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Teacher Punishes 3-Year-Old with Vaginal Seed Insertion


Chinese are outraged at the case of a teacher who punished a 3-year-old girl for not playing with other children by forcing her seed into her and leaving it there for days.

The incident occurred in a Shanghai kindergarten when an unidentified teacher in her 20s decided to “punish” a 3-year-old girl by inserting a kidney bean into her vagina.

4 days later the girl’s condition was discovered by a hospital, and the foreign object removed. The news and identity of the school swiftly spread online in China, causing outrage.

The girl’s offence was apparently not to play with the other children in the playground.

The teacher is said to have been a warm and kind woman, and both the girl’s parents and Chinese online are mystified as to why she would abuse the girl in this way.

The teacher was suspended and police are said to be investigating, although it is not clear what charges might be brought, or if the school will dismiss her.

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