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“Just What Late Night Anime You Can Watch With Family?”


With fuss over the content of late night anime as vociferous as ever, anime fans have been pondering the question of whether there really are any late night anime titles which are safe for family viewing, and if so, what they are.

Some of the suggestions on offer naturally tend to raise as many questions about the respondents and their families as they do about the content of late night anime:


“Isn’t that full of boobs?”

“Yes, but the difference is they do not look as if they are there to excite the viewer.”

“Right, those are not for show, like TLR or Qwaser or whatever.”

“Ano Hana.”

“Ika Musume!”

“Azumanga Daioh.”

“The Tatami Galaxy.”

“Clannad, surely?”

“I managed to watch Code Geass with them.”

“Akagi went down well with my father, and the rest of the family.”



“Hidamari Sketch.”

“Yosuga no Sora.”


“Ladies vs Butlers.”



“Ichigo Marshmallow!!!”

“Kill Me Baby.”

“Nanatsu Iro.”

“Strike Witches.”

“Elfen Lied.”

“This calls for Usagi Drop!”

“Usagi Drop.”

“School Days!”

“I managed to watch most things with my family… but that toothbrushing scene was out!”

“My mom really loved Toradora.”

Is it wrong to watch Yosuga with your little sister?”

See also some of their efforts to rank the titles most unlikely to cause outrage, ostracism and embarrassment, and in particularly severe cases, disinheritance.

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