Top 10 Seiyuu You Love


Seiyuu fans of both sexes have been busily ranking their most liked, loved and obsessed over seiyuu, also of both sexes, providing some insight into the popularity of voice actors famed for more than just how good they look on a beach…

The female seiyuu ranking (Asumi’s sudden rise may very well have something to do with the fact she voices a certain unspeakable outer god):

1. Kana Asumi

2. Eri Kitamura

3. Kana Ueda

4. Kanae Itoh

5. Marina Inoue

6. Emiri Katou

7. Romi Park

8. Rina Sato

9. Satomi Sato

10. Hisako Kanemoto

The absence of certain idol-type seiyuu and the huge followings of crazed followers they invariably bring is probably the result of them being deliberately excluded in favour of seiyuu who actually spend more time acting than they do posing in bikinis or on twittering away online.

The male seiyuu ranking:

1. Miyano Mamoru

2. Yuuki Kaji

3. Miyu Irino

4. Takuma Terashima

5. Yoshimasa Hosoya

6. Katsuyuki Konishi

7. Kazuhiko Inoue

8. Tomokazu Seki

9. Shotaro Morikubo

10. Junichi Suwabe

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