manga has lately been the cause of even more mockery of their much put upon fans.

The study’s findings are summarised in a chart of almost Shonen Jump level simplicity:


The basic approach of the investigation was to count the number of frames and lines of text in each title featured in Shonen Jump over 3 chapters, and so work out the general complexity of each title.

Although this can be interpreted in a variety of ways (a manga with short chapters might have to pack in the text), the most obvious conclusion is that a manga with hardly any text and only one or two frames per page is unlikely to be highly challenging to comprehend.

The creator of the study could not help but note that Bleach had by far both the lowest number of frames and the lowest amount of text of all two dozen titles, with its big pictures and absence of boring text ensuring that it is “living up to its name as every page is overwhelmingly a bleached white expanse.”

Close on Bleach’s heels is none other than Naruto – with the 2nd lowest amount of text and the very least amount of text per panel, although it is noted that this spartan use of the written word is largely excused by the strongly “dynamic” depictions the series is known for.

Meanwhile One Piece placed somewhere in the middle of the pack, although it did have the 4th highest amount of text per frame, it being suggested that each chapter contains a fairly large amount of information but that a low number of frames forces each to carry a fair amount of text.

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