Total Eclipse’s Sexiness Eclipsed by Boob Tracing



The summer 2012 anime season is off to a less promising start than might be hoped – one of the most anticipated upcoming series, “Muv-Luv Total Eclipse,” is already facing tracing accusations after it emerged some of its sexy pinup art looks to have been blatantly plagiarised from not one but two different sources in the same picture…

The purported similarities were discovered by 2ch’s plagiarism task force of otaku with far too much time on their hands – as usual, how they discovered these similarities is almost as pressing a question as why some illustrators still think they can get away with it.

The original:


From a popular Infinite Stratos pin-up:


And on the left an obscure Ikki Tousen artwork:


A limit break is promised to anyone able to identify the third girl as unoriginal, as unfortunately seems less than improbable.

An alternative, more generous explanation has also been put forward – “perhaps they all copied their girls from a collection of poses?” – although this is none too reassuring either.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Have good skills
    > Draw something that looks great
    >>Turns out it looks a lot like something else drawn by another person with great skills.
    >>>Plagarism hilarity ensues
    >>>>Many sads are had.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s unfortunate they see the need to trace – seems really cheap of them. But at the same time it doesn’t bother me much since this is only series promo art work. If they start plagiarising other anime series frame for frame.. then there is a serious problem here.

  • Anonymous says:

    While you can’t really copyright a pose, it’s pretty obvious the illustrator copied these line for line…on one of the girls he even used the same expression.

    Is just anyone hired to do this kind of shit or what?

  • Anonymous says:

    There’s a gif on 2ch showing the changes. The third girl looks exactly like an image of Haruna from To LOVE-Ru.
    You can find it with google reverse image, or just googling “Haruna To LOVE-RU” to find the the image of Haruna.

  • Nice resolution on the original picture! Made side-by-side comparison with the Ikkitousen one a bit more troublesome, though.

    There are probably more differences than similarities with the Ikkitousen girl and the TE one, so that one doesn’t really bother me. But the other girl is way to blatant!

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand, why? The picture and the pose is simple why trace it? It’ll save just 1 or maximum 5 hours of work of the artist. Why are they doing it for the official poster?

  • Anonymous says:

    Sometimes when you got to think of it, it’s amazing how a simple piece of 2D artwork could give you a hard on… That goes to show that these guys who can really draw till such have very ‘good observation skills and sights’in order to pen them down on paper… Ya gotta love what they can see man… πŸ™‚

  • jamesownsall says:

    Another day in CSI: 2ch

    Well I guess the anime’s reputation has been…


    ( β€’_β€’)>βŒβ– -β– 

    (βŒβ– _β– )



  • The girls in these shows are almost all interchangeable (pick a personality quirk, pick a body type, voila), and swimsuit pinups are completely generic. Why bother completely redrawing them every time?

    This was intended as sarcasm, but after putting it down like that and thinking about it I kind of agree.

  • Uh, like how many ways can you pose a body and multiple figures in a way that looks good and artistic…? Frankly, there’s enough Moe in Swimsuit pictures even unlikely precision becomes near certainty…

    And, what poses did the ORIGINAL rip off? What jack-off “men’s” magazine? And what earlier porn did that source rip off?

    Frankly, to any artist out there who fears being accused, look up some cool software called “Poser”. Entry level CG stuff can do pretty good images, little extra to get characters/props, etc. BUT is sold in Japan and lots of good “Anime/Moe” figures.

    So, if you do a pose and some wet blanket “perfect Blue” character wanna-be makes a comparison that threatens you, show people the “Original” which … hehehe of course you did beforehand, a simple 3D image file of an Anime doll character in the same pose you did “To test the lighting/proportions” since it was an important pose/panel, whatever…

    THEN, sue the MoFucka’s (probably literally) ass for “Slander/Libel” or have your publisher/employer do it. Yeah the Japanese court system takes forever, but facing losing his room full of loli moe figures and guro loli posters he’d be tearfully begging to pay you a settlement and make public apologies.

    Show him to mess with you.

    Besides, as Picasso said:

    “good artists create, great artists STEAL!”

    • Eyy….!

      I think we gots us a “tinpot General”…

      Repourpoused old-school term. used to mean person who played war-games with tin soldiers and strategy, derivative when he tried to “Advise” real generals and horrifying when say he dropped from a royal dam and they had to take it.

      Nowadays, a Tinpot General is a person who assumes multiple persona online, usually to just abuse votes/comments.

      In this case he’s attacking for views… Namely it isn’t traced, if it is so what it’s so vapid/unoriginal art who cares, and my advice on how to ram an accusation back at them.

      Frankly, fellas, it has been proven and I mean in court that it is entirely possible for two seperate individuals working seperately to come up with the same exact idea. Moreso the more limited the options are.

      So, getting essentially “We make another Moe show for the creeps to keep making our meager living” is the same idea over and over and over again. OF COURSE the mandatory “Beach fan service” scene is going to have the same lurid cover and the same boob poses, even if there isn’t copying/plagiarism, etc.

      Now, if they are stealing and not just tribute but real stealing from an actual, innovative artist and not doing better, yes that’s bad. But IMO both are ripping off some obscure 70s 80s 90s manga cover and don’t even know it because they themselves are ripping off something that ripped it off.

      I was about to close by making a remark for them to go back to their room masturbating to Guro Loli… But, hey, that’d be funny. Let the uber Otaku find out plagarism in Guro Loli stuff…

      “Look!!!” Waves picture of tiny wee lass impaled with ants eating eyes…. “This person is ripping off…”

      Person he is showing it to vomits…runs away…

      “Look!!!” Waves hug pillow with Ona Hole of screaming butchered Loli near toddlercon image, with attached latex play guts and his semen dripping from hole… “This person ripped off” – pulls out picture from fan magazine, likely drawn by one of Japan’s psychos before he himself did a crime…

      Woman vomits, runs away screaming, her boyfriend pounds the puke out of him….

  • Anonymous says:

    “An alternative, more generous explanation has also been put forward – β€œperhaps they all copied their girls from a collection of poses?” – although this is none too reassuring either.”

    Why not? Even Da Vinci used references. Statements like these are so fucking retarded.

  • Anonymous says:

    “think they can get away with it.” probaby because it’s a basic time saving technique that everyone in the comic/manga industry does, there’s no need to “get away” with anything because it’s perfectly legal. What do those otaku know about the art world? If you trace an outline and then make it into a different character, or transfer it into a different genre, then it’s not considered plagiarism. DC comics have been doing that for years, in fact, they recommend it in one of their “how to” art books.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s one thing to copy for your own practice and enjoyment, but whether or not it is legal, it is highly irresponsible to do it for an official piece of artwork. In the art world, at least in America, it IS a crime unless you, yourself, hold the copyright to the original image. It can be pursued in court, though that doesn’t happen often (to my knowledge).

      As an artist myself, I don’t really care if anyone else traces my stuff for their own enjoyment, but it is extremely frustrating when you find someone on deviantArt who has copied something of yours and gotten thousands of views for it just because they were already popular. I mean, can’t I have a little credit? Just a little? No?

  • Anonymous says:

    Don’t care. As long as the anime is good.

    Remember Angel Beats and how people rage 7 accuse plagiarism because of the Haruhi look-alike? In the end it turns out ok because the anime is good.

  • Anonymous says:

    maybe they want a 90 degree gymnastic-like pose? the one with toes touching their noses or something like straight-up open legs? just what IS the requirement to make them shut up about poses??

  • Anonymous says:

    Funny how the trace looks more appealing than the originals. It’s all generic poses anyways, who cares. There are more important things to be doing at a time like this than worrying about what’s traced/copied and what isn’t, like enjoying the eye candy.

    • Noodlestein says:

      Even still, you could draw the same pose without tracing. You can just look at her hand and see it right away.
      You can still do the stupid hand touching her hair bs but also actually make it a little original/different… maybe have the bend a little more/less, the curve from the palm to the finger be curved more or less etc.

      It makes me think of writing a paper for english classes or something on World War II or something like that, you can look at that the same way with your train of thought “There is only so much stuff to write about WWII anyways” when a kid tries to hand in a paper he copied off someone else.

      But in the end, caring about this will do nothing as it wont stop/deter tracing.
      Still going to watch the shit out of that anime though.

      • Sure, if you copy you can do minor changes to seem original. Works with handing in papers. My point was that something like this can happen even without the intent of copying, since there are only so much possible poses the human body is capable of. It’s even further limited because the characters faces should be visible.

        • Anonymous says:

          “if you do that in movies with motion sequences it’s called a homage”

          In a movie, you wouldn’t be simply copying and pasting the source material, then tweaking it a little. Homages can be done with drawn art as well, but that’s entirely different from just tracing an image.

        • Anonymous says:

          The thing here is that these are obviously traced, no question about it. Even if they were based on the same pose from some other source image, there’s absolutely no way that most of the lines and cell shading would match perfectly, as they do here.

          Likewise, if someone plagiarizes parts of a report from a textbook, online, or someone else’s paper, teachers are typically going to know. Many instructors, especially at a college level, actually submit all their students papers to online services that compare them against a vast database of prior works to search for signs of plagiarism. If parts of a report are found to have been copied from another source, you can bet that report will be failed, at the very least.

          I’m glad to see people searching for tracing in artwork like this. People are getting paid to produce this art, and if they copy 90% of the work from real artists who aren’t getting paid, they’re taking advantage of them. It’s alright to use an existing pose as a reference, but tracing a source image line for line is another thing entirely.

        • Anonymous says:

          But looking at the two illustrations side-by-side…they’re nearly identical line for line. Even the way the bathing suit strings on one of the girls is exactly the same. That would be one hell of a coincidence.

        • But can you prove that it isn’t a coincidence? Innocent unless proven guilty, no?

          Well,.. honesty.. I don’t care either way. Besides,.. if you do that in movies with motion sequences it’s called a homage, but do it in anime with a single picture and the otaku whine.

    • Anonymous says:

      it’s not about the pose, but the shadows have exactly the same shape as well, so that’s quite suspicious as even a single artist wouldn’t make something that similar twice πŸ˜‰