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K-ON! Fans Despair at Impending Ending


The penultimate chapter of K-ON! has induced outpourings of despair amongst the poor fans of the series, not least because there is no prospect of seeing Azunyan graduate.


Early copies of the latest chapter announce the next and last chapter will cover the school festival, with no graduation and no guest appearance from the older girls apparent – whether there will be any surprise announcement with it also seems doubtful.

Moeblob fans are unsurprisingly unhappy about all this (although as almost all of them appear to be primarily fans of the anime and not the manga, there is rather more interest in when and if the third season will come along):



“It’s a Photoshop! A Photoshop! A Photoshop!”

“I didn’t see anything!”

“This is a dreadful way to end it. It should at least be ending on graduation.”

“This was probably as far as Kakifly could manage to drag it out. Maybe he can still manage some of the university story.”

“The end of serialisation isn’t the end!”

“It’s sad but we have to accept this terrible reality.”

“K-ON! is finished!”

“So they are both ending for good?”

“He was pushing it with both of them really. The university one wasn’t even that interesting.”

“I believe that he will resurrect the series for us, some day!”

“We should just drink ourselves into forgetting.”

“Expect K-ON! Zero or something next.”

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