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  • No, that whole beef hormone thing is a myth.

    I live on a farm, i raise cattle, the “Hormone” they refer to is a vitamin capsule that we feed them once a day to maintain the health of said cattle(I raised beef master cattle for 15 years, also had a few Holstein and a few dozen head of Brahman, we had over 600 head of cattle on 350 acres).

    Milk cattle are generally given a biotic injection every few months to help with milk production(though we never used it on ours, we did use a good health food that was fortified with various types of ditomaceous earth compounds, which humans can also eat, and is also a natural pest control alternative so long as you use food grade DME)

    But what REALLY causes womens breasts to form is the amount of protein they intake, it also has alot to do with their genetic predisposition. My elder sister is an H cup(and i tormented her endlessly for it) and my younger sister is barely considered to have a set(and i tormented her endlessly for it), my younger sister didn’t eat very large portions of meat when we had, it but my older sister DID.

    I am very surprised people even take to the notion hormones for cattle affect humans in ANY way.

    A large amount of disinformation in here and it sickens and annoys me.

    • Anonymous says:

      Farmers are either really stupid not knowing what they are doing to their cattle, or they are trying to sell their products like used car salesmen by obscuring the facts.
      It’s always about the money.

      Diatomaceous earth is used to control intestinal parasites (worms), hardly a “fortification” of feed.

      The “biotic (sic) injection” he talks about is rBGH, or artificial growth hormone by Monsanto/Eli Lilly, Posilac.
      It is used to extend milk production. Seven to eight more pounds of milk being produced per day than would be produced without Posilac.
      It has been linked to high levels of IGF, insulin-like growth factor, in humans.

      Farmers rarely read research white papers, nor would they understand them if they did.
      Rural people in the USA are notoriously simple minded and refuse outright “Yankee book learnin'” from colleges and universities not sponsored or affiliated with agricultural companies.

      US farmers are still allowed to feed feed cattle parts to poultry and then use chickens’ feces and feathers in feed.
      More profit by using waste materials.

      Protein supplements are allowed that contain blood and blood products; gelatin; tallow containing no more than 0.15 percent insoluble impurities and tallow derivatives inspected meat products which have been cooked and offered for human food and further heat processed for feed (such as plate waste and used cellulosic food casings); milk products (milk and milk proteins); and any product whose only mammalian protein consists entirely of porcine or equine protein.

      Cows being fed pork and horses.

      By law only the U.S. Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) can test for BSE (mad cow disease).
      No independent (non-govt) testing is allowed.
      There’s no problem if you don’t, or can’t look for it.
      It isn’t a matter of which country has higher quality or taste, but which country puts people before profit.
      All references to what I’ve written can be found with a simple Google search, or gleaned from the USDA website.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s because she’s using a crappy phone camera.
      Don’t take a picture at face value. CCD chips aren’t the same as a human retina.
      As an example Cameras can see InfraRed, we can’t. Says something about the perception a CCD-chip and a retina being different.

    • Anonymous says:

      You guys do realize, that Cup sizes aren’t about the volume, but the difference in bust and underbust lengths? You can’t generalize those, since there’s information missing to actually deduce the volume. In fact volume is the same for 36A, 34B, 32C and 30D ARE THE SAME!

      That means C on a slim petite girl will look bigger than C on a larger woman.

      • Anonymous says:

        Entirely incorrect.

        A 36A can WEAR a 30D bra, but they are not a 30D. If they measure as a 36A, then it means their torso is 36 inches around, beneath the breast. A is the cup size. To get the cup size, you measure the fullest part of your breasts, then subtract that number from the first one. Every inch difference is a cup size. In other words, if you have a 36 strap size (measured beneath the breasts) and you measure your breasts and they equal out to be 37 inches, you have an A cup. If its 38 inches, its a b cup, 39 is c, and so on.

        Now, a 36A can wear a 34B bra because the larger cup size compensates for the smaller band size. It does however, IN NO WAY AT ALL, mean the girl is a B cup. She is still an A cup, her chest just fits into the 34B because the cup size compensates for the smaller band size.

    • Anonymous says:

      They try to say there is only one cup difference…but in reality the overall size/shape difference is way bigger – i’d say their ‘g-cup’ is our ‘c-cup’ or bigger end of b-cup.

      Really, go there and see what you can. It’s a paradise for flatty lovers.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you think those are large B-cups you have never seen a real breast in your life. I had a petite girlfriend who had C-cups, and hers were much smaller than what is pictured above.

      • You have to take into account that japanese girls are very thin. Relatively thin non-asian girls are at least chubby compared to them. Whevener I leave Japan and travel to western countries I am shocked at the majority of super-fat chicks everywhere. I mean, some have chins on their chins… *shudder*

    • It really depends more on measurements than Cup size.

      Those tits are definitely a large C-cup by our standards, but the last “G-Cup” story’s tits weren’t.

      But I have to say, an advantage to having more letter variation appears to be less saggy breasts.

    • Anonymous says:

      Is that so? I’ll be getting my NERV Evangelion smartpone when It’s released later this month.

      And you’re seriously basing what everyone over in Japan uses based on what cellphone this girl uses?

      Sounds like you have an insecurity complex, bro.

    • Anonymous says:

      You mean the Lumia 900?
      Cause the N900 is bulky as hell.
      And I have some friends who use those old phones with non color displays. Over 10 years old…
      Not everyone has to always be on the edge of technology you know.

  • The G-fication of jap women is the result of liberalization of their beef import laws… especially American AAA+++ beef.

    Do you want to see more well-endowed jap women and also want average sizes to increase beyond C? Root for Japan DIET (their bicameral legislature) to pass Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) to let in more top quality American beef!

      • Anonymous says:

        Kobe beef /is/ top-quality.

        USA beef has tons of hormones in it, intended to make the animals gain weight quickly, but with the side effect of increasing bust sizes of the humans eating that beef.

        • Anonymous says:

          America is so fucked up with all of the hormones in the food and water that preteens are developing breasts.

          Sure, you have more g cups now, but wait until defects like that start showing up and your kids bodies get wrecked.

        • Anonymous says:

          23:26 BWAHAHAHA making shit up from slimmest of hypes and convincing themselves it’s true.

          You should see the most hormone-medicated, shit food eating, thinking-fast-food-is-good-place-for-date asians, or rest of the world and say that again. Japan, for example, is one of the most medicated per capita with newspaper and editorials decrying the practice.

          Honestly, other nations use that hormone stuff if they have the money. We overdid it a tiny little bit, and now scaled back more than most nations, with any decent food joint rejecting them. Yet less successful nations yelp anytime anyone better than them makes smallest of errors. You need to get your head out of your ass and see the reality about how much fuck up there is in your own supply.

          Bonus points for greasy, oily, absolutely unhealthy chinese food.

        • Anonymous says:

          @20:36 Anything to back up your claim, or you just talking out of your ass about personal preference? Proof or GTFO. (and not some news media BS about ‘reports’ on ‘scientific facts’ that they don’t know how to report on the first place).

        • Anonymous says:

          Kobe beef is shit – if you eat something enough you start to like it. Overall, it is over priced for its quality that is doubtless not fully inspected knowing the lobbying and rural seclusion from central government inspection aka corruption.

        • Anonymous says:

          Another ignorant public gobbling up stories blown out of proportion in order to spread lies about superior products. Do some hard research about health control and government inspections in different countries before you open your mouth next time.

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you know how Japanese Gyudon Ya (beef bowl shops) like Yoshinoya and other small & private chains keep their prices down?

        American beef!

        Yoshinoya’s motto is Tasty, low-priced, and quick. To keep their promise to customers they turn to American beef to satisfy all 3 key mottos!

        There are high quality American beef out there, American beef industry is more focused on mass production side (something USA is still very good at) while meeting the most STRINGENT quality standards and keeping prices low… and this is what makes America exceptional among world’s beef producers.

    • Anonymous says:

      AAA+++ Mad Cow Disease infected American beef that is. Japanese look down on American beef, it’s the bottom of the barrel, cheap crap.

      Japanese and Australian beef is vastly superior to American.

      • @ Anonymous 16:38 09/06/2012

        That’s just plain BS

        There are high quality American beef out there.

        Ever heard of Omaha beef & steak? Those are some high quality American beef if you’re willing to PAY for it.

        America is more focused on mass production side (something USA is still good at) while meeting stringent standards. Our beef is priced such that it’s affordable to not just poor Americans… but also to 3rd world Asian and 4th world African countries who badly need protein!

      • Anonymous says:

        lol u wish. If it is that inferior, why do they push so hard to not import it, what are they so afraid of?

        Just because something is more affordable does not mean its quality is less – japanese should know this best given their exports. American beef is numerous, competitive, has good tastes, and the whole hormone story is blown out of proportion for gullible masses like you to slop up and make excuses for not competing with better products. So is the mad cow BS – quality control is higher in US than other nations, where corruption and rural buddy system quietly disposes of infections and never makes them go public.

        • Anonymous says:

          lol you need to redefine your definition of ‘cover up’. Delayed reports and measly hesitations is not a cover up compared to crazy degree of rural illegal ‘lobbying’ and outright bribery/corruption that agricultural sector in other countries engage in when problems crop up. When I said cautionary, it was talking about the government and officials who enforce the public health regulations, which take swift action to make sure companies and individuals are falling in line. Of course, people may not care too much since not a dozen died as a result directly from the said ‘disease’, which is mostly a hype capitalized by desperate competitors willing to stoop to anything to prevent bankruptcy.

          Of course people would not question a over-hyped, over-emphasized things like them when they are buying food. If you have read anything and done any research on the mad cow issue, you will find that it is more smoke and mirrors than anything, and minuscule number of people getting sick much less dying directly from it proves my point. Also, as much as many people here eat unhealthy, there are also some of the most health-conscious eaters I have seen around the world, and government can’t wait to pounce on smallest of health violations and media comes out blaring alarm as if it is a great epidemic when they don’t know the first thing about scientific facts and how to represent them. Your reliance on shitty mass-media produced perception and privileged bias won’t like the truth though. I suggest you take first hand experience in these processes before you pass any judgment on things that are beyond your experience.

        • Anonymous says:

          @20:36 No, If you look into it, the US also try’s to cover up some of their beef Mad Cow nonsense. Even US experts aren’t sure If American beef is safe. And the thing about US people being cautionary towards these Mad Cow cases? That’s bullshit, because that’s the minority you’re speaking of. As for the majority of US citizens? They don’t question the shit they eat at McDonald’s, Burger King, or other fast food joints that make food with beef. And because those places offer cheap and fast food, they’d rather eat that shit than to question it. Even Europe has a ban on American beef, not to mention a lot of Asia as well won’t tolerate it.

        • Anonymous says:

          Those food recalls are mostly cautionary, and many sicknesses are over reported or complications with existing health conditions unrelated to the food. Most importantly, the standard is different – in US people are cautionary towards these and they make front page news even though they are not a big deal or not fully understood, but in japan they are either ignored, hushed up, or covered up until it all blows up in their faces like fukushima did from years of breaking regulations and ignoring cautionary signs.

        • Anonymous says:

          Just don’t eat beef and you’ll be happy xD
          I just don’t understand why most people are so crazed up about cow meat if they could eat sheep,goat or pig, turkey/duck/goose and/or all kinds of fish?

          Just let the Americans and Britains eat their plagued beef and be happy with your pig ham/sausages and steaks/fillet. I myself don’t ever eat beef because red meat is unhealthy…

          But to come back to the threads point of discussion, these stupid threads sure make me laugh hard because noone really cares for busty Japanese chicks here… I mean, if I’d want myself a busty,chubby girl I’d search anywhere but Asia.

          Japanese women should remain small and “flat”, because that way they remain womanly and reserved beauties, while this oversexed society produces women who look like whores (and act like these,too, sleeping around like dogs in heat <_<).

          I already posted several times that those on 2channel are the scum of Japan, but I guess they just don't appreciate their womanly women ( the way they lust after barbaric traits of monstrous bodies).

          I laugh at the imagination of a tiny Japanese Otaku lumbered by a Women with twice the weight of him xD
          They can't be serious about calling big and bigger ragged girls goddesses, they are more like Dinosaurs if you ask me (read Girls Saurus for reference xD) + it looks seriously wrong if a women runs around with breasts larger than her head (what could easily happen if you're just 150-160 cm in height and got a real G-Cup…).

          Please save these for Manga only and don't let the loli-type become an endagered species!

      • And yet the only case of Mad Cow in the US in the last 4 years, which occurred last month, was from 2 imported cattle and they were quickly disposed of. The case was found in California. According to shipping logs those cattle came from Japan.

        • Anonymous says:

          Only on Sankaku Complex can a series of nudy pics result in a conversation about who has the best and worst beef in the world.

          And yes, American beef is fine. It’s obvious that the media blows even minor incidents of agricultural irregularities way out of proportion.

          One last thing. American beef is not ‘banned’ in so many countries. Trade in American beef is restricted. This has little to do with health issues. It’s a matter of protecting the local beef suppliers from outside competition more than anything else.

        • Anonymous says:


          Agriculture, unlike what you may believe being a modern individual far away from and often don’t even know where the food you eat comes from, is a bigger business than most people think. The lobby and political implications in many nations is bigger than public knows, not to mention the political influence of rural population in many official’s privileges.

          Considering US agricultural output and productivity is #1 and is considered a premier food power in the world (so much grain, wheat, meat, etc are all exported), and being a net exporter of food, this obviously puts farmers around the world at odds because it threatens their businesses. Farmers and agriculture-sectors is extremely insular and anti-globalists in many nations, not to mention the political influence I mentioned is significant. This, more than any perceived and deceptive reasons about quality, is why US beef is banned. Even though their own products are inferior, over priced, and not as plentiful, these farmers are afraid of having their customers taken away when US can produce better products at cheaper rate due to its great productivity and know-how that goes into producing their product.

          Of course, these farmers don’t give a rats ass about their own people buying their overpriced food. Since beef is bigger money than other products, it faces greater opposition from those who would sacrifice the choice of customers and lower prices only to line their own with worse products.

    • Anonymous says:

      Men get excited when they see breast, whether it’s the 1st time or the 2043th time. It’s natural. Especially with perfectly healthy, round shape, size and color, like these.
      Im quite concern that you dont feel the same when it come to seeing woman breast, assuming that you are male.