“Which Country Has The Most Plastic Surgery?”


Statistics showing just which nations engage in the most cosmetic surgery demonstrate the rather impressive lead the likes of South Korea, Brazil and the US have over everyone else – something admittedly evident from looking at the less than natural wonders each of these nations is so blessed with.

The chart is adjusted for the relative population of each country, and based on UN and International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery data as assembled by The Economist, explaining why the USA’s clear lead in absolute numbers (3.3 million procedures in 2010) is overshadowed by the impressive per capita surgery rates some of the more vain nations enjoy.

Unsurprisingly, South Korea comes out on top, although even this may not reflect the full extent of Korea’s love of plastic surgery – survey data found as many as a fifth of the women in Seoul have been under the knife.

The popularity of different operations in each nation also varies dramatically; Brazil sees seven times more buttock enhancements than the average, and five times more vaginal alterations, whilst Greece sees ten times more penis enlargements – perhaps the better to further shaft German taxpayers, it might be thought.

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