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Japan “Best Influence on World” – China “Better Than USA”


According to a global survey conducted by the BBC, Japan is now regarded as the nation with the most positive influence on the world, and China is now regarded as a more positive (and less negative) influence even than the US.

Japan is now globally viewed as having the “most positive” influence on the world, having just edged out Germany.

Canada and the UK follow in third and fourth place, but the sharp rise of China’s popularity has seen it now viewed as not a more positive influence than both the USA and EU, but a less negative one than the US as well.

Unsurprisingly, the most negatively viewed states continued to be such international pariahs as Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, Russia and Israel – an interesting mix if ever there were one.

The poll, this time based on random telephone surveys of 24,090 people in 22 countries taken at the end of 2011, has been carried out at the behest of the BBC for several years now:



Those wondering about how China secured its popularity need look no further than its notoriously generous provision of arms and infrastructure to some of the world’s more unsavoury regimes, whom the BBC naturally chose to include in this unweighted survey:


Meanwhile, the USA is reviled by tyrannical dictatorships the world over:


North Korea provides an admirable study in how to annoy people:


Aside from its neighbours (and, oddly, itself), seemingly everybody loves – or at least does not hate too badly – the influence of Japan:


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