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K-ON! Grand Finale: “How Could They End It So Badly!?”



The adorable antics of Mio, Yui and Mugi have finally ended with the “grand finale” of K-ON!, disappointing many fans with its humdrum campus festival send-off and total lack of any surprise announcements – although one last sight of nekomimi maid Mio does provide them with some consolation.


Fans seem less than delighted with the ending:

“What an amazing ending, shows just how little they care about it now!”

“This was a harsh way to end it, really.”

“This ending was really worse than I imagined it would be…”

“It really did not end elegantly. It was a big mistake to reunite them.”

“I love you, Ritsu. A world without Ritsu isn’t one I want to live in!”

“I’m begging you, don’t end it! K-ON! is eternal, it should just go on for ever like Sazae-san or Chibimaruko-chan!”

“Keep it going until the pension era!”

“Die you filthy K-ON! moetards!”

“It ended with the four it began with. That’s good, Azunyan and company were all superfluous additions really.”

“The editors were idiots not to end this in concert with the anime.”

“Why did this ever become a hit…”

“The publishers probably want to be rid of this finished franchise and concentrate their efforts elsewhere.”

“Since when is this franchise finished!?”

“As expected, they did not work as adults or students.”

“And they never even got boyfriends at university. What movingly chaste girls they are!”

“I guess they’ll be starting the little girl era version in the autumn.”

“The cover is pretty emphatic about it being the ‘grand finale,’ but I can’t help but think they are going to periodically reviving it.”

“This really has all the looks of a hiatus rather than a real ending. I bet it’ll be back in 6 months.”

“It must be harsh to have your work become so overrated because of the anime adaptation.”

“I’m actually interested in seeing Kakifly’s next work.”

“There is bound to be either the third season or another movie though.”

“My guess is an announcement with the tankobon in the autumn.”

“Who cares what happens, what’s interesting is watching the anguish of moetards struggling to deal with it ending.”

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