Husband Threatened with Divorce for Buying 480 AKB48 CDs


Reports are surfacing of AKB48 fans who have somehow managed to get married, and of how tenuous this status appears to be in light of their creepy obsessions with shaking the hands of underage girls – including one case in which a wife threatened her husband with divorce after he bought 480 copies of the same AKB48 CD so he could attend a handshaking event.

One 37-year-old creepy otaku fan afflicted with AKB48 mania for the last 4 years reports how his wife threatened him with divorce when she found out he had bought 480 AKB48 CDs so he could attend a handshaking event:

“And you didn’t even get me a birthday present!” she told me.

She was saying stuff like “If you buy lots of them again, I’ll divorce you!” I was just enjoying the savings I had from my bachelor days, why can’t she just let me be…

On the other end of the spectrum, one 38-year-old accountant is trying to brainwash his wife and unborn child into becoming loyal AKB48 fans:

My pregnant wife and I used to listen to classical music together as part of our baby’s antenatal training, but at 6 months she started listening to AKB48 with me, saying ‘this rhythm will be good for the baby, won’t it!’

If it’s a girl, I’ll name her after one of AKB48’s members and hopefully she will join them one day, though I am trying to work out how to broach this with my wife…

Online there is continuing exasperation at the antics of AKB48 fans, and more than a little amazement at the fact some of them managed to get hitched:

“At least buy your wife a birthday present!”

“So how much did he actually spend?”

“480*1600 = ¥768,000 [$10,000]”

“You could keep a family for a year on that…”

“I’d want to kill someone who did that.”

“She’d be better off divorcing him. He’s clearly an imbecile. Having his kid was a mistake.”

“How did he get married in the first place!”

“This is really no different to spending it on a hobby like cars or golf. Whatever you spent it on, your wife would still moan about it.”

“What an age to still be an idol otaku. These guys are the acme of creepiness.”

“Amazing that someone thinks AKB48 will still be around in 10 years.”

“Wives are probably better off with them going with prostitutes than with them turning to AKB48…”

“At least the money would be in better hands if you spent it on some idol-level prostitute.”

“They should at least curb the waste and sell the votes on their own for ¥500 or whatever.”

“How much of an idiot do you have to be to be married at 37 and still falling for AKB’s marketing tricks? She ought to divorce him. He’ll just be the first to get sacked in any case.”

“These guys are obviously not satisfied with their wives. For their own sake, they should divorce these guys as soon as possible!”

“Buying more than 10 AKB48 CDs ought to be grounds for a divorce.”

“Being divorced just for going to a handshaking event might be a bit much, but for 480 CDs I can sympathise with her.”

“He could have spent it on his kids or on a trip for the family. Instead he offered it up to Akimoto. A painful tale!”

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