Stabber Murders Nitroplus Man


Nitroplus’s music producer has had the incredible misfortune to have been stabbed to death in a random knife attack on the streets of Osaka.

The killer, a 36-year-old unemployed man of no fixed abode, attacked a woman in her sixties and a man in his forties on the street at 1PM in central Osaka.


Both victims were stabbed repeatedly and died shortly after being taken to hospital. The killer was arrested at the scene on charges of attempted murder, shortly to be elevated to murder.


Nobody else was injured in the attacks, though witnesses reported he appeared intent on further attacks.

The identity of his female victim is not yet known, but his male victim was 42-year-old Shingo Minamino, confirmed by visual novel producer Nitroplus as being in charge of scoring their various games and anime productions under the auspices of his employer Georide.


According to police, the killer claimed to have selected his victims at random and “wanted to commit suicide so I bought a kitchen knife nearby, but it was no good so instead I thought I’d kill some people and get the death penalty.”

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