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K-ON! Not Dead Yet: Azunyan Guitar Hits $65,000


Even if the manga and anime are done with for now, the notorious mania of K-ON! fans for high priced guitars has reached the usual frenzied levels, with an Azunyan guitar bearing the signatures of all 5 seiyuu reaching ¥5,081,000 in mere days.


Such auctions have a certain reputation for attracting spurious bids, and indeed there are some fresh accounts bidding improbably high amounts for the instrument – however, there are accounts in high standing bidding as much as ¥3,000,000, so a high price seems inevitable.


The guitar itself was originally laid on by Lawson as part of their highly successful efforts to part otaku from their none too closely held shekels.

Although perhaps a step up from buying 1,000 copies of the same CD, online the prices the guitar is fetching are fuelling the usual scepticism about the shopping habits of otaku, and especially K-ON! fans.

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