Fans Despair as Tales of Xillia 2 Unveiled


The initial delight of Tales fans at the announcement of Tales of Xillia 2 soon turned to ridicule and disappointment at the “shabby” battle system the game depends on.

Although still a “mothership” title, the game picks up from the events of Tales of Xillia a year on, rather than introduct an entirely new setting as Tales titles generally do.

The game’s Japanese release is due winter, 2012, and as might be expected is due to be a PS3 exclusive for the foreseeable future.

Details of the game are so far limited to the stage announcement:


The game in action:

However, when it came to the ridiculously named XDR-LMBS (“cross double raid linear motion battle system”) battle system, shown in the accompanying video, fans were distinctly unimpressed and soon began mercilessly ridiculing the awful graphics on display:

“Was this a PSP title or something?”

“This looks shabby!”

“What’s the point of guns at that range.”

“A shotgun might be a better choice.”

“At that range he could just hit it with them.”

“The graphics are seriously atrocious, although it is still under development I suppose.”

“If you’re going to put it out on the PS3, at least use the hardware properly.”

“Why are PS3 games getting worse as time progresses?”

“Pathetic… perhaps they developed it for the Vita and then ported it over at the last minute when the Vita flopped?”

“Maybe they want to port it to the 3DS?”

“This wouldn’t pass muster on the 3DS.”

“It would not be out of place on the PS2.”

“The motion is atrocious.”

“This looks worse than TOS…”

“Why are there guns in my Tales? This is not DMC.”

“Tales combat always looks rubbish though? It’s just as bad as TOX. Why bash it?”

“The fact they are making no progress is going to get them bashed.”

“I think the effects just mask how bad it looks. It’s really just the same as TOX.”

“Look at Tales of Graces f though:”

“Just don’t show this at E3, Bandai…”

“Well, Japan’s latest ‘JRPG’ is certainly something we can take pride in!”

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  • What? Who cares how it looks. The Tales games have never had great graphics (unless you count PSX days as relatively ok) or great plots. It’s all in the details, dialogues, character designs, and action combat mechanics.

  • Anonymous says:

    You Know what they have to do…
    Take the Open world and scale of Xillia + The Battle/Synthesizing system from Graces F + A Story as good as Symphonia + Likable characters on par with Vesperia’s and put all of it into one game.

    This would make the perfect tales game

  • Anonymous says:

    The thing about these games are… They’re always the same things over and over. Perhaps that’s what makes it so unique. They don’t change much.

    I’m tired of this era.

    We need something new. Something to refresh our era. We should be creating virtual realities already.

  • I – as for one – have the opinion that Games dont need AAA Realistic Graphics to be good – cause, whats the purpose when the graphics look so incredible good – but the Game itself is pretty boring, cause the Storyline or whatelse just wasnt good enough?
    Didnt people learn from GODHAND on the PS2, that a Game doesnt need awesoem Graphics to be Awesome?
    Why did everyone turn into a Graphic Whore?
    I may be the only one with this opinion – but i never changed my view on Games since… ever

  • Anonymous says:

    Tales games: Generally stay the same “It’s getting stale blah blah”

    Tales games: They try to use a new setting and change the styles of stuff : “OMG RUINED FOREVER”

    True story.

    People are batshit insane if they think these look worse than vesperia. Which used Celshading and the same flat PS2 like geometry.

    Japanese developers just aren’t experienced in high end modern rendering. What can you do short of bring in graphics and programming engineers from the west?

    EITHER WAY. Style> Realism. And it still looks fantastic. Even if Xillia’s Texture quality is that of FFXII

  • Anonymous says:

    I have to say my first thought was, “wow, this is already better than biowares choice systems!”. I don’t mean this as some fanboy babble it’s just that the way they did it in the video was much better than most any choice system in an rpg I have ever seen.

    Bioware thinks it’s their selling point so they push it to hard. They give you too many choices. Each new choice decreases the impact each one would have. I couldn’t finish dragon age cause they gave the option to say 5 different things every 10 sec. What’s the point to it all?

    Then the only difference all your choices make are what kind of attitude your character has when they do and say the SAME THINGS. The only one that meant anything was that one at the end of jade empire where you could decided to NOT fight the big bad and just die. Splitting choices with a moral compass was a bad idea to begin with. You still have to save the world so why let you be a villain in the first place?

    Now to the point, this doesn’t show any of that. It’s only one example but it looks like they will keep it as only two choices so it’s easy to see what they do. More so, those choices aren’t “save the girl or use her as a human shield then punch her in the face”. You have to be the hero regardless so they do it the smart way and let you choose HOW you save the girl. This could finally show me that choice systems in games are not good or bad but tools that are used skillfully or not.

    and my essay is done apparently…

  • Anonymous says:

    Guns, swords, axes, crossbows, spears blah blah what’s the difference in an RPG, If I had to use something random like a toilet seat but still do the damage I want that’s all that matters.

  • Anonymous says:

    the gun totally caught me by surprise here… but im looking forward to this game… i mean hell dood.. look at the combo and weapon change… its connects smoothly… im a fan of vesperia combo festival.. so hell yeah…

  • Anonymous says:

    I have been a Tales fan since Destiny’s English Release, and this game does not feel or look like a Tales game at all. I have yet to play Xillia but if this is how Xillia 2 is going to be, idk if I want them to be brought over to the US.

    • Anonymous says:

      I kinda wanna hear your reason for thinking that. I keep thinking over what parts don’t feel right, but I just gave up to ask.

      Xillia took a slight turn towards realism. I hear they tried to make the world massive and more to a proper character|building scale. I haven’t personally played it, so I can’t really say too much though.

      They’ve took out quite a bit of the airy fantasy element which brings me down a bit, but the multi-weapon combo system looks pretty fun to play around with. Its lacking all the flashy exhibition moves since its just a trailer, but I don’t think it’ll be bad.
      …unless production is affected because of bad publicity and low hype…

  • Why doesn’t this Xilia 1 & 2 look as good as Vesperia which are so much older in age? Because the Tales of team is disbanded or/and are they using the Wii’s Tales of Graces game-engine?

    Anyway, Namco should just do a Tales of Tekken, or Tales of Soul Calibur.

    • Anonymous says:

      It look way better when you see it for yourself , for some reason the video never look like the real thing .. i’m not pointy on graphic so it didn’t stop me from buying what i was expecting to be “a little better than graces” in that regard , but in the end the result was a lot better than what those video/screen showed .

      Not “awesomely beautiful” but still a step forward .
      Not sure how this compare to vesperia … maybe because of the color ?
      The world this one take place is a dead world where people killed nature with technology , that may be why it looks a little less … flashy .

  • Anonymous says:

    Tales May Cry…

    Jokes aside, with Rudger’s(?) costume design, I thought he was a cop in modern times. Also with all that kung fu shit, I can’t help but be reminded of Police Story.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Fans Despair as Tales of Xillia 2 Unveiled”

    Those “Fans” are mostly comments from Trolls you’ve posted. I’ve seen the trailer and It looks quite interesting. Some Tales fans I know are quite interested in this as well. From what was shown the graphics sure don’t look amazing, but they look decent and I think some people are forgetting that this still has quite a few months before release, so that would give them plenty of time to improve whatever is needed.
    The game-play also looks really fun.

    I’m gonna pre-order the limited edition as soon as It’s up.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. It looks like someone coloured in a manga with aquarelle paint; absolutely gorgeous.
      The battle system does look a bit simple, but no more so than that of any other RPG.

    • Anonymous says:

      when you show off a game, you show off the most polished shit you have.

      i can forgive a bug, or if something like bump mapping was missing and it was an alpha build, but the graphics are piss poor, not to mention stale as fuck gameplay.

      take a look at the older games, they re fucking regressing in quality with each release.

      not to mention that they have a bad habit of the first system its on is a payed beta test.

      there is a reason that i stopped giving a fuck about these games, story can only help so much when the combat is piss poor and you make no effort to innovate and are regressing in quality each release.

      • Anonymous says:

        @18:51 What are you going on about? Tales of Xillia is the best game released yet and the quality was pretty damn good in that game. It also had the best battle system in the series. There’s a rumor that TOX was rushed, but it still turned out great, so I have faith in the Tales Team.

        It’s fine that you don’t like the games, but I’ll definitely support them as they continue to make great games.

  • I don’t know what they’re talking about about the motion. I was surprised by the run cycle, it looked better than most JRPGs I’ve played. The fighting animations didn’t look all that bad either. Of course they can be better, but they’re still pretty solid.

    I guess it’s the lack of an ‘upward hit’ animation that makes them look like stone statues in the air when they’re hit upward. An unfortunate thing to skimp on, because it’s a small detail that really stands out as looking extremely strange. They really should do an extra anim tree for those, but that could be extremely difficult to program in now. I’ve run into limitations like that before, and it’s a real bitch to have to watch something ship with something like that.

    Other than that though, they seem to be in the polish stages. If they’ve got until winter, they can get the texture artists working hopefully to beef things up a bit.

    • Anonymous says:


      The truth is the direct opposite of that.

      This just further proves my point that if you change anything from the usual Cliches and tropes of Tales of Settings/styles/etc that people cry “THEY CHANGED IT NOW IT SUCKS” or “RUINED FOREVER”

      Even though same people claim games were getting stale.

      Unlike with final fantasy which always tries to do something new “WAH RUINED FOREVER, WHY CAN’T IT BE THE SAME AS MY FAVORITE FF?!”

      • Anonymous says:

        I never liked FF.
        Also, Tales was great because of the anime-style, it was the best of its own category, a great game, with good characters.
        Now that it is realistic like FF and 500 other RPG I can’t like it, also Xillia was very rushed compared to other games, even the field maps are looking the same…

  • Anonymous says:

    The people complaining about how “terrible” the graphics are are the same type of people who said Halo 3 looks like Halo 2 and Halo 2 looks like Halo 1 (making Halo 3 apparently the same graphics as Halo 1).

    I’ll agree that the graphics could be better and less brown (because real is brown) but people need to get their head out of their ass if they think the graphics have regressed.

  • Anonymous says:

    β€œWhat’s the point of guns at that range.”

    As a general rule of thumb a handgun’s effective range is 30 ft against a moving target and 60 ft on a stationary one. Attempting to aim at a moving target beyond those ranges drastically reduces the odds of an accurate hit as handguns are intended to be short-range weapons first and foremost and perform poorly over long distances without considerable sharpshooting skills. Anyone who thinks handguns are consistantly reliable at extreme distances has been fooled by the fantasy of TV/movie/games.

    Additionally he’s dual-wielding pistols and in a terrible stance for aiming, so expecting him to hit anything dancing around beyond 30 ft accurately would be silly anyway.

    β€œA shotgun might be a better choice.”

    I kind of agree with this comment though. I mean if concealment/weight isn’t an issue then when isn’t a shotgun better?

    • Anonymous says:

      I see that the opponent is using a SMG, which isn’t a bad weapon to use in close quarters. They WERE designed for clearing out trenches and all. The problem is the idiot using it does not just pull the trigger at the surrendering main character. Why fire only one shot?

    • Anonymous says:

      not really the point of a shotgun is accuracy. The shell spreads fragments over a range the size of a fist. They are smaller than bullets and it doesn’t have as much impact on the body if to much of it misses.

      Also, consider that handguns are merely a short range firearm. The damage they do to the body is alot less then movies make it out to be. Few guns can push someone back and their isn’t a very big chance of dieing from the wound unless you bleed to death. The impact is only as strong as the recoil. It’s only as bad as a small stab wound and it has little to no stopping power…oh, and more to the point, it isn’t very easy to aim while your in arms reach of a moving person.

      In real life, it would probably be better not to use the gun unless they where on the otherside of the field(in game) or something.

      • Anonymous says:

        I do believe you’re talking about buckshot there, shotguns also have a slug option.

        Less issue with range with those, up to 100y with the riot shotguns used by the Police.

        Although then you get into the whole smoothbore vs rifled barrels discussion, and how the latter is less than adequate when it comes to making use of buckshot, whereas the smoothbore ones tend to be less accurate.