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“Japanese for Fujoshi” Far From Rotten…


Fujoshi watchers (to say nothing of fujoshi students of Japanese) have been marvelling at the advent of a “Japanese for fujoshi” textbook for the Chinese market.

The textbook, produced for Chinese devotees of homosexual romance, covers the basics but also takes care to cover the essentials of yaoi vocalbulary, such as “I want you” (“あなたが欲しい”), “Don’t bite” (“噛むな”), and of course “Because you do it continuously every night, no wonder your body is wrecked!” (“連続で毎晩するから、体が壊れるわけだ”).

Lessons are delivered by the five vowels, each handily anthropomorphised as a bishonen archetype (or a little shota in the case of “O”):


Japanese who have encountered it seem prepared to endorse its value as a serious textbook, perhaps more than can be said for many of the manga-themed English textbooks aimed at Japanese.

The tome is reportedly available now throughout China, Hong Kong (where it is published) and Taiwan.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Not really, there has been some of these kind of trashy worthless books around before.
      same also goes for Yuri, there’s a ton of them, i have seen some, but unlike this yaoi one, they’re all about Yuri sex and strapons and sht lol

      • Mirror image of (every single) male otakus (categorically), no.

        Mirror image of those yuri-only-nothing-else extremist/virgin hunters who rage and tear up their entire collection of the series at the slightest hint or an imagined implication their favourite character is having or might have had a boyfriend, maybe.

        • @ Anon 2:16

          As far as I understand the connotation, ‘fujoshi’ essentially means the fanatical female fan who imparts their reality of a series or characters upon others regardless of logic or reason. Kind of like overly religious people and evolution as a concept.

          As for potential romance between guys, from what I have seen, that tends to annoy us guys because women can be in a friendly relationship with one another and try on bras together. This is not the same for most guys. I understand the concept of projecting feminine aspects onto male characters and finding it to be fun. This is not in dispute.

          The problem, if you actually read what I wrote, is the same ass-backwards logic you just spewed back at me in response to my issue with HER ass-backwards logic. Therefore, YOU are part of the PROBLEM. Nobody cares about statistics that may flimsily connect a few guys together that may make them gay. Sure the possibility is there, but is it really? No, no it’s not. If it’s not covered in the story and brought up seriously, then it’s not there. To imply otherwise is to pretend that you somehow know more than the author, which is impossible. If they had a couple moments of introspection or a gentle conversation here and there, god forbid a guy can have a balanced masculine and feminine side and not take it up the ass.

          The issue is not gayness, but projecting one’s ideals onto something and someone they have no authority over. The girl in question continued to be belligerent about her assertions. Doujinshi authors don’t draw massive lesbian scenes declaring that it was that way, it is a PARODY. It’s something us guys may look at and go “Hah, that’s ridiculous, but it’s also pretty hot.” We don’t try to design every motion into some homosexual tell just to wrap a character up in a package we accept as our only allowable perception. There are guys who do that, and they are just as bad, and you won’t find anyone arguing against that except those guys. Doujinshi are giant jokes that make our dicks hard, plain and simple.

        • Anonymous says:

          Lol, you have no clue how much i can relate to that.

          Why would they burn the books? he has girlfriends, not boyfriends.

          Most fujoshi’s are like that, and no, Otakus don’t stalk seiyuu’s, unlike the fujoshi’s, there’s even an article here on Sankaku saying that.

          “I didn’t see any sort of ‘subtext’ either in Gundam Wing, but just the fact that the characters ‘might’ have been gay ruined the series for you? What? Just how homophobic are you?”

          There is no subtext, the gundam series is a popular shounen franchise, it has nothing to do with yaoi, houselife pretty much said it, it’s just the idiotic, immature, ignorant fujoshi’s that annoy people and force their own fucked up ideas on them.
          He’s not homophobic, it’s just that you’re a homophile who calls others homophobics when they hate on your yaoi, and that’s childish as fuck.

          “because we chicks dig romance”
          Don’t generalise please, and if you “dig romance”, why the yaoi? why not yuri too? why not normal pairings? Your point is invalid.

          “That aside, here’s a thought: in any given work with a large enough cast, according to real world statistics, half of it is (or ought to be if it’s at all realistic) either gay or bisexual – that is, in a cast of ten guys there would be one gay guy and four guys open to experimenting with other guys. The same naturally also applies to girls, but there’s no shortage of lesbian undertones in anime”

          I’ve never ever heard of such thing.
          “according to real world statistics”
          No, that’s according to retarded fujoshi statistics.

          Seriously, this is why people get disgusted with the fujoshi audience, they say and do some really unbelievable shit.

        • Fujoshi are delusional about things like girlfriends in obviously yaoi books. Doesn’t matter if they had/have them, in their minds it’s temporary. I’ve mentioned it here before, but years ago a girl I knew insisted all Gundam Wing guys were gay, no matter what. It was on in English on Toonami at the time, and she just kept saying they were all gay. I wasn’t really homophobic I didn’t think, but it just made me really not like watching it with this underlying wondering if they were actually gay even though really nothing was happening to even hint at anything sexual at all. I was not able to enjoy the story because I was trying to see if I was missing something. But on top of that she claimed that Vash and Spike and all my favorite male leads were gay.

          Took several years to get over how annoyed I was at homosexuality in general from that girl’s ridiculous implications, and she asserted them like they were obvious and irrefutable with the flimsiest ‘evidence’ ever. The presence of the girls made no difference. All of them hated Relena even if she was actually a pretty well-done character. I told her that I liked Relena as a character once and she exploded at me.

          I didn’t know that she was a fujoshi until more recently, since then name didn’t exist to us then, but she sure as shit was a good representation it seems.

        • Anonymous says:

          I recall that in Gravitation the lead male – the blond one – had a string of girlfriends, and nobody burned the books.

          And in most of the fujoshi bait series the characters do have prospective love interests.

          So no.

        • Anonymous says:

          HouseLife: yes, she was delusional. Not all fujoshi are. That’s like saying all otaku are like those creeps that stalk seiyuu.

          I didn’t see any sort of ‘subtext’ either in Gundam Wing, but just the fact that the characters ‘might’ have been gay ruined the series for you? What? Just how homophobic are you?

          To be fair, there used to be a lot of GW yaoi fans back in the day. Most of them just liked exploring the possibility of what a relationship would look like between two characters they like, because we chicks dig romance. If they talk about a relationship being ‘likely’, they just mean that they think it has the proper chemistry and circumstances, not that it COULD happen.

          That aside, here’s a thought: in any given work with a large enough cast, according to real world statistics, half of it is (or ought to be if it’s at all realistic) either gay or bisexual – that is, in a cast of ten guys there would be one gay guy and four guys open to experimenting with other guys. The same naturally also applies to girls, but there’s no shortage of lesbian undertones in anime.

      • Anonymous says:

        “they’re the mirror image of male otakus”
        Wow sir, i’m offended.

        No seriously, i’m a male otaku, and i don’t remember ever going around trolling on forums and make gay pairings out of male characters <_<

        So i'd apperciate if you don't group us with them, saying they're the mirror image of us is very, very, fucking offending on many levels.

      • Anonymous says:

        First of all, just because you’re a virgin does not mean every male otaku is. second of all, female geeks and fujoshi (yaoi fangirls) Are not the same, sure, female geeks are the counterpart of male otakus, but fujoshi aren’t, they’re female geeks with “different” interests.
        Third, don’t blurting out bullshit.

        Thank you very much.

        • @Adom Jensom

          If that is a serious question, then I can bring up a potential insight.

          Recognizing a group as being different is one thing, but by and large the part that is a detriment to the subculture of Otaku is the small minorities who are most vocal. Much like the loudest morons on this board who will so simply declare some game or anime as pure shit without giving merit to its good parts.

          You can speak all you wish about not judging people for their social inabilities, but if it came down to you being around said people, you would say the opposite in almost every case, and they don’t want to be around others almost as often.

          It’s a self-fulfilling downward spiral where they selfishly believe they’re special and everyone else just ‘doesn’t get it’ while completely ignoring factual, true things about who they are such as hygiene and their attitudes about reality and those around them. It’s all based on psychological wounds from the past, but eventually it’s time to face who you are as a human being.

          Put simply, it’s not our job to unfuck them, they have to unfuck themselves. We can help them along the way, but assholes who cling to their assholiness as some form of treasure and then wonder why nobody likes them or enjoys their attention-whoring (or the reverse, seclusion) are shunned by their own devices, not because everyone ‘doesn’t get them.’ So many US High School Otaku are the loudest and most obnoxious people for no good reason, and combine that with their overall lack of knowledge of life in general mixed in with a smug sense of self worth at being ‘outcast’ and you have an asshole on gangly legs.

          One can be mature and confident in their fandom without being an asshole about it. I have wall scrolls, figures and more games and anime than nearly all my friends combined and it’s very noticeable around my place, but I’m not known for it. It is a part of me. I can also have back and forth discussions about things I like and dislike without making it somehow gospel, and give things a second look based on other opinions. It’s the people who don’t even give any thought to an opposing opinion who decimate any sense of intelligence or reason to interact with them, and unfortunately, gamers, otaku and teenagers fill out that demographic rather heavily. Combine all three… well that was covered above.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yeah, an anime fan is an anime fan, but saying fujoshi’s are the mirror image is plain dumb and ignorant.

          I never heard of anyone trying to ban “cartoon porn” before, although it’s reasonable if they did try to ban yaoi, despite it not being “cartoon porn”.

          Anyways, go do your homework, grammar nazi.

        • Anonymous says:

          And not all fujoshi are virgins, so what?
          And ‘different’ tastes, okay. You know what else is a ‘different’ taste? Yuri, virgin extremism, lolicon, moe. Isn’t it a bit ridiculous to discriminate based on your preference in porn?

        • Nice grammar fail, and I’m not a virgin but you don’t have to believe me.

          An anime fan is an anime fan, why bother demonizing one group you don’t like? Ishithara wants to ban everyone’s cartoon porn, so they should work together.

        • Yes it does.

          Because Yaoi = Gay male relationships.
          Yuri = Gay female relationships.

          and Gay female relationships = more tolerated and accepted worldwide than gay male relationships, the fact that many countries allow lesbian couples and prohibit gay couples just proves that.

        • Anonymous says:

          Did you make a new account just for the sake of trolling?

          Male otakus don’t give a flying fuck about the Fujoshi’s nor do they give a fuck about normal female otakus. We’re getting our material every season with added ass and vagina, we’re fapping without giving a flying fuck about what some NEET rotten smelly foreveravirgin girl does.

          And for the record, Many countries allow lesbian couples but prohibit gay male couples.
          Go to the wiki page of homosexuality legalisation in countries and see for yourself, people are more tolerant towards lesbians. Now get lost.

      • Anonymous says:

        As a female otaku, I feel slightly offended. But I agree, Ishihara should be removed via concerted effort. If fujoshis are what it takes to do so, I can compromise. I’ll squirm and resist very strongly any urge to punch them, but I’ll work with them if I have to.

        • Anonymous says:

          I would like to know why are some people so close-minded.. So many stereotypes! I admit there are fujoshis who intend to press their ideas into other people’s likes, but there aren’t all like that. Fujoshis like yaoi, and it might be a bit annoying that -a part of them- intend to convert every single shonen manga into a yaoi manga, but if you hate it that much, just IGNORE IT! I don’t say that you have to start reading (/watching) yaoi, I just say that people need to be more err.. comprehensive; anyhow, the sexual orientation of the story character lies in the hands of the mangakas, they won’t change anything no matter how many doushinjis nor fanfics, etc, they do. This kind of discussions really piss me off.. Just let the fujoshis be and ignore them, nobody have the rights to insult someone’s like.

      • Anonymous says:

        You seem to be getting a lot of arrows shot at you, but then again some of these people don’t like being called out for what they really are. Why else with some highly defensive replies?

        Simply put; fujioshi’s are the equivelant of male otakus who are very extreme about…their obsessions. E.g. “She no virgin!? Destroy collections!!” or “VA has boyfriend?! Send offensive things to her!!”. Goes that extra mile than your average otaku.

        There is no real term (none that I know) that has a female equivelant of male otaku, since in general females are catergorized the same under otaku. We do need a term that categorize the male otakus who are completely out of touch with reality, then we’ll have a equivelant of fujioshi right there and vice versa.

        • The one who’s missing out the point here is you.

          Obviously there is no term for male Yuri fans Because Yuri was not intended for them, Yuri was intended for the female audience, and that explains alot.

          Also the reason why they use the term “Fujoshi” for the BL fangirls is because the idea of a woman being interested in homosexual relationships between men doesn’t really sound that pleasant. it’s nearly the same thing as with “faghags”, except faghags are a little bit worse.

        • Anonymous says:

          Fujoshi (腐女子?, lit. “rotten girl”) is a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men.

          Nope, fujoshi’s aren’t the equivelant of male otakus.

          “There is no real term (none that I know) that has a female equivelant of male otaku”

          Lol…Dude, the word “Otaku” doesn’t specify a gender, it’s just used to describe an Anime/Manga/Visualnovel/Lightnovel fan, so basically, the the equivelant of male otaku is female otaku, even an idiot doesn’t need me to tell em that.

          i’ll explain further.
          Fujoshi Otakus are female otaku who’re fans of BL (Boys love/Yaoi).
          Female otaku are the equivelant of Male otaku, if male otakus read Shounen, female otakus read Shoujo, if male otakus play Galge, female otakus play Otomege, and so on.
          So Female Otakus = Non-BL fan girl otakus.
          Fujoshi = BL fan girl otakus.

        • Anonymous says:

          @ 19:57

          Way to miss the point, but then it seems I struck a chord with some weeaboos here unsurprisingly…I know what a fujioshi is and I know what Otaku are. But if you want to be a smartass about it then “Otaku” is not just for anime, manga or related media. Meaning Otaku’s can be into anything. However it’s most used for the context of anime et al.

          With regards to Otaku being non-gender specific, no shit sherlock. Why else did I mention how there is no distinctive term between “MALE” and “FEMALE” otaku, but if threre is I don’t know it. Is reading comprehension that lacking on this site? Rhetorical question….

          My point is, there is no term that would be a pair for a fujioshi for males. If fujioshi are obsessive towards yaoi, then what are males who are obsessive about yuri? Christ how hard was that to understand? Think of the term homosexual; yet we have gay, lesbian, faggot. They don’t hold exact conotations, but relate to being homosexual either way. If there are fanboys there are fangirls…seriously. I’m not talking talking about the characteristics of a group of people in particular, I’m on about whether or not a term, word or label even exist for distinction sake.

      • Anonymous says:

        The “oh so offended ones” are just too deluded to see that. Ultimately all otakus worship 2D folks that they can never get, doesn’t matter if heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, whatever sexual… They claim the characters in their own mind, construct their own universe and declare them canon. They get huffy when some other haters comes alone and shit on their ideas.

        The ones going all indignant saying yaoi is not comparable to other fandoms and should be stopped are just about as Ishihara as it gets. “What do you mean about celebrating the characters in other ways than the ways that I agree with!?”

      • You know what? Adom is probably right. They kind of are the female counterpart to _creepy_ otaku. Yes, all otaku are considered creepy by normal people. Whatever, I still like Ogiue from Genshiken. Fujoshi or not.

        On a side note.. it says a lot about all you people that are offended by looking in a mirror, lol.

        • Anonymous says:

          Never heard of such thing.
          and knife on hand? for what? To stab their favourite seiyuus? Sounds legit.

          For fuck’s sake, at least the pairings in hentai doujinshi’s are normal. you got a problem with that?

          rule 63 are you fucking kidding? You’re talking about a fucking internet porn meme in a completely disscusion? is your brain functioning properly? What the hell?

        • Anonymous says:

          “Of course they aren’t into exploring romance beyond what the series offers”

          Yes they do, those hentai doujins you see every day, they’re full of it. It’s just that Male otakus don’t make everyone gay and make unnecessary pairings.

        • Anonymous says:

          Again, male otakus don’t go pair everyone up and make them gay or stalk seiyuu’s.

          Sure, all otaku considered Creepy by normal people, but Fujoshi’s are considered even more creepy by both normal people and the otakus.

        • Anonymous says:

          That’s because male otaku are MALE. Of course they aren’t into exploring romance beyond what the series offers.

          And male otaku DO stalk seiyuu, have you been reading Sankaku at all?

        • “and knife on hand? for what? To stab their favourite seiyuus? Sounds legit.”

          To harass seiyuu they don’t like into quitting for example.

          Still, hilarious how people hate their mirrorimage. “Oh noez, we are totally not like that. Look, if I move my left hand their right hand moves! And if I go left, they go right. Can’t you see the BIG difference?”

        • “Again, male otakus don’t go pair everyone up and make them gay or stalk seiyuu’s.”

          I always assumed only male otakus would stalk seiyuus. As in “stalking”. You know, the creepy kind of stalking, with a knife on hand. Not the following around and taking pictures stalking.

          Also.. we sure love to pair up everyone. Don’t you know any one piece doujinshis and how nami is everyones bitch?

          As to making them gay… rule 63 doesn’t count? Than take all those other doujinshis were female characters are made gay for our reading pleasure.

  • Anonymous says:

    I type the url of sankaku, i press enter, the site loads and the first word i see is “fujoshi”…

    must be a fucking bad day.

    But seriously? they actually make this kind of shit?

    dammit my eyes! must get out of here quick!

    • Anonymous says:

      Fanservice for females and yaoi are two completely different things, and much different than Moe and ecchi you fuckwit, how could you even think of comparing these to each other? What the fuck?

      And yes, Yaoi is rotten, thats why they call yaoi fangirls “fujoshi”, meaning rotten girl, again, having good looking male characters or even topless and half-naked ones in an anime as fanservice is one thing, but making gay pairs of every male character in existence is awhole other story.

      also “ecchi” isn’t fanservice, it’s a genre, and so is yaoi, try making some sense, will ya?

  • Anonymous says:

    Just as a kindergarten teacher sings the alphabet song, this makes learning fun. I won’t complain.

    Probably the only disadvantage to this is having a creepy smirk on as you recall things when taking the review test.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m a fujoshi, and I’d appreciate if we stopped stereotyping us. I hope for and expect female leads in the yaoi I like, and I also love hetero and yuri stories. I don’t pair together two straight men with girlfriends, either. I also enjoy all female stories as much as all male stories. I’m just a fan of anime who happens to love cute girls AND cute guys, so we’re not very different from otaku. There’s extremist otaku men, and extremist fujoshi women.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is no “female leads” in yaoi, it’s fucking yaoi, if there was a female lead then it wouldn’t be yaoi anymore.

      And yes, trust me, you’re very different from all the kinds of otakus, from normal female otakus to creepy ones.

      • Anonymous says:

        There’s often female leads, such as the sister or a friend or even a date from a closeted guy. I always appreciate more women in yaoi.

        And how are yuri-pushing otakus different from me, or is that denial I sense?

        • Anonymous says:

          There is a difference between those who watch Nanoha, especially strikers (where teana and subaru have some tension going) and the yaoi fangirls that I have encountered in person pair any two characters with a dick together. Maybe you are not like that, but there ARE people who do pair every male character in whatever they are watching and that is what people are disgusted by. Nobody cares if you like yaoi, what they dislike is the people that push everything as a gay couple and write terrible fanfics about it.

        • Anonymous says:

          Nanoha is a male oriented anime, wether they decide to make Yuri pairings or not is none of your buisness because it’s an anime targeted at THEM.

          Unlike Yaoitards, who pair up everything they see.

        • That’s not called “Female lead” you moron, it’s basically a minor female characters, which you don’t see often in yaoi.
          Again, if there was a female lead then it’s not Yaoi anymore.

          What Yuri-pushing otakus? You seem to be quite ignorant to the fact that Yuri is targeted at the female audience, therefor your point is invalid. furthermore, i have never seen a Male yuri fan who tries to force it on other people, and even if there was, for each annoying male yuri fan, there is 1000 annoying yaoi fangirls.

        • Anonymous says:

          Watch Nanoha some time, then get involved with its fandom. You will see yuri-pushing otaku. You will see three metric shitloads and one fuckload of them. And they will be as bad or worse than any yaoi fangirl you’ve ever met.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t get why most of you don’t like people who like yaoi? When you stereotype all people (mostly girls) who like yaoi as big, fat and ugly people, you’re opening yourself up to stereotypes as well, as in fat otaku, lives off parents etc. And don’t you get somewhat frustrated at it after awhile? It’s not fair to do the same to someone else and make them feel the same way you do when you’re mocked for something that isn’t true. Also, if you don’t want to read about anything yaoi, then don’t open the damn tab. I don’t understand why people let hate dominate their life.

    • Anonymous says:

      But let’s face it, that stereotype is pretty accurate, of course there are few exceptions here and there, but damn, every yaoi fangirl i came across was uglier and fatter than my hairy butt (The ones i’ve seen picture of, at least, that and my female fujoshi friends).

      No offense though, people have their reasons for hating yaoi fangirls and not wanting to have anything to do with them, it makes alot of sense if you think about it.

      • Anonymous says:

        So you are basing it off your own experience and labeling it as the universal truth… seems real legit to me.

        Unless you are in touch with the commmunity and know a lot of the people, I don’t think you have the right to claim your truth as the one truth… Especially seeing how much hatred you have for it, there is no way you will ever get close to the members of the community.

        • Anonymous says:

          First of all, i know alot of fujoshis, i’ve seen tons of them, i went to fucking comiket and i witnessed everything with my eyes.

          second of all, Stop being butthurt, the Stereotypes are correct, they’re just what the stereotypes describes them,that’s a fact.

          lastly, i don’t want to fucking get close to the members of the community, what makes you think i want to get close to some lonely toxic foreveralone buttugly girls? (Well aside from my friends, who don’t flaunt and annoy others with their hobbies).

  • Anonymous says:

    Wait, why is everyone here so disgusted by fujoshi? They’re just female anime fans who like male pairings. Calm down, y’all.

    It’s especially hypocritical considering so many here seem to love yuri/loli…

      • Anonymous says:

        Please work on your reading comprehension, I never said people who like yuri or loli should like yaoi. Never even came close.

        What I was saying is hypocritical is that the male otaku here are repulsed by fujoshi despite having similar hobbies/interests.

        • I beg to fucking differ.

          Pairing up characters that have a thing for each other (and in most cases do end up together) is one thing, but making gay pairings out 2 male characters (That are perfectly straight) and annoy the shit out of others with the weeaboo retarded remarks and insist they’re meant for each other, is something else. and that is exactly what fujoshi’s do.

          So no, Male Otakus (By the way, why are you mentioning only male otakus? I mean normal female otakus dislike Yaoi just as much <_<) and Female otakus hobbies are largely different and aren't similar in anyway expect for the "pair up" part, in which case everyone does that, except fujoshi's do it the retarded and annoying way.

        • Wow, do you have a brain or not?

          “the male otaku here are repulsed by fujoshi despite having similar hobbies/interests.”

          Exfuckingcuse me, But since when did male otakus have a hobby of pairing up male characters and spread their paint fanfics and “KYAAAAAAAAA SUGOI!!!” Weaaboo remarks all over the internet?

          Sorry, but i never heard of a male otaku having similar interests as a fujoshi, unless there is some kind of genre we don’t know of, then by all means, go ahead and fucking enlighten us.

        • Anonymous says:

          “Male otaku have similar(notice how I didn’t say SAME) hobbies as fujoshi. They pair characters up.”

          They pair up characters, true, but they don’t pair up perfectly straight male characters, make them gay, and insist they’re homosexual for each other like a fucking lifeless maniac, so there’s a huge difference in hobbies.

          “There are annoying people in every group. But to claim that all fujoshi are irritating weeaboos and male otaku somehow aren’t is fucking idiotic. It’s more of an age thing- young fans tend to be overzealous and less socially adept. This applies to all fans of all media, although exceptions obviously exist.”

          That’s also true, but i don’t recall Male/female otakus getting as much hate and complaints as fujoshi, and that is for obvious reasons.

        • Anonymous says:

          Analogous =/= Exactly the same

          >Exfuckingcuse me, But since when did male otakus have a hobby of pairing up male characters

          Male otaku have similar(notice how I didn’t say SAME) hobbies as fujoshi. They pair characters up.

          >and spread their paint fanfics and “KYAAAAAAAAA SUGOI!!!” Weaaboo remarks all over the internet?

          There are annoying people in every group. But to claim that all fujoshi are irritating weeaboos and male otaku somehow aren’t is fucking idiotic. It’s more of an age thing- young fans tend to be overzealous and less socially adept. This applies to all fans of all media, although exceptions obviously exist.

    • You’re not seriously comparing Yaoi to loli are you?
      i’d understand if you compare it to Yuri (Which even then, still doesn’t sound reasonable), but comparing it Loli is stupidity at its best.

      Next thing you’re gonna compare dicks to belly buttons.

      • Anonymous says:

        How is comparing yuri fans to yaoi fans unreasonable?

        >but comparing it Loli is stupidity at its best.

        The point I was trying to get across was that people here hate fujoshi for their ‘revolting’ tastes, yet they piss and moan when people call their tastes(for example, loli) gross.

        • No one is calling Loli gross though. and even if they did, we Male otakus don’t give a fuck because genres such as loli are predominant. Plus, like i said before, Loli is different for fuck’s sake, comparing Loli to Yaoi is like comparing fried chicken to a rotten tomato…for crying out loud, grow up already.

        • Anonymous says:

          Do I have to break this down to you?

          -I was noting how male otaku whine when someone calls loli disgusting, yet call fujoshi disgusting without hesitance.

          -I wasn’t comparing the genres to one another. Not in the least.

          >because genres such as loli are predominant.

          Yaoi is also predominant, with the added bonus of not being illegal.

          >for crying out loud, grow up already.

          You’re an adult man who likes to see little cartoon girls get raped, and you’re telling someone else to grow up?

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, you’re right. It’s wrong to compare something as natural as homosexuality to a fetish that’s so commonly accepted as being unnatural and wrong that people get jailed over it.

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh look, YET AGAIN another butthurt homophile, wow, there’s just TOO MANY of them on ther internet eh? Oh well, reality is hard for them.

          Oh and this time he talks about animals, LOL, he’s comparing humans to animals…What a fucking joke.

          Your whole arguement is invalid, you make zero sense, get over it. Homophile.

        • Anonymous says:

          LOL. another butthurt homophile.
          Homosexuality is natural? Why is it illegal in most countries then? why are homosexuals getting the death penalty in half the countries? And since fucking when was it natural?

          If it was, there’d be more yaoi, but instead, we see 1-2 yaoi animes per year and 5-6 loli animes per month, that says alot doesn’t it?

          grow up you immature fuckwit.

        • Anonymous says:

          Please allow me to school the previous 2 clueless anos who don’t seem to be living in the 21st century..

          @4:01 and 4:06, lack of knowledge much? Is using google that hard?

          “Homosexual behavior in animals refers to the documented evidence of homosexual and bisexual behavior in various (non-human) species. Such behaviors include sex, courtship, affection, pair bonding, and parenting among same sex animals. A 1999 review by researcher Bruce Bagemihl shows that homosexual behavior has been observed in close to 1,500 species, ranging from primates to gut worms, and is well documented for 500 of them.[1][2]”

          And specialy @anon 4:01 Get a fucking clue you homophobic piece of s**t. Just because it is illegal on those backwater religious countries who are socially backward 500 years doesn’t support your argument.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Fujoshi ship men, otakus ship any anime woman with themselves. ”

      Correction, Fujoshi ship every male anime character in existence and insist they’re gay, Otakus Ship Male characters with female characters, there is no “ship any anime woman with themselves”, That’s not even possible.

      “Fujoshi usually have boyfriends, otakus have dakimakuras and their own salty tears. U mad otaku?”

      In what world? In what world do Fujoshi have boyfriends? and in what world will a guy even be willing to date a sick, creepy, toxic-vagina, smelly virgin girl? You’re clearly running away from reality, try harder next time, or you should just give up, ya ain’t getting a boyfriend, i assure you that.

      • Anonymous says:

        “and in what world will a guy even be willing to date a sick, creepy, toxic-vagina, smelly virgin girl?”

        That+ her weird obssesion with girly men having some homosexual lust between each other LOL

        Do not want. that kind of girl will stay single for life.

  • Anonymous says:

    All the denial in this thread. Otaku are creepy, fujoshi are creepy. Otaku tear up pictures of their idols once they found out they’re dating, and they hate anime characters if they have a boyfriend. They’re creepy basement-dwellers who have onaholes and hug pillows. Fujoshi watch terrible yaoi, otaku watch one-dimensional moefests. Fujoshi and otaku are one and the same.

    • Anonymous says:

      I pity you, i really, really pity you.

      and for the record, everyone uses Onaholes, not just Otaku, or you’re saying it’s bad for men to masturbate?

      Also, “moefest” is not yaoi, and yaoi is not moefest, different content, different genre, different audience, they can’t be compared.

      “Fujoshi and otaku are one and the same”

      Nope, Male otaku is the counterpart of Female Otaku, Fujoshi’s are the counterpart of those lifeless annoying ignorat Yuri fans. You don’t need me to tell you that.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is one word to describe you, and that is “Absurd”.

      “hate anime characters if they have a boyfriend”
      Oh is that why Harem anime and Love-Polygons are so popular?

      “They’re creepy basement-dwellers who have onaholes and hug pillows”

      everyone uses onaholes, Otaku or not. or you’re saying it’s bad for a guy to masturbate and he’s terrible if he does so? Grow the fuck up you fuckwit.

      “Fujoshi watch terrible yaoi”
      Is that all? is that really it? quite funny how you barely said anything about Fujoshi while you go on and on bitching and ranting pointlessly about otaku guys.

      “otaku watch one-dimensional moefests”
      moefests is not yaoi, yaoi is not moefest, those are completely different genres and cannot be compared in any way.

      “Fujoshi and otaku are one and the same”
      Uhh yes, Because Fujoshi are Otaku o_o
      On the other hand, Male otakus aren’t fujoshi, they aren’t like them, they’ll never be.

      Now go do your homework, and be grateful i even gave you some attention.
      or actually, you know what? go to 4chan and look up some bishounen pictures, i think that’ll make you feel better, no?

  • Anonymous says:

    This website is a haven for otaku, so you expect them to realize that they’re creepy as fuck? No, they won’t. Instead they’ll downrate this and keep going on about fujoshi, when they’re even worse.

    • Anonymous says:

      They’re even worse?

      Last time i checked, Otaku guys don’t watch anime with homosexual themes where two feminine men are kissing each other and licking each other’s nipples.

      Last time i checked, Otaku guys don’t go making gay pairings out of every male character in anime and insisting they’re gay for the sake of annoying the fans.

      Last time i checked, Otaku guys don’t go around squealing and trolling about how their favourite male characters are so gay for each other.

      Bottom line, Otaku and Fujoshi cannot be compared, and stop calling em creepy when you’re the one with fucked up hobbies, Also, Otakus aren’t the one they call “Rotten”, it’s the Fujoshi, and for a reason, now get your toxic rotten ass out of here and don’t ever come back.

  • Anonymous says:

    fujoshi – fat , ugly, no hygiene, zero potential in relationships
    “male otaku” – fat, ugly, no hygiene, zero potential in relationships

    Let’s all just enjoy our 2D without this sort of discrimination.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not true. Not true at all.
      everyone here is saying it, You can’t compare male otaku to fujoshi, male otaku are the counterpart of FEMALE otaku, not FUJOSHI.

      Male otaku can easily get in a relationship, They watch anime, read manga, play visual novels.
      But they don’t watch anime, grab all the male characters, make gay pairings with them, and then annoy the living shit out of people.

      There’s a huge difference you know.

      • Anonymous says:

        “Male otaku can easily get in a relationship, They watch anime, read manga, play visual novels.
        But they don’t watch anime, grab all the male characters, make gay pairings with them, and then annoy the living shit out of people.”

        Relationship… yes, with their dakimakura. And who the heck says fujoshi can’t play/wont play visual novels or read manga? lol denial much.

        No, make otakus ARE much different, they watch anime, grab all female characters, make lesbian pairings with them, and then annoy the living shit out of people. OH WAIT.

        • -I never said they don’t play visual novels, But then again, i never said they do, since Visual novels are usually Hentai in dialogue form and pictures with little plot here and there and lolis everywhere.
          -Not really, i never seen a guy make lesbian pairings and flaunt it like an immature, brainless twat fujoshi.
          -Most otaku guys don’t make lesbian pairings, they make normal pairings.
          -You’re a retard.
          -You’re immature.
          -You’re trolling.
          -Stop wasting yours and everyone’s time.

      • Anonymous says:

        There’s so many blanket statements in these posts, I can’t even deal with it. I wonder if people actually use this little of their brain’s ability to reason or if it’s just trolling.

        • Let me guess, You’ve never had any luck with girls (Not that i’m surprised), and due to being desperate, you just ended up with a fujoshi as a girlfriend. i Hit the nail, huh?

          Well good luck with that smelly, toxic, rotten and hairy vagina and that sillicone filled butt.

        • Anonymous says:

          You must be quite the desperate fag.

          Let me guess, you had no luck with girls from the day you were born, and due to being desperate, you ended up with a fujoshi girlfriend…i hit the nail didn’t i?

          It’s alright man, you were desperate, i would’ve done the same…or Not.

        • Anonymous says:

          “90% of Sankaku articles about how depraved otaku are and how girls would rather jump in a vat of acid than date one. lol”

          You’re clearly trolling, sir, Half the Sankaku articles are actually about those figurines and shit, that fact alone makes you a total idiot.

          A male otaku has a higher chance of being in a relationship with a female otaku, and slightly less chance than an average male of being with a normal girl, on the other hand, Fujoshi have nearly zero chance of being with either, LOL.