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K-ON! Ends (Again)



Otaku are grappling with the prospect of the grim darkness of life without K-ON! (again), as the manga has just announced a sudden and unexpected finale.

From a purportedly leaked early copy of the next issue circulating on Twitter, announcing the next chapter as the “Grand Finale”:


There is some speculation as to whether this is a move on Kakifly’s part to merge K-ON! back with its Azunyan-vehicle sister title, as the strain of penning not one but two manga of such dynamic intensity must be considerable indeed.

Predictably this has provoked tears of woe amongst K-ON!’s more ardent fans:


“K-ON! can’t end… stop messing around!”

“So even K-ON! is finishing…”

“Please tell me this is just the end of ‘K-ON!’ in favour of ‘K-ON!!'”

“He’s just merging the university and school versions back together, right? Right?”

“Odd time to finish it really…”

“They’re ending it on a school festival!? I suppose cutting it before the exams makes sense, but will he merge the two together or not?”

“Seriously? I guess we get another movie at least?”

“There is also the perspective that it is amazing that it lasted this long…”

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