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“My Brother’s a NEET & Anime Otaku – I Wish He’d Die!”


The tale of a long-suffering imouto who would rather see her anime otaku brother dead than continuing his NEET existence has moved many online – and given that NEETs, hikikomori and otaku are widely regarded as the lowest forms of life in Japan, many are moved only to condemn her brother’s parasitic existence.

The original supplicant (thought to be his imouto):

I have an elder brother who turns 19 in September.

He was bullied a bit in high school, and took 2 years off. Then he was diagnosed with a social phobia at hospital.

After that he had to change school, and after a day stopped going, and has been off school ever since. I don’t know how to deal with him.

I don’t care if he doesn’t work full time, but I’d like him to work at least a few hours.

He gets and allowance from our mother every month, I honestly wish he’d stop! (I don’t get one)

Our mother can’t really buy the things she wants, and she pays the phone bills too, quite a bit with all our calls.

He also wanted our mother to buy him anime BDs, and I told him to make do with novels as they are really expensive, but she’s sure to get him them all the same.

He takes $350 worth of medicine every month, and on top of that he makes her pay for his mobile and give him an allowance. Isn’t there something wrong with this picture?

Our household is a single parent family, and there is also my older sister living with us, who is working. I only just graduated middle school, but thanks to my brother I wasn’t able to go to high school, I’m having to work part time and study with a friend in the hopes of attending university.

It’s hard being at home.

I’m really glad when he does occasionally go out, but mainly I just wish he would not come back.

I wish I could leave, or else that my brother would die. What should I do? I’m going to go crazy if I stay put.

The online verdict comes down squarely in the “better dead than NEET” camp:

“You guys again!”

“Think of your siblings!”

“Hurry up and kill yourselves!”

“Even I’m not this bad…”

“There really are some people it’s better to kill off.”

“NEETs are just society’s garbage.”

“There are so many of these mothers who pamper their scummy sons, aren’t there!”

“What would all you NEETs and anime otaku do?”

“Put some rope out for him.”

“Give him some charcoal briquettes.”

“Go and work in a soap.”

“Killing him would be an act of filial piety.”

“What kind of mother lets this get in the way of her daughter going to school?”

“Honestly, there should be some scholarships or something she can take. She’s just blaming her brother for her own failures.”

“Go to school! Even if only part time! Or was that a lie…”

“Even if he was bullied, the fact he couldn’t recover probably demonstrates what trash he is.”

“I used to think nobody could be this bad, but some time spent on Nico opened my eyes. It was quite the culture shock…”

“Blame his father. To have left them, he was probably some wife-beater or alcoholic, and so he raised this adult child and he and his mother became codependent. It may look like he’s to blame, but it’s probably his father not paying child support which caused this.”

“My family’s just like this one. My sister pesters our mother for cash and starts cutting up clothes if she doesn’t get it, saying she’ll become depressed.  It’s our mother’s fault – she squandered her child support and maltreated her.”

“It’s better just to dump a family as poisoned as this.”

“It costs that much to medicate him? How many drugs is he taking?”

“It seems suspiciously high…”

“It isn’t – the only way psychiatrists have of making money is selling drugs, so they put out and prescribe vast amounts of them.”

“Still, they should be getting some assistance with that amount?”

“The mother is total scum. Quit spoiling him!”

“Is this definitely his imouto?”

“Only a female would spend so much time moaning on the Internet.”

“The girl who wrote this sounds as crazy as he is.”

“Just have it out with him.”

“Poor people should not be keeping NEETs. Give him $1000 and then hound him out. Only rich people should be allowed to keep NEETs.”

“If their household is so poor, why luxuries like mobile phones and BDs? She should be worrying about herself rather than her brother or mother, and aim for independence.”

“He’s 19, there’s still a chance he could reform.”

“He’s 19, the real hell is yet to come.”

“Just cut off his Internet access…”

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  • Now if the brother really has a medical problem then i don’t think someone should be blamed that much. But to me it sounds like he’s using the diagnostic as an excuse and that the stress isn’t all that bad. Someone truely with a social fear would be huddled in their room crying a lot and have lots of depression. If he has the energy to talk with family and watch anime…he sounds like he’s not having that hard of a time. Don’t be a leech. Besides I understand what’s wrong with working? Why can’t he work at a manga cafe or something. There are some pretty damn simple jobs out there and to earn cash too.

  • Anonymous says:

    Say this is true. Most of the blame goes to the mother for allowing this to happen, the rest goes to the brother. The sister can do something to change his lifestyle. I know this because I used to stay in my room all day playing games, watching anime, *******, and a friend helped me recover from that and I am doing much better in school than I was before.(I was bullied as well) Although my family really didn’t help much tehe~ :3

  • makes me sad sometimes i wonder if im a neet, or obssesed otaku. not prsuing my goals, i gues im just depressed with zuckerberg making more in one fing day that i have my entire life( 19 billion dollar bitch) and im 28 years old.

    i watch anime and read manga once/twice a week.

    but i also work and studying for law school thinking of standford or berkely, while paying a mortgage and car loan and cellphone internet satellite and food. i take care of my mother who is blind and disabled and buy my little sister whatever she wants even though she works and makes more money than me right now.

  • Anonymous says:

    goverment should just adopt this bastard
    see if he can do anything, or just sell his organ for family budget, 19 is the age where its fresh & good, the old & who work life, the young & lethargic dies
    this world is all about strong trample the weak, or the weak fight back, and trample the strong, if they aren’t doin it, what so different than dying?

    oh also, every dead human is doing a world a favor, both those who have power or who doesn’t, dead is fair & so is this world

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s very very easy to judge others shit…. those who think that cud do much better than her neet brother I DARE U to swap body with him to live his life as a neet. Yes he’s a parasitic but that praying for his death is just too much, it’s not like he rape her and her mum many times and forcing both of them to prostitution for some quick cash like others though. If you want someone to change, show them how it cud be done, simple and clean. Not by kick in da butt but by offering him a helping hand that imouto will help her neet brother imho :p

      • Anonymous says:

        Still a failure. If you don’t make any money, just use and recycle a harddrive.

        Hmm.. this sounds like burning BDs would be a valid option if you make money – not. Don’t waste money on RAW-BDs either way. Just (re)use harddrives.

  • Anonymous says:

    It might be depression. When I was going through suicidal depression, something similar transpired; no social phobia, but complete isolation. Sad part was that no one noticed…

  • Anonymous says:

    This just seems like a parenting problem. Though being a single parent family, parenting is quite hard.
    Soo…. Go sue the father for more alimony? having to support 3 kids should get you a decent amount…

  • Anonymous says:

    Its clear to me he is suffering from a thing called depression. I admit he isn’t helping much be she is clearly being selfish herself in some ways. Yougest children tend to be pushed aside and as a result want more attention. I mean she is even stating in a indirect sense she is jealous of certain things he is getting but only as a result of his problems.

    My sister resented me because I got more attention from our parents for seeing the doctor alot because I was sickly as a child. She hated me for something that wasn’t even my fault.
    This is very reminiscant for me in this case.

    I can say one thing to that girl, she should just back off because if she attacks him verbally about it he’ll only get worse and it will only cause more problems overall. Instead of ranting and getting hissy pissy she should have a family intervention to re-asses their financial problems and work out a compromise.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Instead of ranting and getting hissy pissy she should have a family intervention to re-asses their financial problems and work out a compromise.”

      That would be the smart thing to do. Unfortunately, people don’t think much nowadays.

  • Anonymous says:

    Come on, I know having a social phobia is complicated, but the least he could do is try to not drag his family down with him. There are jobs who requite little social interaction and he could be home studying too.

    Also, I’m not saying the sister is right in wanting him dead. She is also being pretty selfish in not trying to help him out. But you people glamorizing the NEET lifestyle…stop being in denial.

  • Anonymous says:

    “quite a bit with all OUR calls”

    I see what’s going on here, shes jealous her mom gives him more money than her or the same amount taking away her “I feel special”, by saying “our calls” she just admits that her mom is also paying her phone bill. I have a sister like this, she’s two-faced, randomly says “I love you” then goes and talks behind my back to her loser of a boyfriend. They even tried to talk my Dad into giving them my car when I needed it for work lol, but good thing he saw through them.

  • Anonymous says:

    I was in a similar situation to the brother, and I did not ever have my parents pay for my anime, manga, or cell phone. I was too ashamed to even be living with my parents and not be working/in school at the age of 17. He can do without the hobbies. Also $350 for medication and he is only occasionally goes out? I feel if he is to stay on these expensive meds, he should make more of an effort to find work. I was still applying to jobs everyday even though I was diagnosed with social anxiety and depression. I dreaded getting a phone call back for an interview but I also felt guilt staying with my parents.

    I was also in a situation where my older brother kept seriously yelling/demanding my parents to kick me out because i was an embarrassment. I went to the same highschool as him, so his friends had heard of me. Even when I got a job he used it as a reason to kick me out. He said the job was too lowly and was further proof i should be kicked out. So I know how it feels to have a sibling strongly hate you.

    In the end I left my parents’ house of my own freewill and have been trying to get over my anxiety. I have since gone back to school and am now looking for a better job.

    So I hope that brother doesn’t kill himself, but he really needs to change his habits if he truly wants to get better.

  • Anonymous says:

    Actually, there’s a mistake in your translation here.
    The brother didn’t want the mum to buy him Anime BDs, but he wanted her to buy him empty BDs to copy anime on them. So basically he probably downloads the stuff or records it from TV. So basically she gets angry about him wanting stuff that’s a few dollars.

  • Anonymous says:

    I can sympathize with his situation and I hope he gets out of it. However, he should stop asking for an allowance. Especially if this is a single-parent family. Even worse, he’s asking for anime BDs. Fuck! Most people who work can’t afford Japanese anime prices! Anime is like hundreds of dollars there!

    The medication he needs. There’s gotta be a way to lower the costs. Government assistance maybe?

  • i can talk about my situation: i used to feel unconfortable to be with others, to talk with them and i prefer to be alone, seing anime or playing games, but i love my family and i don’t want to be a parasite for them. And for that reason, i work every day and do my best, for them, because i really hate to myself, but i have people who cares me, and really suffer when i suffer, and i never do anithing that makes them cry. To the people that are in that situation, the life is hard, but we must live, and to our best, everyday, because at the and of day, really exausted, in that moment I feel good, good with myself and i forget everithing.
    greetings from argentina and forgive me about my bad english!

  • Anonymous says:

    the fault not only lies in his brother, but also her mother (give whatever he wants), her sister (keep giving him pressure*** u should encourgae positively and take a step back seek professional for help if needed), the society (this kind of phenomenon is way too frequent, don’t u think the gouvenement have to do more preventions?)…etc

  • Anonymous says:

    the mother’s fault for spoiling him imo.. get him to find a part time job. then promise to buy him 1 anime bd a month.. if part time job works out.. good, he might eventaully get a full time job.. if it doesnt.. well no anime bd for him.

  • Anonymous says:

    well its pretty clear tgat he isnt just some dirty neet or whatever in the crucial “bullied at school” and “social phobia” usually are pretty connected. My bro’s a bit of a neet at the moment (he is consistently trying) but half his problem is because he was horrendously bullied at secondary school.

    Maybe people need to when look at neets think about why they feel a need to isolate themselves rather than just hate on them without understanding.

  • Anonymous says:

    I dunno, Sis, maybe you could find your brother some help.

    I’m not overly aware of the state of medical services in Japan, but if they diagnose and treat disorders such as this, then they probably have some programs that serve as outreach. Take him there. He probably wants the help but….with an anxiety disorder….ya know, it may be hard for him to ask.

    I’m coming from there. There is associative pain with these types of disorders. There are schizophrenic symptoms that go with these disorders. He may have these and more.

    Next, the little shit is being indulged and babied. Get him an cheap phone and a phone card, he pays for that with his allowance. He runs out of minutes, he’s out of luck. Even people with anxiety can manage that, I’ve seen it dozens of time.

    Merch? Transition him into a job. Those outreach programs help people get there. Then get him on his own budget, and teach him to value what he buys. At this rate, he doesn’t need BD’s. He needs quiet time.

    Next, get your head out of your ass. No, he’s not much of a brother, but your letting this disorder affect you way to much. Wishing him to die is the Flag on that play, dear. He’s has to transition, so do you, so does your Mother.

    It is possible, but you have to start investing in yourself and take some small steps at first. Be prepared for backsliding. A good day will come.

    Stop wishing your brother dead….

    • Anonymous says:

      How the fuck do you think she can help him if he doesn’t want any help? Better get YOUR head out of your ASS because it’s damn dark in there. If you still believe love, peace, ponies and friendship will save family you are goddamn blind.

      When will you people understand that it’s a matter of choice to become a neet? He finds his life fucking awesome and you still pity him, talk about hipocrisy. He gets money, treatment, food, internet, BD’s, doesn’t have to work or worry about anything and yet you still think he might be sad that he cannot cope with people. That’s retarded, he doesn’t give a shit about his family and you think he regrets not being able to work in McDonald’s?

      Just how shallow is that? When you face some REAL problems in life you will understand that there are days that ANYONE might want to just say “fuck it all, I’m leaving my job, fuck everyone, I’m not going out nor working anymore”, but he cannot do this if he doesn’t want to either make him or his family starve or lose his home.

      In case you are totally unable to see the absurd of this situation, I will tell you one thing:

      If the brother wanted to maintain what he has got right now, he would have to work his ass off just like his sister does and you still expect her to pat his head and give him candies.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m sure he’s very happy with his friendless, loveless, sexless, and empty life. Even worse, a family member wants him to die. His life must be fucking awesome, as you said.

        No one is happy living a NEET or hikikomori lifestyle. No one.

        But, yes. In the end, it’s his choice to get help.
        Better do it when you’re young.

        • Anonymous says:


          Glad to hear that, I cheer on you.
          I think it’s good that you are doing what you can at your own pace. Sometimes we set our goals too high to the point they are unprobable to get fulfilled. That yields fears which paralyse us, stop us before even trying and make us wish to disappear.. without getting helped, saved nor facing those fears ourselves. That’s what I learned from my friend the hard way.
          Cheers, s.x.c.s.

        • Anonymous says:

          Still, when I was a NEET in my mom’s basement, I wasn’t happy to be one. I was wishing to be someone more able, someone capable to act on it and just become a better person, get a job and maybe a life.

          Ultimately that is a wish that got somewhat granted: I finally got myself to go flip burgers, then accepted to be underpaid for a real job, and now I am somewhat a normal pawn just some issues with social interactions. Was damn hard at first, though. Thanks for my family and friends’ and loved one’s support.

        • Anonymous says:

          “No one is happy living a NEET or hikikomori lifestyle. No one.”

          I have no idea if half of sancom consists now of wannabe hikkis, neets, weaboos and otaku, but I’m glad we’re slowly getting to the point here.

          You tell how sad it is to be hikki or neet but forget how hard it is to face the alternative.
          If you insist that lonely life consists only of sadness, then I will remind you, that living life with people, friends, mates, colleagues, partners and family that you actually CARE ABOUT isn’t rosy either. You have to face YOURSELF before you face others. It isn’t fairytale, you have to improve yourself, you have to learn how not to be a dick, how to make others like you, how to like others, how to face bullying and how to live up or not to the expectations. You have to face fake friends, losing friends, meeting new, jealousy, betrayals letting down your best pal. Even searching for him is frustrating. Something more? How about giving up some hopes, dreams, admitting you are not great, ugly, have some problems, dealing with idiots and helping people in need, facing thieves, vandals, stupid boss, losing job, losing girlfriend, looking for a girlfriend, having too little sex, being poor and whatever. That’s a lot, isn’t it? Looks like a challenge.

          What children in their puberty and teenage life and adolescence had to do through the ages, the ones living now choose to evade. They give up, they are hopeless. Without support and left alone they run away.

          Why do you think that is? Because they have substitution for relationships. Games, tv, internet, movies, anime, 2d, delusions. Informations. Stimulating brain with flood of information day by day can help you evade thinking about things that are painful to you. When it wasn’t so, many young people were giving themselves to god, focused on science, emigrate, started working or established family, became criminals. Now, if someone feeds you and gives you some cash, you can forget about all these with sufficient amount of information flooding your brain. It’s more like being on crack than having actual social phobia as defined by DSM IV.

          It’s not that most of neets are afraid or don’t want to get out. They just don’t want to go through all the trouble I mentioned above and do everything not to think about it.

          PS I almost forgot to mention that there are millions of nonsocial or completely single people, hermits and whatsoever who admit they have satisfying life and don’t leech off their family.

  • I honestly wish he’d stop! (I don’t get one)

    this resumes the whole problem, if she had money she wouldn´t complain.
    then again the same principle applies, her mother has the right to do what she pleases, and if the girls is so intelligent to notice this she should work harder, and get on by herself, at least that is pretty much her own way of thinking.

  • Anonymous says:

    I hit a very bad slump of depression during highschool and upon graduating became a terrible terrible NEET. However my parents treated myself and my two siblings equally. Whatever money I had was saved up over time and I got the same allowance as my siblings did.

    It’s really bad parenting to treat your children differently. My parents did that a lot (before I became a diagnosed manic depressive and started living it up as a NEET) and it created a huge rift of resentment between my siblings and I. Even after I finally overcame my mental images, started attending university and moved out the wounds between my siblings and I never really healed. Even now I still hold a lot of resentment towards my parents for it.

  • A new Anime this summer. Moe imouto annoyed by her brother’s NEET life is fed up.
    “Big brother! Your a disgusting NEET and Otaku! I wish you’d die!.”
    “You’re so cute when your mad lil sis!”

  • Make him responsible for his own phone, or take it away. Who’s he gonna call anyway? And all the rest of the stuff it has can be done on a computer. If he really wants a phone he’ll get a job.

    The allowance needs to stop. If he doesn’t leave the house he should just eat what’s there. He shouldn’t be buying stuff online. He shouldn’t be spending money on games and BDs when you can get them for free through torrents.

    Doing that alone would make them able to afford her schooling. The fact that his NEET activity has dragged her into being one too makes him a pathetic brother.

  • Anonymous says:

    Kids in america dropout from school at the age of 16, don’t work or study anymore, and spend their whole week partying.
    Isn’t it better to quietly live off their parents like this?

    • Anonymous says:

      What you mean is you hate how humanity is, just a small correction. And I completely agree though. Like our dear friend Light said “This world is rotten” although I won’t pull out my notebook I intend on doing something about this. It is time for us the ones that are called “The lowest of society” to prove the “High social rankers” wrong, and show them we are what we are and there is nothing wrong with that! If we can’t deal with the world and break down and not a single kind of frakking treatment on this goddamn planet helps us then so be it! You cannot just degrade us like that!

    • Anonymous says:

      Completely agreed. While the issue is not as simple as that, why in hell are we evaluated that way? “Contributing” to society is just making someone in power with lots of money and influence more powerful while you make an effort in vain. Other animals, like dogs and cats, can live a happy and relaxed life so who are we to say that we, as human beings, must live by these hypocritical standards? -_-

    • Anonymous says:

      While I don’t dispute that judging one’s worth on those criteria is bad, I don’t think that leeching off somebody else (unless you’re disabled) like that (even if it’s your parents) is quite acceptable either.

      The guy apparently makes no effort to remedy the situation. Social phobia my ass. I too, would love to stay away from as much RL human interaction as possible. I don’t however, because that would be unforgivably selfish to my parents.

      TL;DR – Your ‘worth’ isn’t in your job/money, but in your effort. The guy in article has none, therefore it’s bad.

        • Anonymous says:

          Someone is upset because they feel their pride has been attacked. This betrays low confidence in one’s value as a person.

          You see, I know what makes you so upset. I know your type all too well. You call others self-deluded, but it’s you who is trying to mask their own sense of inadequacy. You measure yourself by your sexual achievements, but on the inside, you know your sex life is absolutely boring, if it even exists at all.

          This inner anxiety is projected outwards as a hostility towards anyone you perceive as lower on your imaginary worthiness-meter. You try to make yourself feel better by kicking those you perceive to be bellow you. But it doesn’t work, doesn’t it? Even through you keep trying, you still feel as a piece of shit not even worthy to call itself a human. The bitterness keeps fueling your anxieties in a freak vicious circle, and petty outbursts of rage are the only thing that allows you to keep the stress in check.

          Griped in your own fears and delusions, you are so horrified of anything which rocks your tiny little world, that you can’t help but to lash at the notion that sex life isn’t important. Admitting the very thought, would mean that all the effort you spent in your failed sexual pursuits was for nothing. It would mean that you are such a failure, that you can’t even achieve a small insignificant goal in your life, let alone something important.

          Now go cry in the corner. It suits you well, little creature.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you have a job, then it means you’re contributing to society, not becomes a burden to it. As simple as that. Of course when I said job, I mean socially-accepted and legally-approved jobs, not making money through criminal acts.

      • Anonymous says:

        > If you have a job, then it means you’re contributing to society, not becomes a burden to it. As simple as that.

        Way more complicated than that. Many jobs are not contributing anything to society. They are created only because jobs need be given to unemployed but voluntary persons. It is socially acceptable to pay up people who do useless but official work, than people who are only looking for jobs.

        • Anonymous says:

          > If you can’t manage to make money work for you after all those years, you must clearly lack intelligence.

          Actually given the impending doom on every modern economy, not being able to make sense of money as we currently know it might be a sign of higher intelligence than for those who can make it work for them.
          Then again, it’s not that hard. Why the broken system? Because some people just want evermore than the common simpleton. As for why they didn’t plan for the impending doom, maybe they did: after all they’ll get out of here way better than said simpletons. Or they’re simply oblivious to it, as they’ve only lived to see the system work.

    • Sounds like the real problem is a dead beat dad who walked out on his family and or the lack of a working social safety net.
      I will say one thing for the sister though a 15 year old never should have to quit school and take job to help make ends meet.

    • Anonymous says:

      > but you don’t wish death for family members. Nuh-uh. That, you just don’t do.

      What difference does it make whether they’re family or not? Will you refuse to wish death for your brother who raped then tortured then killed your true love and sent you videos of it, too?
      That’s a vampire credo.

      • Anonymous says:

        or maybe he was bullied pretty bad and that has traumatized him? Even if you get passed bullying it can still have serious effects on your personality. Not everyone can get passed being bullied, its just fact deal with it. We dont live in a Shouen world where you can overcome everything with willpower, when your freaking willpower and confidence is utterly smashed into dust.

        • Anonymous says:

          @ Anon 10:44

          Yes, because obviously bullying is perfectly acceptable. All those kids who are bullied in America for being gay, and end up killing themselves? I guess it’s their fault. They should just shrug it off. It’s as simple as that. They’re not strong enough.

          Stop being an internet tough guy.

        • Anonymous says:

          I agree with the poster above me. A teenager’s scope of the world is limited to school and suffering bullying for years pretty much ruins their lives. In the end, it’s all relative.
          But you also have to look at the bigger picture, he needs to be rehabbed ASAP

        • Anonymous says:

          Excuse me. Have you ever been bullied non-stop for years? Have you ever been bullied to point of depression or social phobia? My guess is no you haven’t. Bullying is psychological torture. The more severe it is, the greater the trauma. The trauma can literally last decades. It is NOT something that you can just get over. Especially if you don’t have access to professional help or even realize that you need professional help. It is a lonely and involuntary existence. You’re saying that all the need to do is simply “act normal” for people to treat them better. It’s literally like telling someone who is being crushed under a car to simply lift the car off themselves so that someone would be nice enough to call them an ambulance.

        • Anonymous says:


          Again, have you ever been bullied? Constantly? Every day, for years. To the point where you feel more and more worthless? I can tell by what you said that you’ve never been a victim. This is not an exaggeration. I’m not talking about a few occasional jabs. I’m talking about constant harassment. If adults did to each other what childhood bullies are allowed to get away with, I guarantee you the results would be restraining orders at the very least. This could happen to anyone and can result in severe psychological problems. Problems that would require professional help, the same way an open wound would require professional help.

          The only failure here is you and ignorant little shits like you. I’d feel sorry for your kids. You’ll probably be one of those very parent failures that allows this crap to happen. Do the world a favor and keep your ignorant, bullshit opinions up your ass where they belong.

        • Anonymous says:

          Anon 10:44, you seem to be exaggerating the psychological influence that “bullying” has- anyone raised well is probably able to brush off petty insults and the likes. Besides, that’s youth- you laugh at people, they laugh at you, and you either accept it and chill or go become a leech and a shut-in because people were being mean to you. But maybe that’s for the better, someone who overreacts at simple insults deserves not to walk freely, a neurotic asshole free only means bad things.

          Nonetheless, “bullying” is as serious of a term as autism- that is, a scapegoat for spineless idiots and the people who suck up on them, including their parents for raising such failures.

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh god, he was made fun of? How dreadful. Surely that serves as the perfect excuse to never go outside again.

          Maybe if you showed some confidence and stopped acting like a weird fuck, then maybe, I don’t know, people would accept you more easily. Or maybe if you were aware of your faults, and accepted them (something, granted, rather hard to do in puberty- but inexcusable for someone past 18), you would lead a much more satisfying life.

          But god forbid people grow out of their past experiences and become someone in life. No, they must remain NEETs forever, because, obviously, people making fun of them justifies it (and they probably make fun of other people online, too, just to give a hint of comedy to the whole situation).

    • Anonymous says:

      Is 96 in your nick the year of your birth? If it is, it explains why do you know so little about how a family might look. Take off your effin pink glasses, you have no idea what neet might do after having mental breakdown. Cut off the internet and the blood will be spilled.

  • Anonymous says:

    yeah and those people can’t get back into society because the way they’re treated by it…

    i can only send my wishes to all those fucks to end up in same situation as people with social phobia.. maybe then they’ll understand how much those people suffer.

    • Anonymous says:

      There’s a difference between having a social phobia and being to lazy to contribute. I’m not denying that social phobias exist, just that far more people use it as an excuse than actually have them.

      • Anonymous says:

        In this case though the problem started with bullying, and that is actually quite a common pattern. Even in countries where being an outright hikki is impossible it has bad effects.
        But schools generally like to pretend the problem doesn’t exist, for a variety of reasons*, and society at large isn’t sufficiently aware of the social cost to force the schools to do something about it.
        *Some reasons: schools don’t know what to do with bullies, some teachers were bullies themselves, school personnel simply doesn’t have the time, not acting is always simpler than acting, bullying happens outside of school personnel’s view or isn’t recognised as such, people think victims should ‘just man up’, some have the view that bullying is an essential part of childhood necessary to create good entrepreneurs (gotta break some eggs to bake an omelette).

      • Anonymous says:

        Social Phobias exist for everyone. But true humans grow and must face their fear and overcome to some degree or another. I can’t even tell how many so-called ‘social phobias’ I’ve faced (with various forms of help, always friends and family with a few mentors, never psychology or drugs) just because I chose to face them with outside the box solutions I had to think up myself.

        These people are just lazy. EVERYONE has fear, it is no excuse to not do anything. I am not against spending some time to collect oneself, but that must even eventually.

        At 19, this guy does have a solid chance though. That is a strange age, but if he’s avoiding all human contact, then that MUST stop. He’s a coward and must get the fuck over it.

        • Anonymous says:

          @ Anon 23:39

          I never said that they don’t have an effect, but they sure as fuck aren’t a ‘cure.’ The fact that I’m downvoted so much explains a lot about some of the inept people who frequent this place, but what else is new. None of the doctors or anyone involved in writing prescriptions for these meds are actually REALLY pushing the importance of discussion or working through the sources. The purpose of the drugs is a very short-term buffer zone to draw someone out of a downward spiral for a small amount of time so they can follow those routes and change their perceptions enough to pull themselves out.

          Anxiety and phobia as defined by medical literature, and having experienced them for myself, I can officially say they can go fuck themselves. I’ve been through crippling fear where I couldn’t move, I’ve been through stuff that made me shiver in public and fear to the point I couldn’t leave my house. It’s ALL from the SAME place. Just because the approaches to taking down the defenses for them are different doesn’t mean they don’t occupy the same place in the mind in regards to fear. The ‘definition’ for ‘cured’ in cancer for example is if you’re still breathing after 5 years. Doesn’t matter if you’re in bed dying, if you hit 5 years and you can breathe, you’re counted as ‘cured’ by your treatments. So fuck anything the modern medical community pretends to know about its own drugs. Pharmaceutical companies defined many of the psychiatric lies we have to this day, and they’re the ones who make shit people get dependent on. So no, you really don’t understand a damn thing. Unless you too know someone with “Sleep Work Disorder” or some stupid fucking shit like that.

          I never said anything about not believing their effect, but to believe they actually treat anything is the mark of a moron of the highest order. Suppressing symptoms is not a treatment. Never was, never will be. But doesn’t change that enough stupid people don’t know how to think enough to believe it is. That’s why medicine is the number one killer in our country. Far above anything else.

        • Anonymous says:

          [quote]All fear comes from the same places, it’s just to what degree your logic at the time of the phobia’s (or ‘anxiety’ as you call fears you don’t personally label as phobias) inception buried it in your psyche.[/quote]
          *I* don’t need to label anything. Both anxiety and phobia are well defined in medical literature.

          [quote]If you actually realize what a fear is, be it irrational or otherwise, it’s the difference between a conscious anchor and a subconscious anchor.[/quote]
          What’s there to realize? Fear is a negative response to dangerous/stressful stimuli. It’s not rocket science.

          [quote]You don’t even realize that you’re actually sitting there DEFENDING FEAR! Don’t do such useless shit.[/quote]
          Care to explain exactly how am I “defending fear” by pointing out objective factual errors?

        • Anonymous says:

          While medications, like anti-depressants, can never be a cure for mental illness(if you have a mental illness, you’re stuck with it for life), they do, however, curb suicidal thoughts and balance Serotonin levels.

          Anxiety meds work differently, yet can still have a positive effect.

          Combined with talk therapy and actually working through your traumas and issues, it can do wonders. Getting help for whatever is plaguing you is key, of course. You have to want to change. And there are many treatments. Some people refuse to be put on meds.

          Still, if someone is a “moron of the highest level” for believing a pill will magically cure you of your problems, then likewise, believing that anti-depressants or some other such drugs will have no effect whatsoever must be like living in the stone age. Then again, perhaps Tom Cruise is a frequent SanCom visitor.

        • In my family, mental illness is rather common. This means, I know how medication can change someones mind. I’ve seen intelligent people become degenerated, after they took drugs. Dumbed down by them.

          Drugs are not a cure for anything. They just treat symptoms. If you’re able to do it without them, I would recommend that.

        • >never psychology or drugs

          Okay that is some weak phobias/mental issues you facing right there.

          Drugs and psychology are there for a reason. That is to cure severe phobias and mental illness.

          But then again, not like you will understand anyway.

        • Anonymous says:

          @ Anon 17:45

          All fear comes from the same places, it’s just to what degree your logic at the time of the phobia’s (or ‘anxiety’ as you call fears you don’t personally label as phobias) inception buried it in your psyche.

          If you actually realize what a fear is, be it irrational or otherwise, it’s the difference between a conscious anchor and a subconscious anchor. One you can know, and one that’s in your blindspot. Both are taken care of the exact same way in your mind, it may just be a different technique to find and release the anchor.

          You don’t even realize that you’re actually sitting there DEFENDING FEAR! Don’t do such useless shit. Be compassionate toward fear, but also don’t let it bullshit you into pretending that fear prevents action. At that point it’s laziness, because ramming face first into the fear is not the only action one can take. In fact that’s probably the dumbest way to do it (even if there are many thousands of people who overcome theirs every day by doing just that).

        • Anonymous says:


          You are a true moron of the highest order if you believe any pill or any drug can ‘cure’ you of cowardice. You are a weak-minded idiot to believe so, pure and simple, which explains why you didn’t have the mental prowess to go beyond drugs in the first place.

          Fear is fear, every fear is psychological, and can be broken down and explained and then subsequently controlled by an exercised mind. There is psychological technologies across the board that exist to truly find the source and affect it. Neuro-linguistic Programming, Landmark Education, etc. so on and so forth. There are literally dozens of technologies, and all of them are based on you not being an egotistical fuckwit to have you face the source of your fears from your past.

          But of course your fears are more special than everyone else’s, right? It’s ‘not like I would understand anyway.” By the way, the only people who use the phrase “Not like you will understand anyway” are teenagers who don’t know their ass from their elbow. There is no other person I have met who has the gall to use that phrase to someone they know nothing about, because teenagers are the only ones still self-absorbed enough to believe it.

    • Anonymous says:

      ya ims orry i hurt ur feelings anon

      Maybe if you fucking faggots grew a pair and stood up (like everyone else, don’t think you’re special with your petty existence and lack of guts) for once you’d see how stupid it is to recluse yourself and leech off your family for your idiotic hobbies and pastimes because OH GOD PEOPLE TOLD YOU UGLY THINGS POOR YOU YOU SHALL JACK OFF TO CARTOON LITTLE GIRLS ALL DAY LONG AND ARGUE INANE SUBJECTS IN IMAGEBOARDS

      Go be someone in society before it’s too late, your only source of income is going to perish one day with the thought that they failed in raising you lingering past their deaths.

      You know, you would have a point if these people had PTSD, but SOCIAL PHOBIA? That’s…pathetic.

      • Anonymous says:

        Social phobia is a mental illness what part of that can you frakkers not understand!? Not everybody is like you and won’t be affected by bullying. Although the thing is you wouldn’t have been able to have been afected by it because you probably are the bully. Please reflect on yourself and your actions before you and all your little groupies try to degrade people even further. I actually find people like you to be the lowest of society BECAUSE YOU ARE! Now then, I hope that by reading this you would have gotten my message through that headstrong skull of yours and sat down and began thinking about what the hell is going on here!

      • Anonymous says:

        > you’d see how stupid it is to recluse yourself and leech off your family for your idiotic hobbies and pastimes

        Oh we do. It’s just that your comments clearly expose you as one of those bullies that are causing this problem too. And hence, in your case, we are happy for every burdens thrown at you, especially taxes you pay for your victims.

    • *sighs and nods in agreement*

      I had a relative who had the same thing happening with her brother in NYC, and the best thing to do is to talk to them and show them how you feel on their current life-style…

      It may be a social work slump, it may be plain laziness, and it may have been a tragic thing in your past that made you a NEET, but that does mean you are going to be one forever…

      Society is vicious and without a job, you will drag your family with you into financial obscurity, slowly but surely (unless you do not buy expensive stuff and just be a couch potato doing menial house-chores like my relative’s brother)…

      Your family will tolerate you, but you should not test and break their love for you by staying as a NEET your whole life…

      We are all humans, after all…We all have a breaking point…

      To sum it up, she could talk to him and help him help himself out of this slump…Make him optimistic and energized to go find a job, no matter how small the pay is…

      Nothing will be solved if you do not talk to the person/family member who you have a problem with, after all…

      At least it will show that he is willing to change, not just to earn his sister’s respect back and help their mother, but also to show that he will not let the past bind him into a NEET life forever…

      I mean, he can still be an otaku and be obsessed with anime and everything, but nothing feels better than buying those anime blu-rays you want with your hard-earned money and knowing you bought them through effort and hard-work…

      Best of luck to her, and I hope he does change out of his 19-year-old lazy NEET shell and into a proud anime-obsessed otaku who can support himself (or at least has a job)…

  • Anonymous says:

    Every person reacts different to bullying; some can shrug it off and some really get emotionally damaged by it, resulting in social anxieties that, when not treated in any way, only get WORSE with time.
    So it is at least a bit understandable that he doesn’t really have any self-confidence to go out and get a job/school/university because he doesn’t want to get hurt anymore.

    Being stuffed full of antipsychotic drugs is obviously not the right way to treat this problem.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Honestly, there should be some scholarships or something she can take. She’s just blaming her brother for her own failures.”
    I agree with this. The guy should just recover with the help of a kind psychologist.
    The little sister should stop yapping and should have done better her best at school if she wanted to go to High School, she would have gotten a scholarship then. Or she should start working herself, seriously, it’s not that hard and she’s old enough. Also, she said she and her brother call a lot. Well maybe if she finally stopped calling all the fucking time then her mom would be able to pay her high school money with a little help from the girl herself.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not the same at all. You don’t chose to have cancer but, regardless of why, being a NEET is a choice. Even if you chose NEET life as a bandaid solution for mental health problems, that doesn’t make it okay to mooch and use your issues as a crush for your own gain. It’s disgusting and parasitic. Since he’s only 19 he has a chance to reform and stop, but career NEETs are terrible.

      • Anonymous says:

        again trash talk, seriously NEET half the time has reason for it and bullying can be a huge reason and really smash someone so they cant get passed shit, thats reality willpower,grit and guts alone dont always succeed in reality. Not everyone on NEET can just come of it, especially if bullying is involved that it terrifys someone, seriously do you have any idea how terrible bullying can be. Especially if its just focusing on a specific problem i.e. fat and the repetition of saying it OVER OVER OVER OVER again can crack people’s walls. Just like the trick with torture for example, it isnt just the waterboarding its the repetition everyday of it.

        • Anonymous says:

          Then again, him asking his parents to actually buy him stuff that he doesn’t really need and not trying to do anything about his situations is quite an abnormal picture.

          I can understand him taking some time off because he was bullied or because of health problems, but it’s made clear that after getting back home he hadn’t tried making the effort to actually get out of it. He isn’t trying to get back to school, or to get a job, or anything.
          I can also understand that his social phobia changes his situation quite a bit. But still, with him actually getting money pretty much for doing nothing, and still demanding to get more on occasions, while exerting no real effort, he really is a pest. Pest with an excuse, sure, but a pest nonetheless.

  • Anonymous says:

    I dont believe a word of this. While not out of reality it sound too suspicious, beginning with this being his imouto and a middle/fresh high school girl….too suspicious.

    Also, are there no PUBLIC SCHOOLS in Japan or what?

    Even If true, then this girl should help her mother by selling her body, better yet, how about both mother and daughter offering their services as a package!! They would get awfully rich, dirty rich with some incest goodness too!! Problem solved.

  • Anonymous says:

    “and on top of that he makes her pay for his mobile and give him an allowance.”

    He’s not “making” her do shit. She willingly gives him this so-called allowance and pays for his mobile. She’s just as much to blame as he is.

    Also, the “(I don’t get one)” just makes this whole thing seem like jealousy to me.

      • Yay, let`s blame the physically fit (as NEETs are known to be) young males for having the power to intimidate women.

        Let`s pretend mothers usually live in fear of their sons and not the other way around.

        After all, they`re all alone in the world, and nobody ever takes womens` sides. It isn`t like the mother has all of society backing her should she ever choose to villainize him.

  • Anonymous says:

    Man Japanese people are sure sick if they like to throw away life that easy they all can go kill them self. Having so low regards for life man they make me sick. I if she is so sick of her brother she can kill her self for all I care.

  • Anonymous says:

    I smell jealousy here. I mean he takes all the money.
    There are two solutions:
    Ignore his brother and find a work herself.
    Aim for a rich boyfriend.

    I don’t see her brother quiting from being a Neet that easily 😛

  • You don’t need a job to make money. Hell, you may not even need to resort to criminal activity.

    In fact, I’ve been making money long before I was legally old enough to work.

    There is virtually no excuse for anyone to be a parasitic NEET.

  • Anonymous says:

    Seriously, what’s with all you pussies defending this leech? Mental illness? Depression? Social phobia?

    Are you fuckin kidding me?

    You don’t even know what those mean and you just randomly find disorders that might somehow justify the lack of balls, will and general lazyness of those retards. You just want to be like him, not giving a fuck about any hardships in life and just eating mom’s dinners. Their only excuse might be their dysfunctional families which they couldn’t choose.. a families that were too keen on giving goods and expecting results.. but telling it’s a trauma for life sounds like bucket of feces. It’s nothing that those people wouldn’t be unable to overcome, the question is what would come next.

    You are disgracing people who REALLY do suffer from mental illnesses and who struggle everyday to go back to society, to function better, to have a family despite their issues.

    I don’t even know when SanCom became a den of pussies and twelve years old’s.

    • Anonymous says:

      Uhh, you know nothing of his situation. He could be lazy, or he could have had severe traumas in the past, outside of bullying. And yes, maybe mental illness.

      I’m sorry, but if he’s in the house 24/7, doesn’t have any type of relationship or friends, and actively avoids getting close to people – it’s a shitty life, and he’s obviously suffering from something.

      If he was fucking girls every day, partying, and hanging out with friends, while not having a job, then he’d be a lazy asshole.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, because you do benefit a lot from “contributing” to society and because human beings are evaluated by such hypocritical standards, right? Are you fucking kidding me? -_-

      • Anonymous says:

        You suggest living like that dude should become standard?
        Sure, may I live off you? I will move in to your house and leech off of you. And I’m not fucking kidding you. *_*

        • Anonymous says:


          Let me give you an advice then, as I have both went through what you are about to quite some time ago and worked with young people too. I wish you all the best. Face whatever you have to with head held high. Listen to what people have to tell you and don’t give a fuck about most of the opinions, mine included.

          Finally, leave this dumpster of a page that is sancom and those similar to it and don’t ever come back, as it makes more harm than good. And this time I’m seriously not fucking kidding you.

        • Anonymous says:

          I haven’t suggested anything. I am myself a student finishing the 12th grade to then attend college, if possible. If not, I shall seek a job. And I’m 19, btw. With that said, I don’t have to necessarily agree with the general behavior of society, do I?

  • Anonymous says:

    I might be more sympathetic to the NEET if it weren’t for the medication he’s getting. If he’s recieving drugs for his social anxiety and still not trying to sort himself out then it’s just down to hime being a selfish, bone idle twat.

    His sisters jealously and loathing is very much justified imo (although wishing him dead is a bit much).

    I have social anxiety myself, I’m a nervous wreck when I walk to work. But I made an effort and now I feel comfortable at work and can earn a living. I’m still terrible any place besides my place of work and I still can’t make eye contact with anyone outside.

    This NEET is a cunt, if you’ll excuse my french.

  • k, I think in some cases, these guys need to come to terms with these unpleasant motivations to go out there and earn their part. I’m a NEET living at home, but I worked and made a bunch of cash and I pay rent and buy my own things, so it’s not like I’m being pampered.

      • Uh yeah… kind of obvious really. So take that to its logical conclusion – I’m not currently looking for work. I’m not planning to live my whole life on some kind of social assistance, but I don’t need to work at the moment.

    • Anonymous says:

      NEET: Not seeking Employment, Education, or Training.

      If you have a job, are in school, or are part of a training program, you are not a NEET.

      Does anyone pay attention to what words mean, or do we just pulls definitions out of our asses?

      Also, move the fuck out, bitch…

      • Hey, anonymous Internet tough guy. I bet you’re the CEO of a multimillion dollar company that you founded from the ground up, amirite?

        No matter, you should actually read up on the thing you’re trying to define, because I’m not employed, in education or training, or seeking the above right now. Hence, NEET. I didn’t say I’d given up on life, no matter if I had, and having worked in the past means nothing to your current status.

        Also, I moved out, fool, but when I lost my job the awesome place I was in would have sucked my account dry in a few months. But I guess I should go live in my car to satisfy anonymous, lol

  • Anonymous says:

    Fucking bitch better watch her mouth when you talking…

    Next thing you know he’s going take two years off to train on some deserted island and come back a total badass…pfft.

  • Well, I suppose I already knew SC readers were terrible people, but to see this guy obviously sucking the life out of his family and blame the damned family shows some really skewed standards there.

    They might need to take him to one of those NEET training programs. I was a NEET once, but after I got a job almost all of my obsessive tendencies went away almost immediately. That might not be the case for everyone, but he should at least pay for his own damned anime instead of making his little sister unable to go to HS.

    • Anonymous says:

      Gotta agree with you there. I used to be really shy and anti-social towards the public masses but I tried to face the reality that sooner or later I need to stand my own ground and become independent.

      I live in a third world country where the cost of living is so bad that your can only afford basic necessities like food and water.. I am inclined to work 3 jobs at a time to make ends meet for my family and me .I started working when I was 16 moved out to the main city recently to work.

      All I can say is being a NEET is so bad that it drains away the resources of your family, even worse if your family only earns a meager wage monthly. So yeah, I hope his brother mans up and go find himself a job. I think the best way for him to cure his anti-social disorder is to face it and move on.

      Also, the reason why the people thinks you need a job to have a worth is because of the long history of the human behavior that we humans bonded together to build a society where we contribute for it’s prosperity. My father always say “If you don’t work, you don’t eat”… so that’s prolly the gist of how human nature works.

      True, the world is unfair, but I think of it as a challenge and I don’t blame the world for the condition I live in. Sorry for the bad english as it is not my native tongue. 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow, pretty shocked to see the universal down-voting going on here. Seriously, it’s like most of you see a NEET being put down and immediately lead to arms.

      This is his little sister, who is unable to go to school because of this. Her tone throughout most of the post is remarkably civil.

      I’m not condemning him for having a problem. I won’t even say that his family is struggling solely because of him; their financial situation shouldn’t be laid at his feet alone.

      But asking his mother to pay for anime BDs, clearly a nonessential luxury item? When he’s not even contributing? When his little sister CAN’T EVEN GO TO SCHOOL?

      Older siblings should strive to help their younger siblings. If he can’t do it, then at the very least he should minimize his burden. This guy’s actively shortchanging his much more diligent little sister’s future.

    • Anonymous says:

      Totally agree. But the first step is for mommy to get some backbone and make him see the light. Cut off the money and he’ll either straighten up or become a homicidal maniac.

      • Anonymous says:

        One big current cultural/social difference between much of the West and Japan (and some of the East) is the tight concern of mothers over their children. In the West, mothers are attached to their children, but the general ideology is to let them go into the world so that they can grow and become better people. In Japan, though, children are generally encouraged to depend on their parents and the parents are generally very happy to help out… until they get to a certain age. Then, it’s up to the mother to decide how to treat her child… yet, it still stands that many mothers are far too attached to their child to stop him from depending on them. It’s a guilt thing for doing something “wrong” by cutting their “poor” children off from an allowance.

        “NHK ni Youkoso” has a wonderful (and mostly accurate) depiction of this kind of situation and what could happen if one is cut off from this “allowance.” But Sato had some positive social interaction to ease him into helping himself out a bit, and he was definitely not the type to go out and kill someone, so… that kind of risk is certainly there.

        Really, hikikomori and NEETs are definitely a problem and they should pick themselves up… but society really needs to change, too. Mothers need to be encouraged to push their kids to a better place when they reach a certain age so that the kids don’t expect too much from them, and society needs to break down its restricting social status ladder so that these people can at least feel better about being in public. Not to mention, something needs to be done to open up the work force. NEETs don’t always create themselves. That recent Sankaku article just goes to show how hard it is to get a job there.

        Anyway, text wall done. Hope it’s informative to anyone interested in the topic.