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Japan: “Our Youth Would Rather Die Than Become NEETs!”


Record numbers of young Japanese are choosing to kill themselves rather than face the prospect of becoming dirty NEETs, according to police suicide statistics, with their numbers more than doubling in the last 4 years.

Police began collecting statistics on how many young people killed themselves because of difficulties finding work in 2007, and since then there has been a 250% increase, to 159 in 2011.

Of the 150, 52 were actual students, 41 of whom were at university and 4 of whom were high school students.

Police determined suicide motives through interviews with families and the content of suicide notes, leaving some scope for the true number to be even higher.

The financial crisis, strong yen and recent spate of disasters are all identified as the most immediate indirect causes of the increases, with the direct cause being higher rates of rejection for smaller graduate intakes and greatly lengthened job searches.

Suicide has been the leading cause of death for young Japanese for some time, but whilst overwork after getting a job has long been seen as a major cause of this, Japanese killing themselves just because they cannot find decent job offers is thought to be a new trend.

The career path and subsequent life of most Japanese has traditionally been seen as being determined almost entirely by two events in their youth – their final high school exam results, determining which university they can get into (university life is regarded as a vacation between the horrors of Japanese school and work), and the graduation job offer they secure whilst interviewing in their last year of university.

As a result, pressure in both these periods is incredibly intense, and even more so when job offers for graduates are scarce and salaries pitifully low – the increasing numbers who fail to become salaryman drudges or pampered civil servants face a lifetime of poverty and humiliation (as well as bachelorhood in the case of men) as dispatch workers, “freeters” or – worst of all – NEETs.

The “NEET” (Not in Education, Employment or Training) label originated as a piece of innocent bureaucratic jargon in the UK, but was somehow picked up by the Japanese media and soon turned into the ultimate term of disparagement for feckless young people and social failures.

Unsurprisingly, 2ch’s substantial NEET component is mystified as to why anyone would chose death over joining their ranks, although the more gainfully employed seem to concur that a lifetime as a servile and poorly paid drudge is indeed preferable to one as a freeloading layabout who divides their time between trolling on 2ch and watching anime:

“Death is actually preferable to becoming a NEET!”

“Why is the Japanese race so obsessed with what other people think of them?”

“They chose death rather than a life of unsightliness. Truly, this is a mirror on the Jap character.”

“At least they could have burned themselves to death on the genkan of the companies which rejected them!”

“If I were to become a NEET, I’d off myself! A life with no goals, just leeching off your parents – that is worse than being a corpse!”

“Since graduating I’ve spent over a year looking for work… all I’ve had is a bit of part-time work to distract me. It’s tough for kids today.”

“It’s hard having that much pride.”

“For a university graduate, death is probably preferable to living your life out as a NEET.”

“There was a time when it was actually nice to be a salaryman as well…”

“Won’t having been a NEET damage your career track?”

“Killing yourself because you can’t find work is imbecilic. Abandon all your brainwashing and try looking in another developed country! You can change your values!”

“I’m sure many of the ones killing themselves were scum anyway, useless wretches whose only abundant attribute was their pride! When confronted with the inescapable reality of their failure to get a post, they just couldn’t stand it.”

“I think some of them were suicide candidates and would have killed themselves anyway. This was just the event that triggered it first. The real cause was something more fundamental.”

“Japanese can only judge themselves through the evaluations of others. Judge yourself, by yourself! Ignore the self-serving naysayers! There are too many of these slaves around.”

“Well, if you can’t get a job just after graduating, your future prospects are very dim. If your family blames you for your failure, you might well choose death.”

“If it was tiresome, killing yourself might be the way out. Being brave and sticking to it could be tiring.”

“They maintained their pride as human beings. A wise man cornered would choose death rather than a life as a mere idle NEET.”

“NEETs don’t even have the courage to die!”

“You guys would amount to the same whether dead or alive – that’s the ultimate in shame.”

“When did just having a job become such a virtue? It’s like we were infected by communism or something.”

“This is a test of your true character. If you can live on, anything might happen.”

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  • Anonymous says:

    Suicide is actually considered by science some kind of “mind evolution” since our brains won’t let us do this. We are programmed to preserve our lifes and endure anything, overcome this barrier is a tragic evolution.

  • Anonymous says:

    If there are so many NEETs around who can’t find employment, then why can’t they just team up and try starting a buisness together or something? It’s still better than doing nothing or killing yourself. You could make a game or something.

  • To undo the damage which our society produces, look at the root causes and arrive at solutions to them. As many positive, viable solutions are already known; we need to apply them.
    For one, for most crime, abberant promoting behaviour and social collapse stems from the systemically corrupted monetary system.

    Our technological progress has surpassed our outdated social systems. We should transistion a Resource Based Economy.
    We remove scarcity and produce an abundance, of goods and services to the highest standards we can achive. Automate as many systems as we can, educate a problem solving & critical thinking population. Phase out social stratification, povety and abberant behaviour.
    An emergent society where every human has their highest potenital brought out.
    A resource based economy is more explained in this introduction video:

  • Anonymous says:

    Screw the places that don’t hire people for work and just have them hold their hopes, dreams, and their lives.

    It almost sounds like a plan to reduce the population somehow

  • It`s silly, people worry about being a NEET damagnig future employment, etc. but am pretty sure dying would make getting employed impossible. It is just giving up.

    Death is more unsightly than being a leech. If you want, maybe take higher risks (get a job mixing dangerous chemicals, fighting the mafia) for bigger reward potential, but simply offing yourself is stupid, there`is no honor in that.

  • Anonymous says:

    Most suicide are provoked by mental illness, social pressure just make it more apparent, it’s a catalyst. If social pressure is stronger it tend to make that “escape strategy” more used.

    If a society marginalize sic peoples that kind of stuff happen. Instead of helping them they spit and wall all over them, I find this attitude despicable. Worst, when times are tough that kind of fringe society become the scapegoat for all their problems… and in my opinion the peoples doing that are just despicable.

  • Anonymous says:

    I played on-and-off NEET every now and then and while it does feel nice to sleep in and be a slacker it really sucks knowing that you’re not really doing anything worthwhile. While school can make you miserable, it’s the good kind of miserable. Misery with a purpose.

    I still want to achieve the life-long goal of being a NEET that’s set for life though. Or a zashiki-warashi. Whatever comes first.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s difficult to target any one aspect that makes these kids feel isolated enough to off themselves. There’s not enough space in this comment window to dissect their culture. I may be wrong in saying this, but I feel life you could figure it out by looking at what they watch on TV.

    Asian drama and anime:
    Young people: Protectors of the earth, crime stoppers, and insightful and wise beyond their years, able to experience a lifetime of personal growth in the first 20 years of their existence.
    Old people: Zombi-fied day-dreamers, bureaucratic yes-men, Zealots, ruthless dictators, despicable thugs.

    TV is a reflection of culture, right? Is it any wonder young people kill themselves? They have high expectations in their infancy, and are expected to be more of a burden the older they get.

  • Anonymous says:

    i live in third world country and is really HARD to find a job (60% unnemployment i think we have here) i graduated and look far and hard for about 6 months before giving un and took a minumun wage job working for a store, 2 years later the store went bankrupt due to the deepening crisis so i bought it from the owner very VERY cheap, after 1 year of EXTREME 16 hours a day hard work i salvaged the store and started making money, 5 years later im opening branches, have my own house, and two cars, so is about looking for options, i dont know whats the obssesion to become “salary” man, sure in japan it gives great security but there are better ways to make a living, im not even forty and im about to retire, im gonna put managers in each of my 3 stores and gonna stay in my house to count the money coming in. (and thats starting from ZERO and in the middle of the worst economic crisis for this country, and no it was NOT luck, it was hard, HARD work pure and simple)

  • Anonymous says:

    That is fucked up. Its purely because of the social pressure that particular region has its people….sorta like Muslim extremist. Its all about how they’re brought up and their societies interpretations of the norms. Its really a dark side of Japan that most people don’t seem to bring up in topics of debate. If anything it goes to show you how they’re country is so ahead of its times but yet they destroy those who might just need a little helping hand. Its sad because America is full of NEETS and its common place lol.

    I guess you can chalk it up to that die hard kamakaze life style/mentality of dishonoring nonsense. Shit, these people still have issues with pubic hairs in porn.

  • Anonymous says:

    Lol. Japan deserves a Darwin award. In some 3rd world nations, daily life is a struggle to not starve to death or be caught in an ethnic cleansing, but they endure the suffering. In Japan, not having a great job right out of school and having to live with your parents is so awful they choose to commit suicide… Wow! Just, wow.

  • It kills me when I’m reading a comment that actually starts to make a point and the user can’t discern between there, their, and they’re.

    There is a school for grammar called “Grammar School.” If you don’t know these things, perhaps you should go back there.

    They’re going to teach you their ways there.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Japanese killing themselves just because they cannot find decent job offers is thought to be a new trend”

    In the rest of the world, there are trends for fashion and hobby – in Japan there are trends for suicide.

    That’s just sad.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am NEET for over 2 years.
    Yea I am depresed virgin with urge to kill myself.
    I take antidepresives, antipsychotics and shit isnt working. I am still not coming out of my house. I only watch anime and play games all my time.

    After seeing this article an hero is an option.

  • Anonymous says:

    Did anyone learn anything from anime?your will to survive boost your resolve no matter how fucked up things seem.least from anime shows i the way elfen lied was depressing

  • Anonymous says:

    For me, its hard to find a workplace that’s not cashier or person-person heavy. In fact, people say I’m more technical than social, Ironically, I’m majoring in Psych on a scholarship.

    The main problem before I went to College is that I didn’t have a dream or motivation about my future life. No career seemed to interest me in the least, until I took a Psych class. Learned behaviors really got me interested into Psych. Hence, it becomes hard to establish a goal when you have nothing that interests you to aim for.

    Then again, I could just aim for something that pertains to my interests: anime and video games. Though, what could you be doing in anime that isn’t the writer or animator?

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t see the irony here, you might find your technical outlook being the one you rely on more frequently once you join the psych graduate army. There are definitely different flavors, but many psychologists deal mainly in data.

  • Anonymous says:

    Futurists have been predicting since around 1890 that in the early 21st century, about 10% of the people in the world will do all of the world’s work and the other 90% will have the problem of finding other things to do with their time.

    This hasn’t changed much over the years, aside from the estimated date of this occurring being pushed up to the mid 21st century instead.

    What if the transition to those days is just beginning?

    Will most of Japan commit suicide then?

  • Anonymous says:

    That’s the reflex of a society who hasn’t a native word for love… maybe we in occident are fat, careless, maybe atrocious to their eyes, but we care for each other, and we have families… fail is a part of life, and a really strong person is who stand before the circumstances, and i’m not even conservative.
    It’s a shame to not see nothing of the spirit of a society who raised up after two atomic bombs… a society who in severall things is really impressive, but a society who has no respect to the person, is a society who is stock.
    Shame on you Japan!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    9-5, 5 days a week? In Singapore I had to work 8-6 officially, but up to 10pm unofficially and unpaid overtime, plus 8-12 on Saturdays and Sundays as well during month’s end closings. $2400 a month after taxes.

  • Anonymous says:

    There have been 2 years where i was a NEET, it was a black hole in my life.

    It is an experience I don’t want to have again, after that i went back to complete my studies and have completed a managing and programing of informatic sistems” course, at the moment at the age of 25 i am a rounin having failed the university entrance exams but i intend to put my life back in track and hopefully get a job in japan in the future.

  • Anonymous says:

    “If I were to become a NEET, I’d off myself! A life with no goals, just leeching off your parents – that is worse than being a corpse!”

    nah, it’s actually better than you might think. Try it, and you’ll see…

    “They maintained their pride as human beings. A wise man cornered would choose death rather than a life as a mere idle NEET.”

    Only an idiot would choose death over life, no matter what kind of life.

    “although the more gainfully employed seem to concur that a lifetime as a servile and poorly paid drudge is indeed preferable to one as a freeloading layabout who divides their time between trolling on 2ch and watching anime”

    seriously? SERIOUSLY??
    That has to be one of the most stupid and non-sensical things I’ve ever heard in my entire lifetime. well, after Ishihara’s shortcomings at least…

  • Anonymous says:

    Japanese youth are killing themselves because there are more of them than there are jobs and the government still has the nerve to tell them that their country needs more children?

  • Anonymous says:

    American companies routinely hire engineers from China and India. Almost every country *except* Japan. Are the Japanese so xenophobic that they’d rather die than live and work in another country.

  • Anonymous says:

    What fools, been unemployed half a dozen time, like I gave a shit, it happens you figure out what works, make shit up and get another job. Most of it is bullshit anyway, I so love my favorite phrase that comes out of looser manager. “can you multitask?” Of course I can you stupid moron forget that my undergrad degree talked all about how we can’t of course I am going to say I do and then not do shit at all dealing with running around looking like I chicken with its head cut off.

    To Japanese people, stop give a shit if your employed or not what matter is staying alive and give those in power the finger, after all their positions are made up by them so make up your own position, make up your own past and learn from scam artist how the game is really played.

    Live long and proper I know I am.

  • Anonymous says:

    As if most jobs aren’t socially worthless anyway. If the company you work for is competing with other companies that do the same thing, your work to make it YOUR company that gets the money is meaningless to anyone but those in your company since the companies function would just be done by its competitors instead.

    This is not to mention that if you’re an average worker you won’t see any of that money anyway. Enjoy working yourself ragged to make other people rich.

    • Anonymous says:

      yea.. you have most CEO’s who are filthy rich and doesn’t do much work,relying on the bottom ‘ants’ to do the work for them. Most people don’t really complain about that but they sure do like to complain about NEETs.. :/

  • Anonymous says:

    america a made in china store ran by federal reserve bank Nearly all US Presidents are Related to the British and French Royal Families selected by Bilderberg Group with fake elections have great time with soft kill Vaccines & have cold glass of Fluoride and Water & gmo food & injoy some RFID CHIPS with cell phones & take nice Vacation your FEMA camps so they can treat you well with the NDAA 🙂 wellcome to the USA Drone bees drone bugs flying computers to kill U DEAD & the air is safe as well we got chemtrails injoy your short painful life in the 10 fema regions & CISPA style innernet & Shadow Government | Who Rules America & Jewish Controlled Media & have a Orwellian day 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    to those who have a degree but can’t find a job with it, here is what you do:

    1- find a job that doesn’t require a degree.

    yeah, that’s it. not every one in a country must study in a university. i mean, who will work in McDonalds?

    • Anonymous says:

      There are two main problems with that.
      1) Places that don’t require degrees usually stop hiring long before the places that do. And they usually discriminate on age, so if you went to university, chances are you’re too old.
      2) Often, people go to university not because they’re particularly smart, but because they fall in the social segment that usually goes to university, i.e. nerds. Unless they manage to hide this extremely well, they are eaten alive on the workfloor. Very well, man up, you might say, but your boss will only see the lost productivity and stock caused by your cow-orkers’ nasty pranks, and since you’re the loose cog, you’ll be the one to be let go.
      (I’ve been looking for a job since September last year. Initially I accepted anything and everything, but after a few too many uncompensated introduction weeks like the above, I’m forced to accept that I must filter job offers by degree requirement, even though I’m really starting to feel my stomach.)

      • Anonymous says:

        A smart employer ie one who knows their asshole from a hole in the ground would promptly fire the people pulling pranks.
        People who act that way are generally considered too immature for a professional setting and if they have time to stage pranks then they’re obviously not doing their jobs.
        Such people are slackers and generally are not very productive even when there is no nerd type around for them to pick on as then they concentrate on pranking each other or ripping off the company.

  • Actually, the entire ecosystem is steadily becoming a “freeter” one. At this point, one would think “what’s the point of going on”, one could lose his job in a flash and losing everything that goes with it, I’d like to see you spending hundreds of bucks on figurines and electronic devices with the fear you could lose them the day after.

    There are many family men who lost their jobs several months ago and still can’t find another one, people literally setting themselves on fire because they can’t feed their family, at least you don’t have obligations towards anybody but yourself.

    I understand the neet phenomenon goes all the way back but to me it seems those people ended up being one step ahead. It’s not that easy to go on without many reasons to live anyway, especially when you realize many of those reasons are nothing but “life filler”.

  • sooooo dumb. Basically they are not strong enough to accept failure and overcome it so they kill themselves is what i get from it :\

    I say if you are a Neet then most likely you might have more time to yourself to figure out how to become whatever lol and then do it.

  • Anonymous says:

    GOd damn, I think they need to send all Japanese teens (here’s hoping for the 16+ girls) over to Australia for a year or so.

    We’ll show them what’s important in life, bitches know nothing about being on centrelink.

  • Anonymous says:

    >“Killing yourself because you can’t find work is imbecilic. Abandon all your brainwashing and try looking in another developed country! You can change your values!”


    As a french/english/japanese speaker, I have hard time finding a job in my counrty (currently NEET), yet ironically enough I had no problem finding one in Japan (getting a visa is a whole different story though…)

    So yeah, people should learn to think outside the box.

  • Anonymous says:

    21yr old virgin female NEET in the US here. It’s a lonely lifestyle…Basically just finding things to do to kill time for the whole day, everyday. Almost feels like living while already being dead inside. The saddest part is, I’m actually not fat and ugly but since this is how my life is, the only parties/gatherings I’ve been going to recently are formal boring ones such as A Christening/Baptism and weddings. I have zero friends because I’ve distanced myself from all of them, so the events I’ve been going to are family related ones. Tsss… I’ve never worked a day in my life, but I do hope to do so in the near future. Shit I’ve been sick for a week *nosedrips

  • Kind of a cruel way to portray Futaba Anzu like that. The poor girl is 17 years old with the body of an eight year old. If she -was- real no one in the work force would really take her seriously let alone hire her. She has no other choice but to be NEET-ish.. but thankfully the Idol carrier is her only hope for productivity.

    Buuuuut that’s just my honest opinion.

  • Anonymous says:

    The truth is this,working your life out without living it is just as bad.
    Anyone with half a braincell can see that all those that prosper at work enough arent really beacons of morality.
    Where i live there is a saying called “only thieves and liers prosper” and so far had been proven right all the way.
    Bottom end the japanese seem to kill themselves over a trend that is forced upon them and they accept it because they grew to have it forcefully drilled into theyr brain.
    Thus comes the biggest rhetorical question of all times.

    BRAIN: Can you use it?

    • Anonymous says:

      At least if you’re working you’re not burden to anyone. If you can find reason to life, goal, that’s good. But for me sole knowledge me living or dying makes no difference for world around me is somehow… calming.

  • Well They probably still struggling from the recent Critical Weather disaster they had. But i hate to hear in the New people died. They’re alot of other thing you can do then kill yourself. you don’t have to become a NEET. College students and High school Students, Get involved and Join a club or something. Something to keep you busy. (But now saying that the economy from what i heard is bad over their) So just take step at a time. Don’t wanna become a NEET? that’s fine, Although i am a NEET i always know it’s not a permanent thing. No one knows what tommorrow gonna bring. Keep your chin up and be Positive. \(^_^)/

  • I was a NEET for a few years, but I have a full time job now. It’s weird how a lot of my more obsessive tendencies went away immediately as soon as I was busy and had friends to go out with. It may change my view on how good this whole subculture is, which as of right now seems unfortunate to me.

  • Anonymous says:

    “When did just having a job become such a virtue? It’s like we were infected by communism or something.”

    No sir, you’re infected by CAPITALISM. This is why your society has such superficial values and why most of you are so discontent with your lives.

  • Anonymous says:

    >“When did just having a job become such a virtue? It’s like we were infected by communism or something.”

    If the government were communist, you’d have a job and somewhere to live.

    • Anonymous says:

      To quote socialism is like pool without water. No one will swim, but it’s pretty hard to drown in it.

      After adding water, few will swim like camps, most will just swim, some will somehow manage to float. But there’s will be a few either unable to learn, or too stubborn to adapt. They will go down.

      If I was heartless asshole I would call it just a natural selection.

      • It’s not like there weren’t drowning people in socialism. The difference is the factor that decides if you drown or swim. In capitalism it is money, no matter how you get it. In “socialism” (see GBR) the only way to drown was to cut yourself off from the group. Like the 1% that hated the fucking matrix.

        We don’t have natural selection in modern society.

        • Anonymous says:


          Huh, you see, you apparently are unhappy with the vermin and leeches or other things that are wrong with the society. So it might as well be said you are still expecting something. And being satisfied yourself doesn’t quite prevent you from seeing the bigger picture. Your marginal costs are such that you choose to support the bigger picture. Theirs are such they don’t. That’s it.

        • Anonymous says:

          And how beign angry, changing nothing and beign either leech or vermin is better?

          Good place in system? Depends how you see it. I have stable work, house, car, insurance, bank account, and none of that was given to me. I don’t EXPECT for anything to be given to me. Wouldn’t say it’s bad considering I’m 27 and have no education past high school.

        • Anonymous says:

          Indeed it is. You can accept reality, but as well you can reject it.
          Unless you can change rules, live by them.
          Of course, you’re free to try.
          I wish you luck. And this is not a sarcasm.

        • Anonymous says:

          There are 2 kind of people who will go down. Those who can’t adapt, and those who won’t adapt.

          Here we have post of anon who is proud of beign able to leech of his parents rather than work. One day his parents will die, or throw him out. He will either adapt and go to work, won’t adapt and spend rest of his life as pennyless vermin, leeching of others (charity, welfare and such), kill himself, or take easy way and end up in prison (since in a long run, crime also takes a brain).
          This is what I call a “natural selection”. As much as I wish the first option for him, I won’t have a trace of sympathy, if he’ll end up with other three.

        • Anonymous says:


          Sometimes it isn’t as clear-cut as not wanting to adapt. Some of them want to – want to get a job, want to be successful(whatever that means to them) – but simply cannot. Due to illness, disorders, traumas, etc.

          You say you won’t have any sympathy for these people, but personally I think we should. Not showing any sympathy, putting them down – all it does is close them off even further.

        • @05:33 trying to use a utopia from a dystopian novel seems sort of contradicting. Trying to balance between society and the individual is always the tough part about your ideal worlds you dream of. Too much in favor of society, the individual suffers, and vice-versa.

          Also, natural selection is irrelevant in a world where human nature is dominant, well at least there is nothing natural about humans(you usually don’t see animals pitying war against each other and inventing technology that significantly can enhance their lives).

        • Anonymous says:

          “Only if natural selection favors those born into the richest families”
          Rhino does inherit its thick skin after its parents. Some having advantage over others is nothing unnatural.

          Socialism and communism never worked because of basic human nature. If we can change it, than maybe those could. “Brave New World” had perfect society that actually worked.

          “opposed to the best and brightest.”
          Definition of intelligence is ability to adapt. People who would go down, rather than adapt, surely can’t be called “the brightest”

    • Anonymous says:

      Being self-employed is hard work.
      – You need a skill that can be gainfully exploited from home.
      – You need a big network of business contacts.
      – You need to be really good with people, in a sociopathic sort of way.
      – You need to put in 12-hour work days, and those aren’t the hours of a salaryman, these are 12-hours of hard work, straight up. Not everyone’s constitution can cope.
      – You need to be good at legal stuff, and have a knack for knowing which taxes and such need to paid, and what paperwork to (keep on) file. The moment you start to make money, the government will try to shut you down, and liquidate your business for the benefit of the treasury.

      • Not really some self employed people I know only do 30 hours of real work a week.

        As for legal loop holes you don’t do that yourself get an accountant and claim every tax break you can.
        You gotta play the system in every way you can.

        The real key at succeeding at a business is not working harder but working smarter.

        Of course I’m in the US the laws though fucked are probably a lot more friendly to small businesses then the ones in Japan.

    • Anonymous says:

      You make it sound so easy. Not everyone is capable of working from home.

      If those people can’t even make the effort to go looking for a job, what are the chances of them being self employed and making sustainable money?

      It still require some effort on their part as well. Just like any business. That is why most people work for other people because it is easier that way.

      • Yes it does require drive and planning.
        It should be noted one NEET did manage to become a millionaire by trading stocks.
        I’m talking Ushiromiya family kind of rich.
        He made over 152 million so yes he could go buy an island and have a mansion built on it.
        The irony he probably made more money then any salaryman could ever even hope to look at unless they work at a bank.

  • Anonymous says:

    Lived in Japan till just recently, sure sometimes things seems bad, but internet makes it sounds so fucked up. its not really that bad.
    thou many japanese need to open their mindset a little ._.”

  • Having spent 4 years as a hermit in the countryside living off nothing I got bored. I left school with no qualifications and had 6 redundancies in 3 years.

    However, I found 6 jobs in 3 years. I’m now in University so as to learn a foreign language and work for myself.

    If people want to make a name and some real money for themselves, they shouldn’t be dependent on working for someone else.

  • Anonymous says:

    “When did just having a job become such a virtue? It’s like we were infected by communism or something.”

    Right there, I’d rather be a NEET than a zombie. You work 9-5 everyday with only 4 hours to yourself, for what? so you can buy enough food to survive just to go to work 9-5 again and again, hopefull saving enough money to where you can retire at an old age, but by that time your youth is gone and you’ve been zombiefied by working 9-5 everyday, so all that’s left is to die, so all the time you spent working is wasted, your life has been a waste, and all you ever did was work.

    • Being a working zombie is limited only. If you work hard enough, you get promoted so more money. If you treat work like a punishment, you will definitely be better off as a NEET/LOSER.

      But why am I preaching here? Nobody came to Sancon to listen to crap.

        • Anonymous says:

          Someone has to work to feed us is only because of how society is structured.

          Truth 1: America and the EU produce ENOUGH food to feed everyone within their borders, but they dispose of anything that isn’t sold within a time frame, because free food will crash the economy.

          Truth 2: There is are NOT enough jobs for everyone, because there is no NEED for everyone to work.

        • Anonymous says:


          different anon, but still you’re relying on others to cook for u.. even if you have a job.. Most people are not even want to grow their own food and be self responsible a bit

      • Anonymous says:

        17+8 = 25. Taking a commute of at least half an hour, and a morning shower most are fond of into account, that leaves six hours for sleep. Most need more than that to stay active. I need 8, for instance.

        That leaves 6 hours. Now we need to subtract the commute back, a small amount of daily chores, dinner, and something else that always comes up. 4 hours left, if you are generous.

    • Anonymous says:

      In the UK its not the issue of becoming a zombie its th fact that we need more money to keep up with the forever rising prices that our Nazi Tory government keeps falicitating, which is also easier said than done because there are no fucking jobs around, so you have people like me trying to stay in full time education for as long as possible hoping someone will shoot David Cameron and sort out the economy him and his droogs have mangled.

    • It’s not 9 to 5 in japan anyway as a salaryman. it’s way more, especially as the new guy. you want to get into public service in japan, it’s a damn lax job compared to the private sector. a friend of mine got a job at a city hall just outside Osaka right after graduation, you should have seen his smug face after getting that job.

      some people in the company i worked for back then pulled 8 to 8 or sometimes even 8 to 10 shifts – without overtime pay. you could say they had zero social life on workdays – and about a quarter of them were recent graduates.

    • Anonymous says:


      yea you’re pretty much right.. our current generation just don’t want to let go of this superficial idiotic lifestyle of working 9-5 till retire but by the time you’re old, u probably can’t do much anyway.. no wonder people here and there are becoming NEET because of unnecessary social pressure.

      We pretty much need a reform, and a better monetary system if we still want to use money.. and allow people to pick a subject that they wish to learn instead of making them to take subjects that they don’t like so that they can earn a living.. free electricity, no tax, no debt, cheap gas,etc.Libya accomplished that before, why can’t we do the same? Our tax money goes to stupid stuff like wars,etc.

      We all have misplaced priorities right now.. instead of making reality a positive experience as best as we can for all of us, we’re doing the opposite..its a shame really.

        • Anonymous says:

          I understand it entirely. It’s like a limited time quest or event in a game. There’s a limited window during which one can step onto the path of the socially promoted ideal life path (full time employment, marriage, kids, home, fiscal security, retirement). If one misses that limited window, those social goals can become difficult or impossible to achieve.

          Added to the general societal pressure are the pressures of parents, more successful peers, the lack of money and employment, and an overriding sense of responsibility.

          It’s no surprise that, rather than face even the perceived shame of being a NEET or freeter, they would choose to commit suicide instead of facing what they see as a failed life.

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh and @Gustav, people should quit bashing religion, when the source of the problem is to be found elsewhere. If you want to eradicate religion, do as you please, but as a result you’ll only give way to new religions popping up 50-100 years later. I’m an atheist, but I’m not stupid enough to believe that the society could exist without religion. I would though agree that a lot of believers perceive religion wrongly, so do atheists and agnostics. But a wrong perception does not undermine its basic functions.

          Oh, and as note of interest, USSR was the first God-less state. They abolished churches, executed priests, and all officers and politicians were forbidden to be adherents of any type of religions. But what happened? As soon as World War 2 broke out, they started rebuilding churches. Now try figuring out why.

        • Anonymous says:

          What you are whining about, dear friends, is capitalism and democracy. These two components created the absurd cycle of: work to live and live to work.
          Communism is a money-less and class-less society, in which every person is provided with all of his basic needs and has the freedom to develop himself in fields of his choice. USSR never reached communism, they were stuck in socialism.
          Now, I don’t believe in communism – it’s a naive idea. I don’t believe in capitalism – it works, but look at the poverty rates. I don’t believe in democracy – individuals don’t want to take responsibility for the society they are a part of, they just care about their own individual liberties, which quickly gives way either to corporate fascism or complete anarchism.

          Instead of defending NEETs, start suggesting new political and economical structures, you’d do a favor for the world as well as yourself.

        • Anonymous says:

          It might also be because of social pressure. People do not care about what is right rather at what is more beneficial. We wanted to control power but we ended up being controlled by it in the end.

        • Religion is not as out of place as it seems-at least when it comes to protestantism, especially the US-variant. This work-mentality of todays America is pretty much the fault of calvinism and related bullshit. Why bullshit? Well, they believed, that people are predestined to heaven and earth, and if someone is successfull (earns a lot of money) with work, they can see, that they will go to heaven. Nothing even close to this can be found anywhere in the bible, of course.

      • Anonymous says:

        Long working hours of Japanese salaryman is also effect of how work-paranoid this society is.
        Normaly your work can be done in 5-6 hours. You can’t finnish it so fast because that’s showing off. Also it shows you don’t respect your work. You can’t leave after 8 hours, because others are doing long hours. So double check, triple check, coffe or cigarete break every 30 minutes, and this way 6 hour worth work lasts easily 12 hours.

        • Anonymous says:

          Narrow worldview guess they did not think…makes you wonder if a Japanese fail their exams or getting a job then leaves the country and come back very successful head of own company or something the reactions would be quite interesting…

        • Anonymous says:

          With that kind of description it makes me wonder why these people are not considering working out of country.

          People from other countries do it all the time, heck people from other countries go over to japan just to experience what it’s like to live there, why do they not do the same?

          Does the thought just not occur?

    • Anonymous says:

      Japan has a really fucked up society, i try to understand it but i really can’t.

      This looks even more stupid when you look at all this protesting in Europe and America because of the governments inability to promote job creation, while in Japan people blame themselves and commit suicide, the Japanese really are all brainwashed…

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t think it’s as much as people blaming themselves literally. But the Japanese society pleasure from elitism. It’s quite blatant when you see how often they take shots at other Asians when oppurtunity comes along. Japan pretty much claims top dog among other Asian countries when it comes to trying to save face and keeping a good image.

        Japanese families are known to hide relatives with mental disorders rather than seek professional help because they fear shame might be brought upon them. The consequences are obvious.

        Japan may excel in many areas in modern tech, but their social aspect is in the toilet.

      • Anonymous says:

        The Bushido Code is alive and well in Japan. Die w/ honor than live a NEET, I guess. Fortunately, there are those that are resourceful enough to make a new path when the system can’t provide a career for them. I think that’s something more and more Japanese and Asian youth are having to discover because of the job climate/World economy.

      • Anonymous says:

        @8:25 Japan doesn’t get these problems faster but earlier. Their “brainwashing” is what western government are trying to aim for. If they succeed, we are all headed their eventually.

      • Anonymous says:

        I disagree wholly.
        Disagreeing won’t make you change your mind, or make me right, but I feel I need to say it.

        Working for barely anything is better than sitting on your ass all day and getting stuff for free from other people. I’m not saying Fat cats shouldn’t support the welfare state, I’m saying nobody should be a slob, everybody needs to pitch in.

        • Anonymous says:

          Considering the rates of unemployment – meaning there are NOT enough jobs for everyone, the humane thing to do if you can live off welfare is to, well, live off welfare! Because any job you don’t hold is a job somebody else holds, and that somebody might be someone who can’t live off welfare, because they have children, an illness that is expensive to treat, or too much pride to laze around, or a million other reasons.

          I’m trying to get a job because I want funds to support my hobby (which isn’t the best reason, I know) and it’s proving close to impossible due to ‘lack of experience’.

        • Anonymous says:

          Neither can be better than the other, because their purposes are different.

          With the above in mind – being a slob isn’t quite that bad from your perspective either. For there are people whose job is to ruin other people’s work.

    • Anonymous says:

      yeah, because hating and not learning basic math, grammar, or history surely will give us the best possible workforce (which will be literate in the most basic aspects of knowledge) who can enjoy themselves in the best utopian world when everything and everyone shall coexist pacefully…oh and you work just 4-5 hours a day because your weak body would not want to handle anymore.

      Wake up man, you get a lot of people studying arts, history and culture and over-saturated careers, and yet, they come up to the government asking “more jobs” because there are not enough museums to fill up the people who need a job. And the story does not end with just those types of careers…

      What I reallly hate about these comments is that, everything seems to be the government fault, while we just “wash our hands” and let everything take on the government. Why do you think the modern society is getting fucked up? Because people do not want to get to work. people want their interests just to be fullfilled with the least possible amount of effort. And now you come here to this blog and start preaching about how the government should offer free electricity and gettting no debt at all?. Please at least get your arguments backed up with some economics and politics facts.

      • Anonymous says:

        So apparently you absolve the government from the responsibility they incur when they place – in this case – educational obligations on their subjects, even when the outcome is unsatisfactory, as you are trying to point out, with all those who come and those who don’t want?

      • Anonymous says:

        Its the schools fault for having such high tuition fees and requiring the first year to figure out what you “really” want to do, thus adding on another unneeded 20k – 40k in debt. Do you think people would have even been occupying wall-street and school campuses if they weren’t neck deep in tuition fees, which by the way cant be resolved by applying for bankruptcy.

      • Anonymous says:

        > You’re wasting your life now

        Am not. Reading Sankaku enables me to rest my brain and restore my energy, while at the same time keep in touch with some communication forms.

        That’s the same as sleeping. Not as fulfilling as jogging along a river or go hiking, but a necessary step nonetheless to keep being able to do everything else.

      • Anonymous says:

        working in the office 9-5 daily, keep staring at the walls and most of the time, you’re in this little box, just keep working. really its not much difference if you want to compare to neet. Most of us are wasting time working 9-5 just to stay afloat.

        • Anonymous says:

          Not everyone works in an office y’know. A big part of my job involves going out for walks/going to cafes/eating out/travelling because I support a person with learning difficulties who enjoys doing all those things. Thanks to that person I love my job and get to do so many fun things, and thanks to me that person gets to do all the things they want to do.

    • Anonymous says:

      Fuck that shit.

      I work from home on the internet.
      I make about $200 a day. On ebay.

      And live in a cushie condo that goes for $1,500 a month with utilities.

      Who wants to be a slave their whole life working for someone else? And having them always looking over your solder to see if you’re actually ‘working’?

      I know I don’t.

      I have a social life, plus a girlfriend for the past 7 years who loves me and appreciates me for who I am, not for what I can buy her.

      And I set my own hours to work. If I wanna go to the movies or clothes shopping w. my own money, so be it.

      Working for ‘the man’ is for chumps who actually believe that working 40+ hours a week (or more) that someday their social security will kick in and that it will actually support them until the day they pass away.

      What a fucking joke.

      BTW, I am a white American who lives in Florida; one of the most expensive places to live in the USA.

    • this guy is really an idiot, we live in capitalist country’s so “you can find a job, leech from your parents like a parasite or go die” that’s how
      capitalist society is, in the end your parents would die early or late and what are you going to do then?
      put their bodies in the freezer to take their pension..?
      and i read people saying “if you die you wont have sex” if u don’t have a job u wouldn’t either or are you going say your parents “mom/dad can u give 50 box to fuck a whore?” cause i don’t think a girl sane of mind would fuck a parasite that live with their parents

    • Anonymous says:

      I am a mechatronics engineer finishing my master degree and I work for FIAT, but I am an 26 yo virgin who never kissed and have zero social life or friends, my life is work, internet, games, sleep, and I live with my mom and dont think of going out ever so I am not a neet, but what am I(besides a fail in life)?

      • Anonymous says:

        Your delayed graduation somehow suggests you didn’t have it nice and easy in life so far. It may haunt you forever if you were serious about it, so as a rule – don’t be. But with contentment in general – it’s Liebig’s law of the minimum that applies – and any deficiencies can be made up for only in kind. So look for chinks in your armor. And don’t be too gracious to anyone that might look to exploit it.

      • On the right track, I’d say! If you wanted to, you could probably find SOME kind of club activity or enthusiast group to meet with – that could fix the social, and maybe even sex issue.

        I worked with guys who figured they’d be forever alone at 40-something, then got married shortly after, so… IF you’re not isolating yourself and making sure you never meet someone, I’d say don’t sweat it too much.

      • Anonymous says:

        Certainly not a failure in life.

        It only matters whether or not you, yourself, are happy. If people say shit about you, fuck ’em.

        If you’re currently unhappy and want more out of your life, go ahead and change it.

        If you’re perfectly happy with your life, awesome.

        • Anonymous says:

          Secondary principle of thermodynamics basically comes down to willpower not necessarily being enough to change one’s life up to one’s expectations. Sometimes that is just impossible, or, when you’re more realistic, just hard as hell to the point of lousy probabilities of success (and the ride not so enjoyable.)

          But that note aside, yeah, I agree. If you don’t like your life, plan on how to make it better, then enforce the plan.

      • Anonymous says:

        Nothing to worry about im the same i work win a lot of money im just 22 and do nothing but work , study , gaming and sleeping also im currently living withy parents and they dont mind it at all since im not leeching off them.. Plus i feel i wanna repay them for all the money they used on my education so i let my parents use both of my debit and credit cards.. Oh and im still a virgin and i dont give a fuck about it. Im enjoying my life the way it is so u shouldnt be bothered by all things like that.

      • Anonymous says:

        You’re a male virgin.

        Being a virgin is a source of shame only for males.

        Female virgins can marry rich men simply because female virginity is worth much, much more.

        If you lose your virginity, you might get sentimental, but you’ll probably realize that male virginity was nothing to be ashamed of, and male sexual experience isn’t much to be proud about.

        You are not a failure in life just because you’re a virgin.

        • Anonymous says:

          he speaks the truth every well said. We all were virgins at some point, some lose it at a later time and that’s just life. If someone makes a big deal out of it its because they base THEIR life off other peoples perceptions but that doesn’t mean you got to, just be as awesome as you can be and a girl will see it even if anime happens to be your only interest I know plenty on girls who like it too, half are actually good looking rest meh lol.

          I’d say go to conventions when you can try speed dating there, online dating isn’t anything to be ashamed of either and if you really want to just not say your a virgin you’ll meet a few girls through online dating who will put out before you find your someone special.

      • Move out, stop playing game ALL the time, and sleep less. People that party and socialize generally are up later at night, one of the sacrifices, which would also mean you aren’t at home playing games.

        • Yes indeed, that’s pretty much the same thing how my lifestyle sorta drastically changed from “5 animes to watch in one season + 1 videogame to play” during my college days vs “1-2 animes to watch in one season + a dusty PS2/3 in front of my TV” now that I’m employed.

          But hey, getting payed and having the credibility of buying 3-5 figures and other awesome stuff per month do really pay the price :3

        • Anonymous says:

          Under capitalism, the trade is anything but equal. Look up “surplus value.”

          Here’s copy & paste of part of a sociology essay, concerning the last job I had before quitting and going back to college for a 2nd degree:

          “A while back, I was given a particular project by my boss, a Russian man of considerable mass, who’s more or less equivalent in width as in height. The job was small, but it was busy season, and the client’s requirements on formatting was somewhat atypical. So, instead of handing it out in parts to different people, where there’s more room for errors, I was told to do the whole project myself, including quality check, which is hardly the correct procedure. But he’s the boss, so whatever he says, goes. After a week, the job was done. The boss came back gleaming, and said he would treat me to lunch. That would’ve been a good day, if only I haven’t had the curiosity to ask about the project. My jaws dropped upon hearing the price tag that client paid: $40,000 for a box of technical manuals. Seriously? Was he running some kind of con? On second thought, as a peon, he pays me only $38,000 a year, while that $40,000 was a week’s worth of work. Average 80% surplus value? I didn’t even want to work out the percentage on that, it would have been too depressing. So, where’s my 80% of $40,000 a week? During lunch, the boss was visibly radiant. He kept complementing on how well done a job it was, others at Productions would not have been able to get it done so flawlessly, and that he appreciates my hard work. Of course he does, he got paid, in addition to gaining a possible regular client. It was interesting that he treated me to $8 lunch, as opposed to giving me a raise. I felt a strange urge to smash my fist into that grotesquely happy mug.”

          tl;dr –
          Work is for suckers, being tools to enrich others.

    • I was NEET for a year… but when I got a job, man did it ever feel good to have a purpose again. On the tail end of another year of it now, but I’ve gotta snap out of it soon because it’s driving me nuts – I’m burning through the last of my youth doing nothing.

    • Been NEET for over 5 years now. Having ergophobia surely doesn’t help me at all…though I do occasional freelance job from home such as data entry.

      The only downside is I have to control my urges to buy merchandises. And now with the arrival of my new dolfie, the need to work on a permanent basis become stronger and stronger and yet I am ergophobic so…

      I guess I have to learn how to work from home…or try to work outside by suppressing my phobia.

      • Anonymous says:

        This is sankaku complex. People aren’t going to give you any sympathy. That’s the internet in general.

        There is such a thing as social phobias.Some people can deal with it; others can’t. I know someone who can’t leave the house without having panic attacks. Fortunately, she’s been seeing a therapist.

      • You can say it is laziness/excuses cause besides that is how you wanted to see it as anyway.

        I guess nobody will understand what I am going through anyway…(;_・)

        Well I guess it doesn’t matter. People only see what they want to see without understanding the intricacies of other reasons why one becomes a NEET.

        • Anonymous says:

          Or don’t care? or find help if you can’t do it alone? oh yeah society has no heart that’s why many people suicides, nobody has a heart to hear others and just think of themselves…that’s why there are so many suicides: desperation.

          Geez how many attention whores here to even give that many votes down.

        • Anonymous says:

          I feel a lot better about my shitty cashier job now. It’s not a lot, but at least I have income, and at least it’s better than making excuses as to why I can’t go outside.
          Thanks for boosting my self-esteem a little SanCom.

        • Anonymous says:

          “You must understand that those who criticize you are usually jealous of your (seemingly) better position.”

          The problem is I don’t have maids, chauffeurs or neither do I live in a mansion.

          But yes, I see where you are coming from.

        • “But I guess you coming to sancom to seek this understanding makes you somewhat of an attention whore.”

          You are getting it wrong. I never desire any understanding from anyone whatsoever. It was just a rant in accordance with the article.

          Me? Oh I also just like to read my writing as well..

        • Anonymous says:

          You must understand that those who criticize you are usually jealous of your (seemingly) better position.

          I have rich parents.
          I have maids.
          I have chauffeurs
          I live in a mansion.

          Jealous? Wanna criticize me for being a lazy fuck? Wanna bitch about how ‘others’ have to slave for a living? Well, FUCK YOU and your rotton luck.

        • Having a username or being anonymous really isn’t much difference.

          I can still be an attention whore as an anonymous with these comments and fap to any upvotes I get.

          I just so happen decided to tell my situation as someone with a username.

          Just relating myself to the article.

        • Anonymous says:

          attention whore? it seems like you are describing yourself….

          Senjou:Whatever the name you put, it seems like working may activate a deffence mechanism of yours or giving you a depression .
          -You must accept the problem and have a will to overcome it.
          -Do a list of what possitive things you can get by working.
          -Try to think what part of work is causing you trouble (interview, etc)
          -Find a public service maybe a university have a psychologist department for the public,maybe they are free or low cost .

          You can also make excersice.

          Excuse my english

        • I see where you are coming from that.

          I did mentioned I do work freelance jobs from home albeit very seldom. And yes, with relatives connection concerned for my well being.

          And with my last freelance job and my savings(daily allowance a month), I somehow managed myself a dolfie that I wanted.

          I have never worked outside for quite some time. And the last time I worked for a total stranger was five years ago at a nearby pharmacy. But it only lasted a month/two due to “reasons” you like to call it.

          Keep your sarcasm cause I don’t expect you to understand it..

    • Anonymous says:

      “Well at least it was better than soul crushing job i have right now.”

      Says the guy that was jobless but is now able to buy lots of anime merchandises because you stared working your lazy ass.

    • I seem to be stuck as a perpetual freeter. My only way out of it is to get a CDL so I can drive for a living, then purchase real estate and rent it out. After 5 years of renting them out I’ll finally start making a profit off them.

    • Anonymous says:

      lol i hear you bro/sis, neet life was heavenly compared to the drudgery of daily work, i should probably get into teaching, they do fuck all and all the answers are given to them anyway.