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“The 9 Most Annoying Ways of Appearing Cute to Guys”


Some of the most commonly deployed female tactics for appearing as cute as possible (known as “burikko”) which Japanese women find the most irritating have been inspiring much sympathy online.

The listing:

1. Pretend you can’t even read a map: try looking excessively clumsy and useless

2. Deliberately fall over in front of men: have guys lavish attention on you

3. Make plaintive expressions: make a duck-face whenever you can

4. Say “Fueh!?” when surprised: make cute anime-type noises

5. “I-it’s not like I’m doing this for you or anything!”: feign being a tsundere

6. Ask a guy to buy you candies: pester guys for treats

7. Pretend to be drunk at drinking parties: use this as cover to “body-touch” guys

8. Choose pink all the time: always go for pink!

9. Entreat him to call you “princess” or similar: make him treat you like royalty

There seems to be plenty of agreement from a presumably largely male online demographic, not least when it comes to duck-mouthing:

“Even guys find these annoying.”

“Who even thinks making a duck-face is cute? It’s just annoying!”

“Even Aya Hirano has stopped doing them lately.”

“Cute makes right! Don’t make news out of what some jealous ugly thinks.”

“Only uglies would use these tactics! They can’t beat a hottie any other way.”

“You’d get bored of a girl doing these tricks very quickly.”

“Even if they are cute, I just want to knock some sense into the ones who try to play up their cute clumsiness…”

“Please, duck-facing is going too far. Are you trying to look like you just got out of a special ed class or something?”

“An actual tsundere would be a bit scary…”

“Looking cute is the job of women. Those who don’t are just like NEETs.”

“The carnivorous girls who come out and tell you this are even worse than the one who just try to come off as being as cute as possible.”

“That women would try to portray a particular personality to men is a matter of course. It’s just like men trying to appeal to women using their best points. It hardly matters what other women think of them doing this.”

“You lot are hardly in danger of being targeted by any women, so it hardly matters to you, right?”

“You’d just be thankful someone was trying to appeal to you at all.”

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