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DoA 5: “Tops Become Transparent Through Sweaty Fighting”


Arch ero-innovators Tecmo have unveiled an entirely new and for some all-too realistic mechanic in Dead or Alive 5 – the female fighters get hot and sweaty as bouts progress, resulting in clinging, see-through tops.

Tecmo, apparently not satisfied with having the most advanced breast physics in any fighting game to date (although Namco might well dispute this), have upped the ante and introduced a full sweating mechanic, which sees characters slicken with their pugilistic exertions in a most realistic fashion.

To a certain specific (and perhaps larger than many would care to acknowledge) audience, sweat-drenched girls are the acme of sexiness, and this coupled with transparent clothing and augmented breast physics in general seems sure to please the average DoA fan.


To the delight of an even more specific audience, the fighters also get dirty as the matches progress, and their breathing even becomes heavy as the exertions of bouncing around the ring take their toll

Various other finicky modelling enhancements of a more general nature are also promised, so even the handful of gamers who play the series strictly as a fighting game should have something to look forward to.

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