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FOX: “Japan Will Become Extinct!”


Fox News reports that the Japanese will soon go extinct if they do not start making more babies soon, warning that this might be of consequence even to Americans and blaming the usual suspects of herbivorous men, otaku virgins and weird Japanese who prefer making friends “with robots.”

Fox’s article is as insightful as might be expected from America’s premier news source (although it is broadly factually accurate – many of the reports cited will already be familiar to Sankaku complex readers):

Japan has a problem, a lack of children, and it seems likely there will be even fewer in the future.

Japanese researchers have now warned of a doomsday scenario if it carries on this way with the last child to be born there in 3011 and the Japanese people potentially disappearing a few generations later.

Academics from the city of Sendai, which was hit hard by last year’s tsunami, calculate there are now 16.6 million children under the age of 14 now in Japan.

And they say that number is shrinking at a disturbing rate of one every 100 seconds.

So if you do the mathematics, as they did, then the country will have no children within a millennium.

Another study recently showed Japan’s population is expected to fall a third from its current 127.7 million over the next century.

Government projections show the birth rate will hit just 1.35 children per woman within 50 years, well below the replacement rate.


The question everybody asks is why is there a lack of children?

The answer seems to lie in several reasons.

One reason is the cost. Japan is an extremely expensive country and getting a child through college can wipe out a family’s finances.

But research shows it goes much deeper than that as the Japanese state does throw a lot of money at people with children.

Another argument is that there are more effeminate men now called “Herbivores” there who are either not interested in sex or women don’t find masculine enough.

Then some suggest many young Japanese people prefer “virtual” friends with a robot or on the internet, while others suggest their fascination with comics rather than relationships is the cause for a lack of babies.

A study was released earlier this year in which it showed Japan’s young people are shunning the idea of marriage and having children.

The National Institute of Population and Social Security Research study also showed one in four unmarried men and women in their 30s had never had sex, and most young women preferred being single.

It also showed over 60 percent of unmarried young men didn’t have a girlfriend, and nearly 50 percent of women of the same age weren’t dating.

If that wasn’t bad enough, young Japanese people are also, it seems, increasingly not interested in sex.

A survey by the Japan Family Planning Association found that 36 percent of males between 16 and 19 had “no interest” in sex.

Japan’s falling birth rate could seem to be an interesting fact but of little consequence to a country like the United States, yet it could have a huge impact on how Japan interacts with the outside world in the future, even affecting how it supports international obligations and alliances.

“Japan will be more likely to prioritize healthcare than international security,” Brad Glosserman and Tomoko Tsunada wrote in Foreign Policy Magazine. “Older societies are typically more risk-averse, and Japanese — ‘reluctant realists’ at the best of times — will be increasingly unwilling to put their most precious resource, their young, in harm’s way,” they said.

Japan’s population isn’t falling faster because people there are living longer.

Japan has a life expectancy of about 86 years for women and 79 for men at present, and the ages are expected to rise in the coming decades.

More than 20 percent of Japan’s people are aged 65 or over, one of the highest proportions of elderly in the world.

Japan’s graying population is a real problem for the country’s leaders as they need to ensure the dwindling numbers of workers can pay for all the care needed for the growing army of pensioners.

It should come as no surprise that the Japanese response to all this research has been one of sublime indifference…

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  • Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry? No. Europe is at a much greater risk of becoming extinct, although the birth rate is bad in Japan atleast the country is 98% Japanese, the same can’t be said for Europe.

    White people are only 9% of the world population and every government promotes mass immigration of third world immigrants.

    Going by current trends Europeans will be extinct a lot sooner than the Japanese.

  • Anonymous says:

    well Japan is just a little tired with too many babies, maybe in 50 years, after japanese government succeed in making their people married, the one would be at problem will US, since they’ll fall deeply with anime and face another grave danger, or China.

    But why nobody cares about South Korea? They are about to be nuked by north, they are in a brink of extinction.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t mind Fox, I don’t mind CNN, I don’t mind the local news… so don’t get me wrong…

    This is the silliest thing I’ve heard today. Extinct? Japan is fucking tiny. It can use some population-decreasing… Same with most countries!

  • Anonymous says:

    If all the weaboos go to Japan and impregnate the women, then there won’t be any pure-blooded Japanese anyways. Sheesh! Who do you think makes a beautiful, cute Japanese woman? A Japanese man AND woman.

  • Anonymous says:

    you doctor yet? talk to me when you doctor. that’s your problem it takes 20yrs of school for a girl to give you the time of day. god bless our drunk american bar floozies who will give it up for an appletini

  • Unicogirl says:

    I think a similar report was done about Japan and its population during the 90’s. And this is a rather disturbing echo of it. It is definitely noticeable that the Japanese population has more elders than youngsters.

    People around the world praise Japan for their longevity, but fail to see just how off balance that is compared to their physically young generation.

    The current generation that is likely to have children and be married, are not doing so.

  • Anonymous says:


    Seriously, let em start to notice “Hey, our streets aren’t so crowded these days.. we should get on it”. I’m willing to bet these days that they’re at a peak for population in history nowadays.

  • Anonymous says:

    reason why japan has low population: high standards, and ofc the all much WANTED – WHORE CASH. pay a girl to be your wife – not really different on hiring a hooker to have sex with ya. still, this is what japanese women seem to do =/

  • Japan’s new international obligation is to build Gundams.

    If they push the virtual friends – robots and AI, they may alleviate their low work force. The question is will they achieve it by 3011?

  • Anonymous says:

    To be a bit controversial, I personally believe that one of the main causes of the low birth rate would be gender equality. It’s a touchy subject and thus, not many talk about it, but it is a huge factor.

    Women, with increased employment opportunities, now no longer need to depend on men to survive in today’s day and age. There is no longer a clear division of roles as there used to be with men bringing home the bacon and women being in charge of domestic affairs. And because of this, many women don’t even consider marriage or children in their life plans.

    • DarkWisdom says:

      That’s the problem we have in Europe, women are not interested in starting a family. But it’s not just that, mass immigration from third world countries is destroying Europe, Europeans will go extinct far sooner than in Japan if current trends continue. Japan is 98% Japanese, they are fine, it is Europe that needs help, whites are only 9% of the world population.

  • Anonymous says:

    That is SO far into the future, they are forgetting all of the HUGE things that will happen between then and now! Mainly, the Islamification of the entire Western and major Eastern cultures ( except China ). Before Japan runs out of babies, it is going to be overtaken by Islam ( this goes for Europe and the USA also ) because of the rapid growth in births in Islamic countries, breeding millions more children to be indoctrinated into extreme forms of Muslim culture and the decline in births in developed countries where career comes before motherhood. The billions of largely silent Muslims who let the radicals have their way will vote in more and more muslim politicians into your systems because there will be more of them voting than athiest/disenfranchised christian people. Then the muslim politicians become the majority. Then Islam becomes the main influence in running your country πŸ™‚ Then you either convert or die. And it WILL happen because you are all so very lazy in your politics and it will happen slowly enough for it to take hold right under your very noses and then you will be able to do nothing about it. This isn’t a warning. This is a perfect prediction of an unstoppable future πŸ™‚ I am not a Muslim. I just am not blind about how cultures implode. Everyone without faith, chases empty and meaningless goals for 5 minutes of satisfaction, whilst everyone with faith is WHOLLY dedicated to changing the world in thier favour. Athiests laugh at people of faith, but they are so smug in thier apparent higher knowledge, they simply cannot see the hammer of radicalised and rapidly growing religions raising up behind them πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous says:

    “Japanese researchers have now warned of a doomsday scenario if it carries on this way with the last child to be born there in 3011 and the Japanese people potentially disappearing a few generations later.”

    A researcher? Really? Any scientist have any background in Statistics would kow extrapolation is a dangerous business.

    If you extrapolate world population growth making assumptions along the way, the world will run out of drinkable water in 3100 how’s that?

    Extrapolation is like forecasting weather or stock market 1 year ahead, it is nonsense.

    • Anonymous says:

      of course they don’t want to have sex. if you were female, would you want to have sex with a boy who looked & acted like a girl? no, you’d want to be savagely fucked by a bull.

  • Anonymous says:

    Keep in mind that a few generations ago Japanese people where having way too many kids, and that led to an overpopulation. Maybe in 1000 years, when Japan is a lifeless island, the remaining inhabitants could start fucking like rabbits again.

  • Anonymous says:

    We’re talking about three different things here:

    1. Continuance of Japanese genetic traits.
    2. Continuance of Japanese culture.
    3. Continuance of nation-state Japan’s economy.

    Thing 1 is not a problem (emmigration has spread the Japanese genome).

    Thing 2 is largely linked with thing 3.

    Thing 3 is a big problem. It’s hard for Japanese living in Japan to get the money and time to raise children.

  • Anonymous says:

    “‘Population clock’ forecasts no children after year 3011” – Same subject headline from Japan Times Online. It’s an issue, sure, but do you know how long 999 years is? I think by then Japan will either be long swallowed up by earthquakes and tsunamis, or will have become a floating utopia/dystopia in the sky.

  • Anonymous says:

    1 All media lie so if you think fox is alone your a moron.

    2. The main point isn’t that japan could become extinct in a 1,000 years its that its populations will rapidly decline and that it will no longer have a young population to support the elderly.

    3. The food production of America alone every year is enough to feed the entire planet but because we burn food for fucking fuel and waste so much shit that will never happen.

    4. Not everything in the world is America’s fault so stop blaming us for everything.

    5. Why should I have to pay for old people to live comfortably. retirement age is 65 here in america and life expectancy is around 80. the retirement age never rose with life expectancy that’s why we got a problem. when all these programs came about most didn’t live past 65 since life expectancy was only about 60-65.

    7. What ever happened to taking care of your parents. My mom raised me so when she retires ill look after her so she doesn’t have to rely on the government for anything.

    6. Why are the poorest people multiplying like rats if you cant feed your self how are you going to feed 7 kids.

  • Anonymous says:

    Fox Fail
    but the true is yes, Japan have the record of most abstinence people in the world, and other problem is to much married japanese womens prefer have sex to other womens because his husbands never have sex to hers and dont care any about hers. To bad for japan.

  • who cares if they are going to be around in 3000. I doubt very many countries we have right now will be around at the turn of the millenium. hmmmm less men on the prowl for girls…. I sense opportunity… girls not dating as much… I sense more opportunity. hurrr durrr durrr

  • Anonymous says:

    Perhaps Japan needs some help from some Gaijin males.
    I would happily go over there and have many babies with a japanese wife, but lets face it they hate the seeds of anyone not japanese

  • Anonymous says:

    I would be pleased to go to Japan and fertilize as many women of breeding age as possible. Now Japan just needs to provide me with a one-way, first class plane ticket, a house with a large bed (the more women that can fit on this bed the larger the volume of women i can impregnate at one time. also a waiting room for the spill-over.), a car with driver and a life time supply of Gatorade to keep my energy up. Problem solved! I await your call Japan.

  • Anonymous says:

    i have been a zero population growth advocate all my long life. i got fixed after kid number two. i get this shit all the fucking time – dipshits with no brains think any success with slowing down the population bomb will immeditately cause extinction. What a pile. Congrads, Japan, you have show great intelligence. It ain’t about quantity, you mindless breeders, it is about the quality of the society. PLEASE for the good of us, dumbfucks, please eat shit and DIE!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, because 12 year old girls are going to be ever so enthusiastic to have sex at that point. I can tell you from personal experience, as I was once a 12-year old girl – we typically don’t look at radically older men and think “Hmm… I wonder what his penis would feel like inside of me?” In fact, we don’t think about that with guys our OWN age at that point. So no. Definitely no.

  • Anonymous says:

    world will be better if there is less human
    or at least, things that called itself “human that have HUMANITY”

    seriously tho, these days production is rather bland, and world is filled with hungry ppl & poor who actually should not live to begin with, unless they try to
    and this ppl who told that japan is facing extinction want to help those poor & impoverished ppl, and tell japan to make more kids

    there is a lot of contradiction here
    make more kids -> need resources, and you treat them right, just because they are kids, hel, if they want children that much, maybe we should do an orgy & then children born from that orgy is goverment responsibility, i mean, they want children, not us, yet they force it on us, who are they to force us to treat a parasite who will or not bite us back & not being grateful for it

    help poor ppl -> even more resources, there is a difference between, feeding & helping, what we were doing is feeding, these poor ppl is poor because they were binded by law & are not capable to do anything in society, and they claim they can’t because they were hungry, yet after being fed, they will ask for more later, not doing what they should be doing
    how to help them? let them die by showing harsh reality

    break the law, feeding on those who are capable to society, at the chance you being killed & life ruined, at the same time, you can become a member of society, a very great 1 at that
    do nothing, and being trampled by example above, which IMO, how it should work
    or being helped & do society a favor & become part of the society, become “human”

    hypocrisy & humanity is what leeching our earth now

    back to topic
    japan is fine as it is, what so wrong with having children on our old age or when we are ready?

  • Anonymous says:

    So the closer to the notion of the whole humanity spawning from a pair of creatures one is, the more likely he is to insist instantaneous negative growth rate is capable of killing populations, huh? Pull the other one. Not to mention that in the socioeconomic context, growth rate isn’t even that primary a variable, so it is even hardly predictive of itself.

    Is then the population aging the concern? One could argue that a larger group of elderly relying on a smaller workforce for support doesn’t sound that bad in absolute terms, as support is actually much more than manhours. There are resources, space and services to share. The less children, the less they absorb, and the more the workforce can yield to the pensioners. But, on the most basic of levels, the material value of money is determined the number of individuals willing to perform services in order to obtain it, so you can figure out what will be advertised by those interested.

    If it were about children, it would be fair to make just the well-to-do want to have more. That’d mean better rearing conditions for the kids – and the distribution of inherited wealth fairer across the society. Yet, I don’t really see anyone care much for the kids once they are there; they are forced to have their time, effort and potential dissipate on a daily basis on pointless, overwhelming routines that bestow them neither with pleasure nor future ability. Their contribution isn’t even well tapped into, which would be half as bad. There’s not much to win with individual flexibility with rigid systems in place.

    So maybe it’s finally that people with children are
    more desperate for economical regularity and therefore less likely to become competition and more likely to be workers? And at that, be predicably cheaper and susceptible to crude coercion? It’s not that obvious. Sure, the kids serve as potential whipping boys for their parents’ “misdeeds”, but, as I already mentioned, it’s not that anybody really cares about them that much. TVs have remotes already.

    But damn it, it’s just the herbivorous men that are too stupid to be duped. Why do we even worry.

  • Anonymous says:

    As a first act for making things better in Japan, I’d say you’d have to depose all moralistic politicians…
    You know, as for each word sprouted by Ishihara kills 1000 newborn babies.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well if its like it is any where else, just tell all the males they cannot fuck the females. First thing every one says when someone tells them not to do something is do it a thousand times. Oh and get rid of that cheap alcohol they make and get some real whiskey (but don’t drink or drive or ride trains while using it).

  • Anonymous says:

    Four more years and i’ll become a wizard! I’m not even Japanese. Seriously, we need to depopulate the world. For fucks sake, there’s already 7 billion humans. There’s no more need for reproduction!

  • Anonymous says:

    This problem is similar to “The market for lemon”
    They know Negative factors in marriage market.
    It make them put a distance from marriage.
    On the other hand,they have substitutes for real women(ex.2d girls).Of course,there are more various cause of marriage crisis.the simplest reason is Discrepancy of demand in married life.In most cases,women have unreasonable demands for men.
    Although,I think it’s hard to get married satisfying even for me.
    I need more hentai and moe,anyway!(of course,I know requesting hentai to real girl is an unreasonable demand)

  • I, as mid-time economist, find really interesting (and worrying) the course Japan is taking in this issue.

    So far, we’ve seen companies like Fast Retailing and Nomura Holdings making acquisitions overseas to offset sinking domestic demand. Also, companies making care products have reported increased profits on aging population. Unfortunately, for those arguing this is a good for nature, it is not quite for social status as the newcomers will carry the burden left behind by the previous generations.

    Indifference is a more than expected response from Japan. Even now, I’m not sure if that’s what kept Tokyo calm during the 3/11 natural disaster’s outcome.

    Japan has make outstanding turnarounds in the past, but if the time comes when they gave to go, nothing shall take their pride, even in such fateful day. Wonder if it’s worth it.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think this is probably a good thing. The population is to high for such a small country without a lot of resources…it would be better if it decreased naturally like this, and of course eventually the trend will reverse. Claiming that they’ll vanish from the face of the Earth is hilarious, of course they’ll start making more babies at some point. Either that or they’ll have to open up to immigration more, but then that would taint the gene pool with dirty foreigners wouldn’t it.

  • Anonymous says:

    “many young Japanese people prefer β€œvirtual” friends with a robot”
    I would understand this sentence if Japan would develop robots with real artificial intelligence bu there are non of such things on this world. SO like they are in love with automatic vacuum cleaners and stuff like that ?

  • Anonymous says:

    A shrinking population is a good thing! The world has too many kids. It’s shameful that these politicians can say “our country needs more babies!” when they already have more people than they do jobs for them.

  • I think it’s part of a New World Order/Reptile plot to enslave mankind.

    They destroy the major powerful cultures by destroying the man. They turn their women against them with Feminism then “Liberate/Empower” women with anti-male laws. Thus we’ve had a generation or so growing up to be “Sensitive new age males” but then facing a sabotaged economy and a legion of women growing up with “Kill Kill all the men!” rabid man hating and laws/society that back them up.

    The first push of men had their hearts ripped out and thrown in their faces, then had to pay massive child support. The second push of men just backed off hoping for the “One true love” but then realized the hard way or by observing friends that even the woman that loves them will be set against them.

    Now societies that aren’t as prosperous are still male dominated. This has created some “Tourism” options or as our favorite hyenas in petticoats “Equality Now” loves to screech “Sex trafficking”. Men who’ve been raised to not be psycho macho brutes like women who like men who’ll still be the lead but not consider her a punching bag and are a lot richer still to boot. Even women from the “West” like dominant men, for that is the natural order.

    But again the New World Order makes it so you can’t really take ’em back. Taking them back over means that the culture/brainwash sticks in and the women are pushed into betraying their husbands, the men kicked down.

    The solution to this is simple. We need to turn back the clock so that the man has the upper hand. So that if a woman leaves him/cheats on him she loses and even has to pay support for the kid she loses in the process. And the economy needs to be fixed. It’s simple Too many people at the top have too much money. No socialist garbage, simply put they take too much but they take it from the society that provides it. Just say “You have 30 yachts and 50 mansions and your only contribution to society is claiming you own stuff. Scale back or get nothing porkie…”

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s incredibly sad that your friends were dealt such bad cards, but really, it’s not fair to go around bashing women as though they’re the devil. We’re not.

      It’s incredibly offensive, especially considering the card my own mother was dealt. Her first love – put a gun to her head and threatened to kill her. My father – cheated and told her he was leaving. Her next husband – an angry drunk who hit her. All I’ve seen by and large is men acting selfishly and taking all they could from my mother just to leave her broken and bitter. All the while she’s been faithful and willing to give all she could toward making her relationships work and her man happy. Now though, she just goes on and on about men much like you do women.

      Still, I haven’t damned men overall like you seem to have done women. It’s just a matter of finding someone to prove what you’ve seen wrong. Some people are lucky enough to achieve that, some aren’t. I was lucky enough to find a man who proved all I’d seen wrong; he’s faithful, and willing to do just about anything to make me happy. He may kick and scream beforehand a little, but my own happiness is of the utmost importance to him. And likewise, I treat him just the same.

      People suck, both men and women. The justice system may be fucked up as well. But really, taking such a depressing, angry stance towards an entire gender when there ARE women out there who would offer the right man the world, won’t do you any favors. And for those women who ARE of worth and ARE faithful – well, as you can see, your words can definitely step on a few toes in lumping us all together.

      • A woman who leaves a man is doing a terrible enough crime and I even accept that in these “Modern Times” she not be stoned/killed, even for the reasons she usually does it for, adultery and fornication…

        The root of the marriage and divorce laws were to control men so they didn’t leave women. Men would often feel a basic need to stick their member in another woman once the kid starts walking around. Men could often drop everything and set up somewhere else with little discomfort while it would be devastating to the woman he left. Thus the laws and social rules were made to penalize him, hoping he’d at least think twice before leaving and establishing some accountability if he did anyways.

        However, in the modern world it is far too often the woman who leaves the man. Simply put she’s enshrined for betraying and hurting the man. The law is at her side and every aspect of the law encourages this. Her friends set her up with non-producing males for fornication. She’ll be coached at women’s shelters to go there again and again when her husband thinks she’s seeing “Friends from college” and she’ll even have her boyfriend beat her to get photos to establish “Proof” of domestic abuse. The courts will then savage the husband, taking almost all his property, wages, the children stay with the woman even if she’s clearly a bad mother… And society will pay the system to pay her support, the husband has to come up with the money or else…frequent humiliations, jailing, brutal arrests, public humiliations…

        And also in the PC “Modern World” they’ve made sure women have as much or more advantage in getting a job. If a woman applies for any job, except for the most extreme provable obvious unqualified for position she’s hired if there’s an opening. They don’t want to deal with lawsuits. Of course, like Minorities this is similar to they “Just pick one” not the most qualified, and IMO that’s deliberately to keep the good ones down and the incompetent ones lording it over the men.

        Frankly, I’m not arguing going as far as the world in the “great one”‘s stories… I don’t care if women decide to live lives of sin and fornication and walk around while they are young and pretty with non-whites… They’ll just be very miserable and alone in old age and that was the fruit of their behavior.

        BUT – she should not be able to get away with pretending to be a “Soccer Mom” or whatever for a few years, just to cheat and betray and ruin a man for fun and money. IMO if a relationship is truly unlivable and abusive she should LITERALLY be willing to leave with maybe the clothes on her back. The man has to labor, to be strong, to stand up for the family. The woman should be the one facing the penalty, the “Child support” if she betrays him.

        • To my continued Anon debater…

          Really, please register here and make up something like “Charybdis” with a close up of a vagina like monster or something…. Not asking you to reveal personal info, but make a personality…

          I don’t intend to try to match your New World Order propaganda lies. If I picked any source it’d just be shouted down by you, finding fault with the agenda of said sources but ignorant in any conflict of interest in yours.

          Simply put, my own EYES have seen nearly EVERY relationship of friends fall apart.

          Always, always the WOMAN. Always the man slaves away and works harder and harder to make them money. The woman squeezes out a few kids and turns fat and ugly. She then cheats on him with a younger, more creepy man who’s a list of everything wrong the man was told not to be. Bonus points for a lesbian or a Negroid. Eventually the man catches wind, like when she makes sure of being porked by him when he comes home or when he’s arrested… Serious, one thing the feminist engines of destruction of men aka “Women’s Shelters” tell them is how to frame men, they often have the boy-toy HIT them so they get bruises (when the man is away or woman takes trip to see ‘friends’ so there’s time to heal) and then without knowing it the man has a pile of complaints against him. They also coach children to file complaints against their fathers.

          When he goes to court he’s savaged by the judge. Any pre-nuptuial even in the face of proven open infidelity of the wife isn’t worth the paper it is printed on. You have to be 1% level (able to hire full-time lawyers) for it to be enforceable.

          But there’s one thing I do agree on; Women don’t earn that much compared to men mostly. Even though some of them have nice padded resumes, though those that are really aggressive and ready to sue often get good salaried jobs, but still even those might be lower than man’s.

          I agree. Not kidding.

          That’s part of the New World Order’s agenda. They don’t want to “Liberate” women. They want the woman to be a “Working Slave” like man. The enemy to them is the large “Middle Class” that developed in America and Europe and they seek to destroy it. Thus they turn the Woman against the Man, disrupting the family so she can “Work” but that by definition nearly doubles the work force so they can then pay them both working LESS than they paid the MAN when he worked alone. Then they move jobs overseas and import illegal immigrants (or just LET them in in Europe) and make sure there’s no protection to them from crime but are ready to jump on them for any transgression.

          Women earning less than men is just a way to “Prove” their own hate/destroy the man anti-male propaganda and justify that they cheat them both.

        • Anonymous says:

          Really now? Then how do you explain the current issue of women making 80 cents for a man’s dollar? Perhaps women and minorities are hired more often than men because employers can get away with paying them less? Think about that, hmm?

          You provide nothing more than a baseless opinion. You provide no specific information that disproves my claims, neither can you provide the facts or statistics to back up your own.

          Men cheat more than women – if any marriage is to fail due to infidelity/wrongdoing, it’s likely a result of the MAN doing so, in which case, he should be held accountable by the law, especially if the woman gave up her own career prospects for the sake of managing the family. You wanted women catering to her man? There you have it. Don’t go on about men being served unjust laws when she’s often urged, by society and her partner(because let’s be honest, what man doesn’t approve of the idea of a woman catering to him 24/7) to sacrifice her own ability to support herself through employment for the sake of others. If infidelity or abuse were to occur (again, statistically more prevalent among men), what sane employer would consider a woman who’s been out of the workforce for years at a time? It necessitates legislation in her favor in order to allow time and resources to attain employment and the means to support herself. And as far as my statistical validity is concerned: arguably, the best research on this subject is the General Social Survey (GSS) conducted annually since 1972 by the University of Chicago. For 37 years, they have asked a representative national sample about infidelity. The results have been consistent. Every year, 10 percent of spouses admit cheating–12 percent of men, 7 percent of women (Source: Psychology Today). Disprove my claim.

          Men make more than women – what advantage are minorities and women given if, when it comes down to it, they’re still making less than a white male? We take jobs to earn a living – what does it matter that minorities and women are offered more jobs if they’re not equally compensated for them? Or are you going to say that any internet source affirming such a fact is false? For example:,8599,1983185,00.html. Again, disprove my claim.

          Men are in far more positions of power than women and minorities. You need look no further than the United States’ Congress. Only rougly 17 percent of Congress is made up of women, the rest male, and the majority white. Or do you think that neither women nor minorities are capable or qualified to attain such positions? If such a thing is true in your eyes, you truly believe both women and minorities are beneath you, in which case, you are both a racist and a sexist. Once more, disprove my claim.

          Offer more than opinion when you argue; otherwise, all that you claim can be dismantled as easily as blowing over a stack of cards. Your point is invalid if it offers nothing factual – yours does not, and is not.

        • In the upper, upper, upper echelon perhaps. But that’s the “Globalist Banker” area the to use more modern stuff the 1% who’ve more or less declared “Class Warfare” on the 99% then scream “Halp us! class warfare!” in the media they own.

          At the working man, the common man’s level it’s different. The employers do often hire barely qualified (mmmaybe sat through college, if the degree ain’t fake) women or minorities. And note there are qualified women/minorities who actually work and study, but in the job market they “Just pick one from the —can sue us despite “Right to work” laws— pile. Men are treated like sh– and dismissed on a heartbeat, made to work much harder and often belittled, especially by the women.

          Likewise we have a flood of illegals going into the USA, immigrants to europe. And a flood of tax/government funded outsourcing to china. This diminishes the job market already destroyed by moving women into the workforce.

          Furthermore, the “Divorce” laws aren’t what they were when women rarely had any jobs available, they are worse. So men get savaged despite the fact that women usually are able to get work. Who cares that for all the “progress” neither have any good prospects, the overall standard of living is down.

          The New World Order is using women and minorities against man. They fear especially the white male, many of the elites being them they know how powerful they can be, but they want mankind as slaves.

          All the women who think they are so smart slashing on the males aren’t being “liberated”, “empowered”. They are trading one master for another, one that doesn’t love them as a mate, a mother, but sees them as a “Worker unit”.

        • Anonymous says:

          Are you kidding me? Where do you get this from? Men still constitute the majority of upper-income occupations, and if you look at ANY infidelity statistic, you’ll find that MEN are the ones that usually cheat, NOT women. In fact, if you took the time to look at history itself, you’d see that the men openly abused their power, cheated on their women with any number of whores/concubines/prostitutes, and the women had no choice but to stay because they were completely unable to support themselves within the constraints of a male-dominated society. If men are to lead the world and the women they share it with, they have to earn that privilege. History has shown that they hardly deserve such. Show me a majority of men who would lead their woman faithfully and fairly, and women would have no qualms about accepting your authority. Until then, absolutely not.

        • Anonymous says:

          I read:

          Bla bla bla women are complicated, men are complicated, social and legal circumstances are different for each, making things even more complicated. I’m a man and want to fix the woman half of the equation in a way that lets me keep the man half exactly as it is. Because women’s needs are irrelevant to me and like hell I’m going to make sacrifices of any sort.

  • Anonymous says:

    That again. Wake up, it’s NOT a “japanese” problem, it’s almost ALL the western civilisation who is declining (apart from usa, france and ireland/some scandinavian countries, and excluding immigration).

    The birthrate in Japan is still better than some eastern European countries (Poland, Hungary… almost every of them).
    Germany is in the exact same process as Japan, Russia is worst since it’s been longer for them.
    Italy and Spain have the same birthrate (~1.3) but it’s more “recent”, perhaps something can still be done, but as always with this problem NOBODY TALK ABOUT IT. The EU did many (loads) of inquiries but still do NOTHING.
    Fortunately, some countries aren’t so desperate even when it’s not good (England, lately ~1.8/1.9 children per women, way better than before).

    Demographics move slowly but when you can see the problem it’s almost too late: if most people are old in your country, nobody can make children, nobody work. Life expectancy is just a way to hide the problem, immigration too. It’s a fucking suicide.

    So weeaboos start worrying about germany and the others too.

  • Anonymous says:

    oh please, Japan has a third the population of America and a landmass equal to that of California, they could greatly benefit from a reduction in population.

    Japan should instead be worried about how the existing social security structure will support all of the walking fossils, when so few babys are born to counterbalance them.

    Personally I say make all of the elderly live in Fukushima, that way the problem will solve itself. After all, they’re the reason those nuclear plants were built on a fault line and never decommissioned or retrofit for thorium.

  • This is just stupid. Japan is OVERPOPULATED right now. So it is NATURAL for the population levels to go down.

    The reason why people are getting frantic… actually, the reason why OLD people are getting frantic is because their economic system is built around having a lot of active workers paying taxes which supports government projects AND they support the OLD PEOPLE.

    Where does all the power lie in Japan? With the OLD PEOPLE. They are the ones who built the current economic system, and they all want to benefit from the work of OTHER people to support them in their advanced years. The USA is facing the same situation for the same general reasons.

    Japan’s population wont keep dropping forever. Eventually its society will change and sex will once again be en vogue. But that almost certainly wont happen until Japanese society changes from the way it is now.

  • Don’t listen to them. The Japanese society grew for a long time. The decline is actually minimal.
    It is indeed true, that more and more young people have to finance more and more old people. But this problem would not disappear if you just bear more children. Since they would become old as well, and would need even more children.
    Such a system cannot work forever.
    A socially acceptable solution, could be a limited retirement pay. You get 10-15 years of full retirement money, and after that only a minimum for living.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, I posted the Japanese census data above, the decline has been going on since roughly 1979.

      With the decrease in total population growth number being a rough 100.000 every 2 to 3 years.

      So it’s dropped from a 952.916 gain in 1979 into 204.000 decrease in 2011

      And the problem seems to be exponential as well.
      Making it even more of an issue.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hmm.. Odd.. Guess it got put in an approval queue or something, as it’s not showing now.

        It was a response to kamehappo, with census data starting from 2000 to 2011. Just to show how rapid the decline has become.

        Also had an overview of the situation post WW2, and when exactly the decline began. (1979 with a reduction in the population growth number by roughly 100.000 every 2 to 3 years)

  • Anonymous says:

    Speaking seriously now.
    Major problem of the Japanese is that they prefer to stay locked in their rooms masturbating to videos.
    Since they are too shy to go out and talk to girls.

    Therefore, many of them, find them weird.
    For they uqerem men with initiative.
    Something that every generation will decline.


  • Anonymous says:

    So here we have country that has the opposite problem in regards to population.

    I guess the crackpot environmentalist are secretly delighted by this as one whole country gone means lesser pollution and whaling.

  • Anonymous says:

    Surprised no one mentions immigration here, japanese imimgration law will be her undoing.
    CIA world factbook puts immigration in japan at 0.00, that means ethnic japanese or illegal immigrant labor still do the DDD jobs, dirty, dull and dangerous while the rest of the first world give these jobs to immigrants

  • Anonymous says:

    I live in Japan. There are a hell of a lot of reasons why the birthrate is so low. The main culprits are shitty salaries, long work hours, and small apartments (high rent). Good luck finding or having time for a girlfriend when the vast majority of your time is spent working. Making kids is just unrealistic for the working man, unless you live in the bumpkins or something. Oh, and I haven’t even addressed the social clusterfuck that is Japanese dating culture.

    • Anonymous says:


      It’s influencing over western countries as well. This isn’t due to what you mentioned at all. Social Media would be the main suspect you don’t even have to leave the house to converse with your friends as well as computers making everything accessible which was once thought impossible.

      Look at the state now, 50 inch LED TVS are cheap, internet doesn’t cost much, streaming of movies from internet sources hell there isn’t much reason to go to the movies any more!!

      Even without these things lets say doesn’t exist would you sit home just watching TV? Hell no you would do something else like go to the movies, east out, etc.

    • That is just some of the factors that shows why Japan has such low birth rate. There was an interesting discussion I had with some friends. The fact is that higher education correlates with low birth rates. There has been studies showing that highly educated people would find other sources of entertainment other than sex. Beside not having the time, Japan’s education standard practically too high and teaches their youth to find other sorts of entertainment beside sex.

      • Fortunately the problem is self-correcting. The people who are too hung up on tradition will be bred out by the people who aren’t.

        It’d be a fantastic time to hit the lottery, buy a mansion in Japan, and father a dozen kids or so. A hundred years from now your family could have been the starting point of a large population segment. d=

        • Anonymous says:

          I can see your point there.

          At the rate they are going “pure” Japanese are going to die out, however, children being birthed by couples that consist of a Japanese person and a foreigner will be on the rise.

          There will still be “Japanese” people but they will have a more varied genetic background.

          I don’t see the Japanese people dieing out; but rather becoming a mixed pot like in America.

          Also genetic diversity is a good thing, the prudish old people over there may not think so, but varied genes can produce healthier people.

      • Anonymous says:

        The situation is too complex to explain in complete accuracy, but I will do my best.

        Essentially, Japan does not have its own dating culture. The current ideas of dating, marriage, and family life were entirely borrowed from the west during the last hundred years or so. As such, there seems to be a lack of free thought in regards to personal human relationships. Everything has to follow a prescribed pattern to a certain extent. Furthermore, people don’t discuss social issues and personal relationships to the depth you might expect in other countries. There’s the whole tatemae/honne thing and keeping stuff to extremely closed in-groups…

        A lack of free communication combined with the fact that Japanese people, and especially girls, tend to be extremely shy, means that the guys have to basically do all the work, and you never really know what the other person thinks until you’ve lived with them for several years, if ever.

        Many girls are gold-diggers, although that’s not too much different from other countries. However, there seems to be a barren desert of shallowness as well as lack of critical thinking that plagues the country to some extent. I dunno if this is different from the west, but I find it extremely difficult to find anyone who actually thinks about things critically rather than just accepting them like a robot. Considering that many girls don’t even talk about their personal opinions about anything, they can have some pretty bizarre ideas about everything because it’s all the most shallow aspects taken from society and tv.

        Well, I don’t think I gave a very good explanation, but I think I touched on a few good points.

        • Anonymous says:

          Anon above makes some good points. I also live in Japan and would add:

          – Japanese people do not date one on one much. Most people have dating parties (gokon) to find a girlfriend.

          – The whole X-mas cake thing (over 25 = not wanted) has some truth to it. My Japanese guy friends feel there is something wrong with a single girl over 25. Also a lot of guys can be overly picky here.

          – The women here are materialistic and shallow. They’d rather deal with a guy with a good job they don’t like than a guy they like who has a bad job/career. My friend worked at McDs and then got a job with Sony same girls who rejected him were now interested in him.

          – Women here are just not as interested in sex when compared to other countries. Also more than a few are cold dead fish in bed and see sex as a chore to do for the boyfriend/husband just like doing the dishes.

          – I’ve had women refuse sex when I am at their place due to the neighbors hearing them and are self conscious about it. Hence the need for Love Hotels.

          – Add in hostess clubs, girls bars, soaplands and escorts and cheap airfare to Thailand and the men have ways of getting their needs met.

        • Anonymous says:

          Damn you telling me all I learnt about Japan from Harem anime and over-initiating anime girls are all for nothing?

          Give my time back! πŸ˜›

          Wait, if Japanese girls are extremely shy at least they have St. Valentines day Japanese/Korean style (on which Girls take the initiative)

    • Anonymous says:

      with the exception of local busy bodies knowing every detail of everyone else’s life, living in the japanese country side sounds good to me. and my wrx would love those twisty back roads too.

      • Anonymous says:

        You mean after Japan’s entire north-east was practically lost and Japan on a whole was heavily contaminated by Fukushima?

        Not to mention that “country-people” always had a harder life in general.

        It’s really not as idyllic as it seems in anime. I’ve seen it first hand.

        • Anonymous says:

          @Anon 21:18

          The difference is that “Japan” doesn’t give a flying fuck about rural or country. All of their efforts are concentrated on the megalopolises. The situation is now worse than ever because so many people from the north/north-east want to abandon their homes but can’t because they can’t afford it.

          I got a chance to trek around the countryside quite often and the general consensus is that people would rather move out of the country yesterday rather than tomorrow.

          Rural living. The Japanese themselves only “get by” outside of big cities. What chances would foreigners have? Draw a nice picture from there.

    • Anonymous says:

      How come people from Hong Kong don’t have the same problems with the given arguments? It’s just the mentality, I tell you. And people need to stop criticizing stuff that are contra anime. I hate to admit it, but don’t tell me it’s not true that people tend to be more asocial if they stay home and watch anime all day.

      Even you guys say stuff like 2D > 3DPD, don’t say otherwise when people confront you with it, and put your dear hobby in a bad light.

      • Back in the 60’s Paul Ehrlich and many others (Club of Rome, etc) said by 1979 there would be “mass starvation and millions would die” due to over population. How’d that work out again?

        • Anonymous says:

          Tech Happened. We learned to grow a lot more food and distribute it somewhat better, at the cost of destroying half the rainforests and a slow but continuous worldwide degradation of soil and water quality. Need even better tech or we’ll end up with a planet consisting mostly of desert. Basically we traded a severe food problem now for a possible severe food, water, *and* oxygen problem later.

  • I think that Earth must have a constant index showing how much all population combined are interested in sex.

    Well let’s just say I want to fuck so much that I single-handedly could repopulate entire Japan, U.S.A or any other country. No wonder other poeple are becoming asexual.

  • FOX news is nothing but hype and right wing assholes.

    There is nothing wrong with a population be lowered as the earth is over populated. Granted there is a tipping point where reduction in new births can leads to generational issues down the line, but a 1.35 child ration born per family is fine. Less people = more natural resources, more jobs and less strain on our fragile planet.

    • “earth is over populated.”

      Wrong. Developing/3rd world countries are over-populated.
      Developed countries need more babies. Accepting savages from those uncivilsed lands is not an option, if you want to keep your high standards of living.

      • While I completely agree that the emerging/3rd world populous is over populated, and growing out of control like animal having litters. I still feel that the strong nations need to keep in mind that it is not the quantity of people but quality of people. This in theory should apply to all.

    • Anonymous says:

      Its FOX!! They just want attention by reporting stupid statement.

      Honestly all country are facing a population problem and still without good solution and yet this attention dick are making things worse.

      “Yeah, c`mon guys make babies and then we will all have a poverty, yeah!!!”

      I mean, who give a shit about how we live our life.

  • Japan’s graying population is a real problem for the country’s leaders as they need to ensure the dwindling numbers of workers can pay for all the care needed for the growing army of pensioners.

    Bit ironic that Japans government consists out of a bunch of gray overpaid lunatics.

  • The total population of my country is ~10 million, the government is swimming in debts, they introduce a new kind of tax about every week, salary is on of the lowest around. Anyone who can tries to find job abroad.
    We are much closer to extinction than Japan. Actually they are so far, tons of things can change before their population starts to become dangerously low. They are talking about hundreds of years. Just how much changed only in the last century?

    • Anonymous says:

      Know the feel, bro. The population in my country (Ireland) is less the 5 million, our national language is less commonly spoken than English, Polish, Chinese, Russian and Arabic, and of my 9 siblings (including myself) 5 of us have had to leave the country for work, the remaining staying because of marriage or education, not that education is easy to come by.

      A friend of mine even had to go so far as to fake being Polish just for a chance at a job interview.

      Recently a company opened a branch here to make more jobs, but it would only hire native speaker of French/Italian/Polish/German, great job opportunities for us!

  • Anonymous says:

    japan need to make more kids, because without japan there will be no anime and no cool technology. the usa, china, india, middle east, africa should be the one cutting on the numbers of kids being born, because well everyone already know the answer, so i don’t have to write it down.

        • Anonymous says:

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  • Anonymous says:

    Japan is extremely overpopulated, when you consider the size of the country relative to population. Keep in mind much of Japan is mountains and basically uninhabitable.

    Reducing the population is a good thing. The worst Japan can do is to allow immigration. I live in Europe and speak from experience. Immigration has brought with it massive problems of poverty, crime and violence.

    • Anonymous says:

      “I live in Europe and speak from experience. Immigration has brought with it massive problems of poverty, crime and violence.”

      And yet when Americans say that, it’s racist.

      • Anonymous says:

        Its racist when “americans” say that because most “americans” are immigrants, or descendants of immigrant.

        Its especially funny when you realize that a lot of “mexicans” are technically native americans, but europe-i mean “americans” want them out of America.

        • Anonymous says:

          Despite the massive losses due to plagues, 10% of the natives still outnumbered the invading/colonizing Spanish.

          Besides, even if most are quite a bit removed from their distant ancestors culturally and are somewhat removed genetically (the “typical” Hispanic probably has a bit of white mixed in and maybe a trace of black too, but still mostly native. though this varies quite a bit), that’s rather like saying that the only “true” Americans are cowboys with 100% English ancestry, or that the only “True” Japanese are the Ainu.

        • Anonymous says:

          Only the elite upper classes of Mexico are mostly Spanish. The dirt poor breeders that sneak into America are mostly of indigenous ancestry, and in fact the Aztec ancestors were originally not from mexico, but from the US. Southwest.

        • Anonymous says:

          Mexicans are mostly composed of Spanish blood, dumbass. When Spanish conquistadors invaded Central American they brought with them diseases that killed off an estimated 90% of the population.

          So no, the majority of them are not “true” Native Americans. And the closest there is to being a “Native American” can only be found on reservations out west.

          Also your logic is shit. Please kill yourself.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you. Somebody gets it.

        Americans aren’t allowed to say anything because anything they say is wrongly interpreted. I guess if you hate someone everything they say is wrong.

        Even within America, you have ignorant hypocrites going “OMG we gotta help those poor people and whoever complains about immigration problems should be shot in the head because we don’t need incompassionate bigots in this progressive world.”

      • So what should be the economic solution (the only real reason Europe allows immigration) for Japan and Europe to keep them running if underpopulation becomes a problem and what should these countries where the immigrants going to Europe come from do to improve their economies and lower population since going to wealthier nations seems to be a bad idea.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is a simple problem

    stop buying contraseption, and let those schoolboy/girl having children of their own.

    Also, all women in Japan shouldn’t ever expect to have perfect man in Japan.


    Fox News is bullshit, even most Americans know this.
    They don’t even report news half the time.

    Besides, have they never heard of “overpopulation”? It will take years for the Japanese to “be extinct”.

  • The biggest problem in the world is overpopulation and ongoing high population growth.
    In 1000 years much can happen with Japan`s population structure, the future development cannot be calculated with linear method based on what happens just now.
    If only source for this is Fox, then it`s only bigot religious propaganda. Right wing christians, among other crazy religions, want to fill the world with masses of children, but you can`t enjoy sex, it`s deemed sinful.

    Japan has much less population problem than India, China, Iran, big part of Africa…and yes, USA!

    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately, the Source isn’t so much Fox News, as it’s research done by academics from the city of Sendai.

      Fox is merely reporting about the report they published. (And I’d just like to add that I rather dislike having to defend Fox, but unlike their warped slogan of fair and balanced news, I do believe in fair is fair, and in this case, it’s not their fault)

      The AFP also reported about this, they also talked talked with another chap: Hiroshi Yoshida, an economics professor at Tohoku University, for additional comments. com/japan-faces-extinction-1-000-years-074534402.html

      Ideally you’ll want just as many people born, as die in a year, to retain your population size.

      That’s not the case with Japan with (if I’m reading these statistics right) 1.057.000 births vs 1.261.000 deaths, a decline of 204.000. In comparison, the only time where the decline was bigger was in 1945 at 428.215

      • Still, calculating that current situation will continue unchanged to 1000 years to future is not science, it is propaganda. Too many variables can change, and will, during that long time. There is bigot idiots in Japanese universities too, apparently.

        • Anonymous says:

          Not propaganda unfortunately.

          The decline in Japanese numbers has been going on for quite a few years now.

          2000: 1.194.000 births vs 968.000 deaths, an increase of 226.000

          2001: 1.185.000 births vs 966.000 deaths, an increase of 219.000

          2002: 1.176.000 births vs 980.000 deaths, an increase of 196.000

          2003: 1.139.000 births vs 1.023.000 deaths, an increase of 116.000

          2004: 1.126.000 births vs 1.024.000 deaths, total increase: 102.000

          2005: 1.087.000 births vs 1.078.000 deaths, total increase. 9.000

          2006: 1.092.674 births vs 1.084.450 deaths, total increase: 8.224

          2007: 1.101.000 births vs 1.103.000 deaths, a decrease of 2.000 people

          2008: 1.108.000 births vs 1.142.000 deaths, a decrease of 34.000

          2009: 1.087.000 births vs 1.146.000 deaths, a decrease of 59.000

          2010: 1.083.000 births vs 1.189.000 deaths, a decrease of 105.000

          2011: 1.057.000 births vs 1.261.000 deaths, a decrease of 204.000

          And this looks to be an exponential problem, with it getting worse each year.


          As for why there’s a large dip between 2004 and 2005, no idea, I haven’t found any natural disasters that could explain it.

          Oh by comparison; 1945: 1.685.583 births vs 2.113.798 deaths, a decrease of 428.215.

          From what I can tell (their census data goes back to 1900), their population increase was fairly steady up to the WW2 (Some up- and downswings every now and then, but nothing too remarkable.)

          There was a huge boom in births from 1947 to 1949, but in 1950 a downward trend was started.

          Then there was an upswing from 1963 to roughly 1978, with only 1966 being an aberration in that cycle.

          But since 1979 the decline has again been steady, and steadily increasing as well. As it’s been a decrease in the total population increase number by roughly 100.000 every 2 to 3 years.


          Now I’m not saying that things cannot change in Japan in those 1000y.

          However, one also has to keep in mind, how much Japanese society has already changed since WW2, and that this issue isn’t just an incidental occurrence, but one that’s been observed for several decades.

          So one cannot overestimate the effects of such changes on the statistical trends either.

        • Anonymous says:

          Still, not in a millenium, but a CENTURY, Japanese population will be halfed: 65 millions of people.
          Think about the 127 millions now.

          Stop being blind and talk bullshit about overpopulation (i don’t care if the africans do loads of babies like bunnies: the population I belong is disappearing, DYING (i’m from europe), and that’s a tragedy)

          Japan isn’t the only country. A new era is ahead of us, japan and the western countries (apart from some of them) are the same, countries of the old world, lazy with procreation, full of women who don’t want children.
          It’s a bit sad imho.

    • Obviously someone didn’t actually read the entire article… Fox didn’t publish these findings, Japanese institutes did… Fox just took it, added their “Fox” spin, and made a news article. That doesn’t mean that the original study is false. Yes, the graph isn’t going to be a straight line, but on average the population is declining…

      I dono if I’d say that the US has a population issue… it has issues, but a population issue isn’t one of them.

    • Agreed population is the biggest environmental issue at hand since it acts as a multiplier for all other environmental problems.
      The sad fact is I think the actual sustainable carrying capacity of the Earth is about 3.6 to 4.5 billion people.

      Which is why I think we need massive spending on both family planning and space colonization.

      • yuriphoria says:

        The biggest problem of large populations is resources not physical space. Rather than fixating on space colonization you need better resource usage on Earth. That will also help you to live in space eventually.

      • Anonymous says:

        Developed countries are having birth rate problems . The whole world i needing the same ,high economic level everywhere . Strange but the poorest are producing a lot of babies ;] (look africa , china , india).

        • @ Anon 6:40 True but the irony is with all the pollution and deforestation we may be screwing up the Earth even worse then it was in Cowboy Bebop.
          You could at least breath the air on Earth and places had started to return to wilderness.

          It should be noted even Cowbow Bebop’s universe is a paradise compared to scifi’s like Soylent Green,Apple Seed,Brave New World,Minority Report,Snow Crash,and even Demolition Man.

          Heck I’d even choose it over Michio Kaku’s vision of 2057 which was some serious creepy.

          BTW some of the behavior being seen in Japanese youth mirrors that seen in the mouse universe experiment.

        • Anonymous says:

          >the only good future I can see is one in space like Gundam or Cowboy Bebop.

          Except for the part where the Moon exploded and the earth was showered with debris. In the Cowboy Bebop universe the Earth is a crater-riddle hick craphole; most people can’t wait to leave it and see the planet receding in their back mirror.

        • Yes it does and on Mars as well as and orbiting space colonies like in Gundam.

          Pretty much the only good future I can see is one in space like Gundam or Cowboy Bebop.

          Otherwise I see John B. Calhoun’s mouse universe experiment getting played out on a global scale.

          The experiment had a very depressing end the spoiler was all the mice died out.

      • Anonymous says:

        Never fails some idiot brings up mythical overpopulation. You could put the entire population of the earth in Texas and have the same population density as London England, leaving the rest of the planet entirely empty. We do not have too many people on the planet, that’s absolutely not true in any remotest sense. We’re just clustered up in small areas too densely.

        • Anonymous says:

          You are an idiot, kamehappo. The problem is not the lack of food, it’s the distribution. It’s being hoarded in the first world countries and the few starving third worlds are not getting a single grain of it. Greed is a driving force behind this.

        • Anonymous says:

          World overpopulation ISN’T OUR FAULT. Demographically western countries + japan are nothing. The problem is Africa, South Asia, how many billions?
          I take the europeans as example: the few of us should die just because elsewhere in the third world, a stupid family have 7 babies? How can you blame people to aim for our population stability?

          We have the duty to at least have a birthrate at 2.1 children per woman. No need to be more and more numerous, but at least we have to not disappear and to not become a country full of old people who can’t procreate.

        • If we don`t eat, we all can stand together in Massachusetts, or even Rhode Island! Starving.

          You can be idiot yourself.

          Big part of world population is starving already.
          Only 10% or less of earth`s land surface is suitable for food production.

          2-3 billion is maximum for world population, if everybody want to have reasonable living standard.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly. People speak as if low birth rates are a bad thing when we already have a much larger issue of overpopulation.

      We should stop being selfish and start taking care of the children that have already been born but were abandoned by their biological parents and thrown into an institution or worse. Why create more lives if they’re going to end suffering anyway? Let’s care of the children that are already developed and have no one to care for them. I will myself adopt a child when I grow older.

    • Anonymous says:

      No offense but you are stupid!
      If we would move all of the people of the world in Texas. Average people density in Texas would be LOWER than it is currently in NY or any other mayor city.
      Current food production can support over 10 billion people on earth.
      Rich people want more land to own so mass media is brainwashing you with overpopulation.
      If there would be over population problem on earth all countries in world would spent at least 1000 times more resources on space exploration and colonization.

      (sorry for my bad English)

      • Unfortunately people aren’t content on surviving only, so food is merely a part of the equation. As it is, pollution and other environmental changes are reducing arable land in great many parts of the world. More and more of food is also converted into energy, raising food prices more than they would if it was all eaten. And that trend will only strenghten with fossil fuels getting more expensive, yet at the same time energy consumption increasing rapidly.

        All the poor people in the world want to gain comfortable middle class living standards, and being able to eat every day won’t cut it.

  • “So if you do the mathematics, as they did, then the country will have no children within a millennium.”

    What the hell, it’s highly doubtful that after a millennium our civilisation will still exist. I’m pretty sure this is the least of our worries.

    • what we should be concerned about with is where anime and manga’s gonna end up in the next millennium. For a medium that’s a mere century old, there sure have been a lot of changes in the trends and artstyles (though, I think the most defining features have been pretty consistent in the majority of series over the past 30 years). More recently, some big-name Japanese game companies (Sqenix, Capcom) have started adapting typical western aesthetics, but I’ll be damned if those win out in the end.

      I probably wouldn’t mind influence of Japanese media extending outside of the country, except that it thus far hasn’t done us much good; all we seem to get out of it are insulting Chinese knock-offs and DeviantArt users who only “think” they know how to draw Japanese aesthetics.

    • “What the hell, it’s highly doubtful that after a millennium our civilisation will still exist. I’m pretty sure this is the least of our worries.”

      What if our civilization still exist by then..?

      Just Sayin’

    • Anonymous says:

      Japan has been around for 3 millennia. One millennium may be a long time for westerners who are either from younger nations or don’t identify with their Greek/Roman origins, but not for the older civilizations (5 for China, 6 for Egypt, etc.).

      Although you’d expect something to change well before the millennium is up. The average Japanese is remarkably xenophobic and close minded. Hopefully this would open up immigration at some point and mellow them out.

      Even in Tokyo, you can feel the cold stares on your back. The white person’s immediately singled out as the outsider and treated differently. The government put up a ton of red tape, which I soon found out are made specifically for foreign businesses. Too much empty pride. Hopefully the population and economic downturn would beat it down a notch, and make Japan more welcoming, more like China, as weird as that may sound.

      • Anonymous says:

        3 millennia? do you just know what there were 3 millenia ago in Japan? Nothing, like in Germany just people living with a distinctive culture. Even the Gauls were more advanced than the Japanese (do you really know anything about european history to insult us like that?).
        And for China, 5 millenia? don’t a blind patriot. At MOST 4, and serioulsy, it began to be really a “civilisation” at the same time as the Greeks, only 2.5 millenium ago. And an empire (=first chinese homogenous identity) not long after.

        • Anonymous says:

          “The Chinese civilisation has existed since at *least* 5000BC.”

          Lol, 7000 years now it’s even better, i can’t stop laughing at the crazy patriotism of some Chinese people. Grow up, the only thing i can see is that China achievments (isn’t that what is important?) began at the same time as the Greeks. And after the Middle-East. Sorry.

          And if you count any cultures that was present in Japan as a civilisation, Europe have all your damn millenia you care so much about too: less than china, india, or a certain part of the middle-east, but still obviously more than Japan. And it’s pretty much normal.

        • Anonymous says:

          The Chinese civilisation has existed since at *least* 5000BC.
          Japan has had cultures living there since around 700BC (3k is close). While it’s not clear if it’s the same people, there’s no reason to think it’s not.

        • Anonymous says:

          By that bogus definition ancient Greeks wouldn’t be a civilization at all, since their city states aren’t a united entity. Civilization means the cultural identity of a people. Japanese has been around for 3 millenia, Chinese 5, Egypt and Mesopotamia 6.

          Japanese civilization has endured for 3 millenia, it will do so for at least one more, cultural evolution notwithstanding.

        • Anonymous says:

          “Civilization means the cultural identity of a people.”

          So you’re showing once again how much you’re saying things you don’t know: Egyptians today are Arabs, firstly culturally, and (even) more or less biologically with the arab colonization.
          They have nothing to do (above all in term of “cultural identity” as you say) with the antic egyptians, a civilisation which disappeared in the middle age, or even way before (the culturally Greek Alexandria, the Roman influence…). Mesopotamia is the same, Arabic now. If you want a country in the middle east with a long lasting identity take Iran: at least they have their language and their people really are descendants of persians.
          And really, there was nothing in Japan 3 millenia ago, if you call that a “civilisation”, that was one I guess. But there are as much differences with Gauls and Franks cultures, as with antic Japan and westernized-Japan cultures.

          For me your logic make no-sense, it’s just self-gratification.

    • Anonymous says:

      Shouldn’t these idiots actually thank the otakus? Japan is one of the most populated countries, why would they even think that it’ll go extinct? that doesn’t make sense at all.
      Also, sex isn’t just for making babies, and Vaginal intercourse isn’t the only thing people are practicing you know. i need me some japanese lips and ass too, you know.

    • Anonymous says:

      the problem is not the worry of japan becoming vacant within a millennium, but much more the fact that with a declining number of young workforce they will need to start burning their army of stone-age-old people for heat because there will not be enough funds to sustain common services let alone feed old people

      • Anonymous says:

        agreed …
        but must wait for their first period..
        that the sign we can married’s legal
        but some old hag denial their right…
        so we have to married this old hag…
        and some of man agreed with them…
        when you can do something and it’s allowed ..just do it….

    • Anonymous says:

      well at least there is some sort of salvation in the other dimension. Heaven and hell eternal live whatsoever,by being religious u can still cling on to something. here come my 70 virgins.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yep. This thing is too bored.
          Encheu o saco jΓ‘!
          The world will not end, not being controlled by tamos Iluminatis;’re not coming from a giant planet to collide with Earth, we will not be invaded by aliens (the maximum they will make contact).
          I am more afraid of people who believe these things, because those are dangerous, than they themselves.


  • Anonymous says:

    Great paper napkin math there FOX news. As expected of such a high caliber, unbiased news conglomerate to take nothing else into consideration when making such a bold statement as fact.

  • Anonymous