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Fury at China’s “Fake Miku”


Hatsune Miku fans are outraged at China’s latest “original” creation, a Chinese virtual idol whose looks and live performance bear an excruciating similarity to those of Miku herself.

The video, currently disliked by 1483 and liked by 32:

Miku’s legion of loving fans, whether Japanese, Chinese or western, seem to be outraged:

“China just made Miku red and passed her off as their own virtual idol!”

“They could have headed off most of the critics by just changing her hairstyle.”

“At least give her a decent face.”

“Made In China… Not a big surprise.”

“Why does China not have its own ideas?”

“Red… like communist China. Not impressed.”

“I’ve never seen anything this bad before…”

“Why all the dislikes. Most of you may look at this as a Hatsune Miku rip off, but come on every great star needs a worthy competitor. Just give it a chance, it is about to get awesome. Now we need a Russian and American version.”

“It’s not fake. It’s original. Originally imitated.”

“The voice is faked… it’s a real voice but mixed so it sounded like a computerized voice.”

“China seriously..?!

Then Chinese go around saying everywhere that Japan steals their music contents and now this…

China, be more creative please…”

“Oh China, you have you own Vocaloids in development already. You couldn’t leave well enough alone could you?”

“Welcome to China: The Home of Where we Bastardize Everything, Even your Waifu.”

“I’m ashamed for being Chinese.”

“I’m so proud as a Chinese, copy everything from the world. Only copy the look but never reached the quality.”

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