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Narutard Movie Shock: “Hinata = Bitch” + “Sasuke = Host”


Naruto fans have been shocked by the character designs employed in the upcoming “Road to Ninja” Naruto movie, not least Hinata’s slatternly new persona and Sasuke the playboy host…

The images themselves are official character designs for the movie, “leaked” via Twitter, and the cause of much consternation amongst Naruto fans online:


“Has Sasuke become a host or what!?”

“Who is that!?”

“He’s doing some kind of girly duck face there…”


“I thought it ws going to be a serious movie, but with this Sasuke it will be a laugh a minute…”

“Charasuke is just going to get beaten to a pulp by Sakura now.”

“Naruto has no chance against Charasuke.”

“So Hinata-chan will be bold and audacious? This will be good!”


“Who is that!?”

“They made her into a bitch!”

“Who is this pervert!”

“This is a nightmare, surely!? Is this the Hinata Naruto wants?”

“Hinata is sexy now! But I can’t see her wanting anything to do with Naruto.”

“It’s like they switched Ino and Hinata’s personalities around.”

“She looks old…”

“That isn’t Hinata!”

“She looks like Hiashi…”

“What is up with all this!?”

“The movie is supposed to have their personalities reversed in a genjutsu dimension.”

“So Sakura will be bashful now?”

“Unfortunately it seems only Naruto and Sasuke are unaffected as the illusory world targets them.”


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