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Sex Tutelage Teacher Sued for $10 Million


A married teacher who spent private lessons with her schoolboy pupil teaching him the more intimate details of oral sex and intercourse rather than the English language faces a $10 million claim from the boy’s parents.


According to the – as usual – highly detailed police reports, the 36-year-old Brooklyn high school teacher, who was herself married, pursued a relationship with her 16-year-old pupil, whom she was tutoring.

He admitted to having sex with his teacher some 8 to 12 times, often at school in her office.

One encounter saw his teacher pick him up from his house in her SUV, with the pair proceeding to have oral sex and intercourse in the vehicle.

The boy went so far as to describe some of the intimately positioned tattoos he witnessed on his teacher’s body.

She is also accused of sharing some of the private stash of cannabis she kept in her filing cabinet with him.

The boy’s girlfriend became suspicious after seeing the pair flirting and took it upon herself to hack her boyfriend’s Facebook account and rifle through his personal correspondence, where she read some of their steamy exchanges, which included the boy professing his love for his teacher.

Outraged, she confronted her boyfriend and informed the school of their antics, and the school began an investigation.

When his parents found out that the personal tutelage their son was receiving at his teacher’s hands was of a rather more intimate nature than they intended, they decided to file suit for $10 million.

As the teacher’s salary is only $78,000, it seems likely their intent is extract a settlement from the school district rather than the teacher.

The teacher has since been suspended by the school, with investigators recommending she be fired. It is not clear whether the district prosecutor intends to file criminal charges.

Her pupil, now 17, is reportedly still at the school. His girlfriend’s decision to break into his private account seems to have escaped censure.

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