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Precure Otaku Hunted for Stroking Little Girl


Police are hunting an apparent Precure fan for stroking a little girl in public, alarming creepy otaku watchers everywhere.


According to the Osaka police report, a man approached a group of 3 elementary school girls on their way home whilst mumbling and talking to himself, and then proceeded to stroke one of them on the head.

Their assailant was described as being of uncertain age, and wearing a pink Pretty Cure T-shirt and a hat of unknown colour.

Police ask anyone seeing him or any other suspicious person to report the matter to police.

Online there is a certain lack of surprise that this turned out to be a Precure fan:

“You guys again!”

“Those Pretards have been stroking the heads of little girls again, eh?”

“This stuff only ever happens in Osaka! It’s wrecking their image…”

“Stroking a little girl’s head is nothing compared to wearing a Precure T-shirt!”

“Do they even have adult sizes for those?”

“You can get sukumizu in adult male sizes so I’d think so.”

“Any adult wearing a Precure shirt is a serious cause for concern.”

“I’m more concerned about that hat of unknown colour he had. Scary stuff.”

“Osaka’s warning system lists scores of these incidents every day…”

“There’s one which describes a young man in school uniform carrying a sports bag ‘silently following’ a middle school girl on her way home. Some of the people reporting these things are clearly suffering paranoid delusions…”

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