Cops Gun Down Yakuza in Car Chase


A car chase has ended with police shooting dead the car’s yakuza driver after he repeatedly attempted to ram his way past police.

The incident began in the early hours of the morning, when two police officers spotted a “suspicious” car at an Osaka restaurant parking lot and approached it to question the occupants.

Rather than be questioned, the driver drove off through a fence, and police promptly gave chase.


Police finally managed to stop the car at an intersection 20 minutes later after a 15km pursuit, and disembarked to effect an arrest, but the yakuza repeatedly rammed the patrol car in an effort to escape, prompting police to open fire.

Police fired several warning shots into the vehicle’s tires, but these were apparently ignored and police proceeded to fire repeatedly into the driver’s side, hitting him once in the chest.


The mortally wounded driver, identified as a member of the Yamaguchi syndicate, was arrested on charges of attempted murder and interfering with official duties, but died shortly after being taken to hospital.

His companion, an unemployed 47-year-old man, was uninjured and arrested on charges of interfering with official duties, but maintains he “was just sat next to” the dead gangster.

Police maintain their use of deadly force was appropriate due to “the driver’s repeated traffic infractions and ramming of a police vehicle, and the fear he might endanger the public.”

Japanese police are generally highly reluctant to even brandish their weapons (and face potentially career-ending censure if they do so inappropriately), let alone open fire, so their decision to open fire on a vehicle is unusual in the extreme.

No explanation has so far been offered as to why the yakuza’s man was so eager to avoid police, but police suspected his vehicle may have been used in a spate of local thefts from vehicles and recovered a suspect tool from the car.

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  • Anonymous says:

    there still somethings like this? i thought nowdays criminal on modern country are largely like corporation. they choose profit not fighting.

    on today news who want to be a hero without big salary? result are less then 10%

    so who want to be criminal without money? result are less then 1%

    • Anonymous says:

      nowdays they have to find some clowns to show that police is doing something. To make people believe that everything is OK in that system. Everything else in criminal world is going quietly and legally.Taxes, bribes, banking business , politics and so on.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why the police didn’t just shoot the tire for stopping the car instead wasting bullet for shooting the man inside.

    for me the police is still amateur and reckless for handle this kind of situation.

    And the way police did, will also endangered hi/her surrounding.

    what if there were another car and suddenly the bullet wounded one of civilian??

    sorry for bad english……

    i Hope Japanese police not doing something like this recklessly

  • Anonymous says:

    “Police finally managed to stop the car at an intersection 20 minutes later after a 15km pursuit, and disembarked to effect an arrest,”

    At this point, the police are out of their patrol car (they had ‘disembarked’)…

    “but the yakuza repeatedly rammed the patrol car in an effort to escape, prompting police to open fire.”

    Now, the suspected Yakuza – there’s only one driver – is ramming an empty patrol car in an attempt to escape.

    “Police maintain their use of deadly force was appropriate due to “the driver’s repeated traffic infractions and ramming of a police vehicle, and the fear he might endanger the public.””

    Oooh, ‘repeated traffic infractions’, we’d better cap his ass. Likewise with ‘fear he might endanger the public’.

    I’m afraid Krusty the Klown ‘might endanger the public’, but that doesn’t mean I can legally shoot him.

    Apparently, the police could not be bothered to set up roadblocks with spike-strips to disable the suspects’ vehicle. Or (once the cops are in shooting mode) shoot the suspects’ OTHER two tires, or the radiator, or put a teargas round into the vehicle, or anything else non-lethal.

  • Unicogirl says:

    Now if this was about a truck/suv/van etc, something with more weight, I can understand deadly force. However, if it is a car, then the scenario should have been boxing the car in with other police cars or barricading. If the driver had no weapon, then it could be safe to use other methods.

  • Anonymous says:

    wow, they only needed to shoot him once!! Maybe America’s police force can learn about Japanese restraint. They seem to be unable of firing anything less than 10 shots into random people. That number goes higher the darker the perp’s skin.

      • Anonymous says:

        You obviously don’t know how the japanese police don’t have the balls to stand up to national yakuza syndicates – they do show trials, few washed up pansies, but don’t have the guts to dismantle criminal networks like in other countries that eradicates them as they arise, and chases them to the end of the earth.

        Also, corruption and cronyism run deep in japanese government agencies, when they are not busy having bitch fights about jurisdictions that is comparable to taiwanese parliment food fight.

    • Anonymous says:


      As a red-blooded male of Japanese descent, honestly I was getting…..depressed. Yaks turning into second-rate Pachinko hustlers? Pimps that cater to tourists? That’s fucking gay.


      Well done, Yakuza. You’re not a bunch of effeminate oriental pussies.

      Can’t say the same for the rest of Japan/Korea/China.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hold on… I smell bullshit.

    15km in 20 minutes is a speed of only 45km/h (28 miles per hour). Ya fuckin’ call that a “high-speed chase”?!

    Charging the passenger with “interfering with official duties” is more bullshit.

    As other posters have implied, we’re not getting much truth from this story.

  • We all know what really happened: Someone forgot their routine bribe money to the police for turning a blind eye to shady practices and the police kept a lookout for them.
    Police: “Where’s our money!?”
    Yakuza: “But we’ve paid you already, didn’t we?”
    Police: “Don’t hand me that s**t! Where’s our money m*****f*****!!?” *Starts pulling out guns.*
    Yakuza: “Oh s**t!!!” *Starts trying to drive away — fast!*
    The rest is news.

    • Now we know why What’s-His-Name is trying to crack down on civil workers & “ordinary” citizens wearing tattoos. He’s trying to fix it so that the police have no trouble identifying & shaking down the “criminal element”. We wouldn’t want the police “accidentally” shooting an honest citizen because of a decorative tattoo, or having Yakuza spies & fugitives hiding out amoung similarly tattooed civil servants.

    • Anonymous says:

      The article didn’t say anything about him trying to run them over. Actually if they fired into “the side of the vehicle” they must have been standing at the side of the vehicle at the time of the shooting.

      The use of Deadly force is only used as a last resort of an officer protecting themselves. Ignoring warning shots is not a good reason to shoot-to-kill.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is too messy, I think a japanese policeman might meet an early grave due to losing his shit after yakuza flaunts laws in front of him for 10 years while he does traffic duty.

  • Anonymous says:

    This just can be really simple – pull up beside them at red light, spray MAC-10 loaded with .45 ACP and drive away.

    At right place at right time, this can be untraceable, and be sure to carry a false license plate also. Might also want to pack your own powder in the bullets if you are good enough to make them on par with manufactured quality.

    • Anonymous says:

      @16:08 – Ahem.

      1. If cops ever find the MAC-10 (or any other gun) you used, they’ll get a ballistics match on the slugs you fired into the Yakuza car.

      2. It’s probably easier to buy ammo on the black market than to (re-)load your own. Can you even *buy* bullet reloading equipment and supplies in Japan?

      3. Machine-gun fire is ‘noticable’; it tends to stick in peoples’ minds as an ‘event’. Witnesses give cops details, which can eventually lead them to you.

      4. Yes, you can get a silencer, but (a) they don’t ‘silence’ guns as in movies (IRL, firing a supressed .22 caliber pistol makes a sound like a loud “TACK!”, though not like a “BANG!”), and (b) they lower the speed of the bullet, which reduces the bullet’s penetrating power – this is an issue if you’re trying to shoot through a car body, etc.

      • Anonymous says:

        lol someone seems to be lacking in experience –

        1. Letting the cops find anything in the first place is something you avoid to begin with; you can dispose of it and replace it cheap anyway. MAC-10s are like that.

        2. First of all, black market products can be traceable to a degree if someone really puts effort into them. Packing your own powder is therefore much more ensuring if you have the knowhow.

        3&4. Key question here is ‘right time, right place’ as I have said – apparently you didn’t read that far. Obviously you won’t be turning a car into a bee hive in the middle of afternoon on packed street typical of japan.
        Also, don’t worry, I have used suppressors and the gun in question, and let me tell you a few things: MAC-10 is not a machine gun. It is a submachine automatic pistol with a huge suppressor, and sure the noise may not be extremely low as they do in fiction (this is a fact many people who haven’t shot a suppressed weapon don’t know), but suppressors can work to cover the sound to a degree where if someone is not watching or listening for gunfire specifically and know what it sounds like, they can throw them off for a short time. also, .45 ACP can easily penetrate the car windows and also penetrate the side doors, even with a suppressor attachment due to its power and modern cars like one above being made a bit flimsier and thinner than those of 1930s.

        Key is right time and place, as well as being done in less than 10 second timeframe to lessen the possibility of witnesses.