Ishihara: “Young Men Have Small Penises!”


Tokyo’s 79-year-old fuhrer Shintaro Ishihara’s latest rant against young people is to accuse of them of failing to have sex and produce more taxslaves due to worries about their small penises and propensity to premature ejaculation.

Speaking at a government education panel, aside from the now traditional accusation that young people are suffering from “information overload” from too much TV and Internet, he also tried his hand at some sexology:

“You can’t have sex with a girl if you are thinking about your penis being too small, or that you’ll not last long after insertion. If you’ve no sense of yourself, you’ll not be strong at it.”

He introduced this and other wisdom he “heard from doctors” to the panel to their polite edification, although the online reaction was rather less polite:

“As expected of his excellency!”

“His excellency Ishihara would know all about these two problems, what wisdom!”

“Not even big enough to thrust through a paper door?”

“Given the content of his novels, I suppose he is advocating getting round the problem by just drugging your victim first?”

“Perhaps his worries about these matters were why he wrote those novels…”

“I’m pretty sure the less sex problem is more to do with not finding partners who’ll put out for you in the first place…”

“Why blame a lack of sexual experience on a small penis and premature ejaculation? You can’t really have either without some experience in the first place.”

“Rise up, Japan!”


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