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“Dakimakura Nyotaimori”: Otaku “Creepier Than Ever”


Japan’s creepy otaku have earned even more notoriety with the invention of “dakimakura nyotaimori,” with the inventor demonstrating the practice by eating sushi off his Lynette Bishop dakimakura cover for the full “Nyotaimori Witches” experience.

The combination of nyotaimori – “naked sushi,” a supposedly traditional Japanese culinary art (in fact it appears to have been invented or popularised overseas) – and the otaku favourite of a sexy 2D girl on a dakmakura cover appears to be completely novel.

Lynette sans sashimi for the curious:


Whether the practice will catch on is difficult to predict (though even less appealing practices already have plenty of traction), but it certainly seems unlikely to improve the reputation of dakimakura owners, such as it is.

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