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TV Tokyo Man Busted for Minor Maid Molestation


A TV Tokyo employee has been arrested for committing indecent acts with a 16-year-old maid he met working the streets of Akihabara, saying “she was my type.”

According to Tokyo police, the incident began with a 16-year-old high schooler working as a maid in Akihabara, serving at a cafe and handing out fliers in the streets.

She caught the eye of a 27-year-old broadcast technician working for TV Tokyo, a station renowned as a major patron of anime, and he approached her and managed to begin an exchange of calls and emails with her.

She later joined him at his Shinagawa residence, and the pair together engaged in indecent activities prohibited by Tokyo’s stringent youth protection ordinances.

This came to the attention of police, and he was subsequently charged and arrested. The nature of the charge seems to suggest there was no element of coercion or prostitution to the case, although it is not clear how the matter came to police attention.

He admits the offence, saying “She was my type. I wanted to get to know her better, so I invited her back to my place.”

Police claim he knew the girl was a minor as he had seen her wearing her a school uniform on her way home from school.

TV Tokyo have called the matter “truly regrettable” and pledged to deal with him severely once the full facts are ascertained.

Online he has earned the grudging respect and sympathy of 2ch:

“This is TV Tokyo quality. All is forgiven.”

“TV Tokyo is forgiven… as expected of 2ch.”

“How do you get busted for stuff like this? Didn’t she consent?”

“She tattled on him. Hint: it was December.”

“If the parents find out they can get pretty pissed and dob you in.”

“Or neighbours can just decide to report seeing you at it.”

“Probably one of her friends when she went weeping to them about how she was tricked!”

“Hard to see the parents complaining about her dating a guy with a job like that. More likely he dumped her nastily after having his fill.”

“Depends. A lot of parents wouldn’t forgive their teenage daughter being involved with an adult like that.”

“This is what happens when you don’t pay them properly.”

“Who cares about a 28-year-old and a 16-year-old going out anyway? Let him off. It’s not like she was a prostitute or he was raping or molesting her.”

“I’m dating a JK. The whole thing is dependent on what your partner is like, and whether her parents know and approve.”

“The stuff about him seeing her in her uniform and thus knew she was a minor sounds dodgy when you consider he met her when she was dressed as a maid…”

“Pretty gross for an adult to be interested in someone 10 years younger than them.”

“When you’re an adult, you’ll understand.”

“I thought there were loads of 17 and 27 couples about though?”

“It was consensual, what is the point of all this?”

“At 12 or 13 it would be pretty shocking, but at 16 or 17 it hardly seems worth getting upset about.”

“Since all the highschoolers are busy banging each other anyway, these kind of arrests do seem inappropriate.”

“You can get married at 16, the whole thing is absurd.”

“A few years back it was totally normal for students to date highschoolers, now we have this booming lolicon crackdown and suddenly they all get arrested.”

“I thought only old hags worked in maid cafes – surprising to hear they have JKs too.”

“Should schoolgirls really be working in maid cafes?”

“A schoolgirl working at a maid ? That is practically legal enjo kousai already?”

“Stick to 2D!”

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